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    Be lucid now, so you can be lucid later. (SilverBullet's Thread) [COPIED]

    by , 04-12-2013 at 01:21 AM (602 Views)

    Hello everyone, you may have read my other thread. I felt like starting a new one, and I want to be as simple as possible with my new guide.
    (if you could even call it a guide)
    Now here is the first and foremost thing I want to address. What you want to achieve is a lucid dream, of course.
    Now, the problem here is that almost every human being on earth tries to achieve things by thinking of WHEN they are going to do it. What I mean by that is, when people want to lucid dream they are thinking about the future, when they are asleep, dreaming.
    Of course, right now, you're not sleeping. The mistake is to think that the future and the past exist.
    They don't, it only exists in your head. All you have, is NOW. When trying to achieve lucidity it is important not to place that intent on the future. The trick is to be lucid RIGHT NOW. And no, I don't mean wondering if you are dreaming all day, constantly. That's only going to make you wonder if you're dreaming instead of actually lucid dreaming. I believe, being able to be lucid in the now, is the foundation of lucid dreaming. As far as I know, there are several ways you can be lucid right now. I will present them in no particular order:

    The easy, mantra way is to tell yourself every once in a while "I'm dreaming" or "I'm lucid dreaming" or "I lucid dream" ect ect.
    All those mantras have something in common, they are talking about the current moment.

    One way is to learn how to be very relaxed, but alert. Being relaxed but alert is crucial to lucid dreaming.
    Becoming lucid in a dream means you need to be alert of what state of consciousness you're in. The problem is, is that you're too relaxed, because you are asleep. The main way to learn how to be relaxed but alert is through meditation. You get better as you practice.

    Another simple way is to view your current reality as a dream. Stay lucid, relaxed, and alert in the moment, as if you are dreaming right now and you know it, but you don't want to wake yourself up, that's why you stay relaxed.

    One way that I mentioned in the other thread is to feel with every fiber of your being, right now, that you are a lucid dreamer.
    That your physical body and mind that you have right now, is there, so you can lucid dream. Feel this with your body.
    Don't think it with your mind.

    You can also try making yourself experience derealization, this is the equivalent of snapping out of it when you are watching TV.
    Set yourself away from your life and your judgements for a second and feel the crazy insane reality that is RIGHT NOW.

    I may post more throughout the thread if I think of any, but these are just the basics that I wanted to type out.
    You should try thinking of your own methods with being lucid in the NOW.
    I'll try to answer any questions.

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