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    Lucidity induction + control technique (foolproof method)

    by , 10-15-2014 at 10:33 PM (581 Views)
    After roughly 3 months of attempting to willingly induce lucid dreams through different methods such as WILD, DILD, WBTB, MILD, DEILD, and even attempting OBE induction I have gathered a method that to me is almost fool proof (it really depends on you). This is a fairly simple method with some requirements. The most important thing I've come to realize is that nutrition plays a huge role in DMT production, which I have personally found to be the most important factor for clarity, stability and vividness of dreams/LD's. That said, Sodium Fluoride is the WORST thing you could ingest if you're looking for the ability to lucid dream every night.

    -Self discipline
    -Dietary changes
    -Meditation experience
    -Basic computer skills (for changing time limit of computer's "sleep" activation)

    Along with that: GMO's, Aspartame, Corn/soy, BHA & BHT, Bisphenol-A, Food Dyes, acid rich foods, white sugar, un-organic food. There are a lot more toxic additives that can be found in cheap foods throughout supermarkets around the world.. Those are all extremely dangerous substances which promote tumors, cancer, and all sorts of disease in the brain. Sodium Fluoride however is the #1 most toxic substance which literally calcifies your pineal gland, and stops the production of very important chemicals for your body (including DMT). You have to urge yourself to completely stop eating fast food such as MacDonalds, burger king, Subway, Presidents choice, anything like that. (ONLY ORGANIC)

    I started eating completely raw vegetables (mostly) and organic produce for 2 months, and started noticing remarkable changes in my dream recall, vividness and overall experience.

    If you're not prepared to take all of these necessary steps to improve your health, there is still something you can do to help de-calcify your dream inducing gland: Turmeric (curcumin). I use this technique every day (in the morning and/or at night before bed).

    1: get a tablespoon or so of black pepper, eat it (drinking down with half a glass of purified water (no fluoride, or any additives at all).
    2: get a tablespoon or so of chopped turmeric root, (drinking down with half a glass...^).
    3: repeat.

    Coconut oil helps a lot with this detox process.
    You will notice major changes in your health within a week of doing this.

    Combined with this dietary practice these next steps should be much easier.
    Every night before you fall asleep in bed, say mantras which affirm your lucidity 10 times out loud. IE: "I will lucid dream tonight" (x10), "I am a master of my own dreams"(x10), "I control and manifest my reality"(x10).
    This might seem silly, but mantras effect your subconscious in such a way that you might not be consciously aware of, however it is conditioning you in ways that you subconsciously are. (Don't skip)

    [You can make up your own mantras which echo a certain intention, if you have a desire such as money, knowledge in a certain area, or anything like that you simply create a mantra that has the intent of already having that desire, as if you already achieved it. This effects your life in the same way mantras help you lucid dream (by feeding the subconscious with a goal that it attains and manifests into your life. ]

    Every night as you are falling asleep, attempt to induce sleep paralysis by staying awake consciously but letting your body become heavy and embedded into your bed (symptoms of lying down motionless for longer then 20 minutes). This can be done by simply not moving, no matter how bad you want to, but thinking and keeping yourself awake. Sleep paralysis can help a lot with astral projection, but can also lead to lucid dreams. Keeping still for more than half an hour causes your body to feel as if it's contorting and twisting even though it is not, this can be very scary. Even worse loud vibrations and Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations follow which can be extremely frightening the first few times. (I personally saw 30+ sets of eyes looking at me while my body was (seemed to be) shaking violently). Once you learn to overcome the fear, the fun begins.

    Most intense dreams occur in the morning, so WBTB is my preference for this technique.
    This is the technique:

    Wake up 3-4 hours before you normally do, get a pair of stereo headphones (not ear buds). These headphones don't need to be expensive or big but they need to be headphones. Make sure that when you wake up you are only out of your bed for no longer then 5 minutes. I don't know what others think of binaural beats but i have found (strangely) this one actually works. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

    Plug your headphones into your computer (Not youtube-mp3.mp3 files) and turn the volume down to 5/100 or so (so you can hear it but it's not annoyingly loud). Lie down in your bed, with the headphones on and this video playing, and turn off your screen so there is no extra light, go to your computer settings and change the setting which puts your computer to sleep after 15 minutes of Idle, set it to NEVER (this makes your computer not go to sleep when you're asleep and not using it).

    Now as you're lying down with the music playing softly, begin your sleep paralysis, and before you know it you will be dreaming. ( it will start as a daydream, and eventually perpetuate into a full on dream). Dreaming is literally intensified daydreaming, which anybody can do. However if you have never (really) meditated you won't realize how vital this is to dreaming. Meditation is really easy, and everybody does it every day. It starts as visualization, but as you get more emotionally immersed in it you get more disconnected from your other senses and the visualization becomes clearer. The same process happens every time you fall asleep, you start daydreaming and eventually forget it is a daydream which makes it seem as something apart from yourself (realistic). When you are in sleep paralysis you continue to lie there consciously thinking (daydreaming), and your day dream will start to become your reality. This transition is where most people fall asleep or forget they are dreaming, but you have to realize it's still only just a dream.

    Something I've noticed is that Lucidity is hard to get, but easy to lose. If you become lucid you might notice the dream collapsing as soon as you get excited or start doing things. If this happens, don't move or open your eyes and attempt to fall asleep again with the previous dream in thought.

    I've found a way to stabilize a dream without using anchors or affirmations such as "clarity now". You have to forget you are dreaming, and pretend that it's real at the same time (that's the secret). By pretending you don't know it's a dream, the state becomes realistic and continues. You have to understand that it is not real, but at the same time pretend it is (this keeps the dream flowing). From there you have full control over the dream and it can't end unless you start manipulating and manifesting beyond credibility. You have to "go with the flow" of it's realism and story, and you can alter the story as you move WITH it. This I have found is key for keeping a dream stable, Expectations, attention, and intentions pave the road to the next scenes you encounter. You really have to immerse yourself with everything that happens whether it is scary or amazing, this is because the more emotionally involved you get, the more realistic and vivid the dream becomes. Once you get used to the norm of manipulation it no longer becomes obsolete and starts fading into the flow of the dream state. This is simply because in dreams you have to work with what you have when you're a beginner, because creation is a bit too surprising to be considered "real" at first.

    Doing this I have successfully become lucid in over 20 dreams almost consecutively, more importantly I have kept my lucidity.

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