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    WILD Technique, for beginners and before sleep.

    by , 02-18-2015 at 04:41 PM (576 Views)


    The WILD technique is infamous to Lucid Dreamers. It has become some what of a complicated concept. I am writing this to offer you a technique which is at its bones a WILD but introduces a method I am sure many use. The benefits of this technique are:

    Complete loss of concentration on the physical body.

    Powerful fixation.

    Working hand and hand with the subconscious.

    Less tedious than the original WILD.

    Access to the dream scape before falling asleep.

    Increased Dream Recall (DR)

    Less frequent disturbances such as... Flickering eyes, phantom limbs, feeling of motion and trying to clear the mind.

    Now, this is from my experiences however I am sure this method will work with others. If differs from the more well known WILD because instead of ignoring or observing you're fully engaging with the subconscious. I have experimented with this quite a lot recently and it has become so much more promising than the more common WILD.

    The way this works is you create a visualized scene in your head which you interact with, then allow your subconscious to use Micro-Sleep mini dreams to interact also with the scene. This eventually allows you to slip into a Lucid Dream effortlessly. The diagram below shows the process which I will explain in more detail through out the rest of this thread.

    Relaxation ---- Creation ---- Interaction ---- Partnership ---- Lucidity.


    If you fall asleep easy then lay in a position you feel slightly uncomfortable with, if you don't sleep well then do the opposite and lay in a comfy position. You will want to attempt this before you sleep. Make sure you're nice and relaxed taking care of any physical matters before hand. Now simply attempt to fall asleep for 30 seconds - 1 minute if you're prone to sleep early and 3-5 minutes if you're completely awake or struggle. This should make you feel a lot more relaxed if not then you need to do some relaxation techniques.

    Stage 1 - Creation

    You now need to allow yourself to create a scene to use as your base. It needs to be somewhere you're familiar with an know relatively well. I sometimes let random places just flick through my head for example a few nights ago I used the path I knew well getting home from school when I was 15. The creation is the more harder part of this technique it may need some patience. Once you have chosen your creation it is important to have in your head an A to B. "A" being your starting location and "B" being your destination. It needs to be somewhere that has a good amount of distance in between.

    Now imagine you're at your starting point and just stand there and look around try to feel the ground beneath your feet. Do NOT go over board if you are a beginner don't try smell the air, feel the wind and so on. Just focus on feeling the ground. At first your visualization will last for a split second you need to do this so you can emerge yourself in the scene. So keep visualizing until you can hold it down for at least a good 10 seconds. You may struggle but it is the same as day dreaming keep telling yourself this. It WILL become easier. You have created.

    Stage 2 - Interaction

    Now you can hold down the visualization for more than a few seconds, you need to interact with it. Start by either finding objects and holding them, climbing things or simply walking towards your destination "B". For example if you hold an object NOW start feeling it focus on it admire the details of it. If you climb a wall feel the wall and the strain on your body climbing it. If you walk to your destination feel the ground beneath you and keep attention to detail as you update the route you're walking. You have interacted.

    Stage 3 - Partnership

    This is the easy part. Now lets say you're holding a leave and suddenly you're focusing on it and it is now an apple. You're in a partnership with the subconscious. You need to let it help you interact with your visualization let it guide you. If you're walking towards your destination and notice it has become a huge field full of alien cows, you need to keep walking in that field allowing your subconscious to manipulate it. Do not try change it back to your original environment. You need this partnership to allow you into the desired state. You now have a Partnership.

    Stage 4 - Lucidity

    Now that you have followed the stages you need to just go with it. Two things are likely to happen. You will either become fully emerged in your visualization lucid. Or you will enter a black void of nothingness fully lucid. If you enter this void you need to visualize a scene to enter it will take you there. You're now Lucid.

    Thanks for reading I am confident this will work if you attempt it. So if you do have success please let me know.

    Good luck.

    Looke (:

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