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    1. Catching up!...?

      by , 09-07-2015 at 01:43 AM
      so I've finally got my LD skills up and over the past few days I've made a couple of new things on Star Island:

      1. Jem City- A City Where people can live a hang out

      2. Friendship Mystery School- A school in which Dreamers can learn how to become better At LD.

      3. The Blank Planet: A planet that acts as a canvas for imaginative thinking and creating! But the second when everyone leaves the planet, it goes back to a blank planet

      I really love Lucid Dreaming, especially with friends! If anyone is interested in Shared dreaming please inbox me or leave a comment It would be my honor to help!
    2. Star Island Story 3: " Adventure???? "

      by , 09-04-2015 at 12:58 AM
      Ok so I went out of town and left my computer at home so im back now and yea.....

      so last night I went to my island and made a plan to see some of my DV Friends. I have an device in the dream world that gives me the location of any place and anyone in the universe. I tell it to find " DannyCool " and it shows me his coordinates. He was located on earth so I hoped in my space craft and put in his location on earth, then I took off.

      I landed in a city on a roof top and saw a comic book convention going on down below. I made my way into the crowd and stood on a gargoyle statue. I tried to get a good look for Danny, but thought it was impossible so I told myself if I just sat a wait he would show up eventually. After about 5 minutes I saw someone dressed as a hitman and I got a strong feeling it was him.

      He was by himself and was walking real fast in a hurry. I quickly got off the statue and ran towards him dogging the crowd of people, when I caught up to him I said " hey are you DannyCool From dreamviews? ". He stopped and look at me confused and said " yes? how do you know about dreamviews? Are you a lucid dreamer? " " Yes bro im Mage Cat! "

      He looked at me then laughed and said " Mage Cat! Buddy! " Then shook my hand " Nice Costume! who are you supposed to be? " he asked. " oh this is what I wear on a regular haha... so you like conventions like this? " " nah its just something to do man, I'm supposed to be meeting some friends here "

      " you do know your dreaming right? " I said. He laughed and said " oh really now? inception right? " I then put my hands up and said " no really look! " I summoned one of my magical creatures that resembles some what of a cat dragon and rode on it like a horse. " Holy crap! " Danny said as he took a few steps back. The crowd of people stood and stared, then freaked out. Danny disappeared ( probably woke up due to being overwhelmed )

      " opps " I said. I ordered my giant cat to climb the building that the con was being held at. We made it to the top and I made the dragon cat disappear. " well that didnt work out as planned " I then saw a guy with long black hair who looked like the prince of persia on the rooftop with me. I felt he wasnt a dream character so I yelled " yo how'd you get up here? " he turned around slowly and said " do you know who I am child? " " uhh...nope" I said.

      " I am Waking Nomad " he said " bullshit Waking Nomad doesn't lucid dream anymore. " " That's the dumbest thing I herd all day " he said shaking his head. " prove it " I said " why would I waste my time proving to you, that I'm me? HA ! FOOL! " I started to get the feeling it was Nomad so I asked " so... are you back then ?" he responded " I never left "