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    Star Island Story 2: " Adventure "

    by , 08-22-2015 at 10:22 PM (592 Views)
    { So I arrive at Star Island by a WILD } I get to the Island and plan on meeting some of my friends that I used to LD with back in the day. I look around the island and its pretty small; a couple of palm trees, a pink ocean, light brown sand, and volcano.

    I want to expand Star Island, but at the time I was more focused on finding my old pals. I had to create a way to travel to my friends location, so I used some Dream Magic to create a portal to my friend Zeta's house. I arrive at his place and I see him on top of his roof.

    " HEY MAGE! " he yelled as he waved his hands. I walk over and climb up the side of his house and get on to the roof with Zeta. " Yo Zeta whats up? long time no see friend " I hug him and then I look at his face. I see a face of worry and I ask " hey man you ok? "

    " Yea man, I was just thinking about somethin- it's nothing really... " He then went in his pocket and took out a cigarette. " Hey man you got a light? " he asked " Nope. " I say ( I dislike cigarettes ). I then ask " you do know you're dreaming right? " " Maybe?... Idk anymore kid, I'm to old for that kinda stuff " he said as he blows smoke im my face. I wave the smoke out of my face and say " C'mon man! don't you know that stuff is bad for you? "

    " hmm?- haha so what brings you here? " " I want to get the team back together again, like old times. " he looks out at his neighborhood and puffs out a cloud a smoke a sighs " I told you Mage I'm to old for that stuff now, It was fun wile it lasted." I shook my head in disappointment and said " man you're never too old for fun... well if you ever change your mind I made a new place called Star Island. " I gave him a map so he could find it.

    I got up and looked at him, he was still gazing out at the houses in deep thought. " Ok man I'm going back to my place. " I then made a portal and as soon as I made it Zeta got up and said " WOA DUDE WHAT THE HELL? HOW DID YOU JUST-" " Your dreaming fool. " I said. He then looked at his hands and looked at me and disappeared ( that means the person wakes up ) I then walk into my portal and arrive back on my island.

    I plan on just doing my own thing: working on my dream magic, working on building star island into an actual World, and working on getting Team muffin back in action. I look at my hands and shoot a purple chi blast out and it hits a palm tree and sets it on fire. I then create a wizard type Robe with a hood and create amethyst crystal staff. I point my staff down at the sand and create a giant sand castle and walk in the castle. I shape the castle so it has 4 rooms and one bedroom for me. The inside of the castle is not sand like rather its like an actual castle I decorate my bedroom how I imaged it in waking life blogs/magecat/attachments/8691-star-island-story-2-adventure-a7664db45a222e3398f37a47cc658b45.jpg

    When I adventured with my friends back in the day, we all had code names and mine was " Mage Cat" Because I was the Wizard of the group and I had a Cat head. I morph my head into a cats head I AM MAGE CAT!
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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      I have a bottle of champagne at my house. I am looking to find star island by giving people champagne and hoping that they will realise we are already on star island and have some fun together. Nobody is really getting it. I head up a long street and get to a massive big wheel. Oh this is where I can try my flying I think however there is serious gravity around created of course only by my own mind. I try jumping from one carriage of the big wheel to the other but it is not like flying in my dreams. I jump but it is not even Tom Cruise style. I just barely make it to the next carriage without dying. I am getting fed up of ordinary life. Then my friend who knows about Star Island her Mum who seems to be extremely busy and caught up in life calls round to my house for a glass of champagne. She is very grateful. All the work she put in to bringing up this wonderful friend of mine but she has no idea how to live in Star Island and just rushes off. I go over to my neighbours but they are also caught up in worldly life talking about gardens and families.

      It seems I was at Star Island in Mage Cats Castle at about 4am BST last night with a candle searching in the dark like Mario with a lantern. It was very difficult to find anything. I was in non rem sleep.

      This morning in the countryside during waking hours at 11am BST I had lucidity and thought of Mzungu and Mage Cat and Star Island and everyone of course.

      I have had a lovely day full of the joy of nature. Star Island is here. I have changed the room which I go on the internet to a much more beautiful room. Enjoying life more already. .
    2. MageCat's Avatar
      I will bring to star land next time I LD! It will be my main objective for tonight and I will make A full DJ about it. Peace and love brother <3 haha tom cruise....
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    3. DannyCool's Avatar
      Ok im going to incubate your island and do plenty of meditation. Thank you. I will be looking out for the Cat head as the main goal. This will be how I will look sister:
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