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    Weird Japanese Attendant. Basic Task of the Month Completed.

    by , 07-27-2010 at 06:26 AM (951 Views)
    I went to a hospital. I had some slight fever, and was forced to go get it checked by my family. I was on the second floor of the hospital, which was a waiting room. Out of complete boredom, I took the elevator to the ground floor. It turned out to be a small room, with a very narrow door as an exit. There were tables arranged neatly at the corners of the room. The tables each had a desktop computer, some blank papers, and a printer. There was a lady sitting behind each desk. I went to one, and saw that a Japanese lady, perhaps in her early thirties, was sitting there. I asked her, "Where can I get the insurance, ma'am?" She didn't reply, but continued to gaze upon me in a weird way. She suddenly got up. Alarmed, I headed for the exit, thinking that she was dangerous. That was not the case, however. She started following me. Then it struck me. She was hitting on me!
    I relaxed. It was nothing dangerous. At least not in the normal sense. I walked a little more, then another realization dawned upon me. I was not the one she was chasing, it was the guy walking beside me! He was, I admit, very good looking. I thought, 'Geez. But....I thought I looked pretty good...' This lay very heavily upon me. I was very sad that the lady had picked the other guy, and not me.
    Fuck this, I thought. I started to head out, but then the Japanese attendant suddenly came up in front of both of us. She got close to the other guy, who looked remarkably like Edward from Twilight. She said, in a peculiar Philippine accent, 'Oooh, sir! You are very kinky!' I was sipping juice, and I laughed so hard that I spilled it all over me. I was still grinning. She cast me an annoyed look, then continued, "But I can be very kinky, too." Then, she turned, so her back was facing us. She then slapped her rather edgy butt with a sharp, slap! sound. Okay, now THAT was weird. This couldn't possibly be real.

    I turn lucid. What a weird way to turn lucid, I think. Oh well. I rubbed my hands, not wanting to waste my first LD after a long time. The dream was quite vivid, and I had good control. I stabilized the environment. Wait, wasn't there something I had to do? As I stood there thinking, the woman in ninja's avatar came towards me. Seeing her, I remembered that I had to do the Task of the Month! I thank her, then look here and there for something that had each of the primary colors in it. What THE hell?! Everything was black and white. Not a single color.
    Annoyed, I visualize a bag of marbles. Colored marbles. I close my eyes, still visualizing it, and when I open them, there is not just a bag of marbles, but a whole truck load of them. There were all colors. I picked up a red, blue, and yellow marble. That struck me odd, I had to pick green! No matter, I picked up a green marble. Now, I had all the primary colored marbles in my hand. I turned semi lucid for a moment here, looking with extreme curiosity at the marbles. Then I snapped back to the dream. Since the instructions for the basic task weren't very clear, I picked up a rainbow colored marble as well. The thing had all the colors in it, but I singled out blue, red, and green. Now the basic task was completed, at least.
    On to the advanced. Perhaps out of excitement, I woke up. Bummer.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Lol... Black and White... that was bad luck. This task is almost an auto-success. Turn lucid, look at the sky... sky blue, sun yellow, probably something in your surroundings is red.
      If must be all colors in one thing... just look for a rainbow and you will probably find it. Good job!