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    20th Lucid Dream

    by , 05-25-2023 at 10:30 PM (38 Views)
    Last night I listened to 15 minutes of this podcast before going to sleep at 11:20.

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    All I remember is that there was this whole thing at school about taking a break from cheering by playing Hearts. My dad was especially hung up about it. Later, I was at my house and Z said he ran "10 miles yesterday," followed by N saying he ran one.

    That's it. It's sad because I have the sense this was a ginormous dream, and also because I didn't wake up till 5:30. I jotted the dream down and poorly did SSILD till I fell back asleep at 5:40-ish.

    Dream #2 (Lucid; FA; Non-Lucid):
    I can barely read my handwriting for this but I'll try! The main character was a guy in his late twenties, and his companion was a girl who could've been anywhere from 19-24. They were in my house, but in different rooms. She was "off-screen" in the bedroom, and he was in the bathroom with the lights turned off. He was perched on top of the door and holding his breath, hiding from a monster coming up the stairs.

    Not sure how that scene transitioned into this one, but the monster was now in the bedroom about to kill the girl. MC ran in and knocked it off of her. I can't recall its appearance, only that it was big and dark... maybe wearing a tophat and bowtie? Anyway, the monster turned on him, trying to poke his eyes out.

    MC held it off but was starting to feel a little nervous now, so he said in a silly voice, "Why do they always go for the eyes?!" [They had fought multiple monsters before this; not sure if they were false memories or not.]

    His attempt to lighten the mood worked. The monster backed off and became friendlier, though MC could feel it was still a threat. It gave him a watch and headed toward the exit, saying something neither MC nor I (as the nonexistent observer) could make out. Right before it left, though, the words "come to that place later and meet me" could be heard. MC agreed, but I don't know if he really meant it.

    Later he turned into a child, except it was only an illusion. (Not sure how it worked.) He really wanted to be a kid again. I was now a character in the dream, viewed from third person, following him through a library. On either side of us were windows revealing kids playing with blocks and toys and each other. He wanted to join them, but he couldn't because he was an adult. I think I asked him something, but he didn't reply.

    We came to what looked like a mall play area. The unspoken rule that adults weren't allowed was less heavy here, but it would still have been odd. I asked another question and he said he just wanted to pet the cat. Sure enough, at the end of the room, on a stool, was a black cat. He pet it with his tiny hands. I could tell he wanted to give off an air of childish innocence, and I faintly felt a mix of disgust, pity, and affection.

    Then something happened and he bolted out of the library, planning on running away from home. I took his place (as in, I was dealing with his situation, but in my body) and he disappeared. This world was more technologically advanced and I knew the chances of me escaping were slim.

    I climbed on top of a wall and somehow knew this was Washington DC.
    Then out of nowhere, I realized I was dreaming. "Right, that's right, I was trying to have a lucid dream!"

    My first instinct was to slow down and stabilize before doing anything. I felt the wall with my hands and feet, looking out at the city and the night sky, and wow, it looked so real! Until I looked back down and everything got blurry, that is. I tried not to worry about the half-blind problem, but I couldn't help it, and although it didn't happen, the dream still faded and
    I woke up.

    It was a false awakening. I checked the time and it was past 10:00. Huh...? Do we not have school today? Well, that's good, I'll try to have another lucid dream then. I thought that and went back to sleep.

    The scene switched. I was now preparing for some competition at school. The purpose of it was to give "losers" another chance, whatever that meant. But even non-losers had to participate! I was apparently a non-loser in this dream and questioning why I had to go, whining at the top of the stairs about how it's not fair.

    The tone of my voice ticked my dad off and he started yelling an "explanation" at me from downstairs. I don't remember my reaction, I just went into the bathroom and
    woke up for real.

    It was 6:02 when I woke up, so this dream was only 20 minutes long. Still... WHY ARE ALL MY LUCIDS LATELY SO SHORT?! And low-level as well... hopefully things improve over the weekend.
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