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    Comp Night 1 - Close Calls and Continuity

    by , 01-07-2024 at 09:22 PM (187 Views)
    I've been having trouble falling asleep lately, and it took forty minutes to drift off at 11:51 last night. (Before, I could fall asleep in 5 minutes flat! ) I meditated a bit before bed though.

    Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
    My Fitbit had powers. I got them from some deity guy, and I had the option of choosing between time control, energy manipulation, luck, et cetera. I chose energy manipulation but later was able to use all three.

    My mom and I were wandering around at night when we stumbled upon a dead body. Two men, presumably the killers, leapt out of the darkness to eliminate us. A ninja kid we'd met earlier was about to save us, but before he could I slapped a hand on the first man's chest, killing him instantly, and shot the other with an energy bullet. I complained to my mom about something and then we went home.

    Outside my neighborhood was a little girl, pointing out her drug-addict, club-junky dad. But she said that the one she considered her real dad was her grandpa, who was standing in front of a distant house looking respectable.

    Later I made a friend and went to her house. We made a whole dance and talked about our upcoming birthdays, and played a game on her Playstation that was somehow related to dogs. You would receive a "happy code" on your phone, memorize it, and get 20 seconds to select the corresponding amount of planks on the screen. I offered to show her my Fitbit powers, and when I lost I rewound time by stepping backwards and watching the game play itself backwards. (Good practice even if it was non-lucid dream control.)

    "I just rewound time because I lost the game!" I told her when I was done. "Now watch me destroy this thing!"

    In the end the happy code was different and I lost again. Her mom came home soon after, and for some reason I was afraid she would hit me. But she was friendly and apologized that we had to sit on the floor, her husband chiming in that using a Playstation on the ground was no better than an iPad. I awkwardly assured them that it was fine and I was used to it.

    Suddenly my Fitbit powered off from overuse and
    I woke up, checking it in real life. Of course it was fine, and the time was 5:53. I wrote down my dream and went back to sleep.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    In this dream I was a 20-something year old guy and had to watch an 8th grade kid because he was addicted to swimming in rivers. He had been born in a car in his neighborhood during a flood, and ended up falling into the water. If it weren't for the umbilical cord he would've drowned, but for some reason he was very stubborn about being retrieved. Ever since then, he'd taken every chance possible to run out of the house and swim in a river. His mother was incredibly worried and overprotective of him.

    We took a walk around the neighborhood and he complained that his mom didn't even recognize his progress. He could control his impulses now, to an extent, and he was able to make it through the entire winter without swimming outside! But his mom never congratulated him, instead going on and on about his relapses. I acknowledged him and gave him some good advice that I can't remember.

    Later we were in his basement when a man named Karui broke in and started fighting me. He feigned giving up and hugging me but in reality he had smeared poison on the back of my neck. My vision went blurry but almost immediately my brain forgot about it and I was fine.

    It was revealed that Karui (who was also in his twenties) wanted to get with the 8th grader and had taken thousands of pictures of him and others kids. A lot of them were surprisingly aesthetic, one catching a moment where the light shone in such a way that it looked like the kid was surrounded by butterflies. A lot of them featured accessories, and Karui himself had an earring and hat on.
    I woke up without warning around 8:00 and wrote down the dream.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    This dream continued right where the last left off. For some reason I decided that Karui wasn't much of a threat and left them alone in the basement. But when I checked on them a few minutes later, he was pressuring the kid to be his boyfriend. I immediately threw him to the ground and asked my friend (A) if I should kill him. She said no, so I slashed him up with a katana instead. A cut on his neck, leg, arm, et cetera.

    Suddenly there was a flashback to Karui at 16 in high school, but he was named Jason back then. He'd murdered eight people but was allowed to stay enrolled because his parents were filthy rich. A girl in his grade had seen him commit the crime but decided not to tell.

    They were in Art class and had to draw self-portraits. Jason was sitting in the front row in the leftmost seat, and next to him was a mirror. On the mirror was a drawing of himself, which for some reason deeply disturbed him. The girl took a picture of him and sent it to him, saying he looked afraid. He traced it for his self-portrait. Everyone else had to use their phone cameras to draw themselves.

    A few minutes later his seat turned into a rocking chair and his teacher quizzed him on plant names, which he was able to answer perfectly. Everyone applauded, seeming to forget the rumor that he was a mass murderer. He surrounded his drawing by plants, and the teacher commented on the fact that almost everybody drew themselves with accessories instead of exactly how they were at this very moment.

    A woman found out about his crime, but the school and the girl taped her butthole so she couldn't tell. (Idk man...) But she managed to escape through the chimney and remove it, plotting her revenge.

    Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
    Not sure when this dream happened, but I was skipping through a neighborhood similar to my own. Gravity wasn't working properly, and I was having a lot of fun gliding with each step I took. I even thought, "Wow, this is like a lucid dream." I ended up bumping into someone and suddenly turned into a Chinese American girl, apologizing quickly before running away. The girl's mom wanted her to always speak in Chinese, but she didn't listen because obviously few people would understand her.

    Dream #5 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    I was showing someone my dream journal and found a dream recorded in comic format. I was confused because that would take a lot more effort than simply writing it down, but I went along with it as if I remembered making the entry.

    Pretty disappointed I didn't get lucid, since I had two LDs the night before TvT Welp, here're some drawings:

    Meditation (Brief) - point
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - point
    Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
    Hand-drawn artwork: 2 points
    Comp total: 9 points

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    1. MustardDrinker's Avatar
      I think I might have a river swimming addiction, every time I go to my great aunts house I end up in her lake wethere I packed a bathing suit or not XD
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    2. Harlequin's Avatar
      I even thought, "Wow, this is like a lucid dream."
      If I had a nickel for every time this happened to me I'd have... idk a few dollars? It's always frustrating but also hilarious.
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    3. RelicWraith's Avatar
      It's hilarious how casually murders occur in dream at times. "Oh, looks like someone stabbed Bob. Anyway, as I was saying..."
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    4. Meiseki's Avatar
      Oh nah, better ask if you were born in a car during a flood XDD
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    5. MustardDrinker's Avatar
      nope, i was cut out of some surrogate in mumbai
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