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    A Gust of Wind

    by , 06-29-2023 at 11:30 PM (134 Views)
    Another short semi-lucid, this one a bit more fun than the last. It was my third dream of the night, and during WBTB I tried to mentally explain to someone why I wanted to become lucid, as per Harlequin's suggestion. I thought, Well, you see, lucidity is just cool... I mean, you can do so many things that you can't in waking life... why wouldn't you want that? I think I have a good chance of becoming lucid in this next dream, you'll see, I can feel it.

    Yeah, I'm not too good at it Did SSILD afterward and went to sleep at 4:30. (Forgot the entire beginning of the dream, but it started out non-lucid, so it wasn't a WILD.)

    First thing I remember is walking down a path by the lake with my brothers and mom. All of us have been attempting dream control for a while, and I've failed to fly multiple times.

    I run ahead of them and for no real reason flop down in a patch of grass. A specific type of anticipation comes over me, like I need to concentrate, yet at the same time avoid focusing too hard on what's happening. Suddenly a gust of wind pushes me into a sitting position, and with minimal effort, I begin to hover in the air.

    A grin spreads across my face and I unsteadily fly higher, cheering and showing off to my familial unit. My brother records me as I spin and flap my arms and make little circles in the air. I land in front of them, and my mom asks how I did it. I tell her about the gust of wind and think to myself that this kind of "external assistance" is typical in dreams.

    Later my brothers and I, along with their friends Ethan and Marcus, are lying on a picnic blanket watching the video Z took of me. I apparently do another cool thing at the end, and halfway through Z says impatiently, "Why is it taking so long?"

    I wonder why he doesn't just skip ahead,
    and wake up.

    You can tell this wasn't a high level of lucidity by my reaction to the flying. I've done it countless times, and it usually comes naturally to me, even in non-lucids. This was closer to role-playing. But still, it was pretty exciting.
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