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    A Visit To The DreamWorld Academy

    by , 04-23-2013 at 04:59 PM (1108 Views)
    I've been working on the reopening of the DreamWorld Academy section of the forum and I guess it has influenced me. :)

    I'm standing on a balcony overlooking a moderately wide castle room below me where my friends stand in front of a large fireplace. The walls and floor of the room and the balcony I'm standing on are all made of large blocks of worn, gray stone. The room is warmly lit by candles and some other unseen source but no fire burns in the empty fireplace.
    The walls are sparsely decorated with a few key paintings and tapestries. The room has a couple small tables near the walls and one larger table in the middle of the room, complete with an oil lamp and some nondescript items on the table. Above the fireplace is an engraving noting the lineage of the DreamWorld Academy but the few words are not written in English.
    As is common in my dreams I have a mixture of celebrities and animated characters as my acquaintances. Tom Cruise is dressed like some kind of ranger, Barry (the fat kid on American Dad) is looking smarter than usual, and an Asian schoolgirl with dark hair and the typical short skirt stands off to the side looking meek but capable. Tom Cruise is holding a long, wooden staff at his side.
    Without warning the floor around the fireplace begins to rotate on a pivot, revealing a new chamber behind the fireplace. Barry and the Asian girl step off the rotating floor but Tom Cruise quickly examines the situation and drops his staff to prevent the panel from completely rotating and cutting off the group's entry.
    A distant light-source is visible from the next chamber and the light appears as though it does not come from a source of warmth. The light appears cold and bright, almost ethereal but not wavering. Just as everyone turns to look in that direction to see the interior of the room...the dream ends.

    It's a good first visit. I plan to try and incubate future visits.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      Hey, you didn't tell me that DWA is in a castle and there is Tom Cruise with big staff! Can you please add me to the cast next time? Thanks.
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    2. melanieb's Avatar
      Next time I get in there, and I do need to do some DWA work, I'll make sure you are among the cast.

      Still, I would prefer someone better than Tom Cruise to have a big staff. ;)