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    Records of my night life aka my dream journal.

    1. Noctemocity 11 & 12

      by , 08-14-2018 at 04:38 PM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 11th

      Didn’t write down my dreams at night. Lost them.

      Aug 12th

      46/ Was in court, instructed how to behave. There was something about candies with tracking devices inside.

      47/ On a bus/plane that stopped in a park full Buddhists in mid-ceremony. The vehicle disrupted it, almost run over some people. Got off the vehicle, I forgot my celery. Went back on to get it and saw another forgotten celery in the seat behind. I tried to find its owner. No one claimed it so I gave it to the Buddhists and started home.

      48/ Highlander tv series was rebooting & held auditions. We watched a pilot for the new series, which had become an incredibly cheesy superhero/shapeshifter action show. I didn't want any part of it.

      49/ Back at the MH I grew up in as a kid. It had two second story balconies, the normal one in the front and a new one where my bedroom was. So that's how the aliens got into my room?
    2. Noctemocity 10

      by , 08-14-2018 at 04:32 PM (Noctemocity)
      August 10th

      41/ In an overly crowded mall and cafeteria. Was very hungry but the cafeteria and stores had no decent food for me to eat.

      42/ Was on a safari we came to three doors sitting in a field. All doors lead to a colorful, wild place. We were suddenly in a city. Chaos erupted. Three weird things, a dance recital continuing in the midst of the panic, a piano game that people risked death to stop and play, and a lifesized fine china weeping butler who was alive and didn’t want to die. I found SG and we left to find the three doors.

      43/ Explored a serene country scene, a lazy creek, weeping willows. We came to a stretch of land stripped of trees, grass, and topsoil. Men erected a fence. They were to build a factory. This angered me so I argued to delay them.

      44/ Wandered a destitute city. Explored the side streets to see what odd shops I could find.

      45/ Nephew played outside in a garden, came to me cying about a wasp on his finger. I told him to just flick it off. He did. The wasp landed on the ground and exploded into a small pile of honey bees that dispersed and flew away.

      A toilet was disgustingly clogged up, as was my left nostril.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Noctemocity 9

      by , 08-09-2018 at 02:45 PM (Noctemocity)
      Hypnagogia: a pair of hands pressed together as if in prayer, both skewered by a double pointed blade.

      37/ 14th Lucid. In a van, I backed into a parking spot at the top of a tall waterfall. I slowly backed toward the cliff. “Stop, you’re going to fall!” someone yelled. In a split second my mind considered the situation and the location and I smiled. “It’s okay, this is a dream,” I told the worried onlookers. I backed over the cliff, slipped out of the van like I was a spirit, teleported to just above the ground below, then dropped back to earth. People at the base of the waterfall screamed as the van plumetted toward them. I glared up and thought, “Stop.” The van halted midair. It gently spiraled to the ground and settled onto its wheels. The crowd cheered and ran toward me.
      I knew that they would distract me if I got involved so I ran and dove into a tree. I split into particles, filtered down into the roots, and dripped back into my body shape to drop through a dim space. (always creepy and cool when I dissintegrate) I landed on a flat and looked up. The clouds, if they were clouds, were tangled with all shapes and sizes of roots. I thought to sing to the sky but couldn’t remember the song. Instead I wandered the dim area looking for something to trigger my memory.

      38/ Some friends invited me to their sci fi larp thing. They were dressed in silver outfits with silver weapons. An odd weapon was a huge silver cube that my one friend would climb into and run in. It looked awkward and floppy and I didn’t understand it. Partway to the larp area I got distracted by food. By time I was done eating and found my friends, the larp was done. They regailed me with the tales of their outerspace adventures.

      woke at 4:43am. WBTB

      39/ 15th LUCID. Just suddenly aware I was dreaming. It was hard to walk, my legs tingled as if asleep. I looked down to see no legs. Figured I must be feeling my sleeping real legs. I floated along, no longer human shaped. I yelled, “Dream?” just to ensure I had a voice. I really needed to know what I looked like so tried to split into two. I wanted to stand beside myself to see myself. During the stressful process of struggling to split, I woke.

      40/ I helped two of my sisters shell dried corn. The buckets filled and there was corn left so I made a pouch of the bottom of my tshirt and let kernals fall into it. I slid into the crook of a tree root for more comfort. I was suddenly high in the tree, precariously balanced on a flat spot where someone had cut a tree branch off. It was a steep angle and I started sliding off. I didn’t want to spill the kernals and struggled to sit still while protecting the corn. “Hurry, go get baskets or buckets or something!” I yelled at my sisters. They went slowly and came back with a small bowl. I tried to pour the corn into it. The kernals went everywehre. Some were even picked up by the wind and scattered farther away.
      I slid out of the tree and picked the kernals out of the grass. Not watching where I was backing into, I slid into a giant garbage hole. My sisters stood at the top and chatted about how best to save me. I slid deeper into the hole and at its bottom fell into a pool of frothy garbage water. I struggled to stay afloat. My sisters walked away. I slowly climbed out of the garbage hole, found my sisters, and yelled at them. They told me to go shower. I did. When finished I found out my sisters had driven away to avoid my anger. I set out after them on foot.
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    4. Noctemocity 8

      by , 08-08-2018 at 03:10 PM (Noctemocity)
      34/ A storm was coming but only I could hear the thunder. I tried to get people to stay inside but they kept coming out to look at the sky. Realized the thunder was actually a war in the distance, growing closer. The sunset was green and orange, chemicals? The war crept closer. I took two little cousins and hid them under a captain’s bed behind the drawers, which would conceal and save them if a bomb or fire didn't hit the house. I found a gun and prepared to fight, certain I was about to die. Elves, out of lord of the rings, flooded from the forrest and fought off the army of man with its machine guns and tanks and bombs. I grabbed my cousins and took them to safety behind the elf line. I ran deeper into the forest knowing there was no going back.

      35/ I watched seven kids, three of which were my own. A man burst in, swearing and threatening to kick all our asses. I yelled back, told him to get the hell out. Seems his girlfriend Lisa, whose house we were at, was messing around on him. He apologized to me and the kids when he realized what he’d done. He left. I called the police, calmed the kids, and fixed the door. A knock at the back door. A woman from Children’s Services was there to apprehend the children due to violence in the house. I asked them to come back when the parents are home. The front door opened and closed. I ran into the living room to see CS had sneaked in through the front, scooped up the kids, and laid them in the back of a truck. I told the older ones they didn’t have to go. One boy chose to go to protect his little siblings. I patted him on the head and told him he was very brave. I snagged my own oldest child but couldn’t get to the other two. The truck pulled away with me still clinging to the back of it. I hopped off and called three different people. None could help. I called the kids’s parents. They didn’t care. I called a biker gang who could intercpet but it was too late. Two of the CS people remained and I ranted and raved at them until I lost my voice. My son and I left and knocked over telephone poles, by hopping out of the vehicle and punching them, as we drove off. I was so riddled with anger I couldn’t even think straight. I couldn’t remember how to get home. We just drove around knocking over random telephone poles.

      36/ On vacation alone on a tropical island, alone. When it came time to leave, I decided to stay. I would stay and live and work on the island. I watched my cruise ship dock, load with passengers, then sail away. When I turned back to the island, several people that I know where there. "NO! I thought I was alone. I want to be alone!" I wanted to start over. I made my way to the other side of the island.

      Rapidly travelling from cell to cell through plants and vines
      Chameleons with tails that twitch so fast they are blurs
    5. Noctemocity 7.5

      by , 08-08-2018 at 12:34 AM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 7 Afternoon

      32/ Was at a circus with a guy who was watching a little girl. He never paid attention to her. She kept wandering away. I’d go find her and bring her back again. She didn’t like that I was trying to control her. I was only trying to make sure she didn’t get abducted or lost.

      33/ 13th LUCID (since I got lucid from a nap decided to try it again today, was very tired due to having no caffeine all day)
      Walked through an old, messy city. It smelled of sewage. “How did I end up here?” I asked. When I couldn’t remember where I’d come from, I reality checked. “Dreaming. What a horrible dream.” I stopped, put my hands over my eyes, and thought three times, “Wishing the garbage away.” When I uncovered my eyes I was in an old, stone castle with beautiful music echoing through the corridors. I followed the music into a dark hall and the dream destabalized. I put my hands on the wall and used the stone to anchor myself. I then continued toward the music but was very aware that I was on the verge of waking. The alarm I set should be sounding soon. I found the music. It was a stage full of instruments with no musicians. The instruments played themselves. I took a step into the hall and the music stopped. I moved to the stage and the fear that I would wake up at any moment gripped me. I sat at a harp and talked to myself about relationships, trying to get lucid answers to a couple of questions. Nothing came so I reverted to ‘old challenge’ mode. I wanted to see if strumming the harp could cause me to orgasm. It did. I woke with three minutes before my alarm was to sound.

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    6. Noctemocity 7

      by , 08-07-2018 at 03:56 PM (Noctemocity)
      28/ It was night and I followed a star that shone too brightly on the horizon. A giant forest of straight pine trees stood between me and whatever destination I was headed for. A giant man loomed in the distance. Me, and my sudden companion, slid into a ditch and covered ourselves with long grasses. The giant found us and asked what we were doing. I told him I had to get to that star in the distance. He scooped us up and carried us along.

      29/ I had two puppies which were kept safe in my fenced in back yard. People kept opening the fence door and letting them out. Countless times I had to run into the street and save the dogs. It got to the point where I had to tie up the dogs, something I had never wanted to do. They kept escaping somehow.

      30/ At a comedy show that wasn’t funny. I left to explore and found a murder/mystery show on the second floor. Someone had been pushed down a flight of stairs and we had to discover the murderer. We each had a clue. Mine was a series of numbers with decimals. In the kitchen my numbers came in handy to open the microwave, coffee machine, and digital clock. We all combined our stuff at the end and discovered who the murderer was. It was me. I liked the show so much I stayed for the second one, which took place out in the parking lot and yard.

      31/ My sister had an essential oils party. She needed me to make small talk with the party goers because she would be busy setting up and running the show. I went. It turned into a gambling party where the oils were the prizes. I actually enjoyed it.

      shared a house with a couple of nudists
      I remember promising two super heros that I would make them a cake
    7. Noctemocity 6.5 Lucidness

      by , 08-07-2018 at 03:22 PM (Noctemocity)
      August 6 late afternoon nap.

      26/ In a classroom, we all try to sort out a group book project. We each will take a section and write about it but we can’t agree on who will tackle which sections.

      27/ 12th LUCID/ I needed to dig up a bone from a grave to save the world from some impending doom. When I found an ancient grave yard I couldn't bring myself to desecrate a body. I stood to leave and in the distance, entirely surrounding, was a massive stormy sky from which several tornadoes had touched down. This was the impending doom. I didn't retreive the bone but sang to the sky instead. Amazingly the tornadoes tood in place as if listening.
      “How entertaining,” a voice came from behind me. It was Doctor 10 from Doctor Who. He'd come to save earth but I already had things under control. I stopped singing and reality checked because of his alien-ness “Of course! Dreaming.” I said, feeling dim for not having realized it before. I asked the Doctor to help me stop the, now raging again, tornadoes. Could use his tardis to dive into the heart of each tornado, turn in the opposite direction of the winds, and nullify a tornado's power? He said he could but there was an easier way. My mind suddenly surged with lifetimes of memories, all involving this creature in the dream with me. We knew each other well, during different times, inside different bodies. In mental shock I couldn’t do much but try untangle the memories. The tornadoes grew closer. He took me to his ship, “We’ll use plan A then,” he said. We zipped backwards through time, popped into the heart of each tornado just before it touched down, and spun in the opposite direction. I sang the sky song to hold the tornadoes still as unwound them.
      When we'd dealt with all the tornadoes and we zipped back to the dream present, which he explained was trickier to find than the waking world present. It was all real and fantastic at the same time, so I reality checked again. I tried to hang onto one of the many memories that still sloshed around in my mind. I couldn't quite sort them out. "You need to rest, I think." The Doctor said. I argued that I didn't feel tired but then suddenly felt weary. I laid down in the graveyard and looked up at the clouds. The Doctor stood over me and looked down, "Wonder what we'll dream about this time?" I shrugged and looked past him to the clouds. I thought I could see the stars beyond them and I focused on their faint blinking. I don't remember anything after this. His final words were the first thing I remembered when I woke.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    8. Noctemocity 6

      by , 08-06-2018 at 07:53 PM (Noctemocity)
      21/ Tried to fish in a muddy stream but spent most of the time untangling fishing line. An old woman helped untangle it. When we were done the stream had cleared. I swam instead, though half decayed (zombie?) fish swam thorugh the water.

      22/ Moved back to the projects against the fam's wishes. And old guy there gathered us up and tried to teach us how to survive in the heartless world outside the projects. I told him I’d moved back. He told me I couldn’t stay. They needed people to get out and prepare places for generation about to surge.

      23/ Lived with my aunt in an attic room. I left for groceries and by time I returned she had let someone else move into my attic. She said she didn’t remember renting the attic to me. I became angry but the calmed because it was better I not live with someone so shifty and unreliable. I felt bad for her new tennent who was confined to a wheelchair.

      24/ Me and two friends explored and found a rift in the ground. It was full of rocks but we squeezed down into it. Found a stash of silver bars and a safe. We explored some more and then a voice yelled “Get the F out of my house! I’m going to kill you all!” We escaped the cave and went to my friend’s house. Her mother was already dead. We found a fake door in the back of her closet. Her father told us to wait outside. We went. While out there, in the distance we saw a raggedy man in a mask that had a twisted face with long eyes. We ran to our other friend’s house and found fake doors in their closets too. We nailed the fake doors shut and grabbed weapons to fight the masked guy. My one friend only wanted to kill him so we could steal his stash of silver bars. I would only kill if our lives depended on it.

      25/ Tried to get into a concert in a valley. We weren’t allowed in but could watch from the cliffs. Animal mascots paraded into the valley. One, that was up on the cliff with us, fell down into the valley. I laughed. Me, my sister, and a few others sneaked ito the concert and were shocked to see that it was a crowd full of white people dressed in the traditional regaila of other cultures. It made me feel angry and sick to my stomach. I took photos of the people and planned to post them all to social media later to out them.


      Sitting in a restauruant with classmates discussing something serious

      My friend was action figure sized and being attacked by a toy dinsaur. I grabbed the dinsaur and twisted it up. I put my friend in the coat pocket on my chest.
    9. Noctemocity 5

      by , 08-06-2018 at 07:43 PM (Noctemocity)
      August 5 2018

      19/ A guy I know, who is usually angry or sad, was suddenly and creepily happy, sort of Willy Wonka-ish. He was excited to get his kids for the weekend. This was so out of the ordinary that I worried for him and his 5 little ones. I offered to help out. He accepted. We picked up the kids together.

      20/ Was detained in Africa for being an a**hole. There was an actual law. Can’t remember what I’d done to get arrested, just naturally being myself I guess. I had to do math and writing tests which would get me released if I achieved passing grades. They were impossible to figure out. I remained in jail.

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    10. Noctemocity 4

      by , 08-05-2018 at 05:11 AM (Noctemocity)
      14/ On a plane/boat thing. I laid across the seats and tried to sleep, especially through turbulence. It was only a two-hour flight, I kept telling myself, but couldn't shake the feeling we were doomed.

      15/ In a town, commune or cult? Everyone seemed off. The ones that seemed ‘there’ gave off a vibe of being corrupt. A guy dressed in robes kept following me around and trying to talk to me. All I wanted to do was escape. I friended up with a couple of residents and we tried to find a way out.

      16/ Tried to clean my place but it was forever messy. Each time I cleaned a room I’d turn around and it would be a mess again.

      17/ A big city flooded quickly. Someone toppled skyscrapers to make a dam against the water. It worked mostly but water still trickled in. Nicolas Cage burst onto the scene and declared the flood was caused by a demon. The demon, according to Cage, could only inhabit the body of a baby so people began killing toddlers and babies. Sadly, I joined in. I began to think he had been wrong but then the last baby I killed, it’s eyes popped back open, they were yellow. A snake toungue flickered out of its mouth and it hissed. I stepped on it’s throat with all my weight on it unitl the body quit moving. I felt horrible. Still do. I gave the body to Cage, who declared the flood was over. And it was. But I still felt disgusted with myself for killing all those babies. We began fixing the city.

      18/ I tried to cook a meal but the burners wouldn’t work. Behind the stove the wall and the wood was riddled with ant holes. And there were bigger holes through which huge grubs or maggots wriggled. Were they all through the house? I tried to find someone to help me figure it out and how to rid the house of its unwanted residents.

      Fragment: Dream Views bedrooms. I think there were video feeds into people’s actual bedrooms. Creepy.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Noctemocity 3

      by , 08-03-2018 at 01:41 PM (Noctemocity)
      11/I spent a good amount of time making sure my house was locked up tight and all the curtains were closed. Despite this, people kept showing up and disturbing my attempts at being a hermit for a day. Each time they left I re-secured the house only to have more people magically appear inside. One guy even made sure I wrote his email address down before they left.

      12/Drove down a dark road and saw a strange skeletal creature, armadillo sized, lumbering along. I stopped the car and ran back to investigate despite my passenger's objections. Back around the bend the creature was gone but there was a man with a shovel. He jabbed it into the ditch and mentioned there were lots of 'sightings' lately. I told him about the skeletal thing. He shuddered, gave me his shovel, and told me to kill the thing if possible. I went to the spot but the skeletal thing was gone. There was an old house on the corner that had chickens, pigs and a pony. The animals began acting up. I rushed over to see the skeletal thing arriving. As it turned to face me, it grew in size and towered over me. I threw down the shovel and told it to come fight. I floated from the ground, pushed my hands forward forcefully and sent a whoosh of energy at the skeleton. It fell apart. That was too easy. I learned later that it was some kind of voodoo or witchcraft. I used the shovel to dig around the property until I found an old burlap bag. It was full of bones and shrivelled organs. I burned it and the shovel man screamed from a house nearby. He ran outside, fully engulfed in flames. I tried to help him but the flames would not be extinguised. As he died I remember thinking, 'I try to help and just make things worse..." I went to find my vehicle but got lost.

      13/Part of a group contest like The Amazing Race. The other teams had several members dressed in strange costumes, then there was just boring old me and my friend as a team. The other teams kept beating us but it didn't matter. I was there for the experience. At the end there was a rave party. I danced with all of the members of the 'blue' team. I got along especially well with one guy I nickmaned smurf because he had painted his face blue. We vowed to be on a team togethe next time around. We all parted ways. I waited for everyone to leave before I helped myself to food and drink.

      Fragment- A woman explained about eyes in a different language.

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    12. Noctemocity 2

      by , 08-02-2018 at 01:53 PM (Noctemocity)
      Adding these quickly and going to WBTB.

      6. Traveled a twisty stretch of highway but on a skateboard. There were no cars, only people on all shapes and sizes of skateboards. We followed typical traffic rules while speeding along. I can’t remember where I was going but I felt like I was late. One of my wheels became wobbly and I needed to change it. I pulled to the side of the highway and asked people for help because I didn’t have the tools needed to change my tire. No one helped me.

      Fragment: Trying to get across a field full of spiky plants

      7. On a narrow strip of road in the middle of now where. No one could cross the road. If someone tried they disappeared mid road and ended up on the side they started from. Characters from Supernatural arrived to investigate. Castiel tried to fix the uncrossable road by using a round key. He only managed to spit the road into three. Sam stood on one road, Dean on the other, and Castiel on the middle. Each road was in a different dimension. They couldn't figure out how to cross over. The dimensional split was contained in a roughly circular area. I inspected from outside it for a way to pull everyone together again.

      -After sleeping again

      Hypnagogia-A crowd of beautiful smiling women mobbed my way. They were all human heads on stick bodies.
      -LUCID? A guy reaches for me, trips and floats in the air. “This must be a dream,” he said. “It is,” I reply, then wake.
      -A delivery of a rack of books in bread loaf bags. The books are shaped like bread.

      8. Was part of an acting/dancing troup though I can’t act or dance. We walked through a city looking for a late night place to eat. We found one but had to wait in line outside in the dark. A storm rolled in and we sheltered from the rain and lightning under my coat, all 25 or so of us somehow. We sang while waiting for the storm to pass. Also, I sw my refleciton and looked strikingly like Jack Harkness.

      9. I finished off a project in class, handed in my Poe poetry book and left to walk home. In the hallway, I ran into an old friend who looked kind of like Sheldon Cooper. He was hungry. I gave him my lunch. Outside, I realized it would take 4 hours to walk home, 2 if I jogged. I jogged. Partway home I had to balance across a pole stretched across a pond of steaming and bubbling mud. I made it but my jacket fell in. I finally got home to discover someone in my house eating my food. He cooked me something to eat to and we were friends after that. We began renovating the house.

      10. It was very late before a friend came out out of a club. I called her name out the window. She came and got into the car. On the ride home she complained about everything. I tried to point out good things each time she complained. She tried to argue with me. I grew tired of her attitude and told her to stop misplacing her misery on me. I wasn’t the one who did whatever to make her miserable. She apologized and cried and I felt like a grade A a-hole. I turned up the music and sang way out of tune to make her smile.

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      dream fragment , non-lucid
    13. Two Lucid Dreams

      by , 08-02-2018 at 01:33 AM (Noctemocity)
      1. Shane Dawson, his little white dog, and I tried to escape earth before it was invaded by aliens.

      2. In a hospital full of dark rooms in which twisted bodies lay in pain. There were no doors or windows out.

      3. School, needed to use the bathroom but they had no stalls. Just lines of toilets sitting out in the open and people watching.

      4. LUCID! I got lucid by Venus being too close to earth. A woman and I soared through the sky. We tried to fly to Venus but a man living behind the planet stopped us. We fell into the ocean. I saved the woman and sent her home. I intended to meet the Venus man so ran back out onto the ocean but sank deeper with each step. I fell in and the dream destabalized. I floated on my back and focused on the water around me. The scene became stable but when I looked to Venus I was shocked it was plummeting toward me. The shock woke me up.

      Woke up & wrote the above dream then back to bed with intention of getting lucid.

      5. LUCID! Hypnagogic image of a crystal ball floating in dark. Was on the verge of sleep and started to wake. I grabbed the crystal ball. It anchored me in the scene but it still felt weak. I focused on the cool, smooth feel of the crystal ball in my hands. The scene stabalized. It was still in dark. Inside the crystal flame like forms flickered into near recognizable shapes. The dark pressed and I felt afraid. I reality checked to be sure I was still dreaming. I held the orb above my head. It lit up the immediate area. I introduced myself into the dark. No reply came. After a while I felt the dream becoming unstable. I tried to use the orb to anchor myself. It didn't work. I woke.
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