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    Noctemocity 15

    by , 08-15-2018 at 11:33 PM (176 Views)
    Aug 15th

    56/ Was in a university, had decorated my backpack with cultural symbols. Saw notes posted at campus that there were threats to people of minority cultures. I removed all but two of the symbols from my backpack. If I was a target, so be it.

    57/ Someone offered me and nephew a bit of wild parsnip. Our mouths burned but no one cared. I took care to keep drinking water hoping to dilute the burning. I shared my water with my nephew.

    58/ LUCID!! Trapped in a large, old house by a storm. Frustrated I stepped out the door and yelled into the sky. As I yelled the clouds split to reveal stars. ‘What the hell... this is a dream!’ I stepped out into the storm and yelled until all of the clouds parted. The storm was gone. Stars shone brightly above, all in their correct places. I struggled to remember my goals. Something to do with the sky. I tried to fly but couldn’t lift off for long. No luck teleporting. I rememberd the sky tune but not the words. I walked around in a circle sideways, my back facing to the center of the circle. I hummed the song and looked at the sky. With each step I rose a little off the ground. I looked down and instantly the earth was beneath my feet again. ‘no!’ I said. I started the circle and humming again and rose. The stars twinkled around me. They were not distant like science says, they hovered near and sparkled their voices. I kept humming and rising and eventually forgot where I was going. I don’t remember anything after.

    59/ A train, I heard on the news, went off its cable. I felt it was done on purpose. I reported my findings and suspicions but no one believed me.

    60/ In my early childhood hometown with a dream spouse and child. We were inspecting houses to buy. My spouse wanted one on the side of a hill. I told spouse that all the houses in that area are too close together, almost sitting one on top of the other going up the hill. I wasn't believed until we got to the neighborhood. We argued about why I’m never ‘listened to’.

    61/ Someone killed the landlady of a set of ritzy buildings. The scenes kept switching back and fourth from what looked to be the 1800s and present. Sometimes the characters were dressed in period clothes and the buildings were similarly old. Then everyone and everything would be modern. I worked the case and couldn’t figure out any solid suspects. They called in Sherlock Holmes. He solved the case quickly. The land lady wasn't dead at all. Why hadn't he informed the police? He and she had wanted to see how long it would take the police to solve a murder that wasn't a murder. The old lady's niece had intended to kill the old lady and had thought her dead. She struck her niece out of her will, would sell her buildings and spend the rest of her days travelling. She asked Holmes to accompany her. He said he would part way. The police departmenet and I were left feeling like fools. The cops on the scene began plotting how to have holmes arrested.

    -A room with many cats, a huge fat orange cat curled on my lap
    -Walking on wooden planks and platforms across water - mammals float by underwater, belly up, with their paws sticking up through the surface. They were not dead, just relaxing under water.

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