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    1. Short one and Senseless FA

      by , 08-02-2013 at 11:22 PM (Streaming My Utopia)
      DILD - 01/08/2013

      I was in my bed and I noticed there were some footprints on the ceiling which I supposedly got there (not sure how) and there was a pair of hands coming off the wall just by the side of my bed. I thought that was weird, I inspected them and it turns out they were fake plastic hands. That was enough for me, no need for RC, I was lucid. As a consequence of the late morning hour I had this dream in, there was some noise coming through my bedroom which in turn manifested as someone fixing something in the building, the people working on it were being somewhat assholes previously.

      I stabilized and decided I wanted to go to my old place and visit my neighbour, I've had a childhood crush on her for some years and I made it a personal LD goal of mine to go "take her on a date".

      The way I thought about going there was to go through my bedroom door and expect to come out in my old building, it didn't work out that way, I was still in a slightly different version of my home. I said screw it and the first thought that came to my mind was to somehow go to the train station down the street and go from there, I thought it wouldn't be hard to pull off. So I phased through my window directly to the street and I rushed down the ramp to the station. On the way I found one of those assholes that was making noise earlier, he was on top of a tallish structure and I decided to mess with him. I half flew half climbed another tall structure in front of his and when I got there I asked "You still wanna be an asshole? We can have some fun." He looked intimitaded and awestruck so I just let him go and continued down the street.

      When I got to the station it was all different and I couldn't find my way to where I was supposed to go. I insisted and continued on to the place where the right WL paths would be and expected them to appear, it worked for some time but then it didn't. The dream was unstable and I had to stabilize more than once to keep it going, it was probably due to being in the later REM cycles and all the noise around me. At some point I unevitably
      woke up without achieving anything. I thought about DEILD and I remained still but then I thought it wouldn't be worth risking forgetting the dream and going in with low chances of a stable LD.

      FA - 02-08-2013

      I was in my bed and I did a nose pinch RC which turned out positive, I tried to picture a dream scenario but didn't wait long and as I couldn't I tried to move my arm and I managed. My mistake was thinking that I moved my real arm and had woken up which later on I would find I didn't.

      ^ Never again... I just learned to move my ass and never back down when I get a RC working. Damn me.
      lucid , false awakening