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    1. "Where is my Queen?" / Sexy Fragment

      by , 07-01-2013 at 05:02 PM (Streaming My Utopia)
      I will often, for my amusement, approach my LD's with a couple of different personas that put me in different places regarding my environment and my interaction with the characters. Inspired by KingYoshi and (in a way) a TV Show I've been watching recently (The Tudors) I decided to make myself the King of my dream world.

      19/06/2013 - DILD

      I was in my kitchen with my mom talking about something I don't recall and I did a RC for no apparent reason, counting my fingers mindfully looking at my hands I had half fingers "This can't be, is this really a dream?", I RC'ed a couple more times, somehow I was having a hard time accepting I was dreaming, I don't know why but my guess is because it was an habit RC and not a surge of awareness or questioning of reality.

      Eventually I accepted the most welcomed fact, went to my backyard and jumped to the top of a big green wall which is sort of not there (iwl). I decided to stabilize and enhance the dream so I started looking for visual detail around me, the dream was already vivid so I'm not sure if this really added to it but where before I didn't have sun at all now I was still standing in the shadow but the sun illuminated an area directly in front of me.

      I remembered my current goal at the time, to have the queen of my dreamverse present herself to me (such bs).

      I let out a passionate and euphoric shout into the air "Your king is back! May the queen of my dream world please step foward!" As I was finishing that sentence I expected to hear cheers from a crowd all around me while some sort of competition was to take place and, I think I closed my eyes somewhere in the sentence (or the scenario turned 180 with black in between).

      The crowd did make a lot of noise (mainly females) and suddenly I was sitting in the central top row of a place like this:

      The biggest contrasts with the image is that there was nothing in the field (but a big central screen hanging from above) and, it was a smaller arena. In the screen I saw the image of a martial artist girl wearing a kimono and throwing a big kick in the air. When she appeared I also heard a male voice announce "The first contestant is a judoka from Japan (bla bla bla)". So they are going to fight, sweet. I immediately just stretched my arm to the side and was expecting to manifest someone bringing me some popcorn to snack while I watch some of the action before acting myself, when... my alarm went off
      and I obviously woke up.

      01/07/2013 - DILD (DF)

      My memory is very fuzzy regarding the details of this piece of fun because I didn't record it immediately due to the nasty back pains that have been bothering me from dawn to dusk for a couple of days. It just got way better today.

      I was in some busy street and it occurred me to do a reality check and I was lucid. I remember aimlessly but nicely spending some time jumping from place to place in the scenario before deciding to have a go at some fine Miss in the middle of the street. I can't exactly remember how she looked like but I know she was very fine, then... I saw some other one I liked and got her on top of a small structure in a central place. We made out and all the action was very good sensually, very vivid and also felt quite dirty in the middle of a dream busy street.

      While we were having fun, just to our side, down in the ground was Bruna (a middle school classmate I had who was fairly attractive but I didn't care much for her most of time, wonder why she was there) talking to another person, so I thought "hey why not?". She aged normally btw.

      So I was going to pick her up when I realized she was not only talking but making out with a girl that was just my type. Dark black hair, snow white skin, glasses and beautifully shaped curves. I thought it might as well be more exciting to steal the lady away from Bruna. I come down to pick her up and as I do she wraps her legs around my waist and we go up there and have some really good fun.

      Somewhere between all this playing with the ladies I remember trying and enhancing the dream which certainly happened, this was nothing but intense.

      I also had some interesting non-SP HH chat but this is way too long already. Certainly more to come, see you next time.