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    by , 06-20-2020 at 02:19 PM (50 Views)
    Dream1:I was on a trip and went to a place where I saw an exotic bird. I put on the gloves so it would land on me and I forgot to take it off. I accidentally brought it back over the border and then realized I dont want a bird to take care of. So we stopped by the sameplace we did on the way there and the man who owned the place was an exotic pet owenr so I gave it to him. When I got back tot he bus I got comforted by the sweet lady who told me "It's always warm outside when its warm inside". I closed my eyes and started seeing visions. I had visions of japanese/anime-esque places, people and scenes in black and white. I was then in a place which had a ton of those statues like from super smash bros and we touched 1 which then came alive. It started touching others and creating an army. the 3 of us tried to stop them and it was easy because they were still toys. After we stopped the army I saw a place right next to us that I recognized from my visions. I brought them and we went to do what I knew we needed to do. We got some wheels or plastic or something that we had to reassemble for these little toy cars. Then we had 4 gems which were the same as some other guys over to the side. They were sitting on thrones and surrounded by others like it was some ceremony. There were 2 empty seats and some missing gems so me and Lorne took some gems and took the missing places. Then I woke up

    Dream2: I was hiding in a casino with Evan. A man with FBI on his shirt came and got us to get out of the restricted area.
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