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    by , 06-30-2020 at 02:28 PM (78 Views)
    Dream 1: I was creating a video with friends and I remember 2 people biking in multiple clips in multiple ares spliced toegether as the into. I think we were going to peoples doors as part of it

    Dream 2: There was this one guy who says the only sport(or maybe thing) hes good at is football. We were playing football and then it turned into a game with different rules. They allowed the ball to hit the ground and bounce. Then there were 3 balls and it was kind of like a game of keepaway. People were kicking it against walls and trying to get a good bounce so that they coud get it and keep it away from others. It's called Pineball. There were 3 other players besides me. Then one guy broke his arm and the other 2 got mad and kicked his arm. I heard a crunch. I was walking away and 2 new challengers came but they were nice and innocent, they didn't know how hardcore these players were. They challenged them to a game of pineball and even started to correct them on the name and history of the game. Ten my alarm went off.

    Dream 3: I was at picked up a call that I realized I had put him on hold for 15 minutes and he was really mad. He yelled at me for a bit and asked for my name and stuff. Then he asked me if I thought I was good at what I did. I said I am good at what I do but I make mistakes because I am human and I will not have him tell me otherwise. Later I was making pizza and found a couple slices of soggy pan pizza in the food bins, one in the hot peppers. I debated on using the slices(Even though I would have never done that IRL). Later a couple young girls came in and they said I look like I'm 5 years old because I was wearing baggy blue shorts and shirt. I said yeah kind of lol

    Dream 4: I was going down this giant stairwell and at each landing there were lots of books you could take or look at. Like one of those boxes where u take 1 and leave 1. I remember there being lots of picture books and some interesting ones. I met up with some friends at one point. I also saw some drunk kids in an adjacent landing that were lying down and talking.

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