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    Mom raps

    by , 07-11-2020 at 02:51 PM (98 Views)
    Took melatonin and B-complex vitamins
    Fell asleep at 1AM.
    Woke up at 6:30AM, woke up, wrote dreams
    Woke up at 8AM, with recall, fell asleep
    Woke up at 9:30AM, with recall. Wrote down dreams

    What to work on: SSILDing for longer when trying to fall back asleep
    Dream 1(COD): This dream seemed like it had happened before, I was very familiar with the scene and its like I knew what was going to happen and where I needed to be. I was like in a Call of Duty video game. I had to run from cover to cover while under fire and eventually got to this space where I got a sniper and had to fight off a few dogs that were right next to me with a teammate. They were hard to hit but also very stupid, like they had terrible pathfinding AI and bad hit mechanics. I killed a couple that were around me then woke up.

    Dream 2(Matteo date after work): I was at work and I had a date planned with my friend Matteo. He came to my work dressed nice and had a gift for me even. We started walking back to his place and then we were able to kayak the rest back to his place somehow. We rented kayaks that ended up being only being $4. Then he threw me into the water we were kayaking in. It was fun but also the water was super dirty and kind of concerned me. We went into his house after and his parents came down. They seemed a little tense at some points. Later Matteo, his dad and I all sat on the couch together and his dad was telling about the new room configuration and he seemed very proud of it.

    Dream 3(Casino gambling): I was at a casino looking place and was with my family and some friends. At one point I wanted to go play a certain card game with my friends and I heard my mom say I wasnt allowed, but Maria was. I wanted to ask her what that was about and convince her to let me play. She was playing this game against my dad and had been drinking so I decided to let her finish her game before conversing with her. She lost and then she gave a little speech in the form of a rap about how I'm not allowed to. Before I could answer she left. I tried to find her but found this multi-level learning place right outside the casino. I explored there looking for her and then came to a room with monsters and people in lockers and wanting to play chess. I approached someone/something and wanted to play chess with them. They were warning me or something and I told them I could play. Then we were talking about who our partners were going to be and he had this super scary and strong looking monster that I knew to be almost impossible to beat and he would kill us. I told my partner lets back off. He tested the monster by touching him and moving him around. This provoked him. Thankfully at this point the room started spinning and that meant everyone had to get locked into their locker so we were safe. We were all scrambling to found our locks on the floor.

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