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    Lots of FPS dreaming

    by , 02-12-2020 at 06:12 PM (61 Views)
    Went to bed at 1:30AMish.
    got out of bed at 11:30.
    Dream1:(COD+Posing Evan Scott)
    This dream started as me and Evan playing as characters in a Call of Duty like game against his brother and his bros friend. They were protecting a point, like capture the flag or maybe some generator that we had to get to to turn it off. We began approaching but they killed us a couple times first. They were landing their shots more than us. After respawning a couple times, I got up on to the upper ground and from a bit of a distance started taking them out. I killed one that was pretty far away and then one that was closer was running up the stairs towards me. We got pretty close but I was able to shoot him first. After they both died I ran towards the objective. They respawned and were coming up on my left, so I slowed down and took aim. I still had the high ground. I was able to kill them before they killed me and we finally won the game after that. Then I remember us being in real life again without his bros friend. I remember Evan doing some posing to show his brother. He did a front lat spread and his brother was kind of impressed and kind of made fun of him.

    Dream 2:
    This was another First Person Shooter dream. It was like I was in Boneworks(VR game) because I saw my ammo count hovering next to my body. It was myself and a couple teamates and we basically had to breach and clear this building. It was easy, we shot all the bad guys and collected all the ammo packs just like in boneworks.

    Dream 3:
    I was at my friends Lornes house. His brother alex got mad at him and started yelling at him for using his computer. Lorne had been writing on his computer and he revealed he was actually selling his writings successfully! Alex yelled because he didnt want him on his computer for that and said something demeaning like "Are you on fucking drugs?".

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