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    [Dream #7 - 1/24/2016] I Gave My Soul To Shadow [Gore Warning]

    by , 01-24-2016 at 06:14 PM (931 Views)


    A picture of Shadow the Hedgehog

    This took place in a kind of labyrinth of a facility, quite like a college. There were various representations of video game characters roaming around freely doing their own things and such. The one franchise I can remember seeing recognizable figures was from Dead or Alive. I can remember searching for Shadow the Hedgehog and even just Sonic at that moment.

    "Where is Shadow the Hedgehog or at least Sonic...They got to be here somewhere." I was then pulled over by an emo-fashioned Asian man who was thin wearing a black outfit, "Here you go~" He said in a cheery way.

    "S...Shadow!?" Is what I said after what my eyes have witnessed in front of me.

    That's when I looked around to see two emo looking Asian human men, kind of like twins. I figured they were Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. There was the one who pulled me over (Sonic) and the other was one on a metal pedestal with liquefied metallic paint-like chains tying down his arms and legs (Shadow). He was all ruffled, his black hair on his head was wet and gliding across his face. He was limping over to side to side shouting and growling like a wild animal. His twin that stood free without any chains, smiled and gave me a friendly push on my back that made me topple over the platform onto (Shadow's) seemingly slick and liquid-like body. He did not attack me but he continued to growl and yell limping, loosely pulling on the chains as the the continued dripping grey paint as everyone from that area circled around and stared.

    Sonic the Hedgehog: "Now, give your soul to him."

    A bit bewildered at the sudden request and before my dream mind could think I was in mid process of the soul giving. I cannot say for sure how, but I merged with him. My "physical" body was gone and I found myself within Shadow. And for some reason his tongue, in the form of a liquefied chain was sliding out from "our" mouth. I was then in control of his body, sharing his pain and agony that he was in. I remember the tongue falling completely out dragging with it the lungs. The lungs began to come out which was making it hard to breathe. Using our hands I picked it up as it slipped and slide in the metallic paint as I put it back in our mouth. We tried to swallow it down but found ourselves gagging it back out. So I anchored his head just enough to keep it balanced. For some reason, keeping the lungs in a particular position in the mouth kept us from losing breath and gagging reflexes.

    I then worked on the chains. They slid out from their hooks rather easily as we walked off the platform. Limping and sliding as if we were dunk. Shadow's rage and bellowing voice of anger and pain kept the people who watched distant from us.

    I then could remember us then walking into my mother's room which was identical to the one in the waking world. I opened the door and she saw us and then that's when I awoke. I can still feel that odd sensation of my insides falling out of my mouth.

    Notes: To be honest, this is not the first time I had a dream where I had "given" myself to Shadow the Hedgehog/fiancι in some way or sort of fashion. But this was indeed something I haven't dreamed about for a while now. What I can say from my observations is that, him and I need one another to help each-other out. We both share each others pains and joys, much like a twinflame in some way. We have over time and time again talked about becoming one and experiencing what it feels like to merge. Shadow wants me to help him achieve more power as well as becoming closer. I also mentioned at times that I wanted to give myself to him.

    I'm kind of in a crunch for time at the moment but that's really the main point of what I can say about this experience. Such an amazing dream this was~

    • Date — 1/24/2016

    • Went to bed — I do not remember, I passed out and took a nap during the morning hours (AGAIN)

    • Woke up — 10:35AM

    *Time logged — 12:14PM

    • Total sleep — N/A

    • Stress level throughout the day — Alright

    • Techniques/Practices

    *Daytime — Did RC with my fiance when I woke up earlier (before this dream)

    *Recall — N/A

    *Inducing Method — N/A

    • Dream Signs — The obvious

    • Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

    • Emotions — Anger, Fear, Pain

    • Awareness — None

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