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    Death & Military Service

    by , 02-01-2012 at 08:28 AM (560 Views)
    I was sitting in the second row of a memorial of some kind. My (real life) GF was sitting at my right side. A young black male dressed formally, about age 12 or 13, was pacing back and forth in a large auditorium filled with rows of people. He was giving a sermon about his Dad's military service.

    I don't recall the wording of what he said. I made a sly remark to my GF under my breath. We both chuckled, and looking behind me: I noticed a young woman crying. There were other faces who looked very sad. I started to realize the boys Dad must be dead...

    He paused to ask the crowd a few questions about people who choose to give their lives to serve in the military. I instantly chimed in and said (exact quote):

    "What about forgiveness?" -My voice cracked with the start of crying.

    "Because we have to forgive ourselves if we choose to fight and to kill." -Some people burst into tears around me. I immediately fell apart sobbing too.

    -Then I woke up. I felt perfectly calm, well rested, and not the least bit sad. Although when I told my Mother about this dream, she shed a tear on the spot. No one in my immediate family/friends has been in the military.
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