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    Lucid: Rail Standing

    by , 09-13-2012 at 08:23 AM (801 Views)
    I could see bright blue skies out. Midday. I was standing in front of a painted white metal railing. Beyond that was a drop hundreds of feet down. Basically a large canyon. Beyond the railing was a wide ledge. There was a friendly looking guy (DC) standing next to me taking in the view.

    I decided to stand on the top rail, since it was not a direct fall. The rail was rounded. When I first tried to stand I lost balance and fell back right away. I told myself:

    "This is a dream, why is it so difficult to balance?" - I jumped up again, and this time landed on my knees. I tried to stand, couldn't quite manage it, so jumped back again. -Realistic physics, but I was determined, for some reason..

    Finally, I jumped up in one bound and landed on the railing. Looked around. I was stable. Then... I leaned backwards and was able to ease back, flat as a board. No effort. No gravity. I turned to the cool DC guy who was starring at me with interest and said something like:

    "Now I got it.. See? No gravity." He nodded with agreement. Impressed, but not excited. I feel like he is a DV's buddy.

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    1. k12l's Avatar
      Whats DC?
    2. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      Dream Character. Or a made up person.
    3. The Sandman's Avatar
      I know why you were so determined...I think. If you know it's a dream, it is kind of an insult to not be able to do something, so you try again to show yourself you can do it.

      Nice dialogue. "Now I got it...See? No gravity!"