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    time travel

    by , 05-04-2013 at 06:42 PM (250 Views)
    I was living in a big house with my sister, my best friend (but i didn't know him in real life, he was my dream best friend) his name was dave,and his mom. The house had around 5 rooms. Then I asked dave if he was gay he said: no man, no way i'm gay
    -i replied:
    -dude i think you are gay, you kissed a guy on your first year of college
    -what, i don't even remeber that
    -well i do, you kissed that guy called ted
    -no i did not
    -let's time travel to make it clear to you again.
    -fine lets go
    We went out of the house and the college was like across the street, There was an abandoned old room in the campus and that was where our time travel was. We closed the door, the room was really dusty and old... like no one has went in here for ages. I got the magic chalk (dave sat in front of me), and drew 2 rectangles, side by side and said
    -tower of the west, tower of the east
    -I need to go to the past, forget my future and take me at last!
    In a piece of paper i wrote the date i wanted to travel to: 1966 ( i can't remember the day or month

    The room started glowinf, two structures the same size as two soccer goals appeared and closed us inside them, but the goals didn't have a net, instead they had like small glass windows all around them. The goals started spinning very fast around us and everything turned dark, when the light appeared again, the room looked brand new, it was clean and shiny, it had some nice desks and we were in 1966.

    We got out of the room, the college looked so "fresh" and new. We looked for the past dave, and we saw past dave walking alone, we followed him and he met up with ted. We saw as they both kissed and dave looked at me like he couldn't beleive it jaja.
    Dave wanted to talk to past Ted to ask him why they had kissed. We followed ted to a playground and then i rememberd that on that same spot was when ted had died that same day. I didn't think of the consequences and i yelled at ted,
    I ran to dave andjumped on him to take him down so the flyring baseball ball would miss. I succeded, the ball that killed him missed and ted was alive, but instead the ball hit a dog that was behind us. It was a french poodle and he died from the impact...

    I knew this couldn't be good, a dark hole started appearing and thunder shook the clouds above us. A strong wind started and the hole was sucking everything, Dave yelled at me " Alex lets gogo, we have to leave FASTT"
    We ran like lunatics to the room. I got the chalk and wrote the present date i wanted to go back. I said the magic words and we were back to the present.
    We got out of the room and we saw my sister looking for us. She was like
    -Ohh there you guys are i was looking for both of you.
    -we have to hide in our house quick, the zombie apocalipse will get here any moment.

    I looked at dave and we knew this was our fault, we had fucked up the timeline in a huge way and now zombies were going to kill us. We got home and started drilling wood to the doors. All the doors and windows were covered with planks and wood. We just stood there waiting, and the zombies ripped right threw that door, they started coming in the house... we were dead men.
    I woke up

    I have never met dave in real life, and time travel was pretty cool in my dream
    to bad we caused the apocalipse :c

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