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    Leaving the matrix

    7/22/14 - sriracha whiskay

    by , 07-22-2014 at 09:26 PM (935 Views)
    I walk into the living room and see that the house is filled with grey haired people. I ask my mom why all these people are here, and she says because she decided to have a party with her friends, but I knew that she only knew a few of these people. I particularly wasn't fond of this one loud man. His interactions with me, my friend and my mom as we where talking was annoying me. For some reason I had a green square shaped glass bottle of sriracha sauce, and I had left it on the wooden bench against the wall. I went off and had small nervous conversation with someone I know. Then the party was over, and I remembered my bottle and I walked over to it and saw that it only had a forth left in the bottle, and I knew it was full before the party. At first I thought it had a leak, and I examined the bottle but it just hit me that the annoying man must've made drinks with it. Then I snapped and he appeared and laughed and said he enjoyed it and smugly thanked me for it, then he disappeared again. Then I angrily turned to my mom and friend and kept yelling that he drank my whiskay! (I didn't say whiskey, I kept saying whiskay) HE DRANK MY WHISKAY!
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    1. Lumenia's Avatar
      Shay is okay with her whiskay!!!!!!!!
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    2. Narwhal's Avatar
      Shank la fway fway is also okay with my whiskay
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    3. Narwhal's Avatar
      obviously the timmothay, and remothay thing got to my head xD
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    4. Lumenia's Avatar
      Hooray! Shank la fway fway is A okay with the whiskay. It all got into your head and now it's in my head. It's all your fault!! XD
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    5. Narwhal's Avatar
      xD that's what you get
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