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    1. 3/22/13 - Fences/Impaled by rake/Alien landing

      by , 03-22-2013 at 11:55 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      The orange bit is when I became lucid.

      I'm in a backyard that I've never been, I'm climbing on them and looking on the tops of the fence and every once in awhile I find a stack of money. Then my friend and some boy I don't recognize walks into the backyard and they ask me what I'm doing. I tell them that finding money on fences is how I make a living, they're are shocked by this, so I show them, I pick a spot on the long fence and I climb up a little and find a small stack of money and show them, they're intrigued but still shocked, we start walking away from the fence, and suddenly the boy has a pitchfork in his hands and is walking towards me, he first goes towards my friend but I jump in front of her, and it goes into my stomach but doesn't puncture me yet, I say to him "what the hell are you doing!" and then he say's "I'm sorry, I can't control it!", so me and my friend say it's okay, but then I run out of room to back up in and then the pitchfork impales my torso and goes all the way through, my friend gasps but I tell her it's okay, for some reason I don't feel any pain, but it feels like a sensation. We are interrupted by some man and he says we must go to the hill and watch the aliens arrive, the boy has disappeared, but me and my friend panic and go to the hill so we don't stick out for any reason and get in trouble. When we go to the hill there is so many people laying and sitting on blankets or just on the grass, me and my friend lay together really close anticipating a bad thing, (then everything, the wind the grass the people just get very vivid) and I hear something loud and horrible coming i think its the ship but before I see anything I become aware that I'm in a dream, and I think i prevented the ship from coming because I can just hear the awful noise and shaking sensation, then I turn to see my friend but she's gone so I realize I can get the heck outta here and I look at the grass then when I look back up I'm still at the hill and I get annoyed but all the people and noise are gone, I try it again and when I look to the light I'm in this really really small room with just a rug and Then I feel as though my lucidity is slipping so I look at my hands and my fingers go out like smoke and I rub my hands together and I guess I stabilized, I make a door appear for some reason, I don't even use it, then I remember I need to brake something (that's the only part of the totm I could remember for some reason) but there is nothing to brake, no window nothing, when I turn looking I see a small table that a lamp would go on and I try to touch it but it sort of acts like two magnets deflecting from each other every time my hand got near, so I sloppily swing my foot at it and it explodes with one touch and wood chips go in the air in almost slow motion and I think why is it less wood then was in the form of it being a table. then I want to try to fly, but when I try it's like I'm doggy paddling in water but I stay in the air where I doggy paddled instead of going back down.]and then my cat woke me up quite alarmed because he had to take a dump and the litter box is in the hallway.