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    Side Notes

    1. 9/21/04 - telepathic dream thing I had a little while ago

      by , 09-21-2014 at 06:59 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      (Hypnagogic Hallucination): So I slightly woke up into the state between asleep and awake sometime in the dark early morning, and heard my mom and half sister talking, then I started to hear my dad talking (my dad whom I haven't spoken to or seen in years and would like to keep it that way, so you can imagine how bizarre it would be to hear him talking in my house to my mom and half sister all chill like everything's cool) to my mom and half sister. This made me super confused, and the first thing my sister and I would do in such a situation would be confide in each other but I was way to drowsy to even get up so without even doubting that I had the ability I started to telepathically communicate to my sister who was sleeping in her room next to mine, I communicated to her a thought, but if I were to put it into words It was something like 'Do you hear this?' and she instantly communicated back to me into my knowing that 'something is wrong here'. (Then I instantly fell into sleep)

      So later in the morning when I woke up fully I realized more fully what I did earlier, and waited for my sister to wake up to ask her if she experienced me communicating to her last night. When she woke up, she wanted to tell me about her dream she had, so I let her and I was gonna tell her about the telepathic thing after. She told me that she was having a nice dream until suddenly it was shot into a dream where we were in our old childhood bedroom sitting indian style across from each other. We both looked up at the same time, making perfect eye contact and we knew that something was wrong and that the door had to be locked. She jumped up and locked the door immediately. After it was locked we both heard our dad storming around and we made eye contact again because we knew he was coming and we knew locking the door was the right thing to do.

      So my paranoid hypnagogic hallucination made me communicate telepathically to my sis while she herself was dreaming, which threw her into a nightmare on the topic I was communicating to her about I'm thinking....
    2. 7/25/13 - T&S's secret mansion/ super power

      by , 07-25-2013 at 09:13 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm watching what looks like a video of just sara, but it isn't the version that she put up online so I suppose it's the original unedited version, I realize the reason it's edited online is because she's at her and her sisters mansion and they're two street sign are in the background and they don't want anyone to know where they live. Suddenly I'm in the video I was watching, and I'm talking to tegan, she tells me about the guy they highered, and how he keeps trying to do things his own way by inviting large amounts of people into their house and acting like a hype man and booming loud rap music, I tell she should just fire him and that they could manage the mansion easily without him, beside he makes it considerably more difficult as all his guests leave the place a mess each time. As tegan and I continued our talk, sara walks over presumably to join our conversation, but three girl across the street with ridiculous hair notice them, and run across the street, we first considered running into the mansion out of panic but it was too late so as to not be rude they heard them out, the girls wanted sara number first and then also tegans, sara and tegan both began siting out number as I watched puzzled that they would give out their numbers but to my relief they both motioned to me to help them come up with the rest of I'm assuming fake numbers. So after that the damn guy they hired invited the girls in and when we enter the mansion there are so many people in, he's holding a party again, and some woman who thinks she's the shit comes in as if she's royalty, and I realize tegan and sara walked off so I go see where they went, they're at these roulette like games in the living room messing around with it, so I tell them I can get rid of the guy for them because they couldn't work up the nerve, I told them to write a letter expressing his departure, and that I would give it to him, and take the microphone he was talking to everyone with and I would tell them there was an emergency and that everyone must leave now, so I did just that. One the house was cleared of population, we saw the full extent of the mess people had left so I began to help them clean.

      I'm walking through the beginning of a school, it looks like a highschool. I see the people I'm with I suppose they must be my friends, some of them begin to get picked on as we walk a path through it all, every time someone messes with one of my friends I hurt the bully either by punching, pushing, throwing their food in their face, and finally we get to the end of the school and this big tall guy starts to pick on me, so somehow I find a thick sewing needle and I jump on him and try to push the needle through his cheek, the guy tries his best to fight me off but I shove the needle into his face and he falls to the ground, but a teacher saw what happened and called security on us, but me and my friends realize we have these superhuman powers, so we fend off the security easily, but then this special unit is called on us and I assume they're bad because we freak out and start running for the exit, but some of the unit like four of them dressed in black are trying to block off the door while the rest of the unit are chasing from behind about 30 yards away. We fight the people at the door and it's hard to get passes them but this girl helps us from the outside (looks exactly like the girl from kickass, purple hair and purple outfit and everything, except she can fly like me), she get the door open for us and we run out into the parking lot and for some reason now it's night out. She tells us to follow her, she runs between cars and two of my friends follow her as I go around but keep up, it seems we lost one of our own, but we keep running and the girl stops at a black small pick up truck,she motions us to get into the bed of the truck so I jump and lay down in the bed of the truck trying to hide, but the unit is to close behind to not have seen me, the other two get caught and are trying to fight them off of themselves, and the girl tries to help, but I freak out and accidentally make the whole truck fly with me, so I use the truck to make the unit back up by slamming the truck up and down almost on them, so the girl and the two buys jump into the truck bed and I try to make the truck levitate out of there, but then suddenly me and the two boys black out, and awaken in some place, like a rundown pediatrician office, I turn my head and see my two friends knocked out on a table, and to my surprise the girl knocked out by them, I know that she could've gotten away, but I guess she purposely got caught so she could help break us out of this. Then my friends and the girl drowzily wake up too, and I get up and walk over to the door and try to open it, but this woman comes out of this hallway to the right, and with questionalbe concern tells me she didn't want it to come to this and that althouh she is with the unit, she wants to "help" us, but I run back to the table where my friends are at and try to urge them alert so we could climb out the window or something, the woman gets angered at this and runs over to us and she gives them shots that make them sedated. Then she sets her sights on me and I run around the room begging her not to, but then I feel the needle go into my neck and it clicks (literally felt pain) but I keep running even though now sloppily, then I feel it again and hear another click, I felt the pain in my left forearm, then she places me on the table with the others and she gives us this evil look. then she leaves the room. I dowze out for what seems a few seconds but mustv'e been longer because when I awaken I see the girl standing next to me and my friends behind her, they tell me to get up because we're going to escape, so I get up and follow them, the girl quietly opens the only door in the room, but that woman is sitting at a desk just outside the door and she saw us, so the girl slams the door shut and we run back towards the tables and the girls and my friend pull up this poster and there are these hematite blinds, and they pull them up and start to jump through one by one, and the girl tells me I'm next so I jump through to the other side, then I help the girl through and she puts the blinds back down, and we wait and wonder if the evil woman will know where we went, of she knew and we see her trying to get through the blinds into the small dark room we were in, so I look to the left and see a window and I run to it, and open it, I tell the girl to go first, so she does, and next me and then mty friends, there is only about and inch of wall design that we are able to walk on but we hurredly climb around the building, and then I hear the evil woman at the window we exited screaming for us to return or else. But we keep going and I decide it's time for us to fly, but only me and the girl can fly, my friends have different super power that I don't even know. So we both have one of them to grab on to us as we fly, but the edge we were on crumble and we all fell and had to hand on wires by our hands...sadly then I wake up

      (I think the benadryl one day after still had an effect on my dreams, this was ridiculously long, vivid, and story like...which is a possible symptom from taking benadryl.)

      (While running through the parking lot a became slightly lucid, as I was thinking how good it was I was keeping up with running when usually in my dreams I run so slow.)
    3. update

      by , 03-30-2013 at 12:10 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm trying to heal this abscess I have, but now I'm not in the mood for anything. Haven't even written in my dream journal :/ I hope I can get back in the swing of things when this goes away.
      side notes