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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 8/9/13 - egyption shit going down

      by , 08-09-2013 at 08:28 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I am walking with my sister at night in this populated area, the ground is red brick and theres a large clearing of this surrounded by restaurants, a water fountain and shops. Suddenly something sucks me into the air, and I am put gently on this thing on the side of a building just in front of where we were walking, it's a sarcophagus of some sort. I realize that my clothes have been changed, I'm wearing egyption shit. I also find significance that the sarcophagus is rubbery feeling at top which I feel means it will be opened soon or used soon and this frightens me so I try to walk on it as carefully as possible, I walk forward and lean over the edge and yell for my sister. She yells to me what had happened? I tell her I don't know and that I will try to get down, but then suddenly my sister screams and points at this thing that appeared just above and in front of me. It is what appears to be a flying man with this black head piece over his head, looks like a falcon head almost. I freak out and try to back up on the thing but he comes at me and I don't know how to explain it I knew he was going to get me so I jumped off the edge knowing he wouldn't let me splat, but I just wanted to say goodbye to my sister for the last time. It's like I knew and then I floated into the air and then the guy carried me off way into the air and then back on top that thing I was on but it has changed a little bit, it is longer and more people are on it dressed like egyptions, we are lined up at the edge performing some sort of ritual, Then I suddenly seem to snap out of this trance and realize I don't want this fait, so I run to the edge of this sensitive structure and grab onto it and everybody slides to where I made it collapse a little, most of them get angry with me and tell me to stop now, but some of the girls have broken out of the spell from this and we line up again and we do it again but its more effective because more people and the thing begins to collapse, the falcon guy becomes enraged, and all the girls and I are awake and we run up the collapsing thing and make it to the solid roof of a building and then the thing crashes to the ground. Then the guy flies after us, and we race over top buildings and I run fast then leap as far as I can to the next building, it seems some of us don't make it and we turn on each other trying to make it, but some of us are pulling for each other. I make it to the last building then climb down and hide in all this tall green plants and bushes and trees.
    2. 8/4/13 - trying to lucid

      by , 08-04-2013 at 09:17 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm running after people while people are running after me, I have trouble running, like I can't run fast enough, so I put my arms in instead of out confused as to why my arms were out in the first place, then I become aware and realize I am only running poorly because I am in a dream, and that I should be able to control my running now that I am conscious, so I try and suddenly I begin to speed up with swifter strides that are more deliberate and I begin to pass people, but then suddenly I am in my body (false awakening bit) and try to get back to sleep to continue lucid dreaming, but then my body get extremely itchy allover, so I give in and scratch, and then I do weird thing in my bed such as curling up so bad that my head is now on the other side of my bed but it seems so comfortable, and I get so frustrated that I can't reenter a dream and everything is distracting me, like suddenly my mom is standing at my window trying to look at me and I scream at her "what!" then she walks away, so I try again but realize I far to awake now, but then I fall into more dreams.
    3. 7/30/13 - human pieces boardgame or something

      by , 07-30-2013 at 06:13 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and these other DC's are in waiting in this elevated hallway, there's large long windows running down each wall and you can see outside through them and it looks like winter is coming. Then some weird creature looking thing runs from out of nowhere towards us and says it begins now. So I want to get the edge on the competition so I just run towards where the thing came from not knowing what to do. There is a door ahead a little off to the left of the wall, and there is two doors on the ground one behind the other, the other DC's come to the conclusion that one must choose the correct door to proceed, but I know that we have to go open each door and collect and recall things, so I open the first door on the floor, and something comes out, it looks like some creature man, I memorize it, and open the next door as some of the DC's go into the previous door and presumably get stuck. I know it's the vertical door we must go into, so I run to it and enter. The me and about 5 other DC's are in this candy land looking place, and my sister is here too. We find clue written on random things telling us to find things like a scavenger hunt, me and my sister decide to work together, we go into this really small house and read a clue that we need to find a blue dragon wrapped in cellophane, I can't find it but my sister pulls it from the floor, it must've been under the table. So we get out of the really small house and keep searching for stuff on the list, the next things we need to find are all the little action figures, it says that we must search the neighbor play houses of the main character, so we run to the other play houses, and we see the other DC's searching for stuff, this kid we don't like keeps trying to race passed us and get the objects we are searching at the moment so I get physical with him and push him into vacuum and computer boxes and we get ahead and get the the houses, but some one else got the action figures, so we look for something else but everything is found, then we are all called to the front of this place by this creature guy and he determines who has found the most items. I realize it seems I hardly found anything and I notice that one of the people found a red dragon wrapped in cellophane instead of a blue one and they don't even know it's not correct. But luckily my sister won it for us. there was no prize really but I think we will be the only ones let out of this place.
    4. Lucid this week

      by , 05-16-2013 at 02:23 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      (WILD)I entered the lucid dream when I could see through my eyelids, I instantly jumped out of my bed, I opened my curtains and marveled at how wrong my mind recreated my window, its all skinny now but in waking life it is big. Suddenly I shoot back into my body and my sister is shaking me try to wake me up but I can't move but I mumble to her that I'm just paralyzed for a bit and to hold on, but then I think how could she have gotten into my room when it was locked, so I shoot back into lucid and get up and she is gone, I walk out of my door and run through the kitchen and go outside, I don't know why i didn't try to change scenes, i just know that I was intrigued at how well it all looked yet things were different. I saw my neighbors through the window and they looked different (damn woke up because certain people insist upon stomping around the house with all the force they can muster up)
    5. 4/10/13 - Very frustrating LD (trying to lucid while lucid thinking I wasn't lucid)

      by , 04-10-2013 at 11:36 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      So I decided I was going to try a WILD, I got on my back on my bed and just started to do what I usually do before I fall asleep, which is day dream. (I'm guessing at some point around here I fell asleep), I guess I stayed lucid, but I didn't even know I entered a dream so I just kept trying to lucid. I remember during this that every time I closed my eyes I could still see my room and everywhere I looked through my eye lids. I also noticed my blanket wasn't on my body, and I contemplated putting it on me but I didn't want to ruin my efforts so I just though oh whatever. Finally something began to happen as I lay there, my body had these massive waves of vibration that would start from my feet and go all the way up my body, and i heard the vibration and each time this happened I tried to enter a dream by imagining places people or situations, and it would begin to work, I would almost enter a lucid dream within my lucid dream, but then the waves of vibration would end to soon for me to fully like transcend into one so I tried and tried through about 20 vibration waves. After what seemed like about an hour of this I woke up confused because I thought I was already awake, but in this awake my blanket was covering my body so I then realized I was freaking lucid dreaming and I wasted my l;lucid dream trying to lucid dream. It was so real.