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    Journeys through Spacetime


    by , 07-16-2017 at 12:58 AM (671 Views)
    I descend to Atlantis with a dolphin' assistance.
    In the air bubble, I land in a strip shopping center next to a road. The shops are all a hospital or doctor center. Thousands of people dressed on blue are swarming in and out, and I feel terrified. I run to the left and right, only to be confronted by more. I did not feel like a medical check up, so I retreat to a Juice Bar.
    There is a large queue and I am unsure what to order.

    There are large posters hanging from the ceiling, but these are constantly changing. A few posters are chocolate flavored ice, and a sweet drink with pink icing in the shape of a classical rose.
    It is called the 'Pink Hispanian'
    However, the price tag on it is large. (why am I thinking about finances when I am lucid dreaming?!)
    I notice on the wall someone has taped some of their composed cello studies. One is labeled 'What I thought they looked like'
    Another was labeled 'What they do'
    The main difference is that the latter study had eight lines of music, not one!
    Eventually, I must choose something to eat or drink. I cannot find the menu, but the lady at the counter hands me one. Included on the list is 'Watermelon Chips'. Everything is overpriced. She asks me who is going to the hospital. I lie and say my 'wife' is taking the dog in.
    However, this is where everything got more nightmarish. I couldn't find my credit card!
    I could only find several public transport cards and an Atlantis card, which I didn't know what to do with.
    It was blue with numbers on some sort of scale.
    Finally! I find several blue 50 cent coins. They have special patterns and I am reluctant to sell them.
    They each have written on them in capital letters:
    Butterfly Boutique
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