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    Cuphead / Car problems / Group outing / Tony's new tablet

    by , 01-08-2018 at 04:23 PM (242 Views)
    I'm watching *[pu]my daughter[/pu] play Cuphead. I've never played it myself, but I've watched a couple of playthroughs on Youtube, so I'm surprised to see that she's fighting a boss I've never seen. My wife walks in with a round, grilled, open-faced sandwich. It looks kind of strange, but it also looks really tasty.

    Car problems
    I'm in the driver's seat of my gray van, in a wooded place. The car is stopped, and I know it's died. Now I'm in a bright white reception area talking to an older woman behind a desk, going through the process of borrowing something to get my car back up and running. Now I'm in the same reception area, but the woman is sitting at another desk and working at a computer desk with her back to me. I notice a stack of board games on the her desk, and I'd love to ask her about them since I'm not familiar with any of them and I love new board games. I'm in the middle of talking to a younger man about my borrowed tools. He praises me for being so on-time with my payments. I think this is kind of odd - don't most people pay on time? - but I let it drop. Now we're talking about the actual car problems and how the tools were used. He keeps asking me questions, but he gets impatient when I try to give him the background so he can understand my story.

    Group outing
    I'm in a large room with a group of people. We're all getting our coats and gloves on, getting ready to go outside. Now we're all dressed. As we're heading out, I notice a urinal by the door. I realize it would be nice to relieve myself, but there's no way I'm going to do it here. Now we're outside walking through a wooded area. I help someone do something with some rope that's fallen off of something.

    Tony's new tablet
    I'm watching some kind of meeting. Lots of people are croweded into a room looking at a couple of people up front. One of the men up front gives a cheap knock-off tablet to the other man - Tony Stark (I know it's him, even though it doesn't look anything like him). It's a gag gift, so everyone laughs, and Tony handles it well. The man gives Tony the manual, making sure to point out the Grafiti reference on the back of the manual, and everyone laughs again.

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