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    Sulfuric Hydrochloric Gas

    by , 01-13-2011 at 04:57 PM (774 Views)
    My dreams were long and vivid and I spent awhile in hypnagogia, flying down suburban streets with old dilapidated houses. But my dream recall upon waking lately has been awful for some reason, even though I spend time recalling my dreams just after having them to insure better recall upon waking. For some reason I keep forgetting anyway.

    The first dream I really remember involved a classroom situation. We were in lab, but it was several times larger than a normal lab. Somehow I managed to break some glassware and a piece of glass got lodged in the cuticle of my right hand. I remember walking around the classroom with my middle finger covered in blood, and for some reason I wasn't doing anything about it. I remember using tweezers to extract the glass chunks from the nail bed, and after wards there were chunks missing from my finger. It was actually rather gruesome and I remember thinking how unfortunate it was that I was going to have this ugly damaged finger forever.

    I went over to a sink to rinse off the blood and when I turned the faucet instead of water this thick yellow vapor sprayed out into the room. It was a caustic, noxious gas...and I remember thinking something in my head about sulfuric chloride gas, although I was obviously getting mixed up between sulfuric and hydrochloric acid. Anyways, this gas set off some sort of alarm and caused everyone's faucets to start emitting this same gas like some kind of chain reaction. People were dropping and like flies and the professor was trying to evacuate everyone. I just remember feeling really stupid because I had caused it to happen, but I was just trying to escape the gas as well which I could feel burning my eyes and lungs.

    The dream sort of transitioned into this other dream involving, once again, the guy from Ink for some reason. Except in this dream he was actually my cousin's ex husband. Thinking about it now, I can sort of see the similarity between the two and can understand how my mind might have connected them. In the dream he was this important executive running some advertising company, and he had asked for my help in doing some design work for him. I remember hearing his voice, just like the guy from the movie, and it was so calm and soothing...and somehow also seductive. There was a lot going on in this dream, but it gets pretty mixed up. My cousin and sister were there at some point. At another point me and him were in my old dorm room having sex and I remember feeling guilty because somehow in the dream he was still married to my cousin. Even though he told me they were divorced. Anyways...typical weird dream. Wish I could recall better.

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