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    Jumbled mess

    by , 02-02-2014 at 02:25 PM (412 Views)
    Mind has been a real distraction the last few days...

    Its as if components from my life, people, places, and things were all thrown into a blender and spewed out in the dreamscape at random . Its like the dream was set in a huge square two story building with a basement. The structure was stone and masonry, and it was built in the shape of a square with the center of it an open courtyard or similar. Basically 4 long hallways connecting at the corners.

    I seem to start in northeast corner facing and heading south from an outdoor setting then into the basement of the South east corner turning west. Its a super dark dream, dark as if set in a horror movie of sort.s I seem to be walking a balance beam of sorts heading west, but walking backwards. There are dream characters representing all sorts of people. My father is to the south telling me how things should be, and what I should be doing with my life according to him. On the north side there are lots of people, dead and gone, one of his friends. A former president comes and meets these people and honors them in some way unexpectedly. Its really strange.
    Then its like everything shifts to being up on the next level starting over again in the northeast corner heading south. The only thing I remember is 20 years of tensions with my wife coming to a head in some way(this is true and is happening right now)and there is in the midst of this Queen
    Elizabeth and some sort of thing going on requiring attention by a number of persons in the dream including myself. Seems to be a set of bright white jewelry for a man and a woman. A matched set. The idea arises that I and my wife need to wear these to whatever event is coming up. But I have no idea how that is going to be given the situation with her and I. The jewelry has different shapes, one is a cross with a loop in the top, very soft lined and elegant, graceful in every what, white with gold and silver etching. Diamonds wrapping around it. There are other pieces, but that one is the one that stands out.
    The Queen is staying in the shadows , as if intentionally trying not to be noticed in any of this going on. Its as if we all who are involved are supposed to know about her, but not mention her or make light of her. This part ends unresolved..

    Then everything shifts to going south to the southwest corner of the upper floor and heading west down a long empty corridor. to some sort of commotion in the southwest corner. Seems there are monsterous sorts of persons there waiting to get us. We weave through them in a hurry and run down the next corridor going north. In the northwest corner there seems to be 3 dead maidservants, their ghosts, coming out a door and heading east down the back corridor. I seem to be alone now and follow them around the corner. When I get there they are now gone. Dream seems to end here

    There was way more content to this at different places, but what I wrote is all that remains with me this morning.

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