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    Old folks

    by , 01-31-2014 at 02:08 PM (310 Views)
    Started out on a morning facing north, on country roads. Seemed as if it was going to be a bright clear day as the sun was coming to the eastern horizon. Roads and area was where I grew up and lived in my youth. Was going east and ended up visiting my maternal grandparents , long deceased. Was there a while and then moved along west picking up my paternal grandmother and taking here to eat somewhere, red lobster I think.
    Moved along west some more down a hill and to the north. seemed as if I just dropped my grandmother off somewhere. Came to a fence along a road that was running east and west. Parked in front of the fence in a grassy field. To the west and north across the road were three girls laying out in their bikini's sunning themselves and talking. I thought they were pretty good looking, but seemed distracted from that with other matters on my mind.
    I looked to the east and up a short hill next to my truck was a trailer house. On the north end of the trailer house was a older black woman standing their smiling at me. She said(with sound and words, which is not normal for my dreams) something like " wouldn't be a man if' n ya didn't take notice of that and give it some thought" as she gazed over at the 3 woman. I replied something like " true, but I'm almost 25 years married". She responded with something I either didn't hear or don't remember, to which I said something like " probably going to be divorce soon anyhow" . She said something and I said I'd like to come over and talk a bit and spend some time with her. She smiled as if eager to have me for company. As we walked towards the back of her yard the dream ended . I woke up a bit disappointed I didn't get to talk..

    She was another woman who in my dream had distinct presence that I was aware of and a certain rich warmth and love. The 3 women across the road, while looking great and sexy, were empty of such feeling...illusions in a way

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