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    1. Watching Shadows (LD) 2. Lightning Burst (LD)

    by , 11-04-2023 at 02:31 PM (133 Views)
    1. Watching Shadows (LD)
    I continue to walk around the various rooms of the building which appears to be an office building. There's a green hue throughout the rooms, and I continue to explore. I begin to reflect on how the area looks like the location of a previous lucid...
    "This is a dream"
    I'm lucid and take stock of what's in the immediate area. I continue to notice the slight greenish gray hue over the scene as well as a co-worker sitting at the desk in front of me.
    "Hello dream An"
    I think about engaging logic. I reflect on what he has on his desk. I then look at the shadows, and how they're being cast off of the chairs and tables slightly to the left. I notice that the shadows are actually quite accurate.
    The lucidity fades.

    2. Lightning Burst (LD)
    I'm standing in front of the dining room table in the main house in Meadow. I begin to think about spotting the difference. It's pretty dim and I notice that the dining table is turned ninety degrees and has two large brown candles on it. I find it a bit strange. I become lucid and realize the dream is still continuing to form. I move slowly, repeating "I'm dreaming" quite a few times. I make a left and head down the hallways into the kitchen area. I decide to grab some chocolate in order to stabilize more. I figure I'll look in the cabinet to the left, and quickly find a bar, yet two thirds of it is eaten. I search for more and find one full one with many thick bulging sections along with a smaller square one. I decide to start exploring and look toward the family room area. I remember back to my meditation session in a past lucid and consider doing that. I take a few steps forward, continuing to think about where I want to explore, remaining in awe of the lucid feel and the environment in general. Suddenly, there's a massive burst of white light along with a loud thunderclap, seemingly coming from the left by the far window. The visuals soon go to void and I reflect on how I don't want to lose the dream. I take a bite of the chocolate bar and it's like in real life! I clearly taste the chocolate and apparently caramel that was in the center of the thick areas. I begin to feel myself waking up.

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