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    1. Plant (LD) 2. Office (LD)

    by , 01-14-2024 at 03:35 PM (138 Views)
    Winter Competition 2024 - Night 7
    1. Plant (LD)
    I walk farther into the room and see many lounge seats spread throughout the meeting room. The dream begins to fade a bit and I'm become lucid. I walk up to a large plant in a gray container on the near side of the room and set my mind to stabilization. I begin rubbing the container and grab it. I continue engaging tactile sense, encouraging the dream to rematerialize. The room comes back into view. I consider nose pinching for stabilization, but don't really feel like it. I walk forward and begin losing lucidity as I turn toward the mirror to my left.

    2. Office (LD)
    I'm facing a glass door.
    "I'm lucid in this place". I'm lucid.
    I phase through the wooden door with glass on the top and enter a small reception area with two secretaries working. I immediately begin thinking about earning some points. Invisibility comes to mind. I go invisible and then head to test it out. I walk by the first desk and they seem oblivious. I feel that one may be looking in my direction after a moment. To test further, I walk up to her desk, take her tumbler and walk away. She remains oblivious and turns toward her work. I enter the next office area and see a heavy set man in a brown suit sitting in the area beyond. I see a collection of stuffed animals of various colors in a bin to my right and go for telekinesis. None of the items move. I explore a bit further into the office area, heading down a hallway. I jog my memory for dream goals and other ways that I can earn points. I think of flying and rise up, gliding down the hallway. I consider teleportation, but I don't want to risk destabilizing the dream too early on. I think of other dreamers and how long some of them spend in lucid dreams. I think about alternating night and day as well, then turn my attention back to points. I want the dream to be a bit more clear. I shout to the dream: "This is going to last an hour", willing the dream to continue. I see a man working at a desk in a cubicle in an area just ahead. I cast invulnerability, yet I'm not sure if I'll have a way to test if it's in effect. I decide to interact a bit. I rush up, super punch him under the jaw, and launch him into the area beyond. I feel a bit bad about how rough I was with the DC as I usually don't do that outside of competition. I decide to score some points with healing. I stick my hands out and see golden healing light go in the direction of the DC. I imagine him healed and getting up, going back to his desk. I see a wisp of a figure head back to the desk, then disappear, although it's not very clear. I continue heading down the hallway thinking about other dream control. I decide that I can find some thing to eat. I walk a bit further, then wake up.

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