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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Flight In The Lot (LD) 2. Crescent Moon In Meadow (LD) 3. La Bomba (LD)

      by , 04-01-2024 at 09:19 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition - Night 3

      1. Flight In The Lot (LD)
      I continue to walk through street on the edge of the parking lot at night. I begin to fly up, feeling weightless. My awareness stirs. Iím asleepÖthisÖa lucid dreamÖIím lucid. I see a group of people looking up from below and I swoop down. I land in front of a couple of people, taking in how vivid their appearance is. I begin reflecting on states of consciousness, how Iím aware as Iím asleep and how it may be possible to transition to awareness in deep dreamless sleep. I walk up to the couple, and smile at them.
      ďHey guysĒ.
      They smile back. We walk in tandem, as a group for a short bit, then I turn to float away. Iím suddenly laying down in a dark room. I look at my hands at see that theyíre essentially wisps of black smoke as I raise them. I wake up.

      2. Crescent Moon In Meadow (LD)
      I become aware as Iím standing in a square room in a somewhat hazy scene. I walk out into the hallway and realize Iím on the second story of the main house in Meadow. I head down, then float over the balcony. I need to get in a teleport. I make my way into the kitchen. Iíve been starting a lot of lucids lately getting chocolate - maybe I should start by doing something elseÖwhatever Iím here; I may as well. I open the door to the fridge, looking for a drink. Very bright, white light spills out - itís nearly blinding. I decide to just shut the door and look somewhere else. I look in the cabinet to the left right of the fridge and quickly find a Lindt chocolate bar. I head to the lounge room as I take a bite and the flavor is awesome. I see the computer and think of using technology. I find the power button, hit it, see the light go on in the corner of my eye and hear they faint sound of it starting. I donít really really feel like waiting to actually go on it - whatever. I walk away and head to the sliding glass door. I decide to try to phase through the wall to the left first, yet my vision goes black and I donít seem to be popping out into the yard. I reverse, re-enter the lounge room, and slowly phase my whole body through the glass, taking in the visuals of the transition. Once outside, I feel that the dream isnít as clear and stable as I would like it to be. I simply sit down on the concrete step and begin breathing slowly, sticking my right arm out in front of me. I ground for a short bit and a bit of stability and clarity returns. I rise up and begin to fly along the side of the house considering telekinesis. I ignore it and set my mind to teleportation. The side of the house appears to have a strange blue hue to it. I look to my right and see a deep blue night sky with a large, bright crescent moon looming high above in the sky. I notice that the image of the moon is reflecting of the bluish side of the house. I fly upward along the side of the housing, preparing to phase into the wall to teleport. I wake up.

      3. La Bomba (LD)
      Iím aware as a hazy scene of a room begins to form. Time to teleport. I feel a sense of urgency to complete the goal as well as to stabilize. I float ahead into the wall in front of me immediately, and my vision goes dark. I feel itís not a good spot to teleport from, so I back out, returning to the room. I try to phase into the floor below me to teleport yet meet some resistance. I turn to my left, phase right into the wall, and the dream goes to void. I begin holding my awareness. I stay in the void for a while and wonder how long itís going to take. I imagine tossing the dream talisman to encourage the next scene. I reach to my right and find it quickly. I decide not to toss it, and simply rub it between my index and thumb, feeling the grooves, intending to stabilize. I begin to visualize Haven Peaks and repeat ďHavenĒ a few times. I imagine lightning over the peaks in the night sky. I suddenly appear in a slightly dim room of house which I donít recognize. The scene is fairly hazy, so I immediately drop down and begin rubbing the floor in circles with my hands and legs. The scene becomes more stable and I look around, noticing a low bed in the center of the room as well as a dresser to the right with what appears to be a Himalayan lamp on top. Hmm Iíll turn he light onÖpossibly that will count as using tech. reach down to the cord behind the lamp, find the switch, and flick it on. I feel an actual shock run through my hand and arm and Iím surprised by the feeling of voltage running through. It actually stings a bit. I see the light flicker for a moment as if short circuiting. I turn from the lamp and phase straight through the window which has white shutter in front. I enter to an outdoor area with a large building across and a picnic area directly in front of me. Several young kids seem to be hanging out in lounge chairs in the area to my left. One appears to be taking a nap. I fly over to them, looking around, yet donít find anything interesting. I donít recognize any. I fly back to the center area and notice picnic tables to my left along with an AC unit to my right next to a large stone stairway leading up to the structure I came from. Iíll use some super strength! I look at the circular table in front of me. I could probably lift that in real lifeÖthat wouldnít count. I look at the AC unit, then focus on the giant stone staircase. Perfect. I grab either side with my hand, tear it from the ground and chuck it high into the building to my left. I should find something to eat. I turn to my left and see red and white candies on the table with a boy sitting behind. I head over and notice two trays of sweets: one with brownies and one with small, square strawberry cakes. I grab the plate of brownies. I should interact too. I turn to the young kid.
      ďThank you!Ē I say with a smile.
      I take a bite of a brownie and they taste awesome! I feel super happy and silly as I grab the plate of brownies, flying upward toward the nearby building as I continue to munch.
      The song La Bomba begins to play as I fly toward the nearby building and enter through an open door on the right. I should summon somethingÖ I look around the room and see several people in the back area sitting next to tables. I begin considering what to summon. I wake up.

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