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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Syrano Shifting (LD) 2. Meadow Tree (LD)

      by , 03-30-2024 at 01:47 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition - Night 1

      1. Syrano Shifting (LD)
      I walk toward the doorway leading to the central area of the main house in Syrano. It's quite dim. Something doesn't seem right... I'm lucid. Sweet! Competition time - I'll start my three step. I go to fly, yet feel a strong gravitation force resisting. I walk forward a couple of steps, and lift right off. I fly to the right and phase through the sliding glass door, heading out onto the lanai. I turn to phase into the wall to my right, phase fully inside and my vision goes black. I don't want to teleport yet, so I phase back onto the lanai. I figure I should head into an area with a bit more room to transform and and simply fly up through the ceiling and end up in an upper area with metal beams constituting a walkway of sorts. I consider what to transform into and decide on a mouse. I shrink down and begin running across one of the metal beams, feeling my front legs in front of me. As I skitter across, I hear a small mouse shriek. I decide to revert to humanoid form, and notice how my vision raises up many feet as my dream body enlarges. I fly forward to the end of the area with the beams and enter a sprawling indoor mall area. There is a row of trees to my right, and the trees become progressively larger the closer they are to the escalator in the distance. I see several shops in the far distance, similar to ones I've seen before in Syrano mall area. Time for some super strength. I fly forward and go to rip out the first tree, yet decide that it's too small. I head a bit farther, yet notice leaves that look like poison ivy on the trunk of the next tree. I hear the dream warning me not to touch the leaves. l heed the warning, progressing down to the next tree, yet see more poisonous type leaves. I head one farther down, grab it and tear it out of the ground with ease. I then pick it up and chuck it at the massive trunk of an enormous tree on the edge of the walkway, overlooking the first floor below. It doesn't knock it over, however. I'll just tear that one out I go over to the enormous tree, bear hug it, and rip the entire thing out of the ground. The roots are exposed, facing me, and I shove the entire thing over the balcony. Alright, let's do some basic summoning and eating I turn toward the restaurant area and see what appears to be an ice-cream shop as well as some type of Italian restaurant just to the right with an illuminated sign. Several people are in the central walkway. I begin flying toward the ice-cream shop, yet wake up.

      2. Meadow Tree (LD)
      I'm aware as the kitchen in the main house in Meadow begins to appear. I see the counter in front of me as well as mom. Time to engage to stabilize this. I rush forward, pass mom, and head into the corner cabinet to grab a bar of chocolate. I find a plastic baggy with a small bar inside and begin eating it. The dream is still a bit hazy. I fly toward the front of the house and phase through the front doors. I'm standing in the front of the house in the twilight hours, and begin to look up toward the sky. The dream begins to feel a bit more stable. I'll explore the back area a bit more actually. I'll basic summon some more chocolate and eat it as that was a bit hazy.. I phase back into the house, fly toward the kitchen once again, and look in the corner cabinet. I don't see any bars, so I look in the cabinet next to the fridge where I usually find bars. I quickly find a bar on the right side in a plastic bag. I grab it, open it and begin eating yet, yet it has a bit of a cheesy flavor. I float up and phase through the window above the sink, heading into the backyard. I figure I can just imagine the flavor becoming a bit more chocolatey and it does slightly. I see a tree in the corner of the yard and a large terrace where the neighboring house is. I wonder how it got constructed recently. I move forward a bit and decide to ground. I stick my right hand out, slow down, and take three, slow deep breaths. I see a silver ring on my right hand as usual. I go to use mass telekinesis on a large clock structure on the top of the terrace, yet it doesn't budge. I turn toward a neighboring terrace, setting to use mass TK once again, yet the massive structure don't budge to my surprise. I turn toward a tree to my right, rip the tree out of the ground and chuck it roughly thirty meters to my left, launching it over a terrace. I turn to the right and see a large structure in the distance. I decide to start flying toward it, then consider super speed, yet the dream becomes dark quickly. I don't want to risk speeding into darkness and destabilizing. I figure I'll head toward some light, yet as I turn I notice that the other part of the yard is dark as well. I figure I'll just phase into the wall and teleport to Haven. I phase fully into the wall and begin imagining Haven Peaks. I begin to wake up.

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