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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. Haven Mountain Fortress (LD)

      by , 04-14-2024 at 02:12 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I'm looking at a counter top with some items and suddenly become aware I'm dreaming. I continue to walk forward, engaging the dream, and the stability increases. I soon realize I'm in Meadow main house and I see the railing on the second story walkway. I feel a sense of confidence with control as I fly over the rail, and through the second story window on the top of the receiving area. After phasing, I descend in the night, turn and decide to do some control. I want to teleport to Haven. I basic summon the gravity bracelet by raising my right arm and create a circular motion to create a gravity portal. I black spot appears on the front bricks of the house. I expand it and a warbling effect appears in the brick as the portal grows. I fly upward, phase through, and enter void. I imagine myself moving through a cave in Haven Mountain. I soon find myself in a valley of Haven Mountain with massive screens of black mists at the outskirts. I want to make my way into the cave at the peaks. A long structure sits at the base of the mountain, with a metallic exterior along with gold and red coloring. It appears to be some type of fortress. I consider flying through the mist above and raise rapidly. I realize I may destabilize the dream by flying into darkness, so I quickly descend and fly toward the middle area of the main section of the fortress. I gradually approach, then turn toward the far end and fly in that direction. I approach a singular concave wall and notice an open doorway. I make my way through and enter a rectangular room with sparse decor. I simple bed with light cream sheets sits on the far end and an elderly Japanese man with a gray beard is standing in front. He seems quite kind and looks at me.
      "Do you know how to get to Haven Peaks from here?"
      He looks at me.
      "We have to go through the Ratt Room".
      He then hands me a keychain with several sets of keys attached. I wonder if I'll be bale to make these keys persistent.
      We walk together toward the outside area and curve around toward the side of the structure. There are many chairs set up around small, circular tables. I go to use telekinesis on some of the chairs, yet they don't move. I soon turn from the area and continue to move into a back area with the man. We approach a back section that's a bit dim.

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    2. The Glowing Building (LD)

      by , 04-13-2024 at 03:52 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      The Glowing Building (LD)
      I知 meditating by a window and my eyes open. I wonder when I値l get lucid again. I stand and head toward the opposite end of a room, which appears to be part of an apartment. I begin to sense that I知 moving through a dream I知 lucid. I turn back around and head toward the edge of the room with the large glass window. I feel a sense of excitement as I head toward the window and I'm interested in exploring toward the glowing building in the far distance.. I head back over to the window and set my sights on the building, glowing orange in the dark of night, some forty stories below. I phase through the large glass window and begin flying out toward it. It's pretty far away. I don't want to risk destabilizing the dream. I should fly to it really quickly. I get ready to zoom toward the building. I focus solely on the image and imagine myself zooming toward it rapidly as it simultaneously rushes toward me. I approach it at rapid speeds and I'm suddenly right in front of it. I float down slowly as I approach the entrance. I wake up.
    3. Piano Telekinesis (LD)

      by , 04-12-2024 at 09:58 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition 2024 - Night 14

      I知 in the backseat of a car, leaning over the center console. I wonder when I値l get lucid again...this is a dream! I see a bunch of lights illuminated on the center of the dashboard. I may as well use some electronics. I lean forward, hit a few buttons, and see lights glow. Nothing directly happens. I should interact with these guys. I place my hand on the driver痴 shoulder.
      滴ow痴 it going man!
      He doesn稚 quite respond. I look up and notice that we seem to be heading out of a neighborhood in Meadow. I decide to just fly out of the car. I phase through the door to my right and fly upward. The car continues on it痴 way down the road in a wooded area that looks like the entrance to a development in Meadow. I fly upward and decide to ground. I look at my right and breathe slowly as I float slowly forward. I see the car turn around and head back toward me quickly, passing me and heading into the development. I stick my arm out and go for hook shot. I hear the chains clanking and I知 pulled rapidly and directly toward the front of the car. Sweet! I disconnect as we reach one of the first houses at the entryway. As I walk, I tune closely into gravity, studying the sensations. I notice that the sense of gravity is quite heavy as I walk. I begin thinking about dream goals. I notice a large building diagonal and across the street and another immediately to my right. I head toward the one on the right and notice a massive glass wall, raising two stories tall with a piano player seated to the right in a massive, white room. I phase through the glass and see the male piano player in a tuxedo at a black grand piano and another half-grand piano in front of that one. I値l get something to eat for the competition.
      泥o you have any chocolate? The piano player looks at me, yet doesn稚 respond. I begin digging in a large plastic container at the base of the half-grand piano, I expect to find a bag of chocolate underneath some of the contents. I don稚 find any at first, yet soon find a bag underneath. I take it out, expecting chocolate inside of aluminum foil. I quickly find it and begin eating as I walk back over to the piano player who痴 now eating a thin piece of dark chocolate. I turn to the half-grand piano. Time for mass TK. Look at it and notice it suddenly move to about three feet off the ground. I quickly raise it to the ceiling, then lower and raise it once again. I then use TK to throw the entire piano across the huge room, roughly twenty meters to the ride and it crashes into a massive grand piano without a sound, embedding itself into the top. I begin exploring down in that direction. I think more about dream control and consider time manipulation. I begin raising up my watch to go for it, then see some type of machine against the wall that looks like a gray ATM and decide to play around with advanced summoning instead. I go for portal, yet it doesn稚 work and follow it up with fireball which doesn稚 work. I revert to trying portal a couple times as I continue my way down the hall. I soon enter an area with shops on both sides that resembles a cross between a mall and the shop section of an airport. I see several teddy bears on a display in the center of the hall and try to both multiple then advanced banish, yet neither works. I continue to walk, taking in the sights, and checking out the shop entrances. I go to cast my dream catcher into a wall to make a portal, yet it doesn稚 appear. I see a a guy who appears to be a father with some kids and I pass the group. I begin to hear a song play and I enter into a large black room that appears to be a large restaurant area with a section for music playing. I wake up.

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    4. 1. Water (LD) 2. Dire Wolf Form (LD)

      by , 04-12-2024 at 12:23 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition 2024 - Night 13

      1. Water (LD)
      I’m in a dim room, drinking water from a red solo cup. This would be a few points in competition. My awareness raises – I’m lucid. I look at the drink in my hand and take a sip. It’s simply water. I put the cup down on the square counter and look around the dim room. I realize that the area looks somewhat like the kitchen in Meadow main house. I begin to think of dream control. I look around and see several items on a counter nearby, but don't want to do TK and I don't see anything nearby for super strength. I want to get out of the area and explore a bit more. I drop to the floor and begin rubbing to stabilize as the dream feels a bit fuzzy. I turn toward the sink to my right and head toward it. I go to fly, but gravity resists a few times, yanking me down. I finally fly toward the window and phase through it. I end up in the backyard, continuing flight. It's a bit dark, so I figure I'll just phase back in and explore. I begin flying back to phase I wake up.

      2. Dire Wolf Form (LD)
      I’m in the kitchen in Syrano main house. It’s competition time…when will I get lucid again. I look around. I’m lucid.
      I look toward the counter and see a pile of food to the right. I’ll do some telekinesis. I begin focusing on the pile of dishes and food to the right, imagining it moving to the sink. I see a few items flicker, then suddenly see them in the sink, with water running over them. Let’s see if I can move them do the drying board. I focus on TK and soon see a few items in the drying board. I see a pile of what appears to be bread loaves or croissants on the back counter. I go for a mass TK, waving my arms to move the entire stack. They don’t quite lift off. I decide to focus on exploring and other control. I drop to the floor and rub a bit to stabilize and rise back up quickly. I see a Himalayan lamp, but don’t bother with it as I realize it’s not an electronic device. I decide to go for levitation. Meditation. I sit in meditation posture and raise up a bit. At first, I bob up and down but finally get it to a steady levitation. I set my mind to zazen and maintain awareness steadily. I begin to float down the hallway in zazen. I hold awareness for a bit, and begin floating back down the hallway. I soon head toward the back sliding glass window which has the blind drawn. I phase through and notice what appears to be a long black walkway leading to a chasm. I run across it and finally jump over the chasm, going into flight. I fly to the other side and notice a dream plot beginning: three woman seem to antagonizing another, seemingly ready to start a fight. Time to transform. I begin to shrink down, think of quadrupeds and the thought of a rat crosses my mind. I’ll do wolf form. I rapidly transform into a wolf as I run forward. I feel front legs come out in front of me as I run and a feral energy runs though me. I charge toward one of the attackers and slash down with my paws. I turn to the one on the left and do the same. I approach the center one and tell her to leave the area. She begins speaking back to me and drop to the floor and I step on top of her. Enough of this plot…I’m going to explore. I revert to humanoid form and head into the large building ahead. I soon find myself in the central area of what appears to be a Syrano mall. I look around the area which has several different stores and white walls around the area. I begin to wake up.

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    5. Floating Into The Dark (LD)

      by , 04-11-2024 at 12:13 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition 2024 - Night 12

      Floating Into The Dark (LD)
      I’m floating down a hallway with brown walls and a tile floor. When will I just get lucid already…oh…this is a dream! I’m lucid. I realize it’s competition time and I should do some control. The dream begins to dim quickly. I begin to fly upward and the scene becomes very dark. Soon, it’s near pitch black and I go to phase through a side wall. I head to the right, but lose visual of where the wall is and continue to head in that direction. I soon wake up.

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    6. 1. Throw (LD) 2. Time With Grandparents, Once Again (LD)

      by , 04-10-2024 at 12:52 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition 2024 - Night 11

      1. Throw (LD)
      I知 become aware as a new scene begins to form. I find myself in a house, standing in front of what appears to be a table with some items on it, including blue sunglasses.
      I begin thinking of dream control, yet move past the table as theirs nothing of interest. I see another table, rectangular and made of a dark wood, just beyond it. I could probably lift that in waking lifesuper strength won稚 count. I move beyond this are and see that the area ahead is essentially a kitchen with white d馗or, cabinets to the right and large appliances including a fridge to the left. I look to the cabinets and decide on summoning. I値l do something different maybe an energy bar. I open the cabinets above head, yet only find various glass containers behind two of the doors. I ignore this and decide to get a chocolate shake from the fridge. I open it and quickly find a glass container with a bit of a thick chocolate substance at the bottom. I go to drink it, yet it becomes thinner, tasting and feeling just like water. I look to the right at more of the contents and just notice two liter soda bottles. I close the door and go for super strength. I grip the top and bottom of the fridge with hands, lift it up, and chuck it at the opposing wall it simply phases through. I turn back around and notice another fridge took its place. I begin heading toward the wall to explore beyond. I wake up.

      2. Time With Grandparents, Once Again
      I知 walk to a urinal in a bathroom and suddenly become lucid. I turn around and notice a coworker standing by the sink as well supplies, including a pink and white striped bag, sitting in front of some blue stalls on the far end. I should interact. I walk up, place my hand on the coworkers shoulder.
      滴ey! How痴 it going?
      I need to get moving - I need to get to my three step now. I head toward one of the stalls, phase trough the wall next to it, and enter the void. I maintain my awareness in the void, yet have the feeling that I知 waking up; I feel as though I can feel my waking life legs. The sensation is probably a creation of the dream. I begin visualizing Haven Peak, repeating the name of the realm. I imagine snow. The sensation persists for a bit, then falls away. I begin getting the sensation of tumbling and go with it. I tumble several times in the void. I suddenly find myself standing next to a bed in a dim room, a pair of what appear to be rain boots in front of me. This looks like a room in Meadow main house. I walk forward and phase right through the window. I begin flying next to the house at night, thinking of where to explore. I notice my family gathered in the kitchen area as I peer through the glass windows on the edge of the room. My grandma is in view as well. I decide to phase in and I take a seat at the head of the table. I notice the my grandpa and mom are there as well. I知 curious what my grandma will say about my dream guide.
      濡randma, what痴 my dream guide痴 name
      Grandma: 溺althazar, or something like that
      展ho is my dream guide?
      Grandma: 鼎hildren are your dream guide, she says, as though I should already now.
      The experience of being right in front of my grandparents as though it痴 waking life hits me. I become emotional and begin crying a bit.
      的 just want you guys to know that I love you, I say as I hug my grandma. She hugs me back warmly.
      I walk around the table, head up to my grandpa. He's sitting in a button down shirt with his legs crosses. I walk up and give him a hug as well. He calmly and silently looks at me, smiling at me approvingly as I back up. I leave the room and head into the family room for more dream control. I head through the dining room to reach it, make a left and immediately decide to use super strength on the giant TV. I clamp top and bottom with my hands, hoist the massive TV which is about six feet tall and seven feet wide, and let it drop to the floor. I look around the room and decide to use electronics. I notice an old, tan phone and head over to it. I lift the handpiece, hit some buttons, seeing them light up, and feel that痴 enough. I phase through the door into the garage. It痴 essentially empty with dark brown walls. I decide to head out and explore the neighborhood. I head out onto the driveway into the daylight, and see a large house across the street. I find the place interesting. I hope this neighborhood will have some persistenceI wonder what I値l call itmaybe something close to the town nameColoa? I head farther down the driveway, curving to the right. I see a zombie type figure up in a tree, immobile It痴 creepy. I continue farther and see a mansion across the street directly in front of the house. I consider exploring there, but want to see the front of the house. I notice how new it looks and want to tell mom in waking life about it. I decide to enter through the front to understand how it connects. I approach and grandma opens the door with a smile. I greet her. I realize I should get back to dream control.
      的知 going to do some mass TK, check it out!
      I turn, facing the mansion once again and see several gargoyle type figures on the lower level. I go for mass TK and believe I see them flicker up and down a bit, but it痴 hard to tell as my vision is blurring.
      溺y vision is blurring a bit I say to grandma. 的値l take my eyes out:
      I take my eyes out, but it doesn稚 resolve. I rub them a bit.
      Grandma: 典hat痴 gross! Don稚 do that!.
      I walk forward a bit more and the dream blurs more. I turn to the left and begin rubbing the ground and persist for a bit. I wake up.
    7. 1. Midngith At M & P's (LD) 2. Transferring Lucidity (LD)

      by , 04-09-2024 at 01:43 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Midnight At M & P痴 (LD)
      I open a drawer in M & P痴 house. Why are our items here if mom and dad sold the house?...this is a dreamI知 lucid. I turn from the drawer and begin to head to the family room area. I see the wall on the side of the open doorway and phase through it. I enter into the room and head toward the couch area. There痴 a ethereal, blue shimmer throughout the scene. It feels as though it痴 midnight and moonlight is reflecting into the room. It痴 competition timeI値l shapeshift quick. I shrink down into a mouse, then become curious as to what my reflection looks like. I find a nearby cabinet and catch my reflection, which looks like me in humanoid form. I値l go for cat form. I revert to humanoid, then shrink down into cat form, feeling myself becoming a quadruped. I look once again at my reflection as I walk past the cabinet and notice the back portion of a gray cat with it痴 tail up. I begin walking to the sliding glass door and decide to explore outside a bit. I phase through and my vision becomes white fairly rapidly. I drop down and begin rubbing the ground. My vision goes fully white and I wait for a teleport. I sense Bran approaching and suddenly feel that he痴 poking my side repeatedly. I lose lucidity.

      2. Transferring Lucidity (LD)
      A character I sense as Harlequin is standing in front of me. I understand that If I pull hard enough on her arm, her dream control will stop and her lucidity will transfer to me. My hand releases after I pull hard on her arm. I知 lucid in a dim room. It痴 competition timetime to get moving. I begin to fly upward. I wake up.
    8. 1. Blizzard Journey (LD) 2. Syrano Water (LD)

      by , 04-06-2024 at 02:31 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Blizzard Journey (LD)
      I float through the windshield of the vehicle, then float to the side, hovering for a moment. I become lucid. I begin to fly upward and notice that the entire terrain is blanketed heavily with snow. It appears that I'm on a mountainside and the dream seems to begin pulling me up at an increasingly fast pace. I don't want to drift too far up.I begin to fly downward at a very high seed, the ground rapidly approaching as I zoom downward. I see ripples in the terrain where snow drifts have formed. I finally land on a snowy path an notice a male character walking near me - it appears to be getting quite dark out. He's quite tall and is wearing dark, heavy clothing.I should interact a bit.
      "How's it going?" I say as I pat him on the shoulder.
      I then snap my fingers and clasp my left fist in my right hand, and go invisible. The young man looks straight past me, then begins to reach out with his fingers several times, trying to find me, yet totally missing. I leave the snowy mountain path and begin to fly toward nearby buildings. I soon enter one and find myself in the center of what appears to be the main area of a house. Two young men are working in the center of a workstation, counter tops on all side, apparently running a small business of sorts. They're working at a rapid pace and I see a couple stacks of bills on the counter tops. I make my way toward one of the counters. I should basic summon something
      "Do you have any chocolate?"
      I ignore what the guys has to say and just expect it to be behind one of his plastic drawers situated to the left of the counter as I enter. I quickly find a zip-loc baggy with a bar inside. I walk out of the enclosed area and begin eating it out of the foil. It tastes great! I take a couple of bites and walk a bit farther into the room. I should do some more control... I consider using an electronic device and notice a coffee machine on a counter against the far wall. There's another appliance to the left of it, yet I ignore it for the time being. I walk over, to the coffee machine, hit a circular button and notice it light up. I hear the machine start and begin seeing a bit of coffee trickle down into the carafe. I turn from the area and notice that the dream doesn't feel quite as stable. I stop eating for a moment, and simply look around slowly, grounding my awareness. The dream becomes more vivid and my awareness stabilizes. I think of summoning Jerune to ride. I look on top of the counter and notice the dream talisman. I grab it and toss it onto the floor, yet Jerune doesn't appear immediately. I walk a bit farther into the next section of the first floor, yet the area is a bit more dim and I don't feel like exploring through the doorways there. I turn back around and head to the workstation area. I'll do some super strength I go to rip the entire counter from the floor, yet only the massive granite slab on top raises, separating from the main section. I then see a huge fridge on the far side of where the men are working. I extend my arms as far as I can, camp the top and bottom, and raise the entire thing over my head. I walk a few steps, then chuck the entire thing through the door seemingly to the entrance to the house. I should start my three step! I turn toward a door way on the edge of the room and walk toward it, quickly phasing through. Once through, I find myself in a dim room and quickly shrink down, turning into a mouse. I hear a couple squeaks as I walk forward on all fours. I turn back toward the door, wanting to return to the previous room. I see my reflection on a large glass panel and notice that I look like a fairly large white rat. I phase back through the door and end up in the previous area, yet it looks vacant, dark, and as though the walls are a dark brown now. I walk forward a bit, then wake up.

      2. Syrano Water (LD
      I'm in the kitchen of Syrano main house drinking water directly from a gallon jug. This seems...dreamlike...I should have just another couple of sips and then become lucid. I take another sip, my awareness raises, and I become lucid. I may as well have another sip to count as 'drinking something'. I take another sip, then put the gallon down. I'm in the kitchen, I may as well summon something to eat. I decide on chocolate and head toward the freezer, quickly opening the drawer. I push the upper drawer back in and search the lower. I could get ice-cream...I'll stick with chocolate. I reach down, pull out a zip-loc and quickly find a chocolate bar. I begin eating it as I walk toward the center of the first floor. I head toward the sliding glass door and begin thinking of dream control. I see a pair of flip flops by the door and think of TK, yet decide against it. I should use the Dark Woods Wand. I reach to pull it out, yet only see wisps appear. The dream feels a bit unstable, so I sit and begin to ground, taking a few slow, deep breaths. I open my eyes a bit wider as I finish. I wake up.

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    9. Floating Down Meadow Streets (LD)

      by , 04-06-2024 at 01:46 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I知 floating down a street in Meadow at night and my awareness sharply raises. I知 lucid. I notice a streetlight to my left, glowing and several large brick structures along the side of the street that look like massive mailboxes. The road curves slightly to the left as I progress down. I continue to fly down a bit and briefly think of dream control before reflecting on how I want to do some telekinesis again. I turn to the first brick structure and use TK to lift the entire thing from the ground it easily moves up several feet. I then turn to the next one, quite a few meters down the street and it easily moves as well. I follow up with the third soon after. I head down a bit farther and think about doing some super strength. I see a massive tree to my left and begin to fly toward it, yet figure it's not worth the time. I turn to my right and notice a large white stone structure across the street. I go for more TK and I notice that the structure seems to flicker up and down rapidly for a moment before reverting to its original position. I consider using super strength on it, yet soon notice a small group of people walking down the road. I should interact a bit. I begin flying toward the group. I wake up.
    10. Birthday Party (LD)

      by , 04-05-2024 at 02:29 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Night 6
      Birthday Party (LD)
      I walk toward the entrance of the house and see my dad in the doorway. Dream?... I知 lucid.
      I walk into the room and see that quite a few people are gathered around a large rectangular table. We appear to be in a dining room type area with many items strewn around the edges of the room and sunlight pouring through the windows. My grandparents as well as mom seem to be there as well.
      滴ey everyone!
      I walk toward the table and notice a circular cake in the center that appears to be a mix of vanilla and chocolate. A wedge-shaped slice is missing. I may as well eat some and get some points. I pick up the whole cake and begin eating some. I look around the table and notice some tall candles in the center next to some other items. I go to TK the candles, yet only notice the base flicker a bit. I turn toward the corner of the room and notice a stack of what appears to be cereal boxes. I go to TK them, yet they don稚 budge. I walk through the doorway to the room once again, heading into the daylight. I see some nearby shrubbery and once again have no luck with TK. I may as well head back inside for now. I head back inside and go to interact a bit. I walk toward the table.
      滴ow痴 it going guys? I say as I go to put a hand on my dad痴 shoulder. I wake up.
    11. 1. Crow And The Bar (LD) 2. Cavern By The Oceanside (LD)

      by , 04-03-2024 at 04:42 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Crow And The Bar (LD)
      I知 floating toward the edge of some type of divider between rooms in an office area. This seems likea dream.I知 dreaming! I知 lucid. I fly over the divider and quickly transform into crow form. There's a thick piece of glass just beyond the divider and I phase through it. I fly around the hallway on the first floor, maneuvering around a couple of males who seem like business men with a higher rank in the area. I'm flapping my wings and enjoying the movement of the dream body. I revert to humanoid form for a moment. Maybe I should interact. I pat one of them on the shoulder.
      滴ow痴 it going?.
      I quickly quickly switch back to crow form. I head to a nearby stairwell, flying upward toward the top and explore the area a bit. Crow form is feeling more accurate. I finally curve back around, descending the staircase once again, carving easily in crow form. I reach the bottom and glide toward the end of the hallway. I soon see a large wooden bar that痴 quite ornate with many people sitting all around. It痴 situated on the edge of a large room and there痴 ornate decor on the wall behind, including a large wooden carving on the right of some type of display shelf on the wall above the bar. I go to advanced summon a portal into the wall, yet nothing happens. I then go to mass tk the large wooden statue, yet it doesn稚 move. I look around at the visuals and am amazed at how vivid and crisp everything at the bar looks. I値l get a drink, why not. I turn to the bartender.
      鼎an I have a drink?
      Bartender: 鉄ure. Do you want a Southern Comfort or a California Comfort
      的値l have..the California one
      The bartender pulls out a small glass with a reddish brown liquid inside. The bartender hands it to me.
      Bartender: 典his is the apple version
      I thank him. A guy sitting to my left turns to me.
      Man at the bar: 鼎ould you get one for me?
      I then turn to the bartender.
      鼎an I have one for him too?
      The bartender nods and hands one to the guy. The guy next to me is very thankful, and shouts 奏hank you loudly with a big smile. He then calls for a a cheers between everyone at the bar. We all raise our glass and clank them at the center of the area.
      All: 鼎heers!
      I go to drink, yet wake up.

      2. Cavern By The Oceanside (LD)
      I知 floating toward a rocky ledge. My awareness sharply raises. I知 lucid. I notice that I知 in what appears to be a a massive cavernous area. There痴 a massive descent to an area below in the center of the cavern. In the far distance, I see the opening to the cavern toward the very bottom of the area, sunlight spilling through. I see sand beyond the opening and gentle ocean waves periodically moving in an out of the area. I float forward and notice what appears to be a black mesh material. I raise upward and slowly phase through it and descend on the stone area on the opposite side. There's a long, yet short stone ledge just before the massive drop. I decide to sit and ground for a moment. I sit in front of the ledge raise my right arm and take one slow deep breath. That痴 enough for now - I値l start exploring. I begin to float downward into the central area and begin to think of summoning Jerune or Norzz男yagirri. I reach to my right for the lucid talisman, yet don稚 find it. I figure I should explore my pocket, yet don稚 feel it in my right pocket. I feel that the dream is fading as the visuals are getting quite dark. I begin to descend rapidly toward the bottom to stabilize. I hold awareness as the dream darkens a bit, yet I soon wake up.

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    12. Gravity Walk (LD)

      by , 04-03-2024 at 01:26 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Gravity Walk
      I continue to walk next to Han through the shopping area. The lights illuminating the sides of the building have a glowing aura. This looksdreamlike. I tune into the feel of gravity throughout my body. My hands feel a bit heavy and my body feels a bitlightThis feels kind of normalsomething's offI turn around. I知 lucid. I take in the sites of the outdoor area. The area I知 situated in now doesn稚 quite have the same 租ream glow and bright lights illuminating the walls of the shops. As I glance back, I notice the area that I just past, with the shops continuing to glow off-white in the night. Han continues to walk ahead, talking to me about something. She痴 moving very quickly and rapidly ascends a large stone staircase that痴 on the right, quite a bit far ahead. I fly in the direction after her.
      I reach the foot of the staircase, and she痴 already disappearing around the turn at the top.
      Whatever it痴 just a dream. I知 going to just do stuff for the competition. What should I work on? I already did my three step
      I turn and notice the dream scene behind me getting quite dim. It appears that the previously lavish outdoor shopping area is now barren; the walls are plain and the area feels desolate.
      I値l just teleport to Haven.
      I quickly fly into a wall a few meters away from me and phase inside. I begin repeating Haven Haven in mind as I visualize Haven Peaks. After a moment, I wake up.

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    13. 1. Flight In The Lot (LD) 2. Crescent Moon In Meadow (LD) 3. La Bomba (LD)

      by , 04-01-2024 at 09:19 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Spring Competition - Night 3

      1. Flight In The Lot (LD)
      I continue to walk through street on the edge of the parking lot at night. I begin to fly up, feeling weightless. My awareness stirs. I知 asleepthisa lucid dreamI知 lucid. I see a group of people looking up from below and I swoop down. I land in front of a couple of people, taking in how vivid their appearance is. I begin reflecting on states of consciousness, how I知 aware as I知 asleep and how it may be possible to transition to awareness in deep dreamless sleep. I walk up to the couple, and smile at them.
      滴ey guys.
      They smile back. We walk in tandem, as a group for a short bit, then I turn to float away. I知 suddenly laying down in a dark room. I look at my hands at see that they池e essentially wisps of black smoke as I raise them. I wake up.

      2. Crescent Moon In Meadow (LD)
      I become aware as I知 standing in a square room in a somewhat hazy scene. I walk out into the hallway and realize I知 on the second story of the main house in Meadow. I head down, then float over the balcony. I need to get in a teleport. I make my way into the kitchen. I致e been starting a lot of lucids lately getting chocolate - maybe I should start by doing something elsewhatever I知 here; I may as well. I open the door to the fridge, looking for a drink. Very bright, white light spills out - it痴 nearly blinding. I decide to just shut the door and look somewhere else. I look in the cabinet to the left right of the fridge and quickly find a Lindt chocolate bar. I head to the lounge room as I take a bite and the flavor is awesome. I see the computer and think of using technology. I find the power button, hit it, see the light go on in the corner of my eye and hear they faint sound of it starting. I don稚 really really feel like waiting to actually go on it - whatever. I walk away and head to the sliding glass door. I decide to try to phase through the wall to the left first, yet my vision goes black and I don稚 seem to be popping out into the yard. I reverse, re-enter the lounge room, and slowly phase my whole body through the glass, taking in the visuals of the transition. Once outside, I feel that the dream isn稚 as clear and stable as I would like it to be. I simply sit down on the concrete step and begin breathing slowly, sticking my right arm out in front of me. I ground for a short bit and a bit of stability and clarity returns. I rise up and begin to fly along the side of the house considering telekinesis. I ignore it and set my mind to teleportation. The side of the house appears to have a strange blue hue to it. I look to my right and see a deep blue night sky with a large, bright crescent moon looming high above in the sky. I notice that the image of the moon is reflecting of the bluish side of the house. I fly upward along the side of the housing, preparing to phase into the wall to teleport. I wake up.

      3. La Bomba (LD)
      I知 aware as a hazy scene of a room begins to form. Time to teleport. I feel a sense of urgency to complete the goal as well as to stabilize. I float ahead into the wall in front of me immediately, and my vision goes dark. I feel it痴 not a good spot to teleport from, so I back out, returning to the room. I try to phase into the floor below me to teleport yet meet some resistance. I turn to my left, phase right into the wall, and the dream goes to void. I begin holding my awareness. I stay in the void for a while and wonder how long it痴 going to take. I imagine tossing the dream talisman to encourage the next scene. I reach to my right and find it quickly. I decide not to toss it, and simply rub it between my index and thumb, feeling the grooves, intending to stabilize. I begin to visualize Haven Peaks and repeat 滴aven a few times. I imagine lightning over the peaks in the night sky. I suddenly appear in a slightly dim room of house which I don稚 recognize. The scene is fairly hazy, so I immediately drop down and begin rubbing the floor in circles with my hands and legs. The scene becomes more stable and I look around, noticing a low bed in the center of the room as well as a dresser to the right with what appears to be a Himalayan lamp on top. Hmm I値l turn he light onpossibly that will count as using tech. reach down to the cord behind the lamp, find the switch, and flick it on. I feel an actual shock run through my hand and arm and I知 surprised by the feeling of voltage running through. It actually stings a bit. I see the light flicker for a moment as if short circuiting. I turn from the lamp and phase straight through the window which has white shutter in front. I enter to an outdoor area with a large building across and a picnic area directly in front of me. Several young kids seem to be hanging out in lounge chairs in the area to my left. One appears to be taking a nap. I fly over to them, looking around, yet don稚 find anything interesting. I don稚 recognize any. I fly back to the center area and notice picnic tables to my left along with an AC unit to my right next to a large stone stairway leading up to the structure I came from. I値l use some super strength! I look at the circular table in front of me. I could probably lift that in real lifethat wouldn稚 count. I look at the AC unit, then focus on the giant stone staircase. Perfect. I grab either side with my hand, tear it from the ground and chuck it high into the building to my left. I should find something to eat. I turn to my left and see red and white candies on the table with a boy sitting behind. I head over and notice two trays of sweets: one with brownies and one with small, square strawberry cakes. I grab the plate of brownies. I should interact too. I turn to the young kid.
      典hank you! I say with a smile.
      I take a bite of a brownie and they taste awesome! I feel super happy and silly as I grab the plate of brownies, flying upward toward the nearby building as I continue to munch.
      The song La Bomba begins to play as I fly toward the nearby building and enter through an open door on the right. I should summon something I look around the room and see several people in the back area sitting next to tables. I begin considering what to summon. I wake up.

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