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    1. 01/11/2012 and 01/12/2012 - 1)"This is a Raid!", 2) "Deady's Little Girl" [+ Fragments]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:57 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "This is a Raid!"

      I was hanging out with a bunch of people, in someone's living room. My daughter CJ was there, and we were all just kind of sitting around watching TV. All of a sudden, some girls came into the house/apartment and blurted out [At work. Censored for Now] My kid perks up and says "really??" as if she was so excited about what she was about to witness. Later, I was with CJ (who was now a bit older than she is now) and she was driving us around in a car. While she was driving, I was explaining to her - for some reason - what a police raid is. (It's been a topic around Extended Discussion, lately.) I was telling her how a raid was, put simply, when the police barge into your house without warning. I don't remember whether or not I actually elaborated on this, but I figure she only focused on that one concept.

      So, having this fresh 'understanding' of what a raid was - and once we pulled back up to the friend's house, where we once were - CJ slammed on the gas and crashed the car directly through the outer wall and into the person's dining/living room area. Needless to say, I was mortified, though she, completely unfazed by the crash, suddenly yelled out to everyone in the house, "THIS IS A RAID! HAHAHAHAHA!" as if infinitely proud of herself at having so quickly applied her new knowledge of what a raid was.

      Lol. Kids...

      Dream Fragment One
      I was ghost hunting with some chick. We'd begun the hunt during a non-lucid portion of the dream, but I ended up becoming slightly lucid after realizing we were searching for ghosts. I didn't really choose to interfere with the narrative at all, and we just continued looking around for any ghosts that might be in the area. On the street of some unknown neighborhood, I'd thought I'd caught a glimpse of some sort of bright apparition, reflected in the metal surface of the trunk of a nearby car, but I didn't really see anything else around us. I figured it to just be the reflection of the moon, but didn't spend too much time confirming it.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was discussing the previous dream on the forum, and Omnis Dei (whom had been participating in the raid conversation, in ED) had commented on it. I can't remember his comment, though.

      Dream Three
      "Deady's Little Girl"

      I was on an upper floor of an old apartment building and happened to be looking out of a window, when I saw a woman in a compact car getting her vehicle flipped by an angry mob. Once the vehicle was turning over onto its roof, I could see that there were also kids in the car, and they were terrified. Immediately, I ran downstairs. I don't remember much of the actual confrontation with the crowd, but I was able to reason them into leaving the woman and her children alone, and they ended up dispersing. While they were clearing out, I began helping the woman and her 2 children out of the overturned car. She had a little boy and girl - the boy being the younger of the two, at the age of maybe 2 years old. He was just the sweetest kid. We'd gotten along really well, within the first few moments of my meeting him. Sometimes, he'd just come up to me and hug around my legs. The mother, who was maybe in her early 40's, was quite attractive, and very thankful for my help. She had short, black hair, and a bit of a 'punk' kind of look to her, and it was easy to see that there was at least some level of mutual attraction there. I asked her if she wanted to go and grab something to eat sometime, if for no other reason than that she seemed like someone I'd like to get to know.

      Later, after we'd gone out for food, we ended up back at her apartment. It wasn't long before we started fooling around and [Censored for now]. Eventually, I was just not able to ignore it, and I told her that I had to stop, before we'd even really gotten down to business. I didn't really go into detail as to why, not wanting to hurt her feelings. She was noticeably upset, but ultimately seemed to understand. Her father, on the other hand - whom I met later in the dream - well...he wasn't quite so understanding...

      Apparently, her father was some kind of immortal, invincible being. On the outside, he looked like your typical, southern-ish old man. (Kind of reminded me of Abraham Whistler, from the Blade movies.) He'd caught wind of the fact that I'd refused to sleep with his daughter, and was soon Hell-bent on causing me major bodily harm. This 'man' spent the rest of the dream hunting me down and trying to kill me, often brutally murdering anyone that I'd recently associated with, in order to pick up a trail that would lead him to me. Every now and then, he would track me down, and we'd square off. I actually ended up killing him at least 4 times, throughout the course of the dream, but the bastard just kept coming back. This was quickly turning into a slasher flick type of scenario, and no matter how I would get away from this guy, he would just keep on coming for me. There was one moment when I was being stalked through a school or something like that. I'd grabbed some sort of weapon and was about to kill the man again, when I realized that it was the police that were following me this time. I'd almost killed them, by accident, because I was so rattled. They told me they'd heard something about the situation and were coming to investigate. However, while I was talking to them, the chick's old man popped up suddenly, and completely mutilated them both, right in front of me - carving them up in gruesome fashion. I believe I bolted, after that. After a little more cat-and-mouse, I remember one more confrontation with him, where we in the back of his pick-up truck (which was somehow stretched into an RV-like structure, with four walls and a ceiling). We'd gotten into another fight, and I had begun slipping in and out of lucidity, by this time. Feeling much less threatened by him, I attempted a few 'Hadouken' fireballs on him, but was not able to manifest a single one. Then, still having the upper-hand, I pushed him into into some sort of industrial shredder that he had inside his vehicle, painting one wall with his crimson remains. There was literally nothing left of him that could be identified.

      Having slipped out of lucidity again, and wondering if I'd actually managed to get rid of him, I made my way to the woman's apartment; where she and her kids had been, throughout the whole ordeal with her father. Despite our earlier 'problem', there was still a level of friendship between us. When I got there, though, instead of being happy to see me, like her kids had been, before this, there was an almost palpable hostility in the air. Somehow, they had gotten word that I had 'killed' the grandfather. Out of nowhere, the - once sweet and affectionate - little boy comes running up to me and bites me on the hand. Hard. I drew my had back and looked toward her other kids. She had three this time, instead of two, the third of which was an older, teenage daughter. All three were giving me a look that I could see was the spitting image of their grandfather's evil glare. But, where her younger children didn't seem to pose all that much of a threat, it was the teenage daughter in whom I could see an explicitly dangerous level of rage building, though she remained silent...just staring at me. It was then that I knew he was somehow 'influencing them', from beyond - possessing them, somewhat, in order to carry out his revenge. The mother was also visibly hostile, though not on the level of the children. As I pleaded with her to let me explain the craziness that I had just been dealing with, she insisted that it was best for me to leave and take my daughter (who was now with me, for some reason), because I was upsetting her children. On one hand, I could see that she didn't really want me to leave, but with the tension the way it was, she seemed to be demanding as if she had no other choice. Feeling more than a little dejected, I left the apartment.

      After walking downstairs, I noticed her father's pick-up truck in the parking lot. Inside, was the man himself - fully whole - and he smiled evily while getting out of the truck and walking in my direction. By now, I felt completely defeated. I knew that he was just going to keep tracking me, no matter how many times I killed him. There was some stranger nearby, and I started raving about how I'd chopped the old man up, and how he kept coming back to life. The stranger just said "no, man...no...." and shook his head at me like I was losing my marbles. Again, I turned to face the woman's father. He had a bottle in his hand, with a cloth sticking out of the top of it - a molotov cocktail. For a moment, we just stared at each other, him with this smug look of victory on his face. About here, my lucidity began coming back, and really the first thing that I was thinking about was just waking myself up from this horrible dreams. In the middle of my train of thought, though, and without actually lighting it first, the old man suddenly chucked the bottle directly at my head. Almost instinctively, I focused on a bit of telekinesis and pretty much 'force-pushed' the unlit molotov directly back at him, accompanied by a wave of my hand. Before I got to see if it actually hit him or not, I woke up.
    2. 01/09/2012 and 01/10/2012 - 1) "Two Left Feet", 2) "Illusionista" [+ Fragment]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:50 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One
      I was boarding a train, but I can't remember where I was supposed to be going. What I did come to find out was that I'd gotten onto the wrong, and the one I was on was heading 'non-stopped' to Australia (which made perfect sense. ). I began to panic a bit, thinking that I was going to be stuck on this train for God knows how long. But, not too far from where we'd boarded, we came to another station, where I was able to hop onto a different train and head back the other way. For some reason (probably because I didn't have a ticket for this new train), I had to share an 'undercarriage' beneath the train - which had about as much room as the space beneath an 18-wheeler's trailer. There were a few other people down there, and we were holding on for dear life, to the small planks that separated us from the train tracks which were whizzing by, beneath us. With the way we had to hold onto the planks, I kept getting nervous that my fingers were going to get caught in the wheels and severed.

      Dream Two
      "Two Left Feet"

      I remember being in an apartment complex type of setting. There were a few women there, who were around my age, and a couple of little kids that were running around the area. I was having a lot of fun, playing with the kids, and this one girl - in particular - was really checking me out. She seemed to be watching how I interacted with the kids, and by the huge smile on her face, I could see that she approved. Later, I was at a nightclub and saw her in the crowd. When she noticed me, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dancefloor, just as "Ice Ice Baby" came on. We just laughed at how corny the song selection was and danced to it, anyway.

      While we were dancing, I kept having problems because it seemed like random things were just cluttering up the dancefloor, and I kept stepping on them. First it was a broom, that had hap-hazzardly made its way onto the floor. Then, once I was able to navigate clumsily around that, I somehow got my foot stuck into a pillow case. What had once been an attempt to dance now simply turned into me trying to get the damned pillowcase off of my foot, to no avail.


      There was a crazy alien invasion scenario going on. (Unfortunately, I lost most of the details of the dream.) It was all very intense, and dramatic, with lots of emotional moments between myself and my friends and family. I don't remember too much about the nature of the aliens, themselves, aside from their larval form; they were these small, centipede-like bugs that would burrow into our skin, wherein they would multiply and eventually take over the person's mind, which them became the 'host'. There was an extremely horrific scene in which some of us - myself included - were forced to take knives to our own bodies and cut these parasites out of our flesh (much like in the movie The Ruins), to keep from becoming completely controlled.

      Sometime later, I also remember an extremely emotional moment, when I was with my mom, and we were trying to get out of town as the aliens were destroying everything. We were looking back toward the city, and watching an enormous mushroom cloud swell up from where we'd once called home. My mom was sobbing at all we'd lost, and I was trying to console her.

      Later, still, we'd come to find out that the entire scenario was an illusion. It was forced upon us by some crazy powerful witch, or something. I can't remember how we'd done it, but we were able to defeat her, and got her locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. She was being wheeled away on a gurney, and, once she got passed a certain point - and deeper within the bowels of the asylum, she broke free and tried to launch some sort of counter-attack from the inside. She transformed, showing us her true figure, which was human from the torso up, but had the enormous abdomen of an insect. We'd gotten into a final battle, down in a dungeon-esque corner of the building, and were able to inject her with something from a syringe, which made her inhuman abdomen swell up even bigger than it was. Inevitably, it burst, splattering a thick, translucent liquid all over us and the room. After that, though she was still alive, the witch was apparently unable to continue her fight.
    3. 09/27/2011 - "I'll Take My Chances with the Zombies...", "Tonight, We Dine in Hell"

      by , 10-06-2011 at 08:24 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "I'll Take My Chances with the Zombies..."

      Zombies were attacking. At first, I was in an unfamiliar home, with some chick. I know that we were friends, at least, but I don't know if there was anything else going on between us. Without warning, zombies began breaking into the house, and I grabbed the girl by the hand and tried to help her escape, while she was busy losing her mind about the situation. It took us some time to find an exit that wasn't overrun with the undead, and we eventually made our way to the garage. Immediately, I started thumbing around for any tools I could use as weapons. I don't remember what I actually grabbed (if anything), but we were soon trying to force our way out of the garage and passed the growing mass of zombies that were coming up the driveway. During the scuffle, one of the zombies had gotten a hold of my arm, raking its fingernails across my flesh and tearing open the smallest of gashes. It was just a tiny scrape, and I didn't really think anything of it.

      We continued fighting our way through the streets, and it seemed like the zombies were constantly multiplying, the longer we stayed alive. Dozens turned into hundreds. Hundreds seemed to turn into thousands. By now, my wound had visibly worsened, and I could feel an intense throbbing, slowly creeping its way up my arm. I knew that I had been infected, but I wasn't about to just rollover and let myself succumb. The longer we ran, the more that this girl seemed to be going crazy. She kept clinging to me, begging me not to leave her - even though I made no implication that I was doing so. Then, she started actually coming onto me. She began talking about how we were like the last 2 humans left, and she wanted me to be with her forever, and be her 'one and only.' (She continuously used that exact phrase.) At first, it was just annoying, but then it really began to freak me out. After a while, she could see that I was becoming more stand-off-ish, and she was becoming even more clingy. The clingier and crazier she got, the more I just wanted to get the hell away from her. Soon, it was like she became just as much a threat to me as the zombies, and I began running and hiding from her as well, while she tenaciously tried to hunt me down, attempting to make me want her.

      The last few moments of the dream that I remember, were when I was coming to a T-junction of two city streets. In front of me, there was a horde of zombies walking in my direction. Turning to the left, I could see another large group of them, coming up the perpendicular street. Then, looking back the way I had come, the street was filled with the zombies that I had been chasing me for the last couple of blocks. I was surrounded, and I was running out of concrete, between myself and the approaching hordes. Practically out of options, and feeling the onset of panic, it finally hit me. I was dreaming! Immediately, relieved, I launched myself into the air and flew up to the top of one of the tall buildings nearby. Just when I looked back down to the zombie-filled streets below, I woke up.

      Dream Two
      "Tonight, We Dine in Hell"

      The only thing I remember was that I was in a truck accident, though I don't believe I was driving. Another guy and I actually had to lift this damaged truck up off of a female figure, whom we had struck and was stuck in the undercarriage. I had some vague awareness of the previous (dream) situation with the zombies, and I was convinced that we had simply hit a zombie, but the other guy obviously wasn't, so I helped him raise the tail end of the vehicle, which was surprisingly lightweight. I was surprised to see a young (human) woman, tangled up in the bottom of the truck; slightly battered and bruised, but actually not looking half bad, for having just been run over by a pick-up.

      After removing the woman from the undercarriage, we began to walk with her down the dark, deserted stretch of road. After some time, this enormous RV pulled up behind us, apparently offering us a ride. A wholesome-looking family beckoned us inside, and we happily accepted. However, the moment we got on board this mammoth vehicle, we were greeted with the business end of a double-barreled shotgun. An old, conservative looking man was behind the trigger, and his face was stern, yet calm. There was a young boy standing beside him, and they - and a couple more members of the family, looked us over for a moment. Then, the man suddenly said something like "looks like you joined us just in time. We were just about to eat dinner..." he then motioned to the little boy, never taking the gun off of us. He said that the little boy was their hostage, that they were about to eat him, and that we were either going to partake in the meal, or he was going to kill us all, right then and there.

      The last thing I remember is doing my best to stall him with some nervous banter, while frantically trying to get enough awareness of my surroundings to devise a way to get us the hell out of there.

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    4. 01/31/2011 - "Extinction-Level Event"

      by , 02-01-2011 at 04:46 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      Dream One (a)
      "Extinction-Level Event"

      (This was the most horrifying, emotional set of dreams I have had in a while...)

      The Earth had been invaded.
      High above what could have been every major city in the world, as far as I knew, massive alien spacecrafts hovered. They had come on the scene and looked down upon us, over the span of about 3 days. We never once got to see what these aliens looked like. Instead, they communicated with us telepathically, without ever having to leave their vessels. At first, they didn't say much. I really don't remember if they said anything at all, the first few days. They just kind of loomed over our heads, apparently observing us. Their intentions, at this point, were completely unclear.

      Life somewhat continued, even with the presence of our 'visitors,' looming overhead. One day, I had made a few rounds to see some old friends. I know I saw quite a few of my people, but the only ones that really stood out were my baby's mom (who I'll call "G"), and an old "friend with benefits." There was another ex who I believe I might have seen as well, but I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, at one point, G and girl #2 sort of merged and became one person, with different attributes from both (and, of course, I didn't find this strange enough to become lucid ). We went to a fast-food restaurant and either the person on the drive-thru headset couldn't hear me, or there was some other reason why the girl(s) ended up having to go inside through a back door, while I pulled the car around front. Later that night, we were back at an apartment that we were apparently sharing, except I had my own room, and she had one. Despite the knowledge that there were enormous, city-sized space-ships hovering high over our heads, it seemed like a pretty normal night. She ended up going to sleep early, and it wasn't until well into the night that I remembered she had the bag of food with her, and it was now locked away in her room. I didn't feel like waking her up to get it, though, and just shrugged it off. The next morning, she was simply back to G's normal self. All resemblance of the other girl had vanished. It was on the third day (I believe) of their occupation, that the aliens finally decided to give us some insight. Not bothering to pay us any door-to-door visits, the beings simply beamed their thoughts into our heads. We were informed, rather matter-of-factly, that our entire species was about to be exterminated, and that, since they had took up positions that would allow their weapons to sweep over the entire planet, any attempts of escape were completely unnecessary. Armageddon was upon us, and there was nothing we could do about it.

      Panic. It barely even had enough time to set in, before the bombing began. Thunderous booms shook our apartment, each one seeming as if were right outside our window. I was absolutely terrified - not so much of death, itself, but the thought of suffering until death. G was, surprisingly, not very affected by the situation. She seemed 100% sure that we were not going to suffer; that it would be quick, painless and peaceful. The chorus of explosions - stomping around the area outside - didn't instill the same sort of confidence within me. With my eyes wide with fear, and my voice the epitome of hysteria, I screamed at her the possibility of our building collapsing, and the two of us being caught in the rubble for God knows how long, our bodies broken, buried, and left to die, waiting for hope that would never come. Amazingly, she responded with a scoff. "Pfft. That only happens in movies," she said. I was floored, immediately switching from frightened to furious that she would just dismiss such a likely scenario. I said "what are you talking about?! Being get trapped in collapsed buildings all the time!! Don't you watch the news?!" My tirade was cut short by a few more deafening blasts, even closer than the previous ones. The entire building shook, and I was actually thrown off of my feet. This one apparently rattled G as well, because we both grabbed each other and huddled together on the bed - our heads ducking in unison; hearts jumping out of our chests with each successive bang from outside.

      I was a complete wreck. I don't know that I've ever been so scared. Unable to control my fear, I burst into tears, absolutely terrified of the horrible death that would soon be coming for us. But, once again, G remained rather stoic. She held me close, cradling my head to her, and actually began singing to me to console me! (It was just the most incredible situation, seeing as how I'm usually the one with my head screwed on during stressful times.) Suddenly, there was one final BOOM, right on top of us, and everything went black. (The whole thing reminded me of the final scene in Cloverfield.)

      In the 3 or 4 seconds of darkness, I received a message. I can't recall if I saw it in my field of vision, or if it was just telepathic. The message was just kind of 'there.' The message was "You and your daughter..." and that was it. I have absolutely no idea what it was supposed to mean, or where it came from. (Oddly enough, my daughter never made an appearance in the dream.)

      Dream One (b) (FA)
      I suddenly 'awoke' on the same bed, eyes full of tears. I looked around the room, which seemed completely undisturbed, and found G sitting on the floor. There were pizza boxes stacked on some of the furniture, and G looked as if we'd just been lounging around the house, shooting the shit all day. Sitting up with a start, I frantically asked her about the aliens, and why the bombing would have just suddenly stopped. She looked at me like she didn't have any clue what the fuck I was talking about. My mind raced. I was thinking that there was just no way I could have imagined all of that. With an extreme sense of urgency, I asked her to tell me what the date was. She didn't know it, so I asked her what day of the week it was, and she said Tuesday. Tuesday, I remembered, was the day that the aliens had actually showed up. I had been transported back to Tuesday...but there were no aliens this time! The only thing I could keep asking myself was 'How is this possible??'

      G looked over at the window, a bright light flooding into the room. Passively, she said "that's really pretty," and I was immediately alarmed. I looked out the window, myself, expecting to seeing the bright, swelling light of a nuclear explosion, ready to brace for yet another inevitable shock wave. However, there was no explosion. It was just the sun, rising into the sky, at the beginning of this new day. There really were no aliens, this time. I wasn't able to believe - for one minute - that what I had experienced was a dream. Instead, I figured that I was somehow given another chance at life. I had somehow been transported back to that Tuesday, but without the threat of attack. The human race was no longer in danger of being exterminated. Relief doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. I was practically shaking. The emotions flooded back into me, and I began to cry softly. My eyes remind dry, but if the tears had come, they would have been tears of joy for simply being alive.

      (When I woke up from this dream, I felt like I had a hole in my chest. I was completely emotionally drained, and I just sat and stared at the floor for a good five minutes. There is really nothing like honestly believing you are about to die, and then suddenly waking up, safe and sound in your bed. I was numb for a good portion of the day, after coming back from this insane trip.)

    5. 12/30/2010 - "A Lesson In Na'vi Pain Management"

      by , 12-30-2010 at 09:35 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "A Lesson in Na'vi Pain Management"

      (Tried a little dream incubation, this morning, and paid for it. I had turned on Avatar, focusing on my intention to draw myself into the movie, through DILD. Unfortunately, it worked. Quite possibly the most painful dream I have ever had in my life. I wasn't even on B6, but I did have a good liquor buzz when I went to bed. It was just as intense, though.)

      I was Jake from Avatar, standing high in one of the mighty, cloud-scraping trees of Pandora. The war with Quaritch was soon coming, and the rest of the Na'vi were off somewhere, preparing for battle. I was being trained by a man who identified himself as an old arch-enemy of mine. He looked human, but this dude was huge; bigger than I was, even at Na'vi size. (He kind of looked like this picture of Heihachi Mishima, but thicker, with longer limbs, and completely bald.) According to this guy, I wasn't ready to face Colonel Quaritch. I was still "just Jake," and - as this guy would tell it - was not accustomed to my Na'vi form enough to maximize potential. So, he was about to teach me about how to manage my pain. Apparently, as I had somehow already known, this powerful man was planet-renown for his skills, and my best move would be to listen to everything he said. I braced myself, knowing I was going to be in for a tough trial.

      Suddenly, I was rocked in the stomach, with a fist that would have caused a human being to explode on contact. Another one followed, with yet another close behind. Before I knew it, I was on my knees, in agony, my ribs feeling like they were being beaten in with a baseball bat. He didn't stop, though, screaming at me to get up, before slamming me with another body shot. This man was definitely not human. His strength was something out of a video game, and I could swear I was able to sense the shock waves jetting off of each punch to my midsection.
      I honestly don't know of many times I've ever felt pain like this - if any. The blows rained in on me...almost rhythmically. He was in no rush. Just punching away, at his leisure. Completely unprepared for this, I tried desperately to drag myself away from him; helpless.

      I didn't know if he was supposed to be teaching me or was actually trying to kill me. That was until he began to explain how I had the potential to block all of the pain out of my mind, and maintain focus and endurance for battle. He said that it was something that all warriors were able to do, and that I would be able to tap into the Na'vi's ability to do it at an accelerated rate. He wasn't exactly nice about it, though... Each punch would drive itself into my gut, and I would yell out in pain, this man's only response being to yell back at me for not taking it like a warrior.

      ...I definitely didn't feel like a warrior, at the time...

      More punches came, and I was now in too much collective pain to fight back, even if I wanted to. Still, I dragged myself along the gargantuan branch beneath us, which easily supported our bodies, without wavering. He was all over me, though, and just would not fucking let up. He jumped from one side of me to the other, anytime I would start trying to scramble away a little more quickly. Each punch was now starting to bring me closer to tears, already having me openly screaming out with each torturous thud - and he could see it. He picked me up to my feet, my body practically limp, and glared at me sternly. Holding me up with one hand and barking at me to stop crying, he slammed more punches into me with his free hand, and each one was no less devastating than the last. I was being brutally beaten, and it was more than I could bear.

      The gnarled look of torment in my face was slowly turning into a snarl of determination. I knew I couldn't just sit there and let him beat me to a meat-sack of pulverized bone. My eyes locked on his, and my fists tightened, every muscle in my body soon following suit. Immediately, he picked up on this and sneered, growling "WHAT?! ARE YOU ANGRY?! HUH??" through his teeth. His eyes were on fire with the a display of malice that just couldn't have been false. This was becoming a life or death situation. I felt my legs strengthen beneath me, beginning to stand up straight, slowly, but almost involuntarily. The pain was sequentially residing as the fist continued to pound away. I was getting stronger with each blow, able to sense that each punch would still have left a crater upon the trunk of the enormous tree we were in, yet I was becoming increasingly unable to feel them.

      After a few more seconds of the onslaught, I was standing up tall, glaring at him with a scowl. Finally, he stopped punching, glaring back at me, still looking at me like a mortal enemy, but no doubt gauging my stoicism, after such a merciless attack. From what I could tell, he had decided that I must have been successful in my ascension. My torso still burned from all angles, but my entire muscular structure felt tightened and invigorated. The pain was still there, and it was damn intense....but I just didn't care. He told me that I was now ready for battle...

      My recollection of the dream skipped ahead, and I was then running and jumping through the towering trees with a female Na'vi. She swung across a gap between branches, on a vine, and I did the same, right behind her. The two of us landed on another branch, this one just barely big enough for us to fit upon. When we landed, I took a sweeping glance down toward the ground - hundreds of yards below us - and I felt my stomach turn. It was the first time that I realized just how high up we really were. I found myself thinking "what the hell am I doing way up here?" and I think this could have eventually led to lucidity. However, all chance of that soon disappeared, when our attention got drawn to the sight of the Colonel's aerial gunships flying in over the landscape, toward our village. What might have been our last run through the trees was now over, and it was time to go to war.

      (I woke up here, and the movie was actually just getting to the final battle, practically in sync with the content of my dream, leading me to believe that some of the audio might have been seeping into my dream content, when I was beginning to awaken. I was hungover, and it seemed to take some time for the pain in my stomach to fade. Instead, it seemed to go to my head , which was throbbing. Even some time after all of this, sitting at the computer, I had to hug my stomach, just because it seemed like the faintest - probably just mentally projected - trace of that horrible pain still lingered.

      Not the best sleep I've ever had...)

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    6. 12/06/2010 - "Invasion Evasion"

      by , 12-06-2010 at 09:57 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Invasion Evasion"

      (I watched Skyline, for the first time, last night. It was an 'ok' movie, but the visual effects were tight as hell.)
      The earliest thing I remember was being in a camp-like atmosphere, with a few friends, in a trailer. Someone had a dog; like a lab mix or something, and I was playing with her, rubbing her belly. After a short while, the dog began to get really agitated and started glaring at the door. Some creepy shit happened, where a person came to the door and then turned into an alien, and we had to escape the trailer. I believe we pushed the creature into the bonfire and burned it, but this part is all really hazy. Soon after, I was alone, and running through the streets. The major attack had already begun, and there were larger aliens - dozens of stories tall - walking amongst the buildings and roadways. The city was completely destroyed and, no matter where I went or tried to hide, these things would always find me. The creatures that were too big to fit inside the buildings, would send out these long tentacles (like the ones in the movie), and snake them through the buildings to find me. I ended up dying, over and over, in this dream. Every time the tentacles would find me, they would either pull me back into the main body of the alien, or just splatter me all over the place, wherever I had been hiding.

      After respawning a couple of times, I knew I had to get out of the city, so I began to make a bee-line toward the edge of town, sprinting as long and hard as my body would allow me - and I remember being able to run for miles, without losing steam. But these tentacles were relentless. An alien could shoot the tentacles from its "hand", and the rope-like appendages would literally travel for miles - seemingly to endless distances - through the air, to chase their target. Again, I died quite a few times, while trying to escape the city; simply respawning again at the beginning and continuing to run, taking another route. There were times that I would try to steal cars, and some of them would have this "gunk" on them. Whenever I drive those cars, the "gunk" would begin to spread around the outside of the vehicle, trying to 'cocoon' itself in this alien sludge. I would see this happening and have to bail out of the car, before it completely encased me. What's more, is that some of these droplets of "gunk" would actually spring to life, and form whole aliens - each maybe 10 feet tall and built like bipedal elephants - which would then join the chase. Running from these things kind of felt like maneuvering through the game Prototype.

      It was like I was the only person in the city, and this entire alien force was centered on me, the whole time. There were just so many of them, and I was beginning to feel hopeless. After having to repeat this scenario, over and over, upon each death, I just wasn't feeling very confident that I would ever get out of this Hell. Suddenly, thankfully, just as despair was kicking in, I realized that this all had to be a dream. I was still on the run, though, as these things just weren't letting up, and anytime they would catch me, they would just annihilate me before I could do anything about it. Still respawning after each death, I took to flying, instead of running. It took me a little while to get up to speed, in my flying, as this dream was very vivid, and I was having a hard time manipulating it. I tried some telekinesis on the pursuing tentacles, but wasn't able to affect them.

      Once I got the hang of flying, though, the flight/chase sequences were absolutely sick. The easiest way I knew to keep my speed up, was to imagine myself as a missile. The thing was, though, that these tentacles were just as fast, so just because I could fly, didn't mean that I was getting out of the city an easier. I was empowered by my lucidity, though, and was more having fun with it, than frantically fleeing for my life. I weaved through the city at breakneck speed, an expanding trail of tentacles, following closely behind me. It was one of those zigging, zagging, dizzying, high-tech chases that you would see in any major, sci-fi blockbuster - just screaming through the sky, with impossible agility. Sometimes I would land on the street, to gain my bearings - pivoting and then launching off in another direction, just as the tentacles whipped passed me and then arced around to follow once again. I remember being chased at just the same height of some of the tallest rooftops, and then dropping toward the ground, head first, to try to throw off the oncoming appendages. I was going so fast that there was a single moment, there, where I worried about 'what happens if I'm not able to pull up, in time?' Even though I knew that I was dreaming, I wasn't really looking to slamming headfirst, into the street, so I pulled up on my own trajectory, as I could, nearly skimming the ground and then continuing to rocket down the street, the tentacles still keeping pace at every twist and turn. I also recall that the aliens could talk, and they all spoke with the same voice - as if it were a collective consciousness - which reminded me something of the Joker, from The Dark Knight.

      I don't really remember whether or not I ever made it out of the city. I don't think so, though.

    7. 11/17/2010 - "Blood in the Water"

      by , 11-19-2010 at 05:54 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Blood in the Water"

      I was in a sunlit cove, but deep within the hull of an enormous, old ship. Also on the ship was a coven of vampires, and I vaguely remember a small number of lycans, but I'm not 100%. MJ was with me, along with a few other unfortunate humans, and we were being held in the ships bowels. Apparently, I and a few others were going to be turned, against our will. MJ and the rest were going to be completely drained, and/or eaten. This coven consisted of dozens upon dozens of vampires on board, and only a handful of us. We knew we had no chance of escape, but we were going to fight like Hell.

      ...It wasn't really much of a fight.

      There was a long sequence of watching the vampires just rip through our numbers, brutally tearing humans limb from limb and gorging themselves on the seemingly gallons of blood that soaked the chambers and hallways. People screamed and ran for their lives. The sounds of a slaughter filled the entire vessel. I don't remember what it was, but a few of us - the last alive - figured out a way to blow up the ship. It was something of a suicide mission, but it was the only possible thing to do.

      I remember the explosion. The ship's hull had been completely sealed from the sunlight, for obvious reasons. But when the ship exploded, nearly killing me and - as far as I could tell - the other survivors, all of that sunlight was unobstructed. It flowed into the void that used to be an enormous ship, while the ship, itself, was literally blown to pieces. Most of the vampires were instantly obliterated. I was thrown into the water, and remember beginning to sink. I swam toward the surface, as fast as I could, but I kept feeling someone grabbing at me, frantically, from below. It was a vampire, and there were more of them surrounding me. I paddled for the surface with my arms in a panic, kicking my feet - more to keep the pursuing hands from getting a grip, than trying to actually go upward. Luckily, when I got to the surface, I was floating in a bath of sunlight. The vampire completely stopped giving chase. Not a single one of them could swim those last few feet, to reach me. Looking down at the vampires, with my head still underwater, was an amazing sight (though creepy as all shit). The top section of the water was a layer of orange from the sun, and it just got progressively darker blue, beneath. And there were those creatures; just staring at me, descending into the darkness because they couldn't come any further. (It sticks out in my head as the most distinct visual of the dream. I may draw it, one of these days. Here is a photo manipulation, for now. )

      On the surface, rescued by a blistering sun, I slung my arms over a piece of debris - exhausted. Incredibly, I had no fear of the vampires being able to reach me, and I completely relaxed, with the lower half of my body still hanging in the water. I looked around and saw no one. There was nothing but wooden planks scattered around me; remnants of the great ship, which was probably still sinking beneath me. I was sure I was the last one to make it out, though I was not surprised, since there weren't many of us left, in the beginning of the end. But I was wrong. I finally spotted another figure in the debris, hanging on for her life, just as I was. It was MJ. She and I were the only ones that had made it out alive.

      I swam over to her and we just allowed ourselves to float with the current, for a moment. By this time - seemingly out of nowhere - there were other people in the cove, large boats just floating passed and around us. One would have guessed that the massive explosion had never happened, if not for the large piece of wood we were floating on. We tried to wave people over, to pick us up, but all of the boats just traveled on by, as if they didn't see us. We could see that the driver of one of the larger boats was a man with a shotgun. We called out to him to let us aboard, but he just glared at us as his boat hummed passed, not saying a word. Finally, though, we made it back to land, on our own. The atmosphere seemed to have changed again, and this was now just a massive party; people dancing and drinking in the, quite beautiful surroundings of rock and water. Instantly, our spirits were lifted. We got to partying our asses off, with the unspoken understanding that some serious 'We fucking survived!' sex was in order.

      Woke up before we got that far, though.

      (Source Pictures can be found HERE)

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