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    1. 1/11/2017 - "Untitled"; "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      by , 01-12-2017 at 05:55 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      The only thing I remember are some vague images of sex, and then my landlord coming by and giving me shit about something or other. I just did what I could to avoid him, while he was hanging around.

      Dream Two
      "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      I was with two other guys, and we were being stalked by the Marvel supervillain, Apocalypse. We were in some tall, unfinished building, surrounded by a cage of unfinished walls and concrete pillars. Apocalypse had this very Jason Voorhees type of way of following us, slowly and almost casually, before just "appearing" nearby, to try and attack us. (I had been watching beta gameplay from the new Friday the 13th game, not long before bed, which I believe inspired the way he gave chase in the dream.)

      On about the 3rd floor of this hollow building structure, Apocalypse appeared and snatched up of the guys in our party, disappearing with him and reappearing somewhere down on the first floor. We could see him through the many openings in the incomplete floors beneath us, holding our ally up by the throat, with his back against one of the support columns. I can't remember exactly what he did to our guy, but I remember it being very vicious and gory, as if he just ripped him apart, with his bare hands, in a shower of blood. Knowing it was too late to do anything about it, we started running again, and before I had a chance to even know where I was going, Apocalypse was back on the third(ish) floor with us, stepping out from behind a corner just as I passed by, and coming straight for me. Having no time to think of a safe escape, and after having seen what he just did to the other guy, I immediately lept from the ledge that I was approaching, still about 3 storeys up - basically resigning to the fact that I was Not going to enjoy the landing.

      In a panic, while careening toward the ground below me and preparing for the inevitable onslaught of pain and possible broken bones that awaited, I instinctively realized that this couldn't really be about to happen. This had to be a dream!! Without a moment to second-guess it, I pushed my feet straight down and braced for impact, relieved when I stuck the landing in an almost effortless crouch. I knew that Apocalypse would soon follow behind me, though, so I instinctively lunged backward, throwing my right elbow back and cracking him in the face with it, when he predictably showed up behind me. (Not sure if he was always going to be there, or if my anticipating him being behind me caused him to just 'be there'.)

      I didn't stop there, though, immediately turning around and rushing him with a barrage of punching combinations to the head and gut, confidently and aggressively driving him back with each solid hit. While in mid-attack, I wondered if I should not get too carried away and try stabilizing the dream before it ended or I lost my lucidity, but I was fired up and didn't want to stop hitting him. It was only a matter of seconds, though, before the dream fell apart and I woke up.
    2. 1/2/2016 - "Hallway to Haven"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:41 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Hallway to Haven"

      I was walking through a tile and concrete hallway, metal doors and drawers lining the walls, with the feeling that someone(s) was following behind, searching for me. Eventually, while searching for somewhere to hide, I realized that I was dreaming. (Upon going to work, this afternoon, I recognized the hallway in my dream to be the parking garage hallway I normally do my reality checks in, when I'm entering or leaving the office.)

      The first thing I could think of to do, with my lucidity, was touch one of the concrete structures and ground myself into the dream. Then, I decided to try and change the scenery. Since I've had pretty good luck with creating and utilizing doorways, I turned to the wall and pulled open one of the panels, imagining that there would be some other, random scene within. I don't believe I waited to see if anything showed up, visually. I just moved my head in and 'dove' into the opening, focusing on the intention to simply 'be somewhere else.'

      My forward momentum turned into a headlong dive, and I immediately found myself flying over dark blue ocean in midday. I was moving at a high speed trying to keep myself above the surface of the water. I could sense the feeling of being over the ocean becoming more and more overwhelming, and the water, itself - already a strange and almost 'fake-looking' hue of opaque, navy blue - began to form long strands or tendrils, that rose up from the surface like tentacles as I flew just over it. The entire ocean looked a bit like ferrofluid, writhing and undulating beneath me, and it was starting to freak me out.

      I turned to find land, and saw a large landmass in the distance, completely surrounded by water. I flew closer and saw that it was a sort of plateau, with a raised center. The entirety of the surface was covered with lush, green jungle, leading up at a gentle incline - over what seemed like a few dozen square miles - to a central point in the center that housed some sort of large castle or fortress. The closer I got to the raised structure at the middle of the landmass, the more I could see that there was something flying about it, circling over the top of the building. A dragon.

      The moment I recognized this dragon for what it was, I got the feeling that there was something large coming up behind me - possibly flying, but that could have been moving through the water but standing tall enough to feel like it was breathing down my neck as I flew. Still flying to the island, now trying to escape what was behind me more than what was in front, I saw that all of the color from the jungle trees and tropical landscape was beginning to 'drain' down off of the mountainous incline upon which the building sat. All of the greens and purples, browns and reds that made up the jungle beneath me now began to run like dyed water, down to the ocean that surrounded the island. (It reminded me very much of the painted field from What Dreams May Come, but after someone would have thrown a glass of water on it.)

      I don't remember ever touching down on the island or making it to the building.

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was at someone's house, cooking. Standing in the kitchen, I spontaneously remembered that I was just lucid dreaming, a moment ago. I became lucid, again, and felt kind of stupid that I'd gone from lucid dreaming to spending a dream cooking. Before I could really think of anything else to do with my lucidity, I woke up.

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    3. 12/08/2016 - "New World Disorder"

      by , 12-12-2016 at 06:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "New World Disorder"

      Tony, BR, MR and I decided to infiltrate a Neo-Nazi rally.

      We were being led down into what seemed like an underground garage, surrounded by Neo-Nazis. Most were stereotypical - white, with shaved heads - but there were a few minorities speckled throughout the crowd as well. En route to the meeting area, we passed through several rooms that looked as if they were ripped out of the "generic haunted house" handbook; various torture chambers - both physical and psychological - with a number of digital monitors showing compilations of gruesome acts of violence that were, undoubtedly, being performed on the people being held captive within this place.

      We were herded into a main room and shuffled our way toward the back of the gathering of maybe a little over 100 people, trying as best we could to blend in as sympathetic to their cause, in order to observe their actions and rhetoric. One man spoke from the podium and, though I can't really remember much of what he said, it was all too constantly met with cheers and chanting from the mob.

      Before long, the rallying cries began to take on a tone of suspicion and accusation, waves of negativity progressing through the crowd and making their way back toward us. The group was becoming more and more alarmed that there were traitors or 'outsiders' among them. It didn't take long before we were confronted and discovered to be...disloyal. A long chase inevitably ensued, and we were soon sprinting through the halls of this expansive facility, which was gradually morphing from a dank, dilapidated, present-day industrial setting and into a sanitized, futuristic and seemingly state-funded Base of Operations with grayed-out metal and stone interiors that looked pretty-distinctly Sci-Fi. Armed sentries pursued us while we dodged and darted within the halls, at one point coming to an annex and staring down the barrel of a massive cannon that they had instantly erected in our path before we changed directions and ran down an other hallway before the group of henchmen manning the unnecessarily-large weapon could get a single shot off.

      Having split from my group while running, I was being tailed by a small squad of Nazis (now in even more militaristic attire), when I turned a corner of an apartment-style hallway, ducking into the first open door that I saw and closing the door behind me. Inside, I ran into a young woman who was quite startled by my having barged into her room. Frantically, I whispered a plea for her help and gave her a brief rundown of what had happened. Apparently, she was one of many people being held by these fascists against her will, so she was willing to aid me by shoving her into her closet. The patrol kept on searching, so I had to remain in this cramped space for most of the day. The girl ended up taking a nap on the bed across the room, and there eventually came a knock at the door. The guards were doubling back and checking the rooms, individually.

      The girl didn't hear the first few knocks, or the demands for the door to be opened. Fearing they were going to burst in and search the place, I picked up a shoe from the closet floor and chucked it across the tiny apartment, hitting her with it and waking her up just in time for her to respond to the guards. She tried to get them to leave her be, but they insisted upon coming in, just before I was able to fully shut the closet door - which the girl noticed. She tried to keep their attention from the closet but, from the darkness, I could see that they were starting to glance over toward my hiding place in suspicion. When they did, the girl raised a huge stink about how they were immoral thugs, disrespecting her privacy. She was even able to call in another female friend to back her up. The friend came in, immediately chastising the guards for being so cruel as the pair whipped up some crocodile tears and began to console each other for this apparently sexist infraction. The newcomer seemed to know all about the rouse, and was playing along perfectly.

      It worked. The guards, not wanting to get too caught up in this seemingly-overwhelming display of female emotion, ended up leaving the room without fully searching the place. The two strangers had saved me, and when I was sure the patrol was gone, I set back out to find my friends.

      I remember one last fragment about being on the outside architecture of the base, maybe a few hundred feet above ground and cornered by the patrol, yet again. I don't recall how the whole thing ended, though.

      (Possible inspirations: a topic recently came up, where some friends and I were reminiscing on a time when we created fake accounts for Stormfront.com, which is a "White Nationalist/Supremacist" website, and did a hilarious trolling raid on them, some 10 years or so ago. Obviously, with everything that has been going on in American politics, as of late, the subject matter has been on my mind.)

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    4. 11/17/2014 - "Picking a Fight with Spider-Man"

      by , 11-18-2014 at 03:46 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      I've had a couple of dreams, over the last few days, that I still have to expand from notes. However, this morning's dream involved Hukif's Lucid Dare, so I wanted to type it up as soon as I had the time. I don't know if it counts as a success or not, but it was a pretty good one - albeit frustrating...

      "Picking a Fight with Spider-Man"

      Spoiler for Short-Version:

      I 'awoke' in my bed. Looking around the room, I could tell that things just seemed 'different'. Eventually, I came to realize that my TV and entertainment center had changed shape and size. There was also a strange feeling about me. I felt like I was in a bit of a daze. Like I wasn't quite 'with it'. I pulled up a glowing clock in front of me (I don't remember if it was on a watch or a cellphone), and I checked the time. Instead of numbers, the clock face began to morph into random letters. A calendar appeared, instead of a clock. I immediately knew that I was dreaming.

      Looking at my hands, I attempted to bring the dream into more clarity. It seemed to work, but the room was still dark, so I couldn't quite see exactly what level of detail there was. I took a moment to think about what it was that I wanted to do, stepping over to the bedroom window. I knew I wanted to be outside, so I put my hands up to the window and pressed forward, phasing through the glass and leaning halfway out, taking a good look at my surroundings. It was a still night, and I believe I remember it feeling a little brisk. From the look of the neighborhood, I was back at my old home in Canterbury (again), and there was a single house across the ditch, which had green Christmas lights on it. It was one of the only things I could see, in the dark.

      I remembered Hukif's Dare, about trying to fight Spider-Man, so I floated the rest of the way through the window, and up onto the roof. Instead of my normal roof, it seemed like I was now on the conjoined roofs of some big, sprawling city, with old-fashioned architecture (such as London). I flew up a few levels, from one rooftop platform to the next. Up ahead, I could see Spider-Man. He was a few levels higher than me, so I elevated to his position and saw that he seemed to be working on something; building some sort of structure. I couldn't tell what it was, but there were barrels of material and scraps laying around. He was clearly focused on what he was doing, and didn't seem to pay me any mind.

      He simply ignored me, when I called down to him for a fight, continuing to work on whatever it was he was working on. I thought I might try antagonizing him a bit, so (having forgotten that one of the caveats of the dare was that I had to fight him without using any dream powers) I slung my hand out and made Spider-Man's trademark gesture, effortlessly causing a string of webbing to fly out of my wrist and cover him from chest to boots. He made some comment about how he didn't want to fight me, sounding as if the idea completely bored him to tears, and then he ripped his way out of the webbing, which flickered away and disappeared like some low-tech video game effect.

      All of a sudden, there was a series of explosions, closing in on us from a higher point upon the cluttered stacks of rooftops. Spider-Man said that there was a very powerful villain coming, and he began scampering in the other direction when the explosions began blasting in toward us. I quickly followed him, flying Superman style as we rushed to evade the incoming ordinance. I couldn't see who was actually chasing us, but I was amazed (no pun intended) at the way Spider-Man moved - flipping and twisting and landing on the smallest of surfaces before rebounding off and tucking into all sorts of various, aerial maneuvers. It was a trip to watch, even while making our escape.

      Finally, we got back down to the edge of the rooftop on which I had begun. I flew over the side and landed to the ground in front of my bedroom window. I believe I was going to phase back through the window, to head inside, but it was right around here when the dream reset itself.

      I was back in my room, on my bed, and looking around in the dark. This time, my TV was on, so there was a dim glow that I don't believe was there, the first time around. Spider-Man and the heavily-armed mystery villain were nowhere to be seen. Still lucid, I sat in bed for a few moments and attempted to ground myself into the dream again. I started rubbing my hands and feeling around on my arms, to focus on the texture. This time, I could see a strange black set of tattoos, which ran halfway up my arm. The were symbols, or abstract objects, which kind of looked like the bones of a spinal column, from my wrist to the top of my forearm.

      Getting out of bed and walking to the TV, I wanted to try and use it for a scene change. I can't remember what program was showing, but I pushed my face up to the screen and attempted to 'go into' the TV, itself. After a few moments, everything had just gone dark. I pulled my head away and saw that what was once a TV, had transformed into some sort of cabinet or dresser. Frustrated, and attempting to test my level of control in this dream, I levitated myself a couple of inches from the floor, checking to see if I could stay afloat. Then, after a few seconds, I lowered myself to the ground and slung my first down at it. My fist smashed into the ground with incredible force, and I could feel a sonic boom shake the walls of the home. From what I could tell, I still had at least a little control over things, here.

      I knew I wanted to try my hand at Spider-Man, again, but I didn't want to have to waste the time in going to find him. I 'willed' for him to be in the room with me, and he soon walked in through the bedroom door. The lights were on, by now, and he just stood between me and the dresser, as if silently waiting for an explanation as to why he was summoned. I asked him if he wanted to spar, and he simply made some dismissive gesture. He just wasn't having it, apparently, and I was getting nowhere. I decided to try attacking him, again. At first, I was going to try webbing him again, but I remembered about the rules. So, I tried throwing a few punches. It just felt really awkward, and I was hitting nothing but air. I even tried DBZ-style 'rapid-fire punching', but it was just like he wasn't even there. I couldn't tell if he was moving too fast for me to see him, or I was just punching 'through' him. Going for broke, I jumped up and threw a double drop-kick right at his chest. It was powerful enough to knock him back against the cabinet and send me hovering across the room and smashing into the wall behind me. Ultimately, though, he brushed it off and stood up straight once again.

      I was growing more and more frustrated, and I really didn't want to end this dream in a complete failure, since this jackass was too stubborn to want to fight me. I wanted to fight someone, at least. Phasing back through the window, I took off into the (still night) sky, leaving Spider-Man to his anti-social self. Screw him, anyway. I wanted to fight Goku!

      The dream went into this really weird, very trippy flight sequence, where the sky would turn this kaleidoscope of colors while I went on my search for Goku. There were weird creatures flying around, and some of them were talking all kinds of nonsense. Everything turned 2-D and cartoonish. Total DBZ environment. It actually looked a lot like I was flying through Snake Way.

      The clouds cleared, and I was then flying over a mountainous terrain while one of the creatures were telling me about how some villains were hiding in the caves and building a huge 'space craft' (and that this was inherently bad, for some reason or another), so I decided to go and find them. I landed at the mouth of a cave and wandered into the darkness, growing slightly anxious at what I might find, but trying to keep my anxiety down, so as not to produce a nightmare. While walking through the winding tunnel, dragging one hand along the rocky wall in order to keep myself grounded by feeling around the environment, I was suddenly confronted by two alien henchmen. Immediately, I curled my hand into a fist and charged a sphere of energy around it. It even made the familiar sound effect of a ki blast charging, from the DBZ cartoon (though it was unintentional, and it was funny when I heard it, because it was completely unexpected). I quickly spun in place and fired two blasts from my hand at the henchmen, the explosions filling the hallway with smoke and debris. When the smoke began to fade, I saw that at least one of them were still standing. I dashed toward him and tried swinging a barrage of punches. However, all I got was the 'underwater' feeling that I sometimes get when trying to punch things. Through the smoke, I could hear the alien laugh and say something like "you're funny," in a completely childish manner. Just as this was beginning to frustrate me, the dream scene changed again.

      I was then at my Aunt's house (but it was different than it is in waking life), and sitting on her couch. I was still lucid, and beginning to think that this dream wasn't going to be lasting much longer, so I began trying to backtrack and go over the past events of the dream in my head, in order to keep the memories fresh in my mind. My cousin came out from a bedroom, and she had another (gorgeous girl) with her, whom was also being identified as another cousin, even though she was a complete stranger to me. They said that they had just voted, for their first time, and were tired after doing a lot of studying on the candidates and the voting process. It was around here, when I noticed that neither of them were wearing any clothes. Unable to resist, I started sizing up the unfamiliar girl, and getting a little 'hands-on'.

      Not wanting the dream to fade, I looked at my hands again, not wanting another premature scene change. I noticed that the weird tattoo I'd had before had returned, and it was now going all the way up my arm, to the shoulder. When I looked back at the girls, I saw that they had similar markings up their arms, as well as parts of their faces and heads. It was very tribal-looking, and kind of cool, but I already had my intentions set. The unfamiliar girl and I began to fool around on the couch, but just as things were starting to really get going (keeping it vague and appropriate, since I'm writing this at work ), I felt the clarity of the dream slipping away from me. I tried to run my fingers along her skin some more, to keep things going, but I was already stuck with the idea of waking up, and the thought of the dream ending pulled me too far away from it all to get it back.

      Having just barely gotten inside this tattooed beauty, I woke up.

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    5. 10/25/2014 - "These Cuffs Won't Save You..."

      by , 10-26-2014 at 07:28 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      "These Cuffs Won't Save You..."

      Spoiler for Short version...:

      I woke up in my room, and my roommate had come home and was moving some stuff in and out of the house. There was another guy with him, who apparently 'lived' here before we did (a sort of alternate version of my other friend, J, whose father owns the house I'm renting; yet it wasn't exactly him). This guy was just coming in and out of my room, while I was asleep (and undressed). He was pulling stuff, that he apparently owned, out of my closet and pretty much just moving things around as if I wasn't even there. When he left the room, I got up to get myself situated, and when I opened the door to walk into my bathroom, I was surprised to see I was walking into the living room, instead. This didn't seem right, at all, as my living room is through the other door in my room. Before I could think about it for too long, I became distracted by the fact that there were even more people in the house; a couple of females. They were hanging out in this living room, and it wasn't long before I'd made myself decent and came back out to socialize.

      Next thing I remember is that we were all walking out of a department store, and I happened to notice a really attractive girl walking in through the glass doors, beside us. I had to do a double-take when I realized that she was wearing a cut-off shirt with absolutely no pants or underwear on, whatsoever. Again, due to our forward momentum, I simply looked back and kept moving, too distracted to stop and think about how absurd that was.

      We ended up at a bar. I was the first one to grab a table, and I started checking Facebook on my phone while waiting for the others. It seemed that pic after pic of hot women were the only things showing when I scrolled through my news feed. One of the girls from the house came up to me and tried to sneakily move around behind me, to see what I was doing. I flipped my phone, face down, and set it on the table, turning to her with a 'can I help you?' sort of glare. (I hate people that try to look over your shoulder at your business.) She sat down in a chair beside me and started throwing a bunch of questions at me, as if she were trying to find out some background on me. She asked if I would be happy to be able to have access to someone's secret letters or documents, and be able to read everything about their lives without them knowing. I told her that that kind of thing doesn't wouldn't interest me, because I have no desire to go around disrespecting others' privacy in such a manner. She had this really smug, condescending look to her and continued interrogating me, just as everyone else was beginning to show up at the table.

      I didn't really like where this line of questioning was going, and she was simply beginning to wear out her welcome. I stood up and started turning the questions around on her, asking how she felt about herself, trying to drill someone with such personal questions, which were none of her business. I brought her character into question, rather publicly (with a verbal onslaught that I can't really remember), and got her to back off. Twisting the knife, I mocked her attempt to make a fool of me by calling her an 'amateur', in front of everyone else, which prompted a round of laughter from the group. As if seeking one, last dig at me, she reached over and pulled my chair to her, as if she was going to sit down on it. I was like "Uh....no.." and I slid my chair out from under her, sitting on it, myself. Then, with my conscience getting the better of me, I actually reached over to an empty table, grabbed one of the chairs and pushed it over for her to sit on.

      Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. It was a cop, and there were at least 4 more standing nearby. They immediately threw some cuffs on me and began dragging me away from the table, telling me that I was going to be detained and searched because I was "suspected to have 'H'" on me. I was like "H? What the hell is that??" (I know that "H" is normally short for 'heroin', but that is so far away from anything I've ever done that the even the idea that I was suspected of having it was absolutely ridiculous.) The cop stammered, as if he either misspoke or was just trying to make up something on the spot. "Ohh...uh..I don't know...marijuana or something..." While they were hauling me away, one of the guys in my group was trying to tell me something about 'what to do', to get out of going to jail, but I couldn't hear him over the din of the bar.

      They took me to another room in the building and, with the cuffs to the front of my body, I tried to discretely dig through my pockets, to make sure I didn't have anything else on me. I, somehow, ended up getting an empty potato chip bag stuck on each hand as I pulled them out of my pockets. So stuck, in fact, that I had to ask these cops to help me pull them off. They, then, turned me toward a darker corner of the room, where a woman was having her coat removed, rather regally, by a group of about 3 other people, at least 2 of whom were female. Beneath her coat, she was pretty scantily dressed, and walking toward me, slowly. She was completely unattractive, though, and the whole situation was making me more and more uncomfortable. She was, apparently, an investigator who was charged with interrogating me for....some reason? The way she was looking at me, though, it seemed that she had something else in mind.

      Suddenly, her expression lightened, and she nodded over toward a more secluded area of the room, asking me to join her. Taking a few steps away from everyone else, she turns back toward me and sits down on the floor, Indian-style, inviting me to sit with her. Unsure about where this was going, I did, sitting down in front of her, rather awkwardly, due to the handcuffs, and facing her. The woman smiled, leaning in a bit, as if trying to keep our conversation between the two of us.

      She said something along the lines of "you know, I had been watching you since you first came in the bar, and you know what I've been thinking? ....You are beautiful..." She smiled and was very visibly bushing, and I was beginning to get an anxious feeling of 'Just WTF is happening, here??'

      "...I couldn't believe my eyes..." she continued. But, just as she said this, she leaned her head forward, and a thick, red fluid began oozing out of her left eye, in large amounts. She developed a slack-jawed expression as if she was falling into a full-on demonic possession. The gore poured down her face and onto the floor between us.

      "Whoa!", I yelled, terrified and falling away from her. The realization then hit me like a sack of bricks: "Ok, I get it! I'm dreaming!" Just to confirm, I immediately tried some telekinesis, focusing on the woman and slinging my cuffed hands upward and lifting her off of the ground with my mind. Now, embarrassed, enraged and completely confident in my lucidity, I stood up and slowly lowered her feet down to the floor. A few, vengeful words spewed out of my mouth and I swung my hands in one direction. The woman's body followed, being telekinetically flung across the room and slamming, face first, into a white, marble counter-top. Blood splashed outward from the front of her head and spattered across the counter and wall. I snapped my gaze to one of her helpers - another woman - and 'pushed' forward with my mind, slinging her away from me and causing her to smash into shelf full of glass bottles, shattering them. I then stalked over toward her, looking from her to the window near her, and then back to her. I said something snarky like "you know you're going out that fucking window, right?" and, with my hands still cuffed, I used my TK to pick her up, draw her away from the wall and then sling her back toward the window. Her body crashed through the thick, wooden blinds and disappeared into the darkness outside.

      Still in a fit of rage (and having no mind to focus on any tasks I might have wanted to use my lucidity on), I stormed back toward the DCs I had been hanging with, earlier. When I walked from one room to the other, the scenery switched back to the house/apartment, where we were previously hanging out. Three of the DCs were hanging out in a hallway, and the annoying girl DC I had been quarreling with, earlier, was laying on the floor, looking up at me with this shit-eating grin. The first thing I did, when I came within distance, was cock back my right foot and give her a vicious soccer kick, right to the mouth, to wipe that damn smirk off her face. I didn't even care enough to pay attention to her reaction.

      Feeling somewhat satisfied, it was then that I tried to remember something to do with my lucidity, but I was still so miffed at how unpleasant the majority of my experience had just been, that I couldn't even think straight. The dream began unraveling, and I was finding myself unable to pull it back together.

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    6. 01/25/2012 - "With Friends Like These..."

      by , 02-15-2012 at 05:52 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      "With Friends Like These..."

      I was with a group of old friends, and a couple of people I don't recognize. I know JS and MA were there (old friends of mine - a failed couple), and it was weird to see them all buddy/buddy again. We were at someone's home, and one blonde girl in the group had been crying about something. Obviously something of a private issue, we'd gone into one of the rooms and she was telling me about what was going on, while I tried to console her. She leaned into me and I put an arm around her, just as some of our friends appeared in the doorway. Suddenly, one of the other girls in the group (though I can't remember who) seemed to get really jealous of the (completely innocent) attention I was giving this girl. She said something under her breath, like "oh, she's good..." turned around and walked off.

      Later, we were all in some enormous mansion. Walking around, exploring the place, I had become slightly lucid. I specifically remember telling a couple of the girls to remember that this was a dream, in the off chance that they would remind me, should I forget. After some time, we found out that there were these huge guys in black coats walking around this mansion, who looked like Mr. X from the Resident Evil series. They were lumbering juggernauts, and were kind of creepy, in the way they just wandered about aimlessly. I ended up getting into a fight with one of them, in a hallway, where I did something of a 'fade-away' Hadouken blast, turning around while in motion and sliding backward, away from the monster, while shooting the beam of blue energy at him. While doing this, I happened to notice that I could see my reflection in the metal face of one of the double doors I'd just dashed through, surrounded by blue light as a fired away at him. I remember thinking about how it was such an amazing little detail that my mind threw in there.

      After doing some more exploring, it was revealed that this mansion was owned by a coven of vampires, who were attacking us around every other corner. I remember a small vampire boy biting me on the hand, but I sort of 'fortified' my hand by will, causing him to be unable to penetrate my skin with his fangs. A few more skirmishes followed, which I was handling without too much trouble, but I began to notice that the people in my group were starting to come up missing, one by one. Soon, it was just me. Curious as to just what might have happened to everyone, I set out on a search for them, eventually losing my lucidity.

      There was some kind of transition here, and I felt like I was just coming back to the mansion, after some extended period. The entire house was now covered in ice and snow. Some rooms and wings were completely shut off, as if it hadn't been lived in for decades. I was still searching for my friends, though, climbing through these icy corridors and removing blockades from places where it seemed no one had tread for ages.

      Finally, I walked into a large courtyard of sorts, enclosed in glass - something between an 'inside' and an 'outside' type of room, if that makes any sense - kind of an upscale back patio. It was very elegant, as was everything else in the mansion, and looked like it might be some aristocrat's den - There was well over a dozen vampires in here, and they were all just milling about, doing their own thing. A few of the males were sparring, and I then looked over toward a set of tables and chairs, seeing some of the females lounging around in white bathrobes. This looked more like a resort than a coven of vampires. It was then that I noticed that I recognized some of the females. They were the missing girls from my group. They seemed to recognize me at the same time. Immediately, I was lucid again, and I walked over to them, getting a few less-then-welcome glares from some of the other vamps in the room. The girls sauntered sexily up to me, smiling invitingly. They began telling me about great their new vamp lifestyles were, trying to seduce me into becoming 'one of them.' Even though I was aware that I was dreaming, I couldn't help but feel betrayed by them, as I had been really enjoying their company, earlier in the dream, and they'd just left me to search for them by myself. They tried to put me on a guilt trip for declining their offer to stay there with them as a vampire, but I told them that they were the ones at fault, for choosing to stay behind, and that I was gonna just go my own way for the rest of the dream. (Funny that, even though I was aware that it was a dream, I felt so betrayed by their having been lounging around here with the vamps while I wasted half of my dream searching for them. Lol.)

      Inevitably, as these girls began to make me out to be the bad guy in this, the other vamps began circling in around me. Finally, the head vampire gave the order to have me killed. An enormous, absolutely insane fight ensued, where I took on this entire courtyard of vampires at once. (The action felt a lot like in the game Arkham Asylum, which I had been playing lately.) Everyone was basically just coming in at once and I had to pull off sick combos to take them all out, moving from opponent to opponent fluidly, cutting through their numbers so quick that they barely had time to gain any sort of upper-hand. During the fight, while near the large fireplace at the head of the room, I caught sight of a small box sitting atop the mantle. Showing a little ingenuity, I stuck my hand in the box, willing it to contain a bunch of stakes and other weapons, which I immediately used in battle, taking out the gang of undead attackers and causing the head vampire to finally take his shot against me. This dude was huge (and reminded me of Kingpin from the Daredevil movie). He swooped in toward me and, in a defensive reflex, I manifested a pistol into my hand, barely having enough time to swing the barrel up and shoot him in the leg, before he was standing directly in front of me. The shot obviously did nothing to him, and I was actually somewhat emboldened by his resilience. I remember muttering something to him like "Oh...a tough guy, eh?" We then had a short hand-to-hand battle. I don't remember much of it, but I know that I completely out-classed him. The very last thing I remember from the fight is grabbing him by the back of the head and shoving his face into the glass enclosure around the room, spider-webbing the glass with a loud crack. I don't remember actually killing him, though.

      The girls had stayed out of the fight, but were still obviously pissed at me. I was more than satisfied with the dream, though, and fearing I would forget many of the details, I told them that I was leaving them to go back to the real world, and that they could just stay 'down here' and be pissed, for all I care, traitorous bitches that they were. Lol.

      The very last thing I recall was looking out into the night, through the glass wall, and seeing some underwater lights moving around in a pond or pool, just outside, as if there were two people scuba-diving, out there in the winter cold. I then woke myself up.

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    7. 01/09/2012 and 01/10/2012 - 1) "Two Left Feet", 2) "Illusionista" [+ Fragment]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:50 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One
      I was boarding a train, but I can't remember where I was supposed to be going. What I did come to find out was that I'd gotten onto the wrong, and the one I was on was heading 'non-stopped' to Australia (which made perfect sense. ). I began to panic a bit, thinking that I was going to be stuck on this train for God knows how long. But, not too far from where we'd boarded, we came to another station, where I was able to hop onto a different train and head back the other way. For some reason (probably because I didn't have a ticket for this new train), I had to share an 'undercarriage' beneath the train - which had about as much room as the space beneath an 18-wheeler's trailer. There were a few other people down there, and we were holding on for dear life, to the small planks that separated us from the train tracks which were whizzing by, beneath us. With the way we had to hold onto the planks, I kept getting nervous that my fingers were going to get caught in the wheels and severed.

      Dream Two
      "Two Left Feet"

      I remember being in an apartment complex type of setting. There were a few women there, who were around my age, and a couple of little kids that were running around the area. I was having a lot of fun, playing with the kids, and this one girl - in particular - was really checking me out. She seemed to be watching how I interacted with the kids, and by the huge smile on her face, I could see that she approved. Later, I was at a nightclub and saw her in the crowd. When she noticed me, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dancefloor, just as "Ice Ice Baby" came on. We just laughed at how corny the song selection was and danced to it, anyway.

      While we were dancing, I kept having problems because it seemed like random things were just cluttering up the dancefloor, and I kept stepping on them. First it was a broom, that had hap-hazzardly made its way onto the floor. Then, once I was able to navigate clumsily around that, I somehow got my foot stuck into a pillow case. What had once been an attempt to dance now simply turned into me trying to get the damned pillowcase off of my foot, to no avail.


      There was a crazy alien invasion scenario going on. (Unfortunately, I lost most of the details of the dream.) It was all very intense, and dramatic, with lots of emotional moments between myself and my friends and family. I don't remember too much about the nature of the aliens, themselves, aside from their larval form; they were these small, centipede-like bugs that would burrow into our skin, wherein they would multiply and eventually take over the person's mind, which them became the 'host'. There was an extremely horrific scene in which some of us - myself included - were forced to take knives to our own bodies and cut these parasites out of our flesh (much like in the movie The Ruins), to keep from becoming completely controlled.

      Sometime later, I also remember an extremely emotional moment, when I was with my mom, and we were trying to get out of town as the aliens were destroying everything. We were looking back toward the city, and watching an enormous mushroom cloud swell up from where we'd once called home. My mom was sobbing at all we'd lost, and I was trying to console her.

      Later, still, we'd come to find out that the entire scenario was an illusion. It was forced upon us by some crazy powerful witch, or something. I can't remember how we'd done it, but we were able to defeat her, and got her locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. She was being wheeled away on a gurney, and, once she got passed a certain point - and deeper within the bowels of the asylum, she broke free and tried to launch some sort of counter-attack from the inside. She transformed, showing us her true figure, which was human from the torso up, but had the enormous abdomen of an insect. We'd gotten into a final battle, down in a dungeon-esque corner of the building, and were able to inject her with something from a syringe, which made her inhuman abdomen swell up even bigger than it was. Inevitably, it burst, splattering a thick, translucent liquid all over us and the room. After that, though she was still alive, the witch was apparently unable to continue her fight.
    8. 11/25/2011 - 1) "Parenting Fail", 2) "Blown Out of the Sky"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Parenting Fail"

      I was at a party with a bunch of people. Everyone was smoking out of these massive hookahs, and just kind of lounging around the house. There were like a dozen or so adults, and maybe 2 or 3 kids running around. I kept looking at these kids, a bit agitated that their parents would let them roam the house with all of these activities going on. At one point, one of the kids was just sitting in a big group of smoking adults, just staring at the hookah while someone was taking a hit, with this big look of 'wooooow, what is thaaat?' on his face. I just kind of sat there and watched, shaking my head.

      Later, one of the girls was dancing around the room all provocatively to the music. She moved up to one of the toddlers and started dancing and grinding on him like he was some dude in the club. She even dropped down low and pulled him to her, planting a pretty filthy-looking kiss dead on his lips. She then pulled away and continued on dancing around the room, while the kid just stood there with this dumbfounded-toddler look on his face. I was pretty much just mentally facepalming at the whole ordeal.

      Dream Two
      "Blown out of the Sky"

      I was lying down, naked, in an enclosed area. Another body - petite; also naked - was sleeping on top of my chest. I could already tell it was a female, and she was lying face down with her cheek practically nuzzled into my neck. I don't remember the dialogue, but I heard a male voice, outside of the enclosure, telling me that it was TW (an extremely attractive friend of mine, IRL) and she had some kind of medical condition, where if she laid on her back for too long, she would stop breathing and die. She had apparently just rolled over, on her stomach, on top of me, and so the voice told me that I had to keep her there, asleep, so that she would neither wake up nor roll back over onto her back, where she would be in danger of suffocating. I had no idea what we were even doing, lying in this chamber together, but the feeling of having here there with me was just amazing. I was just loving it. I'd always had a thing for TW, and to have her lying here on top of me was just Heaven. She shuffled softly against me, and I put a hand dow onto her lower back, feeling her soft flesh rise and fall with another breath, confirming that she was breathing well and ok to be in this position. (With the lighting and everything, it felt like the final scene in The Fifth Element, where Corbin and Leeloo are in the rejuvination chamber.)

      The dream skipped ahead, and TW and I were then sitting on an airplane together. We had gotten word (over the intercom, I believe), that we were under attack from rocket fire. No sooner did we get this warning, than a rocket slammed into the far section of the plane, causing a huge explosion. The far side of the plane (which I'm guessing was the front, because we were facing that way) tore right off of the rest of the aircraft, leaving a gaping hole, through which people and chairs began streaming out of the plane, into the night sky. We could only brace against each other and watch scores of people rip away from us - flinging out to God knows where - while we, still buckled into our seats - spiraled sickeningly toward a ground that we could not see. (My notes say something about making a deal with someone, which I don't really remember the details of, but I believe it had something to do with the attack on the plane.)

      Soon, we were pulling ourselves out of the wreckage, having landed on some remote island somewhere. I don't remember the actual impact, though. (It all seemed very Lost-like.) The plane was in ruins, but there were still a few survivors. Someone, who I believe might have been the pilot (even though he should have been torn away from us, with the rest of the plane), came onto the intercom, and apologized for the rough landing, but said that 'at least it was better than the last time'...whatever that meant.

      We were then out in the wilderness, somewhere, and we ran across a group of bandits who held us up (presumably, the ones who shot us down). They seemed pretty primative, but they had weapons, and we didn't, so they began to take hostages. Once one of them got me in a chokehold, and I began to panic a bit, I also began to realize that I was dreaming. I held up one fist in front of me, and tried to make a large blade grow out of my knuckles. It didn't work, though, and I just could not get the weapon to materialize. Instead, I pointed to another one of the bandits, and made a 'flicking' gesture with my hand, as if I was brushing dust off of an old countertop. The man I was looking at promptly exploded and disappeared into thin air. The rest of the bandits stared at me in shock, and began to fall back. The one who'd once had a hold of me quickly let me go. Now content with the upper-hand, I let out a huge 'Shout' (taking a cue from Skyrim) and unleashed a nice shockwave of sound, which blew some of the bandits backward. I could see the shockwave roll across the high grass and a nearby river bed, blasting into a patch of trees in the distance, where a grizzly bear had been standing. The husky bear reeled from the sound wave and turned tail to run away.

      Quite satisfied with this, I went to turn my attention back to the bandits and saw that there was something coming, from off to one side. It was very large and moving over the river, but there was really nothing that we could identify - because of the wanton splashes of water, shrouding the large, dark figure. At first, I thought it was a giant alligator - with a body some 15ft in diameter. But, when it got close enough to cease run/stomping through the water, its true form was revealed. It was a dragon - a pretty badass dragon, actually; all jagged, bony features and dark, nearly-black scales. It stopped in front of us, staring directly into my face, and had a short conversation with me, referring to me as the 'Dragonborn' (which is the nickname given to the lead character in Skyrim, which I have been playing lately, of course). I remember that it had the deep voice of the huge first dragon that I encountered in Skyrim, but I don't remember the conversation that we had.

      Shortly after this, I was walking through a field, along with TW. I took a moment to look at my hands, trying to ground myself into the dream a bit. My left hand looked fine, but I noticed that my right hand was missing two fingers and the thumb, bony stumps left where the fingers should be. Again, my memory skips ahead a little while. We were then in a more urban area, and a group of thugs pulled up in a caravan of jeeps and SUVs. There were a few more people in my group, now, than when it was just TW and I. They held us all at gunpoint, and the leader had this weird-looking gun that looked like it had 100 taser barbs, ready to fire. From the hardcore look of the weapon, though, it looked like the barbs would do a lot more than just send a couple of 1000 volts through someone. Still lucid, though, I kept getting in the leader's face, daring him to shoot me, trying to keep his attention off of the other people in my group.

      There was another transition, and TW and I were back in the wilderness - more of a jungle area, actually. We were in a small pond of murky water. We were about stomach-deep, and it was only about 12 feet wide, so there already wasn't much room for us. It seemed much smaller, though. Much more crowded. That's when I noticed there was something very large, floating in the pond, just inches in front of me. It was actually taking up most of the space in the pond. I looked at it for a moment, and couldn't figure out what. It looked very rough, like it was a patch of hard Earth that was sticking up just a few inches out of the water. Then, I noticed it had a face, and on the near side of that face, I saw one, slit-pupiled eye staring back at me. An alligator. A very, very large alligator. TW seemed to recognize it as a gator, at the same time as I did. I could see a quiet panic building up on her face, and I was feeling quite intimidated, myself. We shuffled quietly, trying to walk our way around it. I could see, though, that with every movement I made to get passed the gator, the gator's head would turn just slightly, in order to keep its eye on me. It was watching me, and I had a feeling it was about to strike at me, at any moment. I knew that this was a dream, but I wasn't really sure of what to do in the situation. I knew had to do something, though.

      On instinct, I suddenly lunged at the enormous gator, landing on it's back and trying to wrap my arms around its mouth, from a mounted position. I landed a little too low on its body, though, and was only able to grab around its neck. The gator reared its head back, toward me, snapping its jaws just beside my head and grabbing ahold of my right ear with its teeth. I felt it bite down, but it didn't hurt all that match. I was, however, seemingly stuck. This thing would not let go of me, and I was not about to let go of it, giving it more room to manuever. This thing could have easily bitten the top portion of my body in half, it was so big.

      The last thing I remember is splashing around in the pond, fighting this massive reptile that had a vice-grip on my ear, while TW tried to escape the water.
    9. 11/19/2011 - "Extra-T-Rextrial"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 07:58 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I was standing outside, in a residential area of some large city. There were a lot of other people around, and it seemed to just be an ordinary recreational function; a party or picnic or something. After a little while, I began to notice that there were a bunch of helicopters flying about the airspace around us. I couldn't exactly tell what they were doing at first, but, after some observation, I saw that they were dumping water on a location a few miles away, as if there was some out of control fire raging. I watched for a little while, and it appeared that the vertical cascades of white - that I knew to be water - began turning into horizontal streaks of white - that I knew to be missile exhuast. It was now obvious that many of these helicopters were combat helicopters, and they were firing upon something, though I couldn't tell what, at the moment.

      The people around me began watching the skies, and I could see many of them pointing off in a direction that I couldn't see, because of a large building that was blocking my view. I also saw that many of the combat choppers were heading over in that direction as well. Curious, I walked closer to the nearest group of people and rounded the corner, looking out toward whatever it was that they were pointing at. In the sky, above the skyline of a city that seemed rather New Yorkian, I saw an large mass of alien ships penetrating a firey wall of white and orange clouds, the sun directly behind them, and showing little more than black silouhettes against a golden sky. We were being invaded.

      For just a moment, I stopped and tried to think about this. This had to be a dream, right? Unfortunately, I didn't have the where-with-all to do many reality checks, and I quickly became convinced - because of the vividness of the dream (I had taken B6 and melatonin last night), that I was awake, and that this was really it: Extraterrestrial contact had been confirmed, and we were already at war.

      Giving us very little time to get adjusted to the idea that our planet was being attacked, huge beams of orange light came blasting down from the low-hanging haze of clouds, though in a fashion that wouldn't allow me to see where they were coming from. These beams of light would sweep across the ground, destroying everything (and everyone) in their paths; tearing nearby buildings down and burning the innocent people - that they were obviously aiming at - down to lifeless skeletons. Panic set in, and everyone began to run for their lives. (It was a lot like in the movie War of the Worlds, when they are running through the streets and the alien weapons are just decimating everything around.).

      I knew I had to get out of this field / lot that I was in, or I would be a sitting duck, so I began to run toward a nearby industrial area while these bright orange death-rays were raining down from the sky and just obliterating everything and everyone around me. There were a few times where I kept looking back and forth - from my destination to the utter destruction around me - wondering if I was going to make it. After what seemed like an eternity, I made it across the street to the industrial yard. It was then, though, that my sprint slowed to a jog, and my jog slowed to a brisk walk. I was beginning to realize how crazy this was. There was just no way. Despite how vivid the dream was - and my lack of doing an actual reality check - I was able to finally realize that I was dreaming. Immediately, I turned around and faced the invasion. Some of the DC's that had been running with me asked what I was doing, and I told them that this was just a dream, and I was about to go back and kick some alien ass. Before I knew it, I had an army of DC's with me, looking to get some payback, and we were headed over to the large buildings that decorated the skyline, which had the majority of the alien ships hovering over them.

      Soon, we were climbing some dark stairwell - moving up one of the buildings that the aliens had begun storming on foot. There was a small ordeal with a staircase, where some woman said that the stairs were broken, and she was trying to walk up it, but it was more like she was trying to walk horizontally up a wall, while the staircase was pivoted on some weird angle. It really just looked like a 'clipping' issue in a video game (which makes sense, because this dream came to me after playing hours of Skyrim). We reached the top of the stairwell, and there was a doorway barred with metal obstacles. We pulled them out of the way and, as soon as we opened the door, a lizard-being (which looked a lot like a velociraptor, but seemed to have more human gestures) stood in the opening, snarling at us. I moved positioned myself between the dino and the rest of the group, and he locked eyes at me. I could see him curling back. He was going to pounce on me at any moment. When he did, though, I was ready for him. He lunged and I just grabbed the sides of his head, using his momentum to throw him over the side of the stairway railing. He fell down the center of the stairwell and crashed through the floor, disappearing into the darkness under the building.

      Going into this new area, after walking through the door and trying to look out the window, I could see that there was an enormous lizard scaling the outside of the building. Immediately, I rushed forward and jumped at the wall with both fists out in front of me. Ripping through the concrete wall, I delivered a charging double-fist to the monster's upper-body. We were now dozens of stories above the ground - the giant beast and I falling off of what revealed itself to be a skyscraper, and not just any old tall building. It was then, falling toward the street, that I was able to see that this creature seemed much more like a T-Rex, but bigger - almost going for that Godzilla '98 look. I couldn't take too long to look at it, because I was falling toward the ground, and wondering about how much it might hurt if I hit the pavement, with the dream being as vivid as it was.

      Quickly, I tried to orient myself and get in 'flying mode', because I really wasn't looking forward to hitting ground. It took a moment for me to change my direction, but I was able to fly forward, and land against a nearby building, sticking myself to the wall like Spider-Man. When I turned to look back toward the giant dino, it had already righted itself and was jumping through the air toward me. Immediately, I flew off to one side and the beast crashed into the building. It didn't miss a beat, though, and was soon chasing after me as I flew through the street. Turned out that - even without wings - this dino was more of a dragon (more Skyrim), and was actually breathing that same type of orange beam that I'd seen earlier and thought was coming from the alien ships, themselves.

      The chase went on for a little while, and ended when I flew up to the support structure of an elevated train track. I positioned myself between some of the railings, and the dino/dragon jumped up to get me (and even without wings, this thing jumped like a giant raptor). It missed me, and I moved myself further down. Then, somewhat entangled in the steel structure, the dragon reared its head back and blew a massive stream of fire/energy in my direction, just as the train was coming overhead. Again, I flew out of the way at the last moment, and the dragon completely destroyed the supports, causing the entire skyway track to come crashing down to the city streets below - train and all.

      Watching that awesome sight was the last thing I remember.
    10. 10/16/2011 - "First Night at Dream World Academy"

      by , 10-18-2011 at 06:29 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "First Night at Dream World Academy"
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      (Ironically, I had almost forgotten this dream, upon waking. I'd gotten sidetracked, and it wasn't until a good 20 minutes after fully waking up, that I remembered the experience. Unfortunately, sooo many of the details feel lost (), but what I retained still left me with a feeling of total accomplishment.)

      I don't really remember anything that happened in the beginning of this dream, and my timeline is a little disjointed, but I will put it together the best I can remember. The earliest memory I have is of having just realized I was dreaming, and trying to fly, somewhere out in the woods at night. I was having a lot of trouble flying, and I seemed to just be sinking back to the ground with normal gravity, whenever I tired to take off. I don't remember the point at which I actually was able to take control of my flight, but I was soon zooming out toward the coastline, having remembered my intention to try to find the Academy. The last few times that I had been searching for it, it was always on the water, so I figured the best way to find it was to just fly out over the ocean and will it to be there.

      I overshot the shoreline, without pause, and continued out toward the dark horizon. The sky was this eerily-beautiful canvas of black, dark blue and purple, with the lightest colors having been pushed back beyond the coastline I was leaving; the last rays of setting sunlight behind me as I continued flying into the void, a few dozen feet above the water. The further out to sea I flew, though, the more uncomfortable I got. I could see that this deep, featurless, dark purple backdrop was beginning to project some detail in the sky. I could now see, thick, individual whisps of soft, purple/gray storm clouds, where there had once seemed to be none. (With my speed and low altitude, it felt a lot like the scene in Superman Returns, when he's flying out toward the kryptonite reef.) By this time, the sky was looking even more and more ominous, and I couldn't shake the foreboding notion that I was flying into something sinister. The puffy purple clouds - still barely visible against the dark backdrop - were beginning to swirl, and I half expected to see funnel clouds spike downward from them. Just on the horizon, I could see sporadic flashes of lightning on the water. I didn't like this at all. It's not secret that I'm pretty apprehensive about being way out in open water, in my dreams - because of my constant run-ins with sea monsters - and I realized that I was now out in the middle of nowhere, with no Academy in sight. More than a little intimidated by my new surroundings, I decided to turn around and fly back to the shore. (I have to go over the St. John's River Bridge, every night on my way home, and we've been having some pretty amazing-looking thunderstorms and cloud cover out here, lately. I'm thinking it might have been where the intense storm imagery over the water came from.)

      Soon back on land, I began to think of other ways to find the Academy, and I remembered about the portals. At first, I looked around for any of the puddle / water-hole type puddles I had been using in previous dreams. When I didn't find any, immediately, I thought about doors. I began wandering around, going through various doorways and trying to 'will' myself into the Academy. Behind one door, in particular, I walked into the setting of a previous dream from over a year ago. It was a theme park that some friends and I had gone to for a Halloween Horror Nights type of occassion. The room that I had walked into was the lobby of one of their haunted houses. I remembered previous dream and that it had been pretty creepy, so I really didn't have any desire to stay here. When I turned around, though, the door that I had come through was gone, and I was standing in the middle of the haunted house lobby, with no sign of the wall that had just been behind me. A little uneasy about this - trying not to get distracted from my mission - I searched around for another door, spotting a little service door in the corner of the lobby. I walked over to the door and opened it...only to find another door, behind it. Behind that one, was another. I was beginning to get a little fed up with this.

      I closed the door and focused on changing what was behind it. When I opened it again, the other door had vanished, and there was a dark, stone hallway, leading off into the distance. There was a soft light inside the corridor, but I don't recall what from. Stepping further into the hallway, I saw an opening on the other side, leading out into the night. When I stepped through the archway, I found myself outside, on the water, as if I had stepped out onto a concrete dock. I walked out away from the archway a bit and turned around, to get a good look at the structure from which I'd just emerged. It was a monstrous, stone building. It seemed a series a buildings, really, comprised of high towers and ramparts, various points in the seemingly-mideval architecture connected by high walkways and bridges. It looked like a great, dark castle, from down here. Immediately, I knew where I was; I had finally made it to the Dream World Academy! I walked along the narrow dock for a moment, looking for a main entrance. It was still nighttime, and it didn't look like there was much more than the moon lighting the outside of this place. Eventually, I came to a turn-off, and rounded it to see a gigantic stairway, comprised of what looked to be hundreds of steps, ascending toward a large set of double doors at the front of the Academy.

      I started climbing the stairs, taking in the spectacle, and just now beginning to notice that there were other people milling about the outside of the building. Everyone seemed to just be doing their own thing, and not paying any particular attention to me, which was fine, because I really didn't want to disturb too much, my first time here. I just continued to watch everyone, while I walked up toward the doorway. About halfway up, I passed a small group of people on the stairway. It looked as if they were practicing magic or something, but I don't quite recall. When I got to the large doors, I stepped inside and into a main lobby. Inside the Academy was nearly as dark as the outside; the soft glow of a few, scattered torches fighting against the cool blue of the moonlight coming in through the windows and portals around us, for possession of the black shadows which still dominated the majority of the what could have been adequetely called a 'Great Hall' of sorts. The whole place had a very Harry Potter / Hogwarts kind of feel, outside of being quite dark and having a very 'pre-electricity' atmosphere.

      Unfortunately, there is a lot beyond this point that I don't remember. Nothing too noteworthy, that I can recall. I vaguely remember just wandering the halls, talking to a couple of various DC's about the school, most of which were just practicing a few general abilities, here and there. I remember a portly old bald man being one of the instructors there, but I don't recall very much about him. The last memory I have of the dream is being out near the water again and trying to run back over the events in the dream, as a normally do, to try to help remember them upon waking.

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    11. 09/26/2011 - "Lucid Juggernaut", Fragment

      by , 10-03-2011 at 06:32 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One:
      "Lucid Juggernaut"

      The very first thing I remember is sitting on a couch, during the day, with a few friends. Without warning, a thunderous banging noise came at the front door. Someone apparently had a battering ram and was trying to bust into the house, while we were inside. Immediately, we all scrambled, taking up our guns and preparing for a firefight. However, with the loud banging becoming more intense, some of us were able to see just how many people were out there...and how many guns they had. We were not about to stick around and be slaughtered, so we all bolted out the back door, scrambling through the neighborhood and catching faint glimpses of hundreds of these heavily-armed thugs, raiding all of the houses in the neighborhood. We were being fleshed out, and our territories were being seized by this faction.

      Before we were able to make it out of the neighborhood, we were cornered by a patch of these thugs. I don't believe we had our guns anymore, and they ended up robbing us for everything we had in our pockets. We could do nothing but stand there and fume over how we were being humiliated by these goons, and how helpless we were. After cracking a few jokes, they sent us on our way. However, after a few short steps, I finally realized how crazy this situation was. I figured out that I was dreaming, and I couldn't be more ready for revenge.

      I turned around, mid-pace, and began walking back toward the thugs, whom had just robbed us. I didn't care how I did it, (or that it really didn't matter, because this was just a dream), but I was about to get our damn stuff back! Lol. They all watched me as I approached, waving my hands back in my direction, and yelling at the armed men to bring it on. Accepting the invitation, they all started firing at me, simultaneously. At first, I began to let the bullets just slam into me, while I continued walking toward them. I had to clentch my fists and brace forward, because they bullets were actually a bit painful, but I tried to just push the sensation out of my mind, while I stalked twoard the men. When it finally became too uncomfortable, I took to catching most of the bullets in my hands, which also stung, but was still effective. However, the men just continued firing, and even with a good level of lucidity, it was beginning to get a little overwhelming. I was still having a good time, though, watching them sh!t bricks when they saw how they couldn't really stop me with all that firepower.

      An idea came to mind. Focusing my intention to use a little telekinesis, I brought my hands in front of me, fingers curled toward on another, as if I were palming a basketball. With the men continuing to fire away at me, I drew all of my attention to the empty space between my hands, and 'willed' all of the bullets to be drawn to this void. The bullets immediately ceased hitting me, and I could literally see them being collected, in this empty space between my hands, as if there were a powerful, invisible magnet floating there. (I had gotten the idea from the Mech Suit scene, in the movie District 9, where the Mech used some sort of technology to catch the bullets in mid air, and collect them into one, floating spot.) Then, once I had a good mass of bullet heads collected in this space, the men finally stopped shooting. They stared at the hovering bullets with awe, and were obviously loss for words. Smiling, I quickly flung my hands out in the direction of the gunmen, launching the spent bullets out of the space between my palms, like buckshot from a gun (which is also what the Mech did, with the bullet tips, in the movie). It was just awesome, and I'm surprised it worked, so effortlessly. The first wave of thugs dropped like stones, and more moved in from around the neighborhood. I basically ripped through them all, using their own weapons against them, but eventually losing lucidity. I was able to keep the control for a bit, but the bullets began to take their toll on me, and I could feel myself dying. Still trying to fight through the sensation of having my energy drained from me, I eventually had to succumb. I ended up dying in the street, seeing myself in the third person as a female friend from my group clutched me and cried.

      (There was a strange transition here, that might have been a completely different dream, where some girl, that might have been the same one, was going down on me in a public place. I remember being lucid here, for a moment, but still a little embarassed that people were watching us and walking right by us, even though I knew they were DC's.)

      The dream then transitioned again (or there is just a lot I am missing), and I was now in some scenario where I believe I was a police offer. I had lost my lucidity again (but, again, I don't feel like it was a separate dream). My female companion from earlier was still with me, and she was acting as my 'partner'. We were in some similar situation to what had happened back in the neighborhood, in that we'd set up some kind of presence in this huge, multi-level office building, but were run out of it by this larger faction. This time it was more of a shadow organization with lots of money, modern security, and lots more firepower than even the thugs from earlier.

      Having failed our first confrontation with these new gunmen, I remember us walking back out toward the parking lot, pissed off at having not been able to bring the group down. Once again, just on the verge of retreat, I realized I was dreaming once again. My disappointment instantly turned to mischeivous glee. Without saying another word, I reached into an open trunk and grabbed a handgun and immediately began to storm my way back into the tall office building, and up the stairs, toward where my squad had just been forced out of. I don't remember much of the battle, but it went pretty much like my rampage through the neighborhood, with guys emptying clips into me, and me just refusing to go down. I remember a specific corridor, where I tried shooting my gun, but it was just like a BB gun, and not doing any damage. Annoyed with this, I walked toward the nearest shooter - allowing his bullets to rip into me, on the way - and proceeded to try to pistol whip him and the guy next to him. Unfortunately, I got that 'sluggish' effect, and was not able to get any power behind my swings. The more intense the fighting got, the more I could feel my lucidity slipping in and out. I remained lucid enough to remember that I had died, during the last rampage, and I became anxious about whether or not this would happen to me again, now. I was able to survive this time, though, keeping myself calm instead of allowing the energy-draining sensation to creep back into me. Once I was done having my fun, I walked back down to the rest of my team, completely unharmed, but still riddled with bullet holes and bleeding from every inch of my body.

      (There was another transition after this, which might have been a different dream, but I don't really feel like it was. It didn't really tie in with the theme from the previous, though, so I will just label it as a separate fragment, even though I'm admittedly not sure whether it was a seperate fragment, or just a continuation of the dream.)

      Dream Fragment Two
      I was with JH, and we were leaving my house (which was actually the house where the ex and I used to live, years ago). My mom had just come home (though she didn't actually live in that house with us, in waking life), and I had to break away to speak to her for a moment. All I can remember about talking to her was catching her on the front porch, and seeing that she was wearing a very nice, red dress, and really long hair.
    12. 08/26/2011 - "Battle at Death Bus"

      by , 09-10-2011 at 03:52 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Battle at Death Bus"

      I was on a bus - like an old school bus - but I'm not sure where we were headed. It was night out, and we were driving down some lonely, back road with nothing but trees around us. After some time, the bus had broken down, and we were now stranded in the middle of nowhere. A group of people on this bus, rather randomly, turned out to be self-proclaimed 'paranormal investigators, and after we had been sitting on the bus for some time, they told us that they were beginning to get 'readings' of paranormal activity, surrounding the bus. Most of us were skeptical of their work, but we allowed them to go about their investigation of our surroundings.

      I, and a few of the other passengers, had followed two of the investigators outside. Looking over one of their shoulders, I could see into the screen of one of his gadgets as he scanned the darkened woods around us. The screen showed small blips of small figures scurrying through the brush. At first, I thought it was just infrared images of the local wildlife, but the P.I. said that they were actually the images of the ghosts of dead animals, and that this area was - for some reason - a hot spot for them. I wasn't really prepared to believe him, until I tracked some of the images right up to the roadside and - when looking off-screen - saw that there were no animals visible to my naked eye. That's when I started to get a little nervous. Soon, we were back in the bus. We'd come to find out that these invisible creatures were not confined to the outside, and were finding their way onto the bus with us. I was still sneaking a peek at the monitor, and could see the white silhouettes on the screen; little animals that might have been rats, moving around about our feet and over the backs of our seats. I was still a bit skeptical about the whole thing, though, and wondered if the readings were being falsified. Apparently, that wasn't the case...

      The people on the bus suddenly began to get restless. There was some kind of commotion going on, but I couldn't see anything as being the cause of it. First, it seemed like some force was simply pushing people about, as if they were being shouldered out of the way as they stood milling about. Quickly, though, things turned much more violent. Unrest turned to terrified screams. I could see blood spraying about the aisle, and people began trying to hurry off of the bus. There was something definitely wrong, but I could see no threat whatsoever. Another one of the P.I.'s had a different kind of gadget, one which showed everything through a lens that looked just like a regular pane of glass. However, it was also able to detect these ghostly entities,and actually show them, as they would look to the naked eye, if we could see them without equipment. I caught a flash of a translucent figure. The tattered image of an apparition appeared through the glass. This thing was going absolutely nuts at the front of the bus, and ripping and slashing at all of the horrified passengers. Everyone was panicked, and we all streamed off the bus as quickly as possible. (The tech reminded me of the glasses in the movie 13 Ghosts.)

      Over the next few moments, even more of these vengeful spirits began to 'show up,' and join in on the attack. That's when all Hell really broke loose. These invisible forces began swarming us around the bus. People were getting maimed, by seemingly nothing at all, and it was absolute chaos. Many of us were trying to scramble to get our hands on whatever technology we could, so that we could at least see these things. Before too long, though, this turned out to prove unnecessary.

      We'd come to realize that these ghostly entities were actually becoming stronger, with each passing minute of their attack. The stronger they got, the more tangible they became, onto our plane. Soon, we were actually able to see them, without the equipment. They went from completely invisible, to translucent apparitions of zombie-like men and women, and after even more time, became about as solid as all of the rest of us. The major downside to this was that their strength continued to increase as well. Whereas they were once only able to scratch and claw at us, they were now dismembering people with their bare hands. The stronger these things got, the more they would start to mutate, physically, until we could hardly even recognize them as former humans. They were becoming ugly(er) monstrosities.

      This was an all out war, and it waged on into the morning. The scenery had seemed to change, now that it was daytime, and it actually looked like the bus was parked in the dead center of an arena or stadium. Somehow, we had gotten hold of fire axes - as if they were placed on the bus for safety - and were using them to fight back as best we could. We were able to take some of these ghouls down, once they became tangible enough for us to actually hurt them. After hacking away at most of them, there were only about 3 of them left, in total. By this time, the action had just gotten completely insane. It was almost like a live action anime. The last remaining ghouls were now extremely fast an agile, due to their continuing 'evolution', and we survivors were now practically fighting like ninjas as well. Eventually, we wore the opposition down to one final ghoul. It had mutated so many times that it was stronger than all the others had been. Part of the battle, here, had switched to 3rd person perspective, and it almost seemed like I was playing a game, where I could move the camera around to where I wanted. There were a lot of slow-motion attacks and dodges, while I positioned the camera about the action. Things had a very Zack Snyder-ish feel. At one point, I was on the roof of the bus and had done a back-flip off of it, while moving the 'camera' around the slow-mo acrobatics.

      This thing just kept evolving, though, the more I thought I 'killed' it. In the end, it was beginning to turn into some weird, fleshy being with an emerging head made of metal and glass. The top half was actually starting to kind of look like Canti, from FLCL. I'd still had my regular fire axe, but this thing had a huge battle axe that looked like it was made of gold. He used it as a throwing axe, and when it flew through the air it had this distinct, almost mechanical whistling sound to it. I vaguely remember it coming back to him whenever he threw it (I had watched Thor again, last night), but I'm not entire sure about that.

      I don't remember the outcome of the fight, though.

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    13. 07/12/2011 - 1) Fragment, 2) "War on the Water"

      by , 07-14-2011 at 12:55 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One:
      There was some type of art contest going on. I remember rummaging through some of the entries with EH (a really attractive friend of mine, whom I seem to be dreaming about quite often, lately). It took forever to get to mine, which actually turned out to be of noticeably less quality than many of the others, but it was still somewhat decent. I could have sworn that I had more entries to show her, but it turned out to be only that one. Later, I was sitting on the floor, and she was straddling my lap with her arms draped over my shoulders. I was kissing along her neck and we were whispering some things to each other. My (deceased) dad was asleep in the other room, and we were trying to keep quiet, so as not to disturb him, or anyone else who was in the house. Later, my ex, MJ, and friend, J, came over. I was telling J about the amazing time I'd been having with EH. We all know each other, and MJ was talking with EH. I could tell MJ was plotting something. She came back over, beaming to me about how her and EH were now 'best friends,' and I had a feeling that this was, somehow, going to lead to trouble.

      Dream Two:
      "War on the Water"

      I was a part of (another) special military force (on some G.I. Joe type shit), caught up in an enormous firefight, in a village with high grass surrounding it. The enemy was a guerilla force, which was very skilled in hiding in the bush and using camouflage. They would pop up in random places, and we'd have to be quick to react. I remember having some weapon that fired hundreds of tiny spikes into the grasslands, blindly, to take out whoever might be hiding in them. One guy cornered me with a rocket launcher, around the side of a building. He was too close to fire on me, though, and I ended up throwing a grenade actually into his mouth (somehow), and diving around another corner just before he exploded. (I had watched the end of one of the Rambo movies, yesterday, which had the whole 'hiding in the high grasses' war scene in it.)

      Then, we had to chase down some of the leaders of this enemy faction. We got down to the water, which seemed more like an enormous lake than an ocean. They had a boat in the marina, and they took off down the water, running pretty-much parallel to the shoreline. We had boats of our own, and were about to get into one model, when we were presented with another, upgraded model. This thing was bad ass. It was like a futuristic rocket-boat - all black - that skimmed on top of the water and had boosters on the back. When they started it, it sounded like a jet engine. This boat just soared across the water at an amazing speed. A few miles down the shoreline, we came up to a landmass that jetted out from the coast a little bit. There was a short skirmish with some of the enemy, here - one of whom didn't look human, but like some human/beast hybrid that had long black spines that stuck out, down the back of his head. During this fight, some of my teammates had been abducted. The ship that the enemy had been on suddenly submerged and dropped down into a watery tunnel that led beneath this landmass. We were about to follow, when one of my other crew members said that we needed to go back and get the other ship that we'd left behind, as well, just in case something happened to this one. He convinced me by telling me how deep they were going, and how horrible a death it would be to drown, simply because we didn't have a back-up ship. I was sold.

      Soon, we were racing back, in the jet boat, to where we'd come from, weaving through some of the other ships along the coast. Back where we had docked, it took us a moment to find the other ship, but we soon had it - along with some reinforcements, and were headed back to the mystery land mass. We never quite made it, though. Along the way, we were intercepted by these large, ethereal creatures. They reminded me of Hindu Gods/Goddesses. They were each identical, aside from the fact that they were different colors. They were very large - some 40 feet tall - and seemed to have a sort of glow to them. They had multiple arms, and each one held a very large, curved sword in it. The entities were all clearly female, and had light wisps of translucent gowns fluttering around them. They gave us some type of threat, as they floated there, on top of the water, but I don't remember much of what they said. It seemed that their mission was to stall us there, though, so I don't know if they were working with the enemy or not. After talking for a while, they asked an enigmatic question; whether or not we'd noticed how the water level had been rising, as we were talking. Looking out over the horizon, I could see a swell. The water was definitely rising. But why? I got a really bad feeling.

      I knew something huge was coming. It was just a sudden assumption that turned into an unmistakable awareness. I told everyone on my team that we needed to get out of here - now. These entities were not about to let that happen, though. As soon as we attempted to vacate the area, they attacked, swooping and diving all around us, throwing their enormous blades at us, which rotated around and returned to them like boomerangs. One of them launched a blade at the jet boat I was piloting. Instinctively, I launched myself high into the air, my vessel being destroyed beneath me. Now, boatless, I dropped back down toward the water. Suddenly, though, I stopped. I was hovering - practically standing on the water. I realized that I had the ability to fly! This immediately affected the battle, and I was now flying and fighting and dodging these things and their flying swords. Feeling just on the cusp of lucidity (yet I don't think I ever quite realized I was dreaming), I also began using telekinesis, myself, realizing that - once one of those oversized blades came spinning in toward me - I could mentally deflect it and send it whirling off in another direction, guiding it with a wave of my hand. I also quickly picked up on the ability to loosely control the paths of these weapons, offensively, sending them flying back toward the entities and trying to do them in with their own swords. The fighting was extremely fast-paced, like fighter planes dogfighting over the water; dipping close to the sea and then changing course at breakneck speeds. The rest of my unit continued to fire their weapons from their vessels, unless they had already been destroyed.

      Ultimately, though, we just weren't making any progress with these things. The huge swell in the water was just getting bigger and bigger. The swell then turned into a wall of water heading toward us. It was a few dozen feet high, and I could see that, after it, the rise in water level would be completely overwhelming. 'Standing' on the surface of the water, once again, I quickly increased my altitude in just enough time for the wave to pass beneath me. On the back side of the wave, the water level was now practically touching my feet again, and I looked back toward the shoreline just in time to see the wave smash into the rest of my crew and the passenger boats in the area, immediately capsizing them and washing them away. I looked down toward my feet to see an enormous black shadow forming. Something massive was surfacing beneath me. I pivoted on the water and shot off in one direction, the surface of the water speeding off into my peripheral vision. I could see that this shadow was following me, though, moving just as fast as I was. Again, I went even higher, arcing up above the water and looking down below.

      Finally, my pursuer appeared - bursting out of the water with jaws wide open. It was as if Godzilla, himself (the 1997 version) came jumping out of the water like some sort of leviathan. (It was, without a doubt, the largest sea monster I can recall ever dreaming.) I frantically increased my speed and the gigantic teeth snapped closed behind me - so close that I actually had to tuck my legs and then kick off the monster's closed maw to fly even faster. The only thing I ever saw was the head because its incredible size blocked any possible view of the rest of its body. This colossus just continued to chase me - diving in and out of the water and keeping pace with me - repeatedly snapping its teeth within just feet behind me as I tried to fly faster and faster away from it.

      I don't remember the outcome of the chase, though. But damn that was intense.
    14. 02/08/2011 - "Oneironaut vs. the Dream World", "Fight and Flight"

      by , 02-09-2011 at 08:05 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      Dream One
      "Oneironaut vs. the Dream World"

      (Wow. This is the longest entry I have made in a long time. Lol. It's been a while since I have taken melatonin, and I ended up taking 6mg last night, before bed. I also took a batch of multi-vitamins late, which might have played a part in this. I had a ridiculously long lucid, filled with some of the most incredible action I've experienced in a long time. Unfortunately, this dream was so long that I was not able to retain a lot of the detail - even though I stopped myself and tried to remind myself of the past events, along the way. Oh well. I was able to recall all of the encounters I had (I think), but the details of each fight (and the timeline of which fights happened when) are either hazy, or completely gone.)

      I was back at my High School. (I had gone to a friend's memorial service, on Saturday, and it was at our old High School. I hadn't been on campus in over 10 years, and we actually got to go inside and take a look around, which was pretty surreal.) I was either in the gym or the cafeteria, and there was something strange going on - though I can't remember what it was. A kid near me was trying to help figure out exactly what was causing these strange occurrences, and he looked up behind me and pointed his finger toward the ceiling, yelling out "Look!!" When I looked up, I saw someone's arm, high upon a window sill, drawing itself back, as if trying to stay out of sight, the rest of the body hidden because of my lower position. This was all too familiar, though, because not only did I recall the last time I saw a mysterious arm tuck itself away from my sight, high above the floor, but the arm was decked out in that same tell-tale green and red sweater. I both became lucid and recognized this recurring character, at the same time. "Come on out here, Kruger!" I called up to him, from below, now fully aware that I was dreaming.

      Freddy showed up. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of our conversation or fight. I do remember that at one point, he charged at me, and I did something of an aikido-type of counter, sidestepping and grabbing his arms - using his own momentum to turn him into a front flip and land on his back on a cafeteria table. After a while of fighting, he'd ended up giving up. (That makes twice he's given up against me, so far. Ha!) and I continued on around the school.

      I remember even less about the next encounter, but I somehow ended up getting into a brawl with SSj Gohan, from Dragonball Z, still in the school. (I would almost think of this as completely random, but I did have a dream that SSJ Gohan was stalking me, some time ago. I was not lucid at that time, and ended up spending the whole dream running from him.) I remember vague images of this live-action kid with bright blond - almost platinum - hair standing up on his head, and wearing that purple gi he'd gotten from Piccolo. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of the actual fight, but I remember that it had ended up back in the gymnasium. I walked toward the closed gym doors, where Gohan was about to make his final stand. When I stepped toward the doors, prepared for anything, I remembered the Kaiyo-Ken attack, which is one of my favorite things to do while lucid. I flexed my upper body and imagined the energy pushing outward from my center. The dream was very vivid, and I could feel the energy surging through me, small flickers of red waves of light radiating around the edges of my peripheral vision. I could tell that my body was ablaze, but - in retrospect - I wish I would have looked at myself or something, to see how awesome it must have looked. Lol. The last thing I remember about this part was pushing open the doors and walking into the gym to finish the fight. Don't remember how it went, though.

      The school scenario continued.
      Sometime after my fight with Gohan, though, I had lost lucidity. A couple of friends and I were walking on the top floor of the school, and ended up in a wide open hall that felt somewhat like our old school library. (In real life, the school was only two stories tall. In the dream, it was much, much taller.) There was a long row of windows, set over a wall that was probably about 3 ft high, to our immediate right. Seemingly out of nowhere, a Harrier jet hovered into view, its nose slowly waving from one side to the other while pivoting along the hallway. (I was playing CoD before bed, which heavily features Harriers.) It was scoping for us - one of us, at the very least. The moment it zeroed in on us, the fighter jet opened fire. High-caliber bullets came streaming in through the glass, and my group scattered. Being that I was the closest to the wall, I hit the floor and rolled toward it, positioning myself to a seated crouch in a corner, below the window - just this short, thick stone wall between myself and the flying jet outside. I figured that, if I wasn't directly in front of the window, the jet would no longer be able to see and target me. I was wrong, though. Even through the explosive shower of glass particles, I could see the tracer rounds blazing into the building over me, my friends ducking and diving behind any cover they could find for themselves. Then, the train of supersonic shells began to descend toward me. The plane was now gunning for me, even though I thought I was out of harm's way. I lay down on my back, the bullets cutting down through the glass, and then into the top of the stone wall I was hiding behind, busting through the stone barrier as if it wasn't there. All I could do was watch the tracers break apart my hiding spot and rocket across my body, inches above my chest. A feeling of dread washed over me, and all I just hoped to God that the onslaught stopped - that the pilot would become convinced that I wasn't actually behind this disintegrating wall anymore, and cease fire before his bullets cut through me.

      I don't know if it was my subconscious will what made it happen, but the line of fire settled on a height just mere inches over my chest. Even though he kept firing, he wasn't cutting down through the wall anymore. His aim just loomed over me like a limbo bar. With these few passing seconds, I had enough time to process my disbelief at what was happening. I realized that I was still dreaming. Immediately, I jumped up to my feet, completely ignoring the machine gun fire, which I must have simply phased through, because I didn't feel a thing. Itching for revenge, I remember jumping out of the shattered window and landing on the plane itself. I'm not sure exactly what I did to it, but the next thing I remember is levitating in the spot where the jet was once hovering, and looking down below me as the jet fell toward the earth, already engulfed in flames. It hit the side of the building once and exploded, the wreckage crashing down to the courtyard floor.

      More time passed, and I was now walking through another section of the school, still lucid. I was in an outside, upstairs hallway, walking with some teenage kid (as a visual aid, here is an actual picture of an upstairs hallway that I took, when we visited the school). He was leading me somewhere, but at the time, I didn't know where. The longer we walked down this hallway, the more it seemed to morph. It was changing from the school to something of a dark, medieval castle, the stair-well area that we were coming to turning out to be a catwalk-connected castle tower. We stepped into the dark tower, and guess who showed up to greet us...Ol' Freddy Kruger. Again. He thanked the kid for leading me to him. Apparently, the unknown kid was just sent out to fetch me. Kruger wasn't the least bit happy about our earlier encounter, and he wanted another go-round. This time (as I had done in a previous dream against him), I matched him nail-for-nail, flicking my fingers so that matching razors came out of my fingertips. We had a short clash in the tower, but again, I don't really remember the details of the hand-to-hand combat. The one image I do still have is of stabbing at his face with my fingers/nails, and him bringing up his own hand, threading his fingers between mine and stopping my hand right in front of his face. We fought for a while, though, and it actually ended up spilling off campus. I remember running out to the parking lot with some girl, and we both jumped into an old muscle car. There was a high speed chase where we were either chasing or being chased by a 'ghost car' that was being 'driven' by Freddy (by that I mean he was just controlling the car, but no one was in it). Unfortunately, I don't remember much more about this part than just weaving through traffic with the girl in the passenger seat.
      I believe that it was sometime around here, that I lost lucidity.

      (It's possible that this next part was a separate dream, but I honestly don't know, so I will count it as the same one.)

      I was back in the High School. There was a girl walking in front of me, and I remember looking at her back, lost in thought. (I don't know if it was the same girl from before.) For a moment, I had completely forgotten about all of the previous events, but the girl looked back at me and said something to jog my memory. (I wish I could remember what it was.) Whatever it was this girl said, she tipped me off that I might be dreaming. A bit surprised at the possibility, I looked at the wall to my right, where a clock was supposed to be. There was no clock, but there was some kind of schedule which showed times that marked certain events. Using that as my clock, I remembered one specific time on the list; 9:59. I turned away from the schedule and when I looked back, there was no 9:59 anywhere on the list. I had to look carefully, because there were times close to it, but there was no 9:59. I was still dreaming! By this time, I was completely amazed that I had not woken up yet. I ignored the girl and tried to recount all of the events of the dream(s) I had been having - thinking back through my fights with Freddy, Gohan and the Harrier. Even by this time, I didn't remember all the details, but I remembered the basics. The girl stopped and asked me something about why I seemed so distant. I told her that I was in the middle of the most incredible lucid dream, and started exclaiming about all the battles I'd won.

      We walked through the 'multi-purpose room' (which was the main room that we entered/exited, when I revisited the school in real life, on Saturday), and out the side doors of the school, toward the parking lot. There was someone walking out behind me, but I didn't notice at first. He was talking shit to me, but I wasn't paying him the least bit attention. Eventually, he said something about the boy that had led me to Freddy Kruger, some time ago. I heard him imply that I had kicked the kid's ass (though I don't remember doing so), and that the kid was his brother. Apparently, this DC wanted to fight me, in his brother's name, but I really wasn't interested. I had half a mind to just keep on walking, and let the guy keep on running his mouth. But then he said something about my ex, MJ. I can't remember exactly what it was he said, but it was something like "Or maybe you'd like to hear about what I did to your girlfriend, 'the Virgo." (MJ is the only Virgo I've dated.) I stopped in my tracks and turned around. I recognized the guy. He was B.S., one of the 'tough dudes' back in HS, that you just didn't fuck with. J.S. was his brother (in waking life, but I didn't recognize the kid from before as J.S.). He chuckled at the fact that I had turned around at MJ's name. He said something like "Ohh....why so defensive? She's not really still your girlfriend, is she?" As he said this, two other guys walked up beside him, putting down their bags as if they were all about to kick my ass. Still completely lucid, I said something like "No...but I'm just getting tired of hearing you talk." I stepped up to him, staring him dead in the eye. I said something like "Well? You are apparently looking for a fight. Go ahead. Come on. Do something." This obviously threw him off his game. He stammered a little bit, looking at his friends. I just egged him on. "Come on," I said, looking down at my wrist, as if there was a watch on it. I warned him that "you're running out of time," knowing that I would be waking up soon. If this guy was going to make a move, I wanted him to do it now.

      He did. He and his goons all attacked me at once, and I basically just tore them apart, punching and kicking from person to person, not worrying in the least about their attacks. It was like Jackie Chan taking on a bunch of punks. They didn't stand a chance. I just completely took them apart, criss-crossing between them - moving as fast as I could to attack whomever came in range. By this time, there was a crowd gathering, and one guy came close to me yelling "Yeah! Alright! ...." and I punched him in the mouth, thinking he was one of the attackers. The guy stumbled back, holding his face, and said "WTF?! I was rooting for you!!" Quite comically (and in somewhat traditional Jackie Chan fashion), I apologized to the guy and kept on fighting against the small gang of schoolyard bullies.

      (I woke up during the fight. From the way things progressed, I was already amazed at how long the dream had lasted. I knew that I'd taken a lot of melatonin, and was expecting that I had slept most of the day away. But when I looked at the clock, it was only around 7:30am - and I didn't go to sleep until around 4:30am. I had only been asleep for 3 hours! I was absolutely blown away by this, and I jumped out of bed and went over to the computer to jot down my notes. Looking for a chance to induce another lucid dream by WBTB, I then went back to bed and tried to fall back asleep, before I stayed up too long to do so. Thanks to the melatonin, I had no trouble drifting back off.)

      Dream Two:
      "Fight and Flight"

      I don't remember anything about this dream, before becoming lucid. I was with Todd and, having already known I was dreaming, I was flying over the landscape with him right behind me. Since I had a lot of room to work with (and no real plot to pay attention to) I was really pushing my speed, digging in and trying to go faster than I had, the last time I was flying as fast as possible. I had amazing control, and I would dip down toward the patches of water beneath us, changing directions close to the water and having it spray up around me in my wake. I remember just trying to go faster and faster. Every time I would settle on a speed, I would try to push it even further. Flying over what was either an ocean or a marshland, I came toward a patch of trees. The patch was at least 100 yards wide, maybe slightly longer from front to back. For just a moment, I wondered about trying to fly around these trees, but since I was going so fast, I wanted to try something else.

      When I came to the watery forest, I imagined myself phasing from left to right, zig-zagging so fast that I became nothing more than a non-local blur moving through the trees. I have never really done this before in a dream, but it worked perfectly. I didn't lose speed at all. I simply came in contact with the forest, and 'whisked' my way through the trees, shifting myself around so fast that it practically felt that I was in more than one position at once. Still flying at a breakneck pace, I exited the forest, looking back behind me and seeing that Todd was still right there on my heels. There was no trouble with gravity; no 'sinking' feeling, when thinking about the fact that I was trying to fly. I was just in total control of my flight, at a level that was very rare for me.

      The last thing I remember about this dream was that we had landed on some far-off jungle island. Night had fallen, and there was a bit of a scenario about a voodoo-type tribe treating us like monsters and plotting our demise. We found ourselves in a torch-lit courtyard, standing before a set of enormous doors made of logs. The doors flew open, and an enormous beast charged out at us. It looked almost human, but had elongated arms like a gorilla, and it was very pissed off. Once again (and this is becoming an unfortunate habit), I can't actually remember much of the actual fight. I do know that we ended up winning, because there was a part afterward, when we were talking to some of the indigenous about our victory.

      (Even though this dream seemed much shorter, I woke up almost 6 hours afterward, which I would suppose accounts for most of the details of the fight scenario being lost. All in all, though, the entire night's worth of dreams was absolutely amazing.)

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    15. 02/06/2011 - "Everybody Falls the First Time"

      by , 02-08-2011 at 10:40 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      "Everybody Falls the First Time"

      I was outside a house that kind of looked like my grandmother's, on my dad's side. There was an overhang above the front porch, and I had to go back into the bushes to look for something. This porch was infested with spiders, which had made webs that criss-crossed through the small walking space between the bushes and fence, and the deeper I got into this space, the thicker the webbing network became. I had been trying to keep out of contact with these webs, but it was just impossible. When my arms or legs would touch up against the webs, I could feel that they were about the consistency of metallic thread, and I was feeling more and more trapped inside. It got to the point where I wasn't sure I would be able to get back out from behind the bushes, without taking some of these webs out with me. Small spiders dotted the webbing in scattered areas, and I was able to avoid them, for the most part. A friend of mine handed me some sort of cleaning tools - though I don't remember what they were - and I got to work, breaking these webs and spraying whatever spiders I could find.

      Randomly, I happened to look to the left, eyes fixed just slightly higher than my head. There, hanging no more than a foot away from my face, was the grand-daddy of all spiders. It was hung with its enormous legs curled up to its softball-sized body - the entire creature probably about the size of a baseball glove. For a moment there, I was paralyzed with fear. I already don't like spiders, and this thing looked like it could strike at any moment, and wrap around my head like a face-hugger from the movie Aliens. Swallowing the terror which was surging through my body like a high-voltage current, I sprayed this monster and swatted him down off of his perch. I then broke out from behind these bushes as fast as I could, and went around to the front. Apparently, I'd done my job, and this spider was dead. Even while it was lying on the ground, motionless, I just couldn't believe the size of this thing. Not missing the chance to document, I pulled out my phone and took a picture of it.

      Not long after this, the old woman who lived in this house (who wasn't my grandmother) came home. She was driving an old Caddy, or something similar.Pulling into the garage, the woman slammed into the wall, piercing the home with the grille of her car. She put it in reverse and pulled it back out, and we all ran over to assess the damage. It wasn't too bad, but we were all still wondering WTF she was thinking. We talked to her for a while, and she was a little shaken up, but it turned out she wanted to give it another go. I thought this was a horrible idea, but she was back in the car before I really even thought about saying something. Wasting no time, she slammed on the gas. There was a teenager walking across her driveway, and he had to dive out of the way so the woman wouldn't run him down - which she would have - and the car then disappeared into the garage, followed by an enormous crash.

      We ran to the garage, and saw that the car had gone completely into the house, and through the kitchen, debris strewn all around. The woman was ok, but she'd done some major damage to her home. Soon, we were all trying to fix whatever we could help her with. A rack of glass panes were wheeled in, to replace some of the glass cases and windows she'd destroyed, and I noticed that this glass was much stronger than regular glass. Someone told me that it was a special type of glass - which even had a specific name, that I can't remember - and it was the type of glass that they use for those 'sky-walk' things, like at the Grand Canyon, designed to support your weight, when you stand on it and walk out over the gorge.

      During this explanation, the dream made an unexpected transition. I was now standing outside of a skyscraper window, hundreds of meters above the ground, perched on one of these panes of glass. The glass plank was only maybe 2x2 ft., and was nowhere near adequate for safely supporting a full-grown man, at such extreme heights. I pulled back and pressed myself against the glass behind me, wondering just what the hell I was doing way up here. Behind me, I noticed that there were some people inside the building. They were encouraging me to jump. That's when I noticed that I was attached to a bungee cord. It seems that I was on a bunge platform, but I had absolutely no intention of jumping.

      Across the street was another skyscraper, practically identical to the one I was on. I heard someone scream and looked up above, to the rooftop on the building across from me - which was still hundreds of feet higher than the level I was on. A person had plummetted off of the rooftop and was screaming as they soared down passed my position, careening toward the street far below. Their bungee cord then recoiled, saving them from what would have been certain death. Another person followed, shortly after. These people were obviously braver than I am, because even when I could bring myself to look down, I would throw myself back against the glass, trying to keep myself from tipping over.

      One last person hurled himself off of the adjacent building, his trajectory bringing him out a lot further than the others. What I hadn't noticed was that there was another platform on my building, about a dozen feet above my head. This guy had jumped far enough to carry himself across the double-laned gap of road beneath us, just to the side of the building I was on, and slammed down hard, onto the platform above me. I could hear everyone behind me yell "oooooohhhh!!!" The guy - obviously in a lot of pain - was able to slowly shift his body to one side, and just kind of rolled off of the platform. His limp body continued the descent, passing within a few inches from my side, and dropping like a stone, toward the street.Unfortunately, I couldn't resist the urge to track him with my eyes, tilting my head forward just a bit, to see further down toward the street. My body, it seemed, was destined to follow, and I felt myself teeter away from the glass window. I tried to pull my center of gravity backward, but it was too late. Now it was I, who was falling down toward the street, the knot in the pit of my stomach growing exponentially, while the ground rushed up toward me. I don't remember whether or not I screamed, but I wanted to. As far as I know, my bungee cord never snapped me back up, instead, I just kept dropping further and further, faster and faster, until I finally woke up, seconds before hitting the ground.

      (I had set The Matrix to loop, while I slept, and this dream felt distinctly like Neo's being stuck on the ledge during his office escape, and his fall between the two buildings, while trying out the jump program. I don't know that they were directly related, but it all felt way too similar not to be.)

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