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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. 1/17/2017 - "Untitled"; "Pencildragon" (Lucid)

      by , 01-18-2017 at 06:02 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      All I remember is that I woke up to some guys coming into my house, like they owned the place. I think they were supposed to be of some relation to my landlord and his son. They pretty much just made themselves comfortable, as if they were going to be staying for quite some time - one of them posting up in my windowsill and just gazing reverently at the outside world. I also remember that I was on the second floor of a two-story house.

      Dream Two:

      I was at some outdoor carnival or festival, held out in some rural field at dusk. Munching on cotton candy while I walked, I spontaneously realized that I was dreaming. Immediately, I was surprised at how much I could smell and taste the cotton candy (I have very few experiences with tastes and smells in lucid dreams), and even though the dream already felt very clear and grounded, I decided to take a few moments to touch my surroundings, running my hand along the wooden frame of a wooden kiosk nearby. Raising my free hand up in front of my face, I saw that my fingers were very wavy, which was a bit at odds with the solidity of everything else around me.

      Quickly, I tried to think of what I had planned to do with my lucidity once attained it, before I'd gone to bed. I remembered the 'Tasks of the Month' and that I wanted to try the pencil task (which was to "ask a pencil to draw something for you"). I turned back to the kiosk, expecting to find a pad and pencil there, in which I could do the experiment. Sitting atop the counter, I found a pad and a few, loose, colored pencils. I picked up one pencil - blue, I believe - and set it in the center of the pad. Without speaking, I attempted to "will" the pencil to draw something for me. The only thing I remember, about the actual process, was the pencil moving back and forth and making a few scribbles, but it ended up drawing a (quite simplistic) dragon. (One of the art pieces I have been brainstorming on, in waking life, has been a dragon. I haven't yet drawn the final draft, but I did draw a dragon thumbnail, about a week ago).

      Satisfied that I had completed the task, I took to the air and flew away from the carnival to do some exploring. While flying over the wide, green fields of the early evening countryside, I looked below me to see an actual dragon, roaming around the landscape and idly blowing plumes of fire at random. It had sort of a cartoonish, video game feel to it (I had been playing PlayStation VR, before bed - no dragon games, though), and felt as if it was just a manifestation of the dragon that was drawn on the paper. I decided not to bother with the creature and continued flying over the field. I don't really remember anything afterward.
    2. 1/11/2017 - "Untitled"; "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      by , 01-12-2017 at 05:55 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      The only thing I remember are some vague images of sex, and then my landlord coming by and giving me shit about something or other. I just did what I could to avoid him, while he was hanging around.

      Dream Two
      "Cancelling the Apocalypse"

      I was with two other guys, and we were being stalked by the Marvel supervillain, Apocalypse. We were in some tall, unfinished building, surrounded by a cage of unfinished walls and concrete pillars. Apocalypse had this very Jason Voorhees type of way of following us, slowly and almost casually, before just "appearing" nearby, to try and attack us. (I had been watching beta gameplay from the new Friday the 13th game, not long before bed, which I believe inspired the way he gave chase in the dream.)

      On about the 3rd floor of this hollow building structure, Apocalypse appeared and snatched up of the guys in our party, disappearing with him and reappearing somewhere down on the first floor. We could see him through the many openings in the incomplete floors beneath us, holding our ally up by the throat, with his back against one of the support columns. I can't remember exactly what he did to our guy, but I remember it being very vicious and gory, as if he just ripped him apart, with his bare hands, in a shower of blood. Knowing it was too late to do anything about it, we started running again, and before I had a chance to even know where I was going, Apocalypse was back on the third(ish) floor with us, stepping out from behind a corner just as I passed by, and coming straight for me. Having no time to think of a safe escape, and after having seen what he just did to the other guy, I immediately lept from the ledge that I was approaching, still about 3 storeys up - basically resigning to the fact that I was Not going to enjoy the landing.

      In a panic, while careening toward the ground below me and preparing for the inevitable onslaught of pain and possible broken bones that awaited, I instinctively realized that this couldn't really be about to happen. This had to be a dream!! Without a moment to second-guess it, I pushed my feet straight down and braced for impact, relieved when I stuck the landing in an almost effortless crouch. I knew that Apocalypse would soon follow behind me, though, so I instinctively lunged backward, throwing my right elbow back and cracking him in the face with it, when he predictably showed up behind me. (Not sure if he was always going to be there, or if my anticipating him being behind me caused him to just 'be there'.)

      I didn't stop there, though, immediately turning around and rushing him with a barrage of punching combinations to the head and gut, confidently and aggressively driving him back with each solid hit. While in mid-attack, I wondered if I should not get too carried away and try stabilizing the dream before it ended or I lost my lucidity, but I was fired up and didn't want to stop hitting him. It was only a matter of seconds, though, before the dream fell apart and I woke up.
    3. 12/22 thru 12/26/2016 - "Snake Among Dragons;" "Diva Scorned;" "The Thin Lucid Line"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:13 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      "Snake Among Dragons"

      I was with a fairly close-knit group of martial artists, meeting with each other about something or other. There was a cop within the group, sitting there in street clothes and trying to blend in with us, but it was becoming more and more apparent that he was there to dig up dirt on our group.

      Fragment Two
      I just remember a cat diving into a pool and being able to sort of freedive and hold its breath for an impressive amount of time.

      "Diva Scorned"

      I was being chased by some psychotic, pistol-packing diva - with her expansive group of henchmen - through a big, fancy hotel setting. I have no idea why they were chasing me, or who my companion was, but I know the orders were to shoot on sight. During the chase, someone was able to take us into their apartment and hide us in a small space at the side of a bed, just as the woman showed up. They ended up torturing the person that was hiding us, and who had absolutely refused to give us up. I can't remember what all they did to him, but at one point, I do remember them taking high-pressure heat to his face - like a modified blowtorch with no flame - and literally burning and blistering all over his face and head.

      Next thing I knew, they were gone and we were back on the run, through the hotel hallways and out onto the scaffolding outside, goons firing a few pot shots at us along the way. Making it down to the parking lot, we looked for crowded areas and tried to stay hidden.


      There was a bright green viper loose in Shaun's house - pretty much just slithering around, wherever it pleased. I did a fairly good job of avoiding it, in the beginning but eventually it struck out at locked onto my calf. The last thing I remember was wondering if I was going to make it to the hospital in time to not die.

      Fragment One

      This one was something about the Tree of the Dead, from the movie Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember much from the dream, except chopping away at the center of the tree, as if more trying to destroy it than investigate it. Just like in the movie, though, I was getting sprayed and saturated with the human blood and gore that made up the tree's insides. I don't remember any encounter with the Headless Horseman, or anything like that - just the tree, itself - though I do know that I had someone with me.

      Dream Two
      "The Thin Lucid Line"

      I was out for some good times with friends, and there was an attractive woman that just kind of fell into our group, after a while, along with some of her male and female friends. The woman and I had been getting along really well, and one of her friends was continuously trying to hook her up, but we all knew that there was going to be nothing going on between us. Throughout the day, I had been driving, and I vaguely remember stopping into a grocery store, before we all went to an apartment complex.

      The sun had just gone down, when a group of maybe 8 of us were walking through the parking lot, and two of the guys - one white, one black - decided to play, what they referred to as "a prank". They, then disappeared behind one of the buildings. A few seconds later, a woman comes running out from one of the hallways, screaming for the police, just as a patrol car 'happened' to be pulling into the complex.

      Naturally, we all scattered and attempted to evade the police. While running through the parking lot, I'd begun to suspect that I was dreaming. Taking one huge leap, I launched myself into the air, and nearly touched the roof of one of the tall apartment buildings, slowly descending back toward the ground. Trying to keep myself calm and get my bearings within the dream state, I took another jump, just a bit more focused, and touched-down to the rooftop. I, then, flew across the parking lot, to the rooftop across from the building I was once on. (I had originally wanted to do the 'Lucid Task of the Month' but I had completely forgotten, by this point.) Now, assured that I was dreaming, I went back down to find my group.

      The cops had everyone rounded up. There were two black cops and one white one - the two black cops acting nonchalant and, ridiculously enough, carrying basketballs as if they were trying to appeal to us level (while being racial stereotypes, obviously). They started putting us in their cruiser and the white cop turned to me and started making bigoted remarks. Still lucid, I just laughed at him and said something smart, in return. Becoming instantly defensive, the cop pulled out his gun and shot me in one leg. It felt like a light punch, and ultimately didn't faze me at all, in terms of pain. The act was, though, irritating, and it caused me to laugh directly in his face, at his futility.

      I said something like "you fool! This is a dream. This is My dream! You think you can hurt me, here??" I then held up one hand and challenged him to shoot me in the hand, just to prove to him (read as: myself) that I could override the pain. He looked at my hand, and back at me...and then he shot me multiple times in the Legs, again. It caught me a little off-guard, but I focused on ignoring the pain and what little discomfort came about had immediately disappeared.

      Again, his defiance irritated me, but caused me to laugh at him through grit teeth. I was just just about to go completely OP'd on him, when I felt the dream beginning to fade away. I didn't even try to fight waking up, though, even though I would have enjoyed tormenting this DC, and I just let the dream slip away while I awoke.

      I've noticed some recurring themes of racism and fascism in my dreams, lately. Makes sense, really. I've been taking in a lot of politics, and playing games like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, which contain a lot of such situations. No question as to whether waking world media is seeping into my dreams. Lol.
    4. 12/17 and 12/19/2016 - "Screamulator;" "Snowy Trail with JJ;" "Reality Killavision"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:03 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      I was on a virtual reality / roller coaster hybrid-thing with Cierra. It was supposed to be scary, but it really wasn't all that impressive...at first. At some points, along the ride, I would lift up my VR visor and look at the inner-workings of the ride. It was some bizarre marriage of industrial-grade, metallic structures, electronics, and live, supernatural-looking creatures - as if many of the virtual creatures we were seeing in the visors had actual, real-world counterparts, which were being manipulated (practically-tortured) for the purpose of making this ride work.

      It was very strange and surreal, and I don't think Cierra ever took off her visor and saw what was going on.

      Fragment Two
      "Snowy Trail with JJ"

      My girlfriend and I were walking down a snowy mountain, at night. At some time during our walk, we were approached and followed by a white wolf. At first, it made my girlfriend nervous, but I squatted down a little, as it came close, and put out my hand. The wolf moved into it and allowed me to pet it without incident. It then continued to follow us on our walk, until being deterred by a large, tan/orange scorpion that cross our path. It wandered off in one direction, following the scorpion.

      "Reality Killavision"

      This started as some sort of mix of a haunted house and a TV show. There was a group of about a dozen people, all moving through this "haunted" set. During the course of the show, people would be disappearing from the group, one by one, and sometimes completely new people would take their place. It felt very Saw/Hostel-inspired. Later, though, the 'fantasy' nature of the show disappeared, and we found that we were all in very real danger - not so much from anything supernatural, but from actual murderers lurking within the set, including a sniper who was waiting in one very large room with a high wall on the far side.
    5. 12/08/2016 - "New World Disorder"

      by , 12-12-2016 at 06:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "New World Disorder"

      Tony, BR, MR and I decided to infiltrate a Neo-Nazi rally.

      We were being led down into what seemed like an underground garage, surrounded by Neo-Nazis. Most were stereotypical - white, with shaved heads - but there were a few minorities speckled throughout the crowd as well. En route to the meeting area, we passed through several rooms that looked as if they were ripped out of the "generic haunted house" handbook; various torture chambers - both physical and psychological - with a number of digital monitors showing compilations of gruesome acts of violence that were, undoubtedly, being performed on the people being held captive within this place.

      We were herded into a main room and shuffled our way toward the back of the gathering of maybe a little over 100 people, trying as best we could to blend in as sympathetic to their cause, in order to observe their actions and rhetoric. One man spoke from the podium and, though I can't really remember much of what he said, it was all too constantly met with cheers and chanting from the mob.

      Before long, the rallying cries began to take on a tone of suspicion and accusation, waves of negativity progressing through the crowd and making their way back toward us. The group was becoming more and more alarmed that there were traitors or 'outsiders' among them. It didn't take long before we were confronted and discovered to be...disloyal. A long chase inevitably ensued, and we were soon sprinting through the halls of this expansive facility, which was gradually morphing from a dank, dilapidated, present-day industrial setting and into a sanitized, futuristic and seemingly state-funded Base of Operations with grayed-out metal and stone interiors that looked pretty-distinctly Sci-Fi. Armed sentries pursued us while we dodged and darted within the halls, at one point coming to an annex and staring down the barrel of a massive cannon that they had instantly erected in our path before we changed directions and ran down an other hallway before the group of henchmen manning the unnecessarily-large weapon could get a single shot off.

      Having split from my group while running, I was being tailed by a small squad of Nazis (now in even more militaristic attire), when I turned a corner of an apartment-style hallway, ducking into the first open door that I saw and closing the door behind me. Inside, I ran into a young woman who was quite startled by my having barged into her room. Frantically, I whispered a plea for her help and gave her a brief rundown of what had happened. Apparently, she was one of many people being held by these fascists against her will, so she was willing to aid me by shoving her into her closet. The patrol kept on searching, so I had to remain in this cramped space for most of the day. The girl ended up taking a nap on the bed across the room, and there eventually came a knock at the door. The guards were doubling back and checking the rooms, individually.

      The girl didn't hear the first few knocks, or the demands for the door to be opened. Fearing they were going to burst in and search the place, I picked up a shoe from the closet floor and chucked it across the tiny apartment, hitting her with it and waking her up just in time for her to respond to the guards. She tried to get them to leave her be, but they insisted upon coming in, just before I was able to fully shut the closet door - which the girl noticed. She tried to keep their attention from the closet but, from the darkness, I could see that they were starting to glance over toward my hiding place in suspicion. When they did, the girl raised a huge stink about how they were immoral thugs, disrespecting her privacy. She was even able to call in another female friend to back her up. The friend came in, immediately chastising the guards for being so cruel as the pair whipped up some crocodile tears and began to console each other for this apparently sexist infraction. The newcomer seemed to know all about the rouse, and was playing along perfectly.

      It worked. The guards, not wanting to get too caught up in this seemingly-overwhelming display of female emotion, ended up leaving the room without fully searching the place. The two strangers had saved me, and when I was sure the patrol was gone, I set back out to find my friends.

      I remember one last fragment about being on the outside architecture of the base, maybe a few hundred feet above ground and cornered by the patrol, yet again. I don't recall how the whole thing ended, though.

      (Possible inspirations: a topic recently came up, where some friends and I were reminiscing on a time when we created fake accounts for Stormfront.com, which is a "White Nationalist/Supremacist" website, and did a hilarious trolling raid on them, some 10 years or so ago. Obviously, with everything that has been going on in American politics, as of late, the subject matter has been on my mind.)

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    6. 12/10/2014 - "Highway Risque"

      by , 12-30-2014 at 03:48 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Highway Risque"

      Hanging out in DeLand, mid-day, with BR and L. We had gone to a bar. The only thing I really remember about being in the bar is that some belligerent (presumably drunk) girl started mouthing off to us and telling us to be quiet, even though we were among the quietest groups in the bar. We just exchanged "WTF?" glances and brushed her off.

      Later that night, we were driving up the highway, when we saw a commotion up ahead. The light dose of traffic had snarled as there was another, random girl walking along the ledge of the overpass, looking down at the highway below her. She was also completely disrobed. She began to do some daredevil acrobatics on the ledge, stretching up into a handstand which looked like she could topple down to the street at any moment. There were times where she stumbled and flailed to catch her balance, but she never fell.

      Soon, she climbed down the stone pillar and to our level, then moved through the crowd, seducing random guys as she passed. From nowhere, it seemed, a girlfriend of hers appeared and began to join her in making their rounds from guy to guy, entrancing them with lustful gestures. The crowd was gathering, and everyone was chomping at the bit at these two girls. Then, another friend of mine, P, pushed his way through the crowd and brazenly stepped up, took first girl and began making out with her. I remember this pissing me off, because I knew my friend was in a committed relationship.

      I woke up immediately after this.
    7. 10/27/2014 - Untitled Fragment; "Coke Challenge"; "Superhero Scapegoat"

      by , 11-06-2014 at 02:45 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (I was attempting to complete Hukif's Lucid Dare; challenging me to fight Spider-Man, without the aid of Lucid Powers. After waking up and doing a few brain-teasers, at about 5 a.m., I went back to sleep with the intention of finding and fighting Spider-Man.)

      Fragment One

      I was at an outdoor festival with friends. A specific girl I was chilling with was absolutely gorgeous (tall, exotic, dirty-blonde hair. Reminded me a little of AP), and we were getting really cozy; hugged up on each other and dozing off while I was rubbing my fingers along her thigh.

      Dream Two
      "Coke Challenge"

      I had a false awakening, where I woke in my Canterbury bedroom. There was barely any light coming in through the window, but I could tell that the room was different (from my present one), but couldn't recognize how. While I was trying to figure it out, a young boy walked into my room, immediately alarming me because I always keep my door locked when I sleep.

      He stood in the shadows of the doorway, trying to grab my attention, talking about how I should come and try the "coke (cocaine) and [something?]" that he'd just made. I sat up in bed and started questioning him about who he was and how the Hell he got into my room. He seemed to try to avoid my questions, remaining suspiciously quiet and just standing at the open doorway.

      "This is a dream, isn't it?" I asked, rhetorically.

      The moment I became lucid, the dream transitioned (or ended).

      Dream Three
      "Superhero Scapegoat"

      I was back with the girl from the original dream, and we were walking down the sidewalk of a city street. There was a bank, off to our left, and we turned to step inside...walking right into the middle of a bank robbery in progress.

      The thieves were running in and out of the back of the bank, taking turns leaving carts of money for short periods, before coming back in and grabbing as much more as they could. I don't remember actually seeing any employees or customers. With one of the carts being near to us, my lady-friend and I simply couldn't resist grabbing onto the handles and rushing over to the door with the cart, trying to wheel the money out. (Not that I would have ever done that, in waking life, but it was just made sense, in the dream. Lol.)

      There was some cloth hanging from the car (with a design on it like the gray and black plaid on my PJ pants) and it got stuck in a closing door on our way out. Before we could get ourselves unstuck, a man with a gun appeared before us. It was the alleged 'boss' of this operation, and he was looking to get onto us about trying to steal 'his' money. I also remember that there was some lackey helping him out, a midget who was dressed in some sort of animal costume. He didn't stay long, though.

      The crime boss, ironically, turned us in to the police, convincing them that we were the ones who orchestrated and executed the entire heist. Strangely enough, though, he said that there was one other person helping us: Spider-Man.

      While we were being escorted toward the police station, so was the Webslinger. He was surrounded by about a dozen officers with automatic weapons trained on him, walking solemnly toward the front steps of the precinct. I could see a large, armored vehicle nearby, which is what I think they delivered him in. Even with his mask on, I could tell by his body language that he seemed completely defeated and dejected while they ushered him to jail.

      That's the last thing I remember.

      (Damn! So close! )
    8. 10/15/2014 - "Mercenaries, Wolves and Savages"

      by , 10-15-2014 at 04:41 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Mercenaries, Wolves and Savages"

      Spoiler for Short Version!:

      There was a vast military facility, set in a rocky, mountain terrain. An acquaintance and I were seemingly prisoners or captives on this base, and were sneaking around the yard in an attempt to make our escape. Our captors were more ruthless mercenaries than your standard soldier, and we knew that being caught again would mean certain death.

      It didn't take long for the base to go on alert, upon realizing we were no longer where we should have been. Everywhere, squads of these men were mobilizing and searching frantically for us. One the closest end of the base was a wall with a framework of openings, but on the other side was a wide-open clearing, for miles. We could already hear the helicopters beginning to circle. We would be sitting ducks out there. The only way to safety would be to make it across the compound and to the opposite side, where the geographic conditions were much more conducive to escape.

      Unable to keep ourselves hidden for much longer, we soon found ourselves sprinting and scrambling through the yard, dodging machine gun fire so close that I could actually feel the bullets tearing through my clothing and brushing my skin at times. Turning a corner - after having lost my companion, somewhere in the fray - I saw a large, metallic object wheeling itself around a nearby building. It was a tank, and the turret was already beginning to rotate in my direction. I broke into a lateral sprint, running as fast as I could, toward the closest structure. It was one of those moments where time stands still, and you're in just such utter terror that you are absolutely, positively sure you are going to die.

      I heard the tank fire the shot, just before I was able to reach the corner. Luckily, the shell flew just a few feet behind me. I could sense it as it passed me before exploding, harmlessly, about a dozen yards away.

      Still on the run, I happened upon an enormous crevice that led down into the ground, just outside of the military compound. It was a great gash in the earth, about the length of a large yacht, and it was apparently the entrance to a network of caverns which stretched deep below the surface. I climbed down to lower passageways and attempted to wait out my pursuers, thinking that I might have enough concealment down here to successfully get away. Then, I saw a silhouette on the wall. It was a wolf. A very large wolf. It was sniffing its way around toward me, but I was out of its line of sight and it hadn't yet noticed me.

      Quietly, I began climbing back up toward the surface, out of the path of this beast, and started to weigh my dwindling options. Poking my head just above the surface, I was met not with the automatic weapons of the mercs that I believed were still searching for me, but with the sight of about five more wolves, sprinting down out of the nearby mountains and directly toward me at breakneck speed.

      Frantically, I slid back down into the crevice and to the lower level. The wolf was there waiting, and I ended up having to fend him off with my hands, grabbing his snout as he lunged and grappling with him just long enough to slip away before the others could descend into the cavern behind me. (I think I killed it, but I'm not sure.)

      Continuing further and further down, and just as I was beginning to feel that I had rid myself of the ferocious wolves, I found myself dropping into a wide open 'room' within the cavern. It was about the size of the underwater cavern in my dream from yesterday. This time, though...it was full of people. Primitive, indigenous people, who seemed as though they had been living here for eons. A lost civilization. And they all immediately stopped what they were doing and stared directly at me.

      I was standing on some kind of pedestal or shrine, and surrounded by precious artifacts. The centerpiece immediately caught my eye: a large, gem-encrusted plate, in the shape of a skull, which looked like it had come straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. Suddenly, the air turned hostile, and this entire tribe began converging angrily upon me. I was off, again, instinctively grabbing up the skull-shaped relic and dashing off of the pedestal, running through the caves while they gave chase. Some of the natives also dealt in magic, because the last thing I remember is hoping from ledge to ledge while a handful of them threw glowing, blue spells at me, which exploded into bright splashes of hot liquid.

      I don't think they ever caught me, though!

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    9. 10/14/2014 - "Pirate Punishment", Fragment

      by , 10-15-2014 at 08:11 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Pirate Punishment"

      I was boarding a ship with others. It looked to be a cruise ship, but smaller than the large vessels that you would normally see leaving from the cape. I don't remember where we were going, but there were quite a few people on the boat.

      While out on the water, before even having gotten too far, our ship was attacked by 'pirates' (for lack of a better name). These guys were real bad news, and seemed as if they had just stepped out of the pages of a comic book. One of them was a dark-clad, helmeted, Darth Vader-looking s.o.b., and he was apparently the overlord of the group.

      The majority of us were down in the ship's hull. The bay door was open, and these goons were ordering us all to surrender to them, or they were going to blow us out of the water. Though there were only a handful of these assailants, we could see that they had the weaponry to take us all out (some of them having metaphysical powers, as well). There was no way we would be able to stop them.

      That's when I realized that I was dreaming.

      Despite having planned to use my lucidity for other things - and never being one to shy away from lucid combat - I allowed the storyline to conduct me and stepped out onto the open rear hatch, eager to turn the tables on these guys. I assured the rest of the people that things were going to be just fine, since "this was just a dream" and "no harm could come to any of [them], anyway!" With that, I levitated out from the wide mouth of the ship's bay door, hovering over the still water of the harbor and squaring up in a position to where I could better face our would-be captors.

      I don't remember too many details of the battle, but I was controlling my flight rather well, changing elevations over the water while evading the attacks from the group of baddies. A bit more action took place between me, the pirates and the passengers, but I don't recall much. Throughout the fight, there were a few times that I used telekinesis to sling my enemies in all directions, but the main thing I remember is facing off against one guy, in particular, that had a throwing knives or straight-razors, that he would throw at me. I don't remember if all of the pirates were able to fly, but I know this guy could. We had a good mid-air cat-and-mouse, and I kept flicking his projectiles away with TK, before they could reach me, guiding them with my hands outstretched, to mentally arc them around my body.

      Finally, unexpectedly, he pulled out a large meat-cleaver and chucked it at me. Still on a telekinesis roll, I waved the weapon off to one side, but then imagined it spinning around behind me, hooking around from my other side and launching back at its previous owner. In a state of shock, the other guy didn't seem to know what to do. It tore through one of this legs, opening an enormous gash in his thigh. When he grabbed his leg and yelled in horror, I knew he was done.

      With the still-spinning cleaver now hovering in the air, nearby, I turned to confront the rest of the invaders. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything passed this point.

      Fragment Two

      I was on a ranch, and about to be taught to ride my first bull, just after seeing a more experienced rider get dumped on his ass. They had smaller, tamer bulls for us amateurs to ride, and I got a good look at mine, through the rails in the fence, while making my way to the pen. Smaller or not, I was preparing for the worst, and wasn't feeling all too confident as I climbed on his back and began to strap myself in...

      All I remember.

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    10. 10/13/2014 - Fragments

      by , 10-15-2014 at 07:18 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Unfortunately, my laptop is temporarily out of commission, so I don't have access to a few of my notes for the past week, but I'll get back to them. Here are the ones from Monday morning, though.

      Fragment One

      I was with a group of people, exploring a vast, underground cavern. It was maybe half the size of a football stadium / dome, and loomed over a massive body of water. At some point, I remember that we were hanging from the ceiling, though I can't remember how we got up there. I can only recall that we were trying not to fall in the water, due to the notion that there was something large and deadly living in it. (Possibly inspired by reading a dream of OpheliaBlue's that referenced huge, underwater beasts, recently).

      Fragment Two

      I was talking with an apparent 'girlfriend of a friend' (though I don't know who), about her "superstar" ex-boyfriend coming to town, soon, and her wanting to go to dinner with him and catch up, despite being in a relationship with my friend. (A topic of conversation, that came up, a couple of days ago.)

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    11. 10/06/2014 - "APC Apprehension"

      by , 10-07-2014 at 07:28 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      "APC Apprehension"

      I was driving down a highway, with some friends. Coming off the present exit, and about to make a left turn at the next light, we saw a police-issued 'Armored Personnel Carrier' (APC) speeding down the street upon which we were about to turn. It crossed the intersection and ran up onto a curb, then jumped off of the curb as if it were 'tricking'. Confirming that the driver was just showing off, it cut back onto the curb again before launching off the next, inclining section and into the air. This time, though - just as we were turning the corner - I saw the large, tank-tread-mounted APC land on top of another piece of heavy machinery; a tractor of some sort. It immediately locked into place, and I instinctively knew that this APC had just been captured. The police, themselves, were the ones being apprehended. The question of why, though, was still a mystery.

      While we drove away, the entire rig began slowly elevating, a raised platform pushing the vehicle and tractor into the air. I watched as these dozens of tons of machinery were raised higher and higher, above the street. It seemed as if it were now being pulled up to the heavens by helicopter, though it was soon out of my view, and I could no longer see what was happening.

      Fragment Two

      All I can remember is having a conversation with my Dad, in my car. He was telling me about how he'd lost his job, and was looking to see if he could get a job working with me, at AAA.

      (I, unfortunately, missed recognizing my deceased Dad as a recurring dream sign.)

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    12. 10/05/2014 - "Z-Day Diversion"

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:47 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Z-Day Diversion"

      Deep in the zombie apocalypse, my allies and I were holed up inside of a prison (The Walking Dead style), and trying our best to survive. Directly next to this prison (comically-close) was a hospital. The hospital was 100% zombie-infested, but we found ourselves having to venture over there for food and supplies (much like the 'self-infection' sequence in World War Z). I remember seeing sweeping shots of many of the hospital hallways, and how there were scores of the undead just roaming about. It was always harrowing, but it was the only place we could get the supplies we needed, so we had to brave it.

      We found that there was a missile-launcher on the roof of the prison, set upon a turret. I can't remember why, but I had to make my way up to the tower where the missile was. I think it had malfunctioned, and we were planning on using it to (somehow) make an escape from the prison, or end the apocalypse with a strategically-placed attack (or something), so I went up to try to get it working again. While I was fiddling with the launcher, it suddenly armed itself and the turret began moving. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was attempting to aim itself at me. I scrambled around on the tower, trying to keep myself out of the line of sight of this missile - not that I was sure it was going to fire at me at such a close range, inevitably blowing up part of the prison with me. Eventually, I got to where I was partially hanging off of the tower by my hands, but I was in the weapon's blind spot.

      This incident led me to find out that there was a secret faction of 'elites', who were watching us and 'controlling' our situation, from afar. They were the ones whom had taken remote control of the missile launcher and threatened to take me out, had I attempted to use it. Our apocalyptic survival was a part of some larger experiment, and we were being manipulated and studied, even while we suffered through one gruesome zombie-encounter after another. Those of us who survived banded together to try and figure out the mystery of who was putting us through this, and why, but I don't remember much more.

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    13. 10/02/2014 - "Where's Your Godzilla, Now?!"

      by , 10-03-2014 at 12:10 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Where's Your Godzilla, Now?!"

      I was in either an apartment complex or a large hotel, and it was being attacked by a giant creature, similar to the Meganulon in the 1956 movie Rodan (which my roommate and I watched, last night), except way more bad ass, and closer to the Godzilla vs Megaguirus version (pictured above). It would burrow and tunnel through all of the apartments/rooms, like a worm through dirt, and it had cornered me in one of the upper hallways, far above the parking lot. When I tried to duck away into a room, it would crash through a wall, heading me off. Then, I would crawl through a window to escape, and it would charge back into the hallway, stalking me.

      Not able to get passed the monster, I turned to run the opposite way. After not more than a few feet, I saw that the hallway was blocked by a enormous f'cking spider, the size of a small car, crawling along the wall and coming around the corner, toward me.

      I was now trapped, with the Rodan wannabe on one side, and the mutant spider on the other. Running back into the rooms hadn't done me any good, so far. Faced with no other option, I climbed up on the banister and crawled over to the other side, suspending myself on the outside of the railing and starting to climb, precariously, down to the floor below me.

      It is unclear, whether or not the monsters started to follow me, though, as I don't remember anything after this point.
    14. 09/29/2014 - Fragments: Untitled, "Decisions, Decisions..."

      by , 09-30-2014 at 02:18 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One

      A bunch of friends and I were hanging out in my old garage. Eventually, we got into doing acrobatics, and I came to find out that I was able to do some pretty insane moves. It seemed as if I were defying gravity as I easily landed aerials, b-twists and all kinds of other flips and spins. I began to wonder about how I suddenly had these skills but was not able to become lucid.

      Fragment Two
      "Decisions, Decisions..."

      I was in a classroom or workshop (or something), and my roommate was there. There was a lot of commotion going on, and I remember my roommate vaulting over a desk. It turns out that we were about to be invaded and attacked by some sort of evil horde, though I can't remember who (or what) they were. My anxiety turned to excitement, as I realized I was dreaming. My mind raced to try and remember what it was I wanted to do, but I was being distracted by the impending chaos around me. I remembered the experiment, and what I needed to do...but I also wanted to fight. The idea of a coming invasion made me absolutely giddy in my lucidity. Deciding that (just maybe) there was a chance that I could get back to my primary objective, after having a little fun, first, I decided to hold off on my experiment and focus on the inevitable battle.

      Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. What a waste!

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    15. 09/28/2014 - Fragment

      by , 09-28-2014 at 05:33 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      The only thing I can remember is having a conversation with an older man, who was asking about how to operate a giant mech suit that was off in the background.

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