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    May Competition 5/12/18

    by , 05-13-2018 at 11:56 PM (184 Views)
    I am sitting at my kitchen table with a friend. They say something about how they can never tell if they're dreaming (cue lucidity! ) I become lucid and tell them this is a dream, and that they should do an RC. They tell me it isn't working so I leave them and fly around inside. When I land it's clear I'm losing lucidity because I start believing they are real again.

    Later I have a non-lucid in which I run on the roofs of apartments and then talk to someone about a complicated plan they have.

    Lucid: 10 points
    DILD: 5 points
    Flying: 4 points
    Non-lucid: 1 points
    Total: 20 points

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