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    Haunted Cabin in the Woods

    by , 02-04-2014 at 11:59 PM (553 Views)
    This cabin had cool properties. It was always locked, unless it wasn't. Plenty of Truckers and Vagabonds had slept there over night and been just fine. That's how it got you, it didn't kill everyone, it wasn't guaranteed.

    But after you sleep there once, it sneaks inside you. Only place in town that was safe was this sacred native american patch of snow.

    The dream started out like a few cabins in the woods, my friends and I had been staying at the haunted one a while, and we never knew it was haunted. There was an episodic element to the dream, too, and I'd seen the series before I just couldn't exactly remember who lived and died. I was a character in the episode, but also viewing the episode, so when shit hit the fan and one woman could be seen shrieking with a mangled arm hanging over a cliff just outside the cabin, we knew it was time to escape. A little boy, one I was certain would live, got hit in the face with a bloody cowl. I wanted to get my cell phone, laptop and backpack before I took off, but I was too scared the ghost would kill me if I went back in so I sort of skipped through the part of me going back in the cabin. I kept thinking my character would certainly survive, only to realize he wasn't the main character. I was so intent on whether or not he lived I started skipping through the series. Besides, I seen it before.

    Then I realized my character doesn't make it, it was someone else who survived. By this part of the dream, though, the town had become something reminiscent of a halloween town rather than just a couple cabins in the woods, and death wasn't such a permanent thing. There was some sort of suit I tried entering in spirit form (through some cool technology) to take the evil spirit out but it got to my body while I was in the suit, meaning I was dead. I wanted to just close the window I was viewing the show from, I didn't want to watch anymore. This woman friend of mine had donned the suit and explained how she could make it work. She ended with "But then a suit gets too hot" and the suit fell and then she said "And that's why I died," showing she knew how it worked too, like we both tied to fate, both our ideas failed. We knew someone would succeed, but not us.

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