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    1. The hike trail made of human organs

      by , 07-06-2011 at 10:39 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      I'm hiking a trail with some friends. I can't remember who the friends are now, but I think my cousin is one of them. The trail has suddenly turned into this really narrow strange path. It's almost like it's a tree that I am climbing because it's so steep and narrow. I notice that the texture of the path has changed too, it's all slimy and sickly coloured green. It reminds me of an over sized cooked asparagus. As I look at it, it's like I can see slices cut into the "path" and below it are what look like human organs. My foot slips into some of these slits from time to time, and the feeling is beyond revolting. I am pulling on a thin, slimy rope as I climb, and it occurs to me for an instant that it could be an intestine, pulled really tight so that it's small. Before I have a chance to be disgusted, my foot slips and ends up in another slit, though this one is much larger and contains an ant's nest. They are crawling all over my foot and leg now, and I am starting to freak out.

      Who ever is up ahead of me tells me to calm down and hang in there, I'm almost to the top. They prove to be right, I finally reach the top, and manage to get rid of the ants. There is now some sort of cargo train in front of me, like a miniature coal train, with makeshift places to sit. I can see that (my cousin?) sits in one of the seats with a blanket over her lap. She tells me to get in before the train leaves.
    2. Coca-Cola factory

      by , 06-29-2011 at 08:12 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I am working in a warehouse. I stock the coke shelves. The shelves are equipt with rolling cylinders on an angle. The boxes that I put into the shelves roll to the other side for customers to take. There must be a store on the other side of the shelves. The stock seems to constantly deplete, so I am busy filling it up as fast as I can. As I am stocking I wonder if we get free coke, and If i will get muscles from lifting boxes.

      Finally it's the end of the day, and all the other workers are done and it's closing time. I finish my work a bit late, at 21:15, then leave. I am in an unfamiliar place, just walking the streets trying to figure out where home is. Well, it's not completely unfamiliar. There is a sense that I used to know this area but it must have been a long time ago. I walk for quite awhile in what I hope is the right direction. I run into a co worker and he asks me why I am "Down here" (in this area of town). I guess that means I went the wrong way. He asks if i would like to go for coffee. I agree and feel somewhat chuffed as we wander into a shop, getting in line. His girlfriend is there, they hold hands. I feel awkward, like a third wheel. She's yammering on about something, nervous. I guess I've made her uncomfortable.
    3. Pay no attention to the haunted room

      by , 06-29-2011 at 08:02 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I'm in a big renaissance mansion in some countryside. I am hosting a party with my boyfriend? husband? ... donno what he is but his name is Robert. He seems pissed at me about something, he's flitting around mingling with guests, trying to avoid me. There is a haunted room in the house.

      My friend Marianne has also come, and brought a man with her, whom I don't know. Everyone's kind of drunk. I am going from person to person trying to make sure everyone is taken care of and having fun, trying to explain to people about the haunted room and why they should avoid it.

      There is some sort of kerfuffle and Marianne is upset with me, which I find really hard to take. I am trying to appease her, try to explain myself and the misunderstanding to her. There is an implication of something that I've done is inappropriate.

      There is a weird fashion show going on.
    4. I didn't order this Bloody Mary

      by , 06-15-2011 at 06:00 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Recovered from DV's crash...

      I've gone out for dinner with a bunch of work friends. It's the kind of place that you get to go through and see how everything is made. First we see massive pies being made, one cherry, one apple. They are so large that inside there is actually an active volcano, complete with magma. Some of the girls I am with dig around in the sides of one of the pies when no one is looking and burn their hands. Then we're trying to pack the material, which oddly looks like chocolate cake, back in. We get to taste both pies.

      Next we see a massive pizza being made and get to sample it. I have a small piece of that. After our tour is complete we are lead to the actual restaurant part of the place. We all want to sit at the same table, but one of the guys, "Mike" knows some other party in the restaurant and invites them over. They join us and take up all the seats. Two others as well as myself are left standing there like idiots. We are lead to another table.

      When we sit down a younger guy runs up to tell us he's out celebrating the loss of his virginity. We all slap him on the back, congratulating him, laughing and asking him how it went. He tells us it was disgusting, then we end up talking about birth control options. He tells us the girl is allergic to the pill.

      I try to order something because I'm really quite hungry, but I want pasta, which is not on the menu. The waiter is getting impatient, so I order a coke for now while I keep searching through the menu. Time seems to fly by and everyone else is finished eating. I finally settle for just another slice of apple pie, but now there is no time left and we have to leave.

      We can't seen to get our bill. The waiters are all very busy, running around the place. We finally just go up to the front entrance. There's a problem with the bill, they are trying to charge me for food I did not get, seems the left over orders from the other table (who paid and left before us) were left to me to pay. One item is a Bloody Mary, which I certainly didn't drink. I try to explain that I had only a coke and some small scraps of pie and pizza in the factory tour.

      The manager comes over and tells the person dealing with our bill that it's been contracted out to pay over a period of 6 months, and so we can leave.
    5. Water related disaster & Please stop smoking, Mom

      by , 06-15-2011 at 05:52 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Recovered from DV's crash...

      This dream is hard to explain. It was more of an experience rather than a story.

      Basically, the world has flooded. There is debris everywhere, and chaos, people freaking out, people dying. There is a giant whale who's gotten itself tangled up in the anchor lines of at least five boats. She swims violently around, trying to free herself. I see her diving deep into the water, pulling the boats down with her, dragging some of the large debris along as well.

      People everywhere are seeking refuge on huge piles of garbage.

      My father calls me over to help him assemble a little portable boat and secure the outboard to it. We go out exploring, finding a wreck and a friend of mine. There are many close calls for me, times where I almost die.


      In a cabin in the woods with my Mom and my Cousin. My cousin encourages me to tell my Mom what's on my mind.
      Mom's been smoking again, which is odd and disturbing to me as she quit many years ago. After she finishes her cigarette, I find the courage to tell her how I feel. She reacts defensively and we argue.
    6. Meeting my Father

      by , 06-15-2011 at 05:31 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I've hired a private investigator to find my father. She finds him quite quickly, which surprises me. I meet her in some sort of empty grey nondescript kind of room, we sit at a table. She lays out all these papers in front of me, and tells me that he has been going by the name of Joe, which is not his birth name. Some of these papers are pictures, and I am shocked to be looking at the image of the man that is supposed to be my Father. The man looks nothing like I thought he would look like. I've never seen the face of my father though, not clearly, so I suppose there is no reason for this feeling. One of the pictures is strange, it looks a bit like an animated .gif image that cycles through a few head shots of him. The investigator tells me that there isn't very much family resemblance, which doesn't surprise me. I've always looked like my Mom.

      She tells me that Joe is working as an actor on a British Soap Opera/Comedy kind of production, it reminds me a bit like "Fools & Horses", and that he's actually doing quite well for himself. I am surprised at this, as from what I've heard of my father, he wasn't the type for such an extroverted profession.

      Flash forward to the meeting. I don't know where we are, in a trailer of some sort maybe. It seems dimly lit and there are wood panels and brown carpet. We're talking, but not about anything in particular. I can tell he's uncomfortable and doesn't want to talk about any issues or hard questions. He talks about his work mostly, then finds an excuse to leave the room and I am left with his girlfriend.

      His girlfriend seems fairly nice. She's an attractive blond that is much younger than him. She is dressed kind of boho chic I guess. We make polite conversation. She tells me a few things about him, including why some of his ear is missing (I don't remember the reason) and that leads us to talking about plastic surgery, which she seems really interested in. She asks me to get us some ice cream from the freezer. It's a crazy complicated and extensive compartmentalized freezer with at least 10 different slots for ice cream. The slots are all filled up with all kinds of novelty ice creams, much like you would see on an ice cream truck. I don't know which to pick. My father isn't much help, telling me to just pick whatever.
    7. This is not an Esthetics Boutique

      by , 05-29-2011 at 06:48 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      In another haunted house, but I'm there with a baby girl. The address said that this place was an esthetics boutique. At first the ghosts are subtle and almost gentle, touching my hair lightly. Upstairs we are submitted to various attacks, from gentle to violent. One bathroom has a lot of "loot" in it, so I collect some large gems, hiding them in my clothes.

      There are some old journals that the ghosts have written, so we read some of them and look at some of the old pictures in them. We talk with some of the ghosts and try to console them. One of the ghosts is interested in machines and he tries to "cen" my baby (I have no idea what that means), but I don't allow it.

      As we are on our way out of the house, one of the ghosts tries to push me down the stairs. I get a sudden sense that that is what happened to her, how she died, and I feel sorry for her even though she tried to kill me. I notice a raven that is sitting quietly in the room observing us.
    8. The "Meet the Royalty Cruise"

      by , 05-29-2011 at 06:18 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I am on an ornate cruise ship that is designed for common people to meet with royalty. I am with a friend of mine that looks like a girl I used to know in highschool. We are all stood around in lines in our finest gowns, waiting for one of the royals to walk by and pick from us whomever they are interested to meet.

      Some sort of prince goes by me and I am not picked. I am not really surprised at this as I feel rather old compared to most of the others. As this round is over we are told to move up to the next level, which is actually up a few floors. Here we are sat down in what looks like theatre seats. Again, a royal starts working his way down the line. For some reason I decide this is a good time to put cream on my legs as they are feeling dry. The cream has a look and texture similar to chocolate pudding. I get it done just in time.

      I think I must have been picked because now only a few of us are leaving the group to go up a few more floors. Here, in a line again, we are faced with a young girl. She goes through each of us, first tapping us on the shoulder then pulling us forward, mocking us and laughing. She thinks we're pathetic. When she does it to me, I laugh too. She picks me.

      I'm pulled forward into a space in front of the crowd and I see the royals. It's more like one prince and his friend/servant/advisor. He's sat beside the prince and he looks very bored. He frustratedly tells us that we should "dance or something", so we do, and he likes how the girls dance sexy. Suddenly it's over and the royals are whisked away.

      It's time to get off the cruise ship, to find our train, but I don't know where my son or friend is. I start going down levels, searching. I am questioning whether it was level 9 or 7 that I was originally on. Some random guy is trying to help me but it's slow going. He's asking people if they have seen my friend. We come across this crowd and someone tells me to watch out, there is a massive spider on the wall nearby and they know how I am terrified of spiders. I see what they are pointing at, it's a bubble of fabric on the wall that is moving in an irregular way. It frees itself from the wall and I see it's really just a leather jacket. I tell them their mistake.

      A massive gorgeous moth lands on the floor suddenly and someone grabs it. S/he starts breaking pieces off of it like it's made of some sort of brittle taffy and handing the pieces out. I freak out at the cruelty of this, but there is no reaction so I move on.

      I go into a lift and down another floor. There is a frustrated couple in there with me, trying to get to their floor. I finally find my son and ask him where his Papa is. He says Papa is by the car, and I ask him where the car is. He just says "down", so down we go in search of him. The car is parked in some of the many decks below, rather like a ferry. I am overwhelmed with the idea of searching blindly for it.
    9. Flat Viewing in the Caves

      by , 05-11-2011 at 10:26 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      I read on this forum somewhere that going to bed hungry or thirsty can improve dreaming. I was really hungry when I went to sleep, and I can definitely confirm that my dreaming was very clear, vivid, and realistic. Unfortunately no lucidity though.

      We move into a small flat but it feels to be like it's only a temporary arrangement because I am still actively looking for a better one. I think this is partly to do with the fact that it's haunted, mostly the shower. I hear that the one across the hall is becoming free, and I happen to catch the end of a flat viewing in action. The realtor is a man with dark hair, eyes and Mediterranean looking skin, dressed in an expensive looking grey silk suit. The realtor asks if I was one of the persons registered to look at the flat, and checks his list. My name is on it. I am relieved because I don't remember registering.

      He tells me this flat will go fast and leads me in through the door. I am struck immediately by three things, one by how huge and spacious the flat is, how oddly decorated (wood panel everywhere but modern looking) and also by how the realtor tries to molest me as soon as we get in the door. I push him off, no longer disturbed, now eager to take some video of the flat on my iPhone for my man to look at later. The realtor seems to imply that he will favour my application if I do him some favours. I push him away again, and begin my tour of the flat.

      It's almost like the walls are made of what looks to be the inside of a cave, together with the modern dark wood panel on most of it as well as the floors. It's beautiful. We go downstairs and it's more cave like, with stalactites and everything, but they are subtle and look very much like they fit to the flat. I ask how many kids the previous tenants have and he tells me they have 5, with one on the way. He tells me he wants the baby.

      We arrive at a kind of in flat delicatessen store. There are a few people milling around in there, one middle aged man stops to talk to me as I finish up the video. My son is being a bit of a brat and the man suddenly smacks his head against the wall as if to punish him. I'm horrified at this stranger's cruelty towards my son, and I proceed to flip out on him. The realtor reveals that the man is not only the current tenant, but also his brother, and I should go easy on him. The blow out passes and I dreamskip to asking how much the rent is on the flat. The realtor tells me it's 549 warm. I don't bother to fill out an application because it's too expensive for us.

      I leave to go home to deal with my haunted shower.
    10. All This Fuss over Jewelry

      by , 05-10-2011 at 06:38 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      We're very poor and have an extremely strict budget to live on. While on our way to a food shop I notice a jewelry shop. I can't help but drool over some of the trinkets while my (ex) man waits outside. I come out, very depressed, knowing we can never afford anything in there, especially not the necklaces I love so much. I tell my man so and he drops everything, practically running into the store. I can hear him asking about second hand jewelry.

      A friend that I suddenly notice with me asks me if I'm happy. I smile and say that although I think it's a nice gesture of him to do this for me, I do wish he'd have done it later while I was not here. I explain that I know he will buy something, and just come out and hand it to me, rather than saving it to give to me on Mother's Day, for example, which is in a few days. As I predict, he does just as I said he would. I ask him to take it back and give it to me on Mother's Day.

      Suddenly we're mugged by a very tall man who doesn't even bother to hide his face. A fight breaks out, and its actually me that's kicking his ass while my man watches from the sidelines. I am so angry, telling the thief that his is so low for stealing from people who can't even afford to buy food. There is going to be a court case and I'm very emotional.

      Dream skip and I'm at a garbage can outside that same jewelry store, sorting through what I find in there, looking for something of value. I'm shocked at my luck that I actually find something - a fairly expensive set that someone has taken a few pieces off and thrown the rest away. It looks as though they took only a few pairs of ear rings and tossed the rest, which includes some bangles and a ring. It's not really my style, all in kind of a floral print, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say. I notice a price tag that reads $124.99. I also find some ornate elephants that are covered in dirt which I wipe carefully away.

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    11. Bookstore Heartbreak and The Postal Facility

      by , 05-10-2011 at 06:22 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I'm in a used bookstore, and as I'm browsing the titles I come across a book that my dear friend and I bought together in waking reality. I am disturbed to realize that this is the self same book, still inscribed with our names inside the front cover. Upset, I continue looking around, getting more distraught to see that two or more of our old treasures are also here, things we bought together, like the Spirit Cards. It breaks my heart that she would give these things up, and my mind races, thinking maybe she doesn't want any reminds of me now that I am living so far away. I resolve to call her.

      I am back at my Grandparent's old house in North Vancouver, that my dear friend and I nicknamed "Spider Palace". I look out the front door to see a very very large post sorting facility kind of wall thing. Kind of like over sized post boxes. I see an old man who looks like he's had a rough life and realize that I don't live in this house anymore, he's the tenant now. He checks his post at the strange post wall.

      I notice now that in the drive way that he is walking up, I've placed some signs, one of which says "Open for Business". I go to get them wondering how I can change them to read "Closed for X-Mas holidays". The postman arrives and he's sorting the post. The over sized post boxes have huge pictures of cartoon characters on them, like Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat. I open one and put something specific into it for... my son?

      Dream skip and I am talking to my man. I plan to ride a horse north for some reason, and I am asking him if he thinks the horse will run too fast.
    12. Escape from the Privileged Life to get to a Hockey Game

      by , 05-09-2011 at 02:49 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      My rich friend and I are shopping in some rich European type store. I tell her I've had enough, I'm tired, and we go to leave. We try to get out of the store by way of this strange exit at the plaza. We must go through the fur coat section, which disturbs me, but I say nothing. We find a ladder we have to climb to get out. As we climb we joke about escape from the privileged life, and she jokes that we are somewhere between many portions of fillet mignon beef. I laugh at this random and obscure idea. She tells me that she realizes now that she was tired of this rich life.

      We climb all the way to the top, then slide down some crazy water slide like things that have no water. I get distracted by a girl who keeps going up and down the slides, complaining about her wardrobe malfunctions. My friend is also getting too distracted by the girl. I look at my watch and I'm horrified to realize that it's 19:25, and I was supposed to be on a train to Toronto at 19:24. I was supposed to meet up with my family at the hockey game (strange, as I absolutely HATE hockey) there. I start swearing and having a meltdown.

      Me and my friend run full out to the Haubtbahnhof. It's a mess of criss crossing tracks in a very unGerman looking chaotic mess. There are very complex and difficult to understand train numbers which make me feel panic that I won't be able to find the right train. Somehow we find out that I have to wait for the number 10, then transfer to the number 7. We're walking on a glass platform that has a film of water running over top of it, giving the illusion of walking on water. I can see the shadows of fish below me. I take out a small rusk cake and crumble it up to feed the fishes, whispering a spell as I sprinkle it into the water.
      Some onlooking French men are curious asking me what I am doing, what is that dust I am sprinkling.

      The train arrives now and it looks as though it's passed through a rainstorm. I get the feeling there was a hail storm somewhere. I squeeze into the first very cramped car of the train. It's very dark and close in there. A disabled man in an automated wheel chair departs the train. I manage to find 2 free seats but my friend is sitting a couple of rows ahead, speaking Japanese to some stranger. I didn't realize she was coming with me.

      I notice that the train is called "Noodles" rather than whatever it is supposed to be called. I ask the driver and he says we have to get out at the terminus station called Noodles and walk down the train tracks in the underground tunnel to get to the next stop. It's been like this all day, he tells me, perhaps there is construction.
    13. The Search for My Father

      by , 05-03-2011 at 12:19 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      Me and this random guy are looking for our estranged fathers. We're in some retreat kind of place for people who are looking for lost family members. In our research we discover that we actually have the same father and are in fact brother and sister. We plan to track down our father together and tell him who we are.

      We do find a man whom we know to be the one we've been searching for, we succeed in getting him to come to the retreat often, and we get to know him well. He looks a bit ZZ Top-ish, with a long white beards and glasses that always hide his eyes. I get the impression he's a trucker or something, and his accent is American, which is odd to me.

      My brother is supposed to be around a lot more than he is, but he's gotten involved with some sort of television reality show like Pop Idol or something. Because of this, he is always busy and never around to help me with the plan anymore. I decide that I am tired of waiting around for my brother, I will tell our father who we are on my own. I decide to construct an art project and give it to the man as a gift, but the twist is that the art will be of an obvious sort that will send the message that the receiver is, in fact, my father. I create the piece and it ends up incredibly random (has a hockey stick in it?!?) but dream logic tells me that he will know what it means.

      I present the artwork to my father and his reaction is not at all positive. He is defensive, confused, angry, and yet he does know what it means. I tell him about my brother, his son, as well. It does not go over well.

      I do actually have an estranged father, but he is actually British and not American. Interesting what my subconscious came up with as my father figure. ZZ Top? Lol!
    14. School Girl and her Gender Issues

      by , 05-03-2011 at 11:48 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      I am an omnipresence for most of this dream, as well as a character in it
      There is a girl in school, not really sure of the age, maybe 14 or so. She's not very feminine looking, for this reason she gets teased mercilessly by the boys. She has to take a sex education course as part of her required courses, but she starts to miss her classes. The teacher feels it would be better for her to talk to one of her fellow students, so he sends me out to find out what is going on with her.

      She tells me about her problems with the boys, how they tease her and call her names. While we are talking some kid chases after her and makes a big show of cutting off her hair, making her look even more masculine. She's very upset. Another student is sent to help her, talk to her, a pretty and popular girl. Over a short time this girl student makes her way into the trust of the tortured girl. As a sort of half baked "test", she decides to make a pass at the butch girl to see how she will respond. Rather than push the popular girl away, the butch girl reacts passionately, fully into making out with the pretty girl.

      Shocked, the pretty girl pushes her away after she's felt something pushing against her that should not be included in the female anatomy. The butch girl freaks out, crying out of shame and embarrassment. Now the whole school will know her secret.

      It is revealed that the butch girl's parents made their daughter take hormones and undergo a cosmetic procedure to change her into a girl when she was a baby, but she was actually born a boy. She feels betrayed by her parents but finally free in a way to finally know the truth.
    15. Emo Nomads

      by , 04-28-2011 at 04:20 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      My friends and I are at some sort of gathering... a concert maybe? A festival? Not sure. My friends and I are walking somewhere (not sure where) when we realize we're getting a "delivery" of new friends, so we go to pick them up. They are a group of emo looking boys from Norway. I can tell that some of them are metal fans from their teeshirts and such. The leader of the group stays close to me. He's very quiet, with intense tortured eyes. I get the feeling that all of these boys are from very cold families, devoid of love.

      We begin wandering together, all as a group, to where we plan to sleep. The leader of the new boys staying close to me, saying nothing. He pulls out of his pocket a very large sized condom, like perhaps a novelty. He carefully unwraps and unrolls the thing and then tosses it at me, laughing.
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