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    Welcome to my dreams!

    Fragments and stuff.

    by , 03-10-2014 at 01:09 PM (378 Views)
    1. [Lucid]
    //I'm laying on a bed, the girl that was in my previous dream was on her knees to my left, I thought to myself lets fly, but then realize that well theirs a girl in here right next to me so I said to her "hey, wanna have sex?" she seemed ok with this//...I wake up.


    1. Me tap dancing like a pro in a dance studio, all the other people where dancing to other stuff.
    2. A girl that is so beautiful that when you look at other girls they look disgusting.
    3. In an elevator when this guy places a wind up device onto the wall, he then winds the device which in turn makes the elevator go up or down.
    4. Watching this video that is meant to be a nightmare, it shows the girl I love falling in love with someone else, this didn't feel good at all.
    5. Playing around with the panel on my PC tower then randomly a bald black guy sits up from under a white blanket and grabs my leg.

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    1. AstralMango's Avatar
      That first dream, hehe. Damn, you almost had lucid sex! Oh well, next time, aye?
    2. ParadoxOwl's Avatar
      Heh lol, was a pretty funny situation, just casually asking this random hot girl if she wants to have sex.