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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The start of something good!

      by , 10-27-2014 at 10:12 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Lucid] [WILD]
      I rotated slowly during my transition, I was scared though when I opened my eyes because it was dark so I grabbed my blanket with both hands and pulled it over my head, then I wished to be teleported to Narnia, I teleported into another room, I'm in a bed with the blanket still over my head so I lower it and I see I'm in a nice and bright non scary room, I then sit up with my legs over the edge of the bed, I put my feet on the ground and almost stood up, my knees were wobbly, then I woke because I thought about my real body.

      2. [Non-Lucid] [Lucid] [DILD]
      I was sitting across from this naked woman and she had the nicest boobs, I asked if can I touch her boobs, so she put a boob on a plate and gave it to me, I played with it anyway but it wasn't 1 of her boobs :/

      3. [Non-Lucid] [Lucid] [DILD]
      I'm laying in bed under the blanket playing with my long hair, wrapping it around my finger, then I lift up the blanket and my old dog Sam is stood there looking at something behind me, this freaks me out and scares me, then I notice my mum stood at the door leaning on the wall, I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    2. Fruit Pastels and Tentacles!

      by , 06-25-2014 at 12:44 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non Lucid] [Long]
      It started with me in china at a train station asking this security woman when the next train is (A train was already leaving the station but going the wrong way). The train arrived and I walk inside, this train basically a Tardis, its huge inside with big shops in it.

      I turn right and ended up going the wrong way through all these shops with country specific flags above them, so I turned around to go back the way I came and found a British shop, I saw fruit pastels and decided I want to buy a roll so I give it to the cashier guy but he couldn't find a price tag on it, I grabbed them from him and took a look myself to find there is in fact no price tag, he eventually says 367, this confused me as I cant pay such a high price as that's just ridiculous, I mean they're just fruit pastels for fuck sake!!

      I'm stood holding the fruit pastels and all of a sudden this scary monster guy comes in, I just tried not to move in hope he won't see me and it seemed to work, he then scattered rocks on the ground and his pet MUTHAFUCKIN scary squid tentacle thing came in surrounding us, it was black and had glowing green dots going down the side of the thin tentacles, I moved slightly and the dots turned yellow then red and it made a ringing sound to alert its owner (also the rocks on the floor glow green too, they also turned yellow then red), I moved again and the same thing happened...the thing and its owner eventually left.

      I came up with a plan to just fuckin leg it down the corridor behind us into a hole at the end to escape (its not a train any-more by the way), as we run the rocks start flashing and ringing alerting the monster and its tentacle thing, we jump down the hole at the end into a room with a few doors, we go into 1 which is a dead end...when I went to open the door it floated off and vanished, we eventually find an elevator and escape.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. I love you!

      by , 03-09-2014 at 01:04 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Emotional]
      I'm looking for Emily as I have become worried because I haven't heard from her for a while, I even thought about contacting her mother at this point.

      Now I'm at a party of some sort and I find Emily and we start talking, she says "I love you" this surprised me and I replied with "What?", (You would not believe how much I love her in waking life) not sure what happens next but I follow her and then she runs off leaving me.

      I go find her, she's sitting at a table looking down at this sheet of brown paper with text on it on the table (fat guy with a grey shirt on a couch opposite her saying something), so I approach her and I ask what's wrong, shes silent, this is worrying me, I talk to her then she lets out a few high pitched screams so I back off...then this random guy comes and crouches beside her, he says something to her, i don't know what but she seems ok with it...she then runs off I think, I stay at the table and cry. I wake up crying.

      This felt so real, the emotions felt so real.

      2. [Lucid] [WILD/DILD?]
      I'm laying in my bed then all of a sudden I hear the sound of air rushing past my ears, I then see like a movie shot of me falling down to earth. (It was so colourful, was like an evening orange sky)

      //I'm now in my bedroom standing in the middle and the front door is open so I rush outside onto my street (its quite bright) and I activate super speed and started running up the street about to fly// but I wake up. I was also wearing a white cape.

      Should have stabilized first.



      Wrapping this thick black wire around a palm tree on the floor or something.

      Possible dream signs:
    4. Breakfast at Tiffany's

      by , 02-01-2014 at 10:17 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Sexy]
      I'm sitting next to Tiffany (old girlfriend), were watching a movie together, I'm hoping something may happen between us. She turns and kisses me on the cheek (I let out a shiver all the way through my body), she kisses me again (another shiver, this is an ongoing thing throughout the dream), She then puts her arm around me...then I kiss her on the lips...then we got intimate caressing each other, kissing each other...then I thought about sex, I think I asked her but then I was like "Its illegal in Disneyland to have sex" (JACK NO, FUCK, YOU IDIOT ) and so this is as far as we took it.

      Now I'm talking to my friend about what happened and I said "Its finally happened after all these years " then I mention to him to net tell anyone about this.

      Possible Dream Signs:
      Tiffany, Disneyland


      My dad is moving house.
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    5. This Guy!!!

      by , 01-22-2014 at 02:13 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      Me and my family are on holiday in Florida, we are choosing where to eat our last meal as we fly home the following morning, we find a nice little restaurant, its pretty small.

      I see a lot of meat around the place.
      We talk to the owner of the restaurant.

      2. [Non-Lucid] [A little Vivid]
      I'm in a restaurant with my uncle David I think, we decide we don't like it here so we decide to leave through the back door (the door was glass and is between 2 wall sized windows).
      We go past this party of 2 to leave the building when all of a sudden 1 of them gets up and started apologizing, (for some reason this black guy believes we are leaving because of him) so I sit down at the table across from him (a big, white, round table).
      Now I'm trying to tell him that we are not leaving because of him, it appears he is too busy arguing with the waiter to pay attention to what I am trying to say.
      Eventually it got sorted and we finally left the flippin' building.
    6. The sticky Mess!

      by , 01-20-2014 at 11:45 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid]
      Watching something on TV in a school classroom when someone gets a text message saying that theirs a gas leak and the fire alarm is out. I commented that the fire alarm is out so we should get out of here, everyone agreed and we left.

      2. [Non-Lucid] [Vivid]
      Was drinking through a really weird straw that was not easy to get much out (the drink tasted like coke), there was no cup either, suddenly got ridiculously excited (it felt good...like it usually does)...woke up in a sticky mess -.-. [Random Lucidity...no?]

      3. [Non-Lucid] [Vivid-ish]
      On a ship (oil tanker thingy) with a girl, shes driving through waves so I mentioned to not let the ship go side on to the waves as to not capsize.
      The waves appear to be getting bigger and bigger until we end up in an ocean of these huge shiny ice blue crystals (some even floating in the air). Now we are having to navigate around them trying not to hit them with the ship.
      Not sure if were still in the ship or not but we are still trying to get through this ocean, we end up in a narrow passage.

      4. [Non-Lucid]

      In some sort of enclosure for an animal
    7. The Deer Incident!

      by , 01-17-2014 at 03:07 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Vivid]
      I'm in a place, there's a lot furniture scattered about (kinda like a storage warehouse) then appears a scared and possibly angry deer, my step-dad Neil is here and is trying to help the deer get out of this place - I am too scared of getting hurt to go near it and help D:. I see the deer approaching so I retreat upon this rather old fashioned rose red padded material chair with wooden arms, then randomly a kid talks to me.

      Now we are in our house in the kitchen/dining room with the deer, Neil falls over in a rather bad way and hits his head on the wooden laminate flooring...all goes quiet, then Neil says something and he keeps repeating this word over and over again as if he had some sort of concussion or brain damage, hes not moving and hasn't gotten up - my uncle david has been behind me the whole time it seems, he decides its time for him to go upstairs and wash his hair.

      I go into my room and dial 999 into my mobile and 2 options pop up on the screen both of which are not what I needed plus the interface goes all weird...I tried dialing for a second time and paramedic is now on the list so I hit that which I assume sent them a text message or something.

      I go back into the dining room and find my cousin Matt sat on the sofa across from Neil, I approach him and he has my mothers hair (this freaked me out a little), I asked..."where is Neil?"...Matt replied "I have hidden him"...I asked where then saw a pile of random Tupperware boxes in a pile where Neil is laying.

      Neil gets up (the Tupperware is gone) and I see his skull on the top of his head with blood on it then it was gone replaced with hair and skin as if it was never there. I told him I called the paramedic and he got angry while wobbling all over the place as he is kinda unstable, I here a vehicle park outside, it is an ambulance.

      Now me and my Uncle and I are in the ambulance with Neil, Me and David decide to leave so we climb over onto the front seat trying to not hit the pedals and open the front door, for some reason this ambulance is very tall so we had to climb down a rope to the ground to get out.

      A shallow river I had to cross.

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    8. The Lift of Death and Zero G.

      by , 01-13-2014 at 12:12 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [Non-Lucid] [Vivid]
      I'm at my old secondary school in the corridor looking in at the lift room through the safety glass, I see an old friend, Laura from College (she notices me and seems pleased to see me, I tried not to acknowledge her for some reason) the lift opens and she doesn't want to enter as she doesn't like being alone.

      Now I'm in the lift with 3 others 1 of which is an old teacher of mine, The lift start to ascend and it won't stop it just keeps going, it stops at floor 7 (theirs only 3 floors...) then all of a sudden the lift plummets to the ground {I felt like, just for a second, that I was floating, it was so tranquil, so pleasant}, it hits the ground floor, I was the only survivor out of the 4 of us, the lift then ascends for a 2nd time.

      2. [Non-Lucid] [Less-Vivid]
      Walking down a corridor, there are doors at the end with a small group of people behind them, I open the door and enter, I then go through a door to my right, it leads to a 2 story tall room with a metal walkway leading around the room to the floor, I skip it by jumping over the railing, I go through a door into the next room, theirs like a dance floor in the middle, i meet a guy and he asks what I got so I showed him this card, It was to buy the game Twisted Metal I think, anyway this made me and him quite happy.

      Now I'm freaking out as I noticed I have somehow forgotten my laptop, now I can't Skype my friend and will end up incredibly lonely lol, I then remember I bought my Phone so grabbed it.

      I notice a guy sitting at a PC desk with a big black screen.

      Side Notes:
      Really vivid dreams
      side notes , non-lucid , memorable
    9. Vivid scary intruder

      by , 07-12-2013 at 02:21 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      I remembered this dream from last night.

      2. [non-lucid][vivid]
      I'm alone in my house, I'm using the PC in my room and I hear a knock at the door so I moved over and looked through my open door at the front door of the house (my room is at the back of the house on the ground floor and my door faces the front door at the other end of the corridor), the door opens and I am becoming really scared at this point, I quickly scramble for my phone to call the police, I miss dialed the first time due to being scared so I tried again, this time I got through to the police and said something like "help, theirs someone in my house and I'm alone (something about a pedophile idk)". I then woke up or forgot what happens next.

      I was looking for somewhere to hide but couldn't find a good spot.

      Notable Items & People:
      Bedroom door, front door, iPhone, PC, TV screen, window, back door
    10. Friend visit

      by , 07-07-2013 at 10:21 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [non-lucid]
      I visited my friend (Alex) at his house. I was telling his mum how to put my harness on in the kitchen, she found it really easy and didn't struggle at all.
      Now I'm in Alex's room, the room layout had changed, Alex retreated into his bathroom so i waited, as I waited I noticed on the desk to the right of where the door is there is a PC on it with a mouse and keyboard...anyway, on the screen theirs a Dog/Wolf like creature (It was dark grey with white tufts of fur around its neck) so I moved the mouse to get a better look, Its in a game probably an MMO of some sort.

      Alex came out of the bathroom and was using the 2nd desk which was half blocking his bathroom for some reason so I went over and I think I started a conversation about something.

      I'm in an old minibus that used to take me to school with the same bus driver.

      Notable Items & People:
      Black square PC monitor, Wheelchair battery, Alex's Mum.

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    11. 'Murica :D

      by , 06-25-2013 at 10:43 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [non-lucid] After 3:00 I Think
      Was in a car with my step-dad (Ray) driving and my uncle (David) sat in the passenger seat, I assume I'm sat in the back in my wheelchair.
      We were following Mum in the car ahead on an American highway, Mum turns off the highway but Ray missed the turning and so we carried on going, there's a toll booth approaching so David got the money ready to pay.

      The car we are driving appears to be right hand drive which is odd because were driving in America and of course they have left hand drive cars.

      So we drive up to the toll booth pretty fast, Ray throws the money, I don't know where it went because I couldn't see but we got let through. Ray decides to floor it and do a 180 to the other side of the highway, we hit a police officer (African American woman with dark hair) who was walking across the highway and to make things worse there was a green & white police car on the other side that saw the 180 and the collision with an officer, we got told to stop so Ray pulled over in the middle of the road.

      The car is now gone and was left just me in my wheelchair in the middle of a highway, the police officer pulls out a gold shiny sticker wrap thing (like the ones they put on your bags in the airport) and put it on my chair.

      I had an invalid passport.

      2. [non-lucid] Before 3:00 I Think
      I think I was in the game GTA: SA and at the edge of the map i climbed a hill and on the other side there was flat grassy land that had craters with sand in them on it kinda like holey cheese, was really weird.

      Sleep: 11:00 Attempted DILD
      Alarm: 3:00 Attempted WILD/MILD (Fell asleep I think)
      Wake: 8:00 - 9:00
      Got up: 10://

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    12. Pirate's

      by , 06-24-2013 at 09:56 AM (Welcome to my dreams!)

      1. [non-lucid]

      I'm on a ship doing gymnastic swinging off the ships ropes and sails while in a sword/fist fight, (probably with a pirate)(I remember thinking: don't fall off the ship as I went quite high) this went on for about 5 minutes.

      The pirate knocked me to the floor, I struggled to get up as he attempted the finishing blow, then all of a sudden I was saved (by a bullet?) at the last second by the actual crew of the ship who where held hostage I assume by my attacker.

      Captain Jack Sparrow took the ship the wrong way or something, then left the ship

      Were on land in some sort of town square (There's a yellow haze on everything as the sun shines down, like a sort of sepia tone), the ground laid with bumpy light-grey cobblestone, there's a cobblestone and wood building to the right, there's a cobblestone road going straight with a dock along it and buildings, there's a building in front of to the left, I think there's a well in the center of the town with a stall across from it. we are searching for Captain Jack Sparrow after he ran away.

      Sleep: 11:10 Attempted DILD
      Alarm: 3:00 I hadn't slept before 3 anyway
      Wake: 8:00 - 9:00
      Got up: 9://

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    13. To Fly!!! (If only I was lucid)

      by , 06-19-2013 at 12:00 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [non-lucid][3rd person] {From a WILD or WBTB this morning after I woke}
      I was learning to fly, there was some girl teaching me how to do it. So I tried the first time and steam was created beneath me, only lifted a few cm off the ground. The girl teaching me (lets just call her G for now) said try harder, so I concentrated and lifted a few feet ((pillars of steam shoot out of my feet) I was ecstatic at this point). G said give it more power. While in the air I said TNT (there was a sudden burst of fire & steam) and it gave me a boost so I said it again, G shouting more, I then decided to say "Infinite TNT" and away I went I was flying (Steam and fire was bellowing out of my feet), G was joyful at my success. I flew for a few minutes then lost control and fell, the dream ended.

      G I think was the witch from a dream i had the other night. Maybe shes my dream guide.

      This was not a lucid dream but I am very happy to remember it.

      Standing with my Nan, across the road is a pizza restaurant, all of a sudden the whole street became lit as all the lights came on, the pizza place had a green sign.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Hello Dexter Morgan!

      by , 06-18-2013 at 01:29 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [non-lucid]
      I got caught with scissors by security who rode black segways with black helmets, so I had to hand them over. (Was on a stone path, there are black metal fences to my left (blocking off a lake) and right, its nighttime but its not dark, the moon is out)

      I stabbed and killed someone with scissors then threw them in the lake, as I threw them i noticed another pear of red handled scissors that were teetering on the edge of the lake.

      I exposed a female murderer who cuts peoples faces of (probably with scissors). I sneaked into her kitchen, she saw me from the roof opposite to her house and was yelling at me, I activated a conveyor belt used for kitchen equipment which had peoples cut off faces on it, and some sort of authority saw the faces come through on the conveyor belt and I saved the day.
      A young version of Dexter Morgan is talking with some other guy next to a fence then the dream ended.

      I beleive I was infact a young version of Dexter Morgan throughout the dream.

      Scissors are like knifes lol.
    15. Magical Gems!

      by , 06-09-2013 at 03:40 PM (Welcome to my dreams!)
      1. [non-lucid]
      I wanted to be able to teleport to florida instead of by plane because the flight is pretty long, so I went and found a place that uses magical gems to perform all sorts of magic, was in a cylindrical building, there I met a woman that asked me what type of magician I wanted to be, she cycled through the magic gems where they appeared in this big round hole in the wall showing the gems spells and perks. I chose the blue gem I think, it was called Jesus for no apparent reason.

      Now she told me that in order to use the Jesus Gem I must collect them from around the area using a magic map, they seemed very easy to find as I remember finding a ruby in the middle of a road floating in the air shiney and glowing red.

      There was also another way of obtaining gems in the fight areana in which I fight an amount of bad guys and get gems if i succeed, I was pretty damn good at it from what I remember.
      Sidenote: The bad guys wore a black robe with a soft white belt

      I then went back to see her, she wasnt best pleased because I was only collecting ruby's and she was low on silver gems. I had collected 10 ruby's, as I could see by how full the coloured jars were that she was pointing at on the wall. The dream ends.

      Woke up at 3:54 and again at 6:// (pretty sure I did a two part dream)

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