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    Old Dream's - The Fringe Event

    by , 05-28-2013 at 11:50 AM (315 Views)
    (blue and red lights flash adding lense flairs throughout the dream (I assume from a police car)) Im watching from a distance at a building with a door infront and panes of glass to the right. I am moving farward slowly, a man wearing a brown sherif outfit with a big black flashlight walks in shining it at a glowing orange round sack with a bone moving up and down in the center, it is on the floor dragging the sheet of the hospital bed it is next to (a few hospital beds along the wall to the right facing the sherif). He then walks over to another hospital bed (theres a door to the left, hospital bed to the right) behind the first bed shining his torch at it. Theres another sack of orange goo, its moaning and grouning. The dream ends.

    A rough sketch: (really bad sketch )

    Side Notes:
    I believe The orange sacks are in fact people that have melted into a sack of skin by some sort of airborne virus/toxin.

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