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    Welcome to my dreams!


    by , 03-08-2014 at 12:07 PM (394 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid] [Long]
    I'm trying to get away from these people who are chasing me, I'm at a petrol station I think, then the bad guys show up in a black van and they get out and attack me with a long collapsed colourful umbrella, he tries to stab me in the eye with the chrome tip but luckily I move slightly and he misses, I then grab the umbrella and shout "RAPE, RAPE", they of course flee the scene and I acquired the umbrella, a cop on a motorbike shows up and says something too me then goes after the bad guys.

    Now I'm in Minecraft and were in this place that we are trying to escape, I look around and see that the walls are quite high so I figure I would build a 1X1 tower, so i build this tower and its getting pretty tall...I look down at the ground and I start wobbling and become quite disoriented so I decide to start building up diagonally instead...I fall off...before I hit the ground I thought "No one better steel my umbrella :/".

    I respawn and it seems we made it out of the room, as I respawn I see the world loading, while I'm looking around this spiral staircase thingy I notice due to the would loading that it also goes underground, so I go take a look and its dark so I run down the stair case while spamming redstone torches on the wall, they emitted a little light but disappear after being placed probably because I don't have permission to build.

    2. [Non-Lucid]
    I'm in this room with a big red sofa in the middle, I'm arguing with Neil about something then all of a sudden he throws a SKY remote at my and it hits me really hard in the side of my head and it wakes me up, the pain still lingers upon waking up.

    I fall back to sleep and I'm in the same dream, I'm running as Neil is chasing me...were no in Minecraft and I run into this severely overgrown forest, I have to destroy leaves to carve a path, he almost catches me but I get away and escape the forest and that's the end of that.

    Walking down these marble stairs while holding onto my Mum.
    There's 3 ambulances outside this house, something about Walter White.

    Possible dream signs:
    Neil, Minecraft, Stairs, Mum, SKY remote?

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    1. Mismagius's Avatar
      Haha, nice one! I love the "No one better steel my umbrella :/" XD

      I've had the lingering pain before, I've had It happen with other sensations too.