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    1. Driving and Swinging 08/03/2012

      by , 08-04-2012 at 12:10 AM
      I wad driving around streets, being chased? I drove in to an alleyway, it was a dead end so I looked back and want to back out. It looked difficult.

      I was in an office, being chased by a man. The office had high ceilings and pipes everywhere. I jumped and swung around like spiderman... it was pretty fun. I couldn't find an exit and ended up facing a wall, I tried to break the wall or something. I don't know if it worked or not.

      2AM - 10AM
    2. Prom Dress, School Office, Ice Cream 08/02/2012

      by , 08-02-2012 at 07:43 PM
      I was in a store at the mall with a friend. I was looking through dresses for prom, I pick them up and put them down. I came across this white dress with beads at the collar, it was almost like a flapper dress except that it's way too big. --- I was walking with P.W. through the mall, I was wearing a mint green short dress with lace as my prom dress. She pulled them hem of my dress up for some reason, it gave me a wedgie. I pulled her dress too as payback, it was a long black dress, it didn't work. I wondered why and and she told me I was wearing the wrong underwear. We met up with two girls, one is my friend and the other is an acquaintance. I looked at the other girl and she was wearing the same dress as me, awkward.

      I was in a school office with A.A. (The office looks very familiar, like I've seen it in another dream). She went through a room to another room and I waited outside the first room. I looked in and there was a banner with "SHERLOCK" on it. A teacher/employee came out of the room squealing "Sherlock" and I squealed back. We looked at each other for a moment, and she took some paper out of a metal file cabinet. It was two of the same paper, I picked one up and she told me that it's a meet up so I can make my own emergency bag. She talked about it like it was a really special and great opportunity. My friend came back and I pointed to the banner, I expected her to fangirl with me but she din't.

      I was walking through a mall with A.A., we spot an unusual ice cream store on our left. It was Japanese like, it had a lot of flavors and toppings. A lady in the back announced that the black sesame ice cream is where she's standing. I thought it was either today's special or they've always make it, like a regular flavor since it's not with the other flavors. I saw the server dig his spoon to the ceiling of the refrigerate case for ice cream. We went in and grabbed our bowls. I saw an ice cream flavor on display, it was in the shape of a glazed cake slice. A.A. got some sesame ice cream and when it was my turn, there wasn't much left and it wasn't what I expected. It was just a tiny brown chunk with syrup, it wouldn't even fill a spoon but the lady still gave it to me anyway.

      1:30AM - 10AM
    3. Apartment and Classroom 08/01/2012

      by , 08-02-2012 at 07:58 AM
      I was in an elevator with someone. We got to a floor in an apartment building, we turned right and went to the house on the right side. I told the person that I used to live on the 24th floor at the exact same spot. The numbers of floor must have increased to more than 30 (the top floor in RL), since the floor we are on is above that.

      I was in a classroom, the teacher said something, we all got up and walked out of the room. We walked together in the hallway and entered another classroom. All of us were suppose to sit in groups of four, since my friends and I got to the room last, there were no seats left for us together. My two friends quickly took the seats near the door and I walked to the seat on the left side of the room. I sat down and when I looked back up, the person in front of me was different, the original girl was sitting one seat ahead instead.

      2AM - 8AM
    4. Thieves

      by , 07-31-2012 at 10:30 PM
      I was in my bedroom, the layout of the furniture's different. The bed is right next to the window, and the desk is right behind the bed, so the bed is almost like a closed off nest. I was fixing things on my desk and I looked up, seeing these 2 men standing around at the end of the street. I closed the window thinking I locked it. When I looked again, they were right in front of the window asking me questions or selling me something. I pretended to be interested and told them to come in at the front door but I know their intention was to rob the house. I walked away slowly but they were still standing by the window. I saw my mom walking toward the room and screamed that there are thieves. I turned around and the men were in the room. I started cursing at them and pushed them out of the room. I yelled some more and pushed them out the front door. The adults in the house was surprised that I have the strength to push them out myself. I was surprised that I'm cursing in front of adults. I went back to my room and checked the window, I pushed the window and it opened. I closed it again and saw a latch on the right side of the window, then I realized that I didn't actually lock it in the first place. I looked out the window, and the men were back at the end of the street.

      1AM - 8AM
    5. Frustration

      by , 07-30-2012 at 08:11 PM
      I think my recalls are getting worse... Before, I can just write down dreams without trouble, now I have to dig around just to find fragments. I couldn't recall anything this morning except for needing to drive my friend home and (I think) getting lucid but lost it. I couldn't even remember if I was really lucid or I was just dreaming about being lucid. I tried to pinch my nose, but even before I'm done with that, I tried to push my finger through, then blackness.
    6. Boba and Saran Wrap

      by , 07-29-2012 at 11:27 PM
      I was at a snack shop across from school. I ordered my food and waited. I wanted a boba milk tea but decided to order it when I get my food for some reason. When I ordered it, the girl gave me a weird look, she asked "spicy chicken boba milk tea?" and I repeated "boba milk tea" (I didn't even realize how weird that is until I recall my dream). The girls just stood there and I wanted to ask them if I need to make it myself (I worked there in RL before). One girl took a cup with boba and gave it to the other girl. I got back to school and ate my food, it was in a beverage cup with boba on the bottom. Whenever I take a spoon of my food, it's wet with milk tea. I didn't think it was weird but still avoided the boba while eating. My drink was knocked down many times but it didn't spill a drop.

      I was at school, the lobby was closed, the doors were locked and saran wrapped. The only way in is to be a senior and wait in line. The line was formed with two parallel rows of cones and saran wraps. In order to move forward in line, we have to bend down and crawl pass some wraps. I waited in line with A.A. and her 2 friends. I went out of the line to try the other door, and of course it didn't work. The line moved forward, I ran back in line while apologizing to the people behind. Inside was as usual but with a big banner and rows of chair. We went to the seats on the left side of the room. They sat at the right end of the row and I sat at the left end. It was just 2 empty seats away from them but it felt very distant. I thought to myself that my other 3 friends, A.T., H.W., and P.W. are probably at the right side of the room. (This is very much like our senior prank with the saran wraps, the seating arrangement was almost like my graduation one)
    7. Old Navy, Rotten Fruits, Color Pencils, Hike

      by , 07-28-2012 at 09:16 PM
      I went in to an Old Navy wanting to apply for a job. All the employees looked away when I approach them, I didn't even ask them the question yet! I finally found the manager, I told her how I worked at Old Navy before as an intern and that I would really like to work here again. She started to fix the clothing on the rack next to her, so I started explaining more and helped out. I told her that it was a really great experience and everyone was really friendly. She turned to me and smiled, told me that all the sales floor positions are filled up so I will have to work in the storage. I was fine with that, and she told me that if we see each others in the store, I shouldn't make eye contact with her.

      I was in an apartment with a girl near me, she looked bored and indifferent about anything. A lady ordered us to bring all the bags and fruits from the table to the balcony. It seemed like the lady is having guests over. Since the girl looked like she's not gonna help, I carried all the things to the balcony. The fruits were all rotten and moldy. I put the stuff down to the counter that the lady pointed to. I turned around, the girl walked out to us with a plate of rotten fruits, I guess I didn't see the plate.

      I got a picture text from P.W. and it was a box of Hello Kitty color pencils. They were big plastic handles with color leads inside them. It was on sale and she asked me if I would like it. I thought it was really nice of her but I don't like the pink case or Hello Kitty. --- I appeared at the store, at the location of the color pencil shelf. She pointed to the same color pencil box but blue instead and said that I could get that one if I like that better.

      My friends and I were hiking up a mountain. We got to the very top and there was a stair that leads up. The wooden steps were held together by metal wires with nothing on the bottom for support. We climbed the stair and made it. This was the second time I climb this stair (out of this dream). We were going to turn around and walk back down but we found ourselves inside a tiny cave. There were 2 openings, one leads outside to hanging wires, and the other was another small cave with colorful tube. Some went down the tubes but they climbed back up saying it's not a good idea. Some went on the wires and I thought they were crazy.

      1AM - 10:30AM
    8. Four Recalls 07/27/2012

      by , 07-28-2012 at 02:48 AM
      * Non-Lucid * Lucid *

      I was with A.A., her sister and mother in a car going to A.A.'s college meeting. On the way, I saw a road sign that said "Colombia". During the ride, her sister got a call from her boyfriend and they chatted really briefly. We started going upward on a mountain, we kept circling on the same spot really fast. (Imagine the teacups from Merry Go Rounds). --- We got to the place, it was really plain and tiny, it was more like a store. On the window was a sign that said the meeting was over in red. The family went in anyway, while I waited outside. --- I was hanging out with the Avengers, Loki with ill fitting BBC Sherlock clothes, and the 3 from Supernatural outside. Castiel had his back to me, I think I went up and poked him or something. We all laughed and had fun. I couldn't stop laughing, someone told me to defend him and I said "I shouldn't come in" as in I shouldn't get involved. Someone mentioned banana and some other danced around.

      I was with an acquaintance, A.B. We were at an outdoor shooting game. We were both under an open shelter with other people as a team. I moved to the opposite side of the shelter so that I could see the front better. As soon as I got to the other side, the leader announced that he's splitting the opposite sides as enemies. --- I followed A.B. toward a glass door that leads us outside. He went out but I stayed in. He came back after a moment wearing a red t-shirt and cap. I followed him outside in to the forest. I continued walking and became lucid. I didn't do RCs but I had a strong feeling that it is a dream. I did the 5 senses activity to stabilize myself, I remembered licking my thumb because I didn't want to taste anything there. I told myself to feel his arm but I don't remember if I acted on it. (A.B. was no longer there.) I was still on the pathway but I was surrounded by brick buildings that looked very familiar to my middle school. I saw a creature in front of me, it was like a llama with giraffe patterns. I followed it cause why the hell not. I saw another creature and it was a lion with really blonde highlight in its mane. I walked back out to the pathway. I observed my left hand and while I did that, I thought to myself that I shouldn't do that yet since nothing's fuzzy or fading. It went black and I woke up.

      I was at a gathering with my friends. I walked away and went to a corner near the pool. It was busy, there were people everywhere. I sat there by myself and took small bites of my PB&J sandwich. A few of my friends came to check on me and I ignored them. H.W. told P.W. that I like her. P.W. got really excited and asked "really!?" and said that we should talk. I got really angry at H.W. inside cause how did she know and why would she say it out like that. Everyone looked like they already knew I like P.W.

      I stepped on my break cause it was red light, it took a lot of effort then I realized that I was driving really fast locally. When my car came to a stop, I was right next to a police car. It seemed like he didn't notice how fast I was going. --- I went on the freeway with a lot of confidence and I didn't even care if anyone's behind me. I was reckless.

      1AM - 11AM

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    9. Arcade 07/26/2012

      by , 07-26-2012 at 09:53 PM
      I was in an arcade with Josh (from Drake and Josh), we were walking toward the ticket booth. He bought 10 dollar worth of tickets and I didn't buy any. The tickets were blue and they look exactly like the ones from arcade machines. When I looked again, Josh was not there anymore, it was my brother. He tried to get on a roller coaster seat but the seats kept on moving around so he kept on falling off. I told him to get on when it stops moving but he won't listen. --- My brother was playing games and collecting tickets while I looked after him. He walked around trying to find this little girl to give his tickets to. I asked him if he knows what prize she's gonna get with all these tickets people give to her. He told me that he don't, so I told him that it's a pretty silly thing to give all your hard earned tickets to a girl that you don't even know. We found the little girl at a shooting game, my brother gave her the tickets and she didn't even say thanks or look at us. --- A machine gave me a few tickets and when I walked away, it started to spill tickets out. The machine stopped after giving out a long strip of tickets. I tried to pick it up and show it off to my brother but it got tangled with me. I didn't want to tear it apart but it twists every time I try to get it off. I gave in and just teared it in to two pieces. --- We were near some air hockey tables, they were old and falling apart. When I took a closer look, the surface was just a plastic mat covering the old mess. The mallets were ping pong paddles.

      1AM - 10AM
      Tags: arcade
    10. Hotel Room and School 07/25/2012

      by , 07-25-2012 at 08:19 PM
      *Had a dream I couldn't recall

      I was in a hotel room chatting with my brother. We grew tired and wanted to sleep. I receieved a call from my mom telling us to go to sleep, but she was laying on the bed with her back to us. I didn't hear her talk outloud but I can hear her from the receiver. I went to her bed to sleep while my brother went to the other bed to sleep, sharing with his dad that's not in the room yet.

      I was running around a mall with closed stores, trying to get to school on time. I was searching for elevators but when I found them, I couldn't remember why I needed them. I turned around knowing that I'm late already. I was outside now, facing a really big staircase. My physic class was coming down the stair going toward the stadium, so I thought I could just walk with them. Another science class was also coming down the stair and I got confused and followed the wrong class. I only reazlied that I'm in the wrong place because of the unfamiliar faces I'm seeing. --- I sat down at a bench with my friends. My friend, P.W. was trying to talk to me, and I was trying to ignore her. She asked me what's wrong and I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say. --- I'm in a really big locker room, it felt like it was underground. --- I was in a bathroom? when my friend, A.A. came in without pants on. --- I was back in the locker room, needing to get somewhere, I walked and walked. The locker room was a big circle without a center, the hallway just goes on and on, next to the lockers are black plastic toilets. I just knew I was going to be late again.


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    11. Lobby, Midnight, Bounce House 07/24/2012

      by , 07-25-2012 at 08:18 PM
      I was waiting in the lobby with my friend, A.A. I wanted to go to the bathroom but we were waiting for the others. Our friends finally arrived and I went to the bathroom with one of them, L.Z. A girl came out of the the big stall on the far right and I went in that one. The seat was up and I did my business...

      It was around midnight, I was back at my old house behind Starbucks. I went out of the gate and walked to the mini plaza a few minutes away. In place of a fast food burger place in RL, it was a hot dog place, I felt like it's always been there. I walked home with my food and drink. It was really quiet and someone was walking behind me. I thought to myself that if I need to fight, I would. For a second, I thought I couldn't go home cause I forgot my gate remote. I reached in to my pocket and found it (different shape than RL).

      I was in a bounce house, it was just bouncy staircase, that's all there is to it. There were a bunch of kids and 2 people my age. They said or did something and they were at the top of the stair away from the kids.


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    12. Pool Party 07/23/2012

      by , 07-23-2012 at 10:49 PM
      We were at the property of our old rental house but inside a different house. I screamed at my mom telling her that I hate how I look now, my face is oily and my hair is too short. I went in to the bathroom, stood in front of the sink and mirror. I turned to my right and saw a shelf with four bottles, telling by the picture, they were Lavender, Coconut, Brown Sugar and the other was something I've never seen before. I found out that they were lotions by reading the labels. I picked up the brown sugar one and used it like a scrub, it worked like one too! My family saw me through the open door (it was closed before) and made fun of me telling me that it won't change me. I snapped back that I'm just cleaning the oil off my face cause it's uncomfortable. --- I was at a pool party, right outside of my house. I was inside of a smaller pool with my friend (DC) while others were at the main pool. A blue haired girl (DC) was at the center of our pool, she floated in and out of water, playing around. We were then naked for some reason, I was suprisingly not embarrassed about it. I started to think of how the landlady's younger son used to live in my current house. I looked in the direction of my house and realized that he lives right next to my old house, he never once lived in my current house (he lives with his family in RL). The front door of his house was open so I took a peek, there were two bedrooms, and I thought to myself "Do he even use the other bedroom?" (I saw the inside of his house while still being at the pool). The host/landlady (had a HUGE fight with my mom in RL) came out to announce something with her back facing me so I turned my face to hope that she won't notice me if she look around. I quietly got out the water, still naked and ran toward a room. I grabbed my swimsuit and ran inside the bathroom and changed. I got to the gate of the house and found my mom waiting for me in a car across the street. I went up to the car and found my stepdad and his sisters in the car too. I stood by the window asking them questions. I saw the landlady standing near the gate so I got in the car quickly but before I can even close the door, she noticed us. My mom got out to greet her and they were really nice to each other. --- We were on the road with the older sister driving us (she can't drive in RL). We went down a hill really fast and I held the back of my seat in panic. (I hate even the slightest track bump in RL, so imagine the hill)


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    13. Feather Slippers & Arcade 07/22/12

      by , 07-22-2012 at 11:56 PM
      I was with my boyfriend traveling in Guangzhou. We both had big heavy backpacks, it was a struggle to put mine on but when I finally got it on, the attached lunchbag smacked the right side of my face. We walked on and I started to worry about what my mom will think, since I'll be gone for 2 nights. She never let me sleep over anywhere so she will probably be furious with me. As we walked, we noticed a big stall on our left, it's a slipper stall, slippers made out of chicken feathers or goose feathers. My boyfriend got interested and so we walked to the stall to have a look. The back of the stall had two signs up, indicating the prices, chicken ones are cheaper than the goose ones. At the back left corner of the stall is where they kill the animals onthe spot. People were burning the feathers together to form slippers. I turned to my boyfriend with a disgusted face and we walked away. --- We were in an indoor arcade with his friends, it was dark but still alright because of the bright decorations. I remember going on several coasters, one of them was reaching the end before the coaster goes back up and drop mud like stuff on us. We were in front of the next one, I looked at it and remembered that I don't even like roller coasters. They all went in while I sneaked away to wait in a corner. A piece of pink paper was floating to the left of me due to the air vent on the floor. I picked it up and read it, what it said related to the place next to me, like an advertisment. A security came to me and told me to put it back, so I did and the paper floated even higher.

      *Boyfriend is dream character.

      3AM - 10:30AM

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    14. Terrifying Tooth Fairies 07/21/2012

      by , 07-22-2012 at 11:51 PM
      I was in an abandoned hospital, the atmosphere was really frightening, I had a feeling that people are being torutured here. I was taken out of somewhere and told to wait by a door. The room had rusty metal walls with a really heavy door. I sat on a stool waiting with other people, they were all scared like I was about what's behind the door. We heard screamings and cryings. A patient came out of the door and he just gave me a creepy grin when I asked about what's behind the door. Moments later, I was forced to go inside. They dragged me around and I asked them if I can use the bathroom before they do whatever to me. They were silent and I looked around, realizing I'm in a bathroom, with numbers of stalls. I even saw a man come out of one stall casually. I then see people being shot with syringe so I thought what's gonna happen won't be that bad. A nurse stood in front of me and I went really still. She inserted the needle in my right ear and I felt blood tickling down my face and neck. It was really painful, like I was being ripped open. --- I appeared at the lobby of the building, I saw a man at the counter so I asked him if I could leave now. I walked out the sliding glass door and everything around looked normal. I continued for a few steps and felt the absence of the right tooth on the back of my mouth. I realized that they were tooth faries and ran back inside. I screamed at the man "You guys are tooth faries!!!" and he just smiled.

      *I really don't know how I think they are tooth faries...

      1AM - 9:30AM

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    15. Zombies in School 07/19/2012

      by , 07-19-2012 at 10:17 PM
      I was at an outdoor mall with my mom. We went in to a store that's like a combination of H&M, Abercrombie, and Hollister. My mom walked around the store while I followed. She tried on a jacket and liked it. There was a shelf with popcorns on it, above it was a sign that said "50% off with Red Tag". We went to the register with the popcorn and jacket. My friend, L.Z. was sitting on a set of foldable chair and table next to the line, counting money. The cashier said that we can't buy the popcorn for some reason that I don't remember. I asked them what do I tell my mom and they told me to lie about it. I said I can't do that and went out with the bag. I told my mom that if she's hungry, she can buy food in the food court. --- I was in a crowded hallway in school with a locked door in front of us. We were informed that there's zombies behind the door and we will need to save ourselves. None of us have any weapons. The door opened, and I ran with my friend, A.A. to the first door we see. It was a bathroom with yellow tile wall, and I then noticed a lady ran in with us. She decided to use the bathroom and so I did too. When I came out of the stall, my friend was gone. I went out of the bathroom and normal people were dragging themselves around like zombies. I guessed they pretended to be zombies so the real one won't notice. I thought it was a silly idea and continued on. A line of policeman marched down the hallway but I knew they were actual zombies. I quickly went in to a room on the left, by the time I locked the door I noticed an acquaintance of mine, A.B. went in with me. The room seems to be a science classroom. He started to panic and said how I'm one of his seven friends. I heard knocking on the door, so I looked out with the window on the door. My group of friends were standing outside, they looked fine so I let them in and locked the door. Moments later, I heard some more knocking and it was another acquaintance, M.L. I didn't let her in immediately, my friends panicked, I asked her a question through the side gap of the door. "What's my favorite color?", "Purple!" she answered and I let her in. We sat by the wall underneath the windows. Suddenly, I told them to bend down because I felt something moving outside the windows, I looked toward the door and noticed that it's not locked. I ran toward it and pressed the button on the handle to lock it.


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