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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Dild becomes Deild/oobe

      by , 08-27-2015 at 09:09 PM
      2.37 am woke up and sat up for wbtb - after meditation mantras - speaking to my sub saying that we are one so help me be aware in my dreams ect -" smooth entry" - from wake to sleep with consciousness - some visualising of green fields with abridged to another place but imagining the water under the bridge is drying up so one could walk there where wild flowers are growing...Water all around tho

      Set up for sleep at 3.45am - l lay on my back - for wild
      at 5.11 woke up after LD - event noted ;

      During Wild attempt I am very calm and really feel the transition to the still open space of ( what I think might be ) Delta/nrem - almost like I feel physically lifted to another space - it was more obvious than ever before - I thought for a bit I had gotten too interested in this transition as I seemed to lay there like this for quite a bit longer but consoled myself that I must wait and not turn over - it was still possible the dream was around the corner I muddle with a bit of Sild and played with imagining my dream scene of grassy green banks for a while - at some point I must have drift off as I cannot remember the transition I don't think. Oh yes I was feeling for my dream body a few times but dreamland has not kicked in yet -
      Suddenly I am in the dream and doing something I am doing quite often - Cleaning! scrubbing a carpet, I could see the stains on it and I was determined to get it clean - Something made me question myself and in an instance I know I am dreaming !
      I know my sleeping body is in bed and suddenly I felt that fact as I lay in bed but I know instinctively I can move my dream body and easily - excellent!

      I sit up then stand up and begin walking away from my body, it feels great as I have been wanting todo this for a while now! I can feel the pull of my physical body so i know I need to get on with grounding myself into the dream - I rub my hands together and as I look down at my hands I get a glimpse at them although its dark and it makes me smile - the feeling of my hands rubbing together feels strangely soothing to me. I can still feel the pull so do some mantras -
      " Om mani pema hung " - I look and see a sphere of light coming from my body starting to light up the darkness as I say the mantra - It is delightful and I feel a deep happiness inside me
      However I then find am back in my physical body in bed now delighted with the oobe experience

      Later NL dreams included helping a very old lady get her will to live back although she may not have much more time - I helped clean up he abode and joked with her - she looked lively and happy in the end when we parted

      Another NL dream where I was living a second life so couldn't let my friends know where I lived at night - I set off away from them in the darkness of the night and headed down some dodgy/off the beaten track pathways not knowing if I would be safe -'I had to get out of view quick tho as someone seemed to be following me - off I went into the dark night with my bag.

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    2. False awakening realised after wild attempt

      by , 08-22-2015 at 08:50 PM
      First dream recorded NL - about being a LDer and getting very clear instructions from an expert tutor on how to go about it - very nice as I was being totally taken on as a good student who was top of the class having every ability to be a great LDer, I felt great -
      I did wbtb around 3-4am and listened to some binaural beats to sharpen my mind as I felt very tired - may have worked!

      Sat up for reluctant wbtb at 3 am and had a Late morning LD decided to lay on my left side (around 4.20 am)as I was now very awake and felt I needed to change my sleeping position and see what happens ( I usually attempt wild on my back) I knew I would fall asleep quite quickly on my side tho so I did my best to keep mind clear and repeat mantra

      "I am Lucid tonight " and " I know I am dreaming"

      At 5.54 am I woke to put this one in voice recorder
      - got a couple of short Lucids on my side! The first was a propper false awakening where it was the first time I have Actually realised I was dreaming as I lay there on my side in my bed - ha ha it felt great ! Having the awareness to bring my hands up to look at them ' great I am dreaming'! I sat up! And said 'I am Lucid ' - but Then I laid back down ... then I sat up again and went running into my mums room laughing ( my mum doesn't live here so I had quickly become non lucid ;( ...I then went back to bed and very soon realised again as I lay on my side "hay - I was actually dreaming again!"- I looked at my hands again - yes! " I am still dreaming " I said. This made me very happy and I got up easily from my bed and wandered out of the house - I tried to remember some tasks as I made my way out. The scenery was a bit grey so I feel it would have been good if I had taken time here to stabilise by rubbing my hands together or saying some mantras - so I think dream ability was pretty weak. A DC got in my way and un-nerved me a bit ; I didn't-want to get distracted so I managed to brush passed him - once outside I decided I wanted to climb to the top of a high rise building and jump off to test my Lucidity - ha ha - lucidity was low tho coz - as I tried to jump and climb up the side of a building I kept falling back down, no super power! Finally woke up knowing I have lots and lots to learn great experience!
    3. Intense DC and little girl

      by , 08-02-2015 at 09:09 PM
      Was in my work place with a college he was asking about my brothers (who are married now) as if they were still boys - I looked at him pondering and then said" this is strange, I must be dreaming" - I became Lucid
      As I stared at him aware he was a DC he changed from being a college into a strange man and his face kept changing..." What do you represent to me?" I asked
      He didn't answer but his face started to melt. I repeated the question loosing lucidity for a bit as I did so - but then then I noticed small spontaneous fires starting up in quite a few spots across and around the room ( a sewing room so there is lots to burn!) This made me realise I was dreaming again although I tried to put the fire out at first ha ha. I turned back to the DC and he was laughing at me wildly " Tell me what you represent!" I shouted - I can see I got a bit too involved here and ended up back in my physical - I am not Usually so interested in DC's but this one really hooked me in- lol

      A few false awakenings this mornings also but only realising after - one where I had a good bit of awareness tho ; a little girl playing nearby to where I lay " can you see me?" I asked
      " Yes - I can see you " She answered
      I had asked because the boarder wasn't clear as to whether I was awake or asleep...could still feel my physical world but also knew other world was close by by hearing it - not seeing.
      After she had answered I tried gently to turn my head to see her in an effort to join the dream world but my physical body was woken then too much!
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