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    Memorable Dreams

    1. What does this symbolise for me? 🐟🐬🐳🐋🐠🐡

      by , 12-09-2016 at 05:15 PM
      At Frankie's,

      Fish coming out of the plants around me as I walk they seem to be coming from anywhere I look - they are alive ...it's a bit weird ~ I want to run but I realise I am dreaming! I stop and allow the fish to land on my hand one by one as if effortlessly manifesting from thin air. I look at them closely - they are mostly black and flat but alive.

      "I am dreaming" breath and slow down ✨
      I ask my friend what this means what it symbolises - He said it means I must take these abundant fish everywhere I go, give and share them with everyone -" like a gift "I thought and this made me happy - but then he explained that by giving everyone the fish they would then be connected back here to him and that was important. I felt deep inside that there was something not right about this this ...controle ...I wanted to think nice thoughts about it and in giving the fish generously " how nice etc" 🌈but I just couldn't 😬I felt it was a bit of a con and wander if I should be involved in this giving of fish so that this control I could be had...I am puzzled and saddened as I wake.

      We are in a big complex - G has a major role to play I seem to be of value and am doing my best yet I am keeping myself in the back ground. I become aware there are some teachings on - being given- I feel I should be there ...but wander why I am not...I see there are some who realy want to go and I could easily go but I am not...I am told its on Tatagatagarba. I finally go in, late, and slip into a seat anf put headphones on. It's wonderfully loud music and I love it - I start dancing and moving around with delight - people think I am a little mad.
      I am jumping around on a mooving train I can't find G and shout if anyone saw him...no ...the train is picking up speed going passed the platform now ...I can't be sure G is on the train ...shall I jump off and wait or stay on....I stay on...the train is moving too fast - I am away and hope G is with me🌺

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    2. Dungeon's and Dakini's 🌈

      by , 09-03-2016 at 04:20 PM
      Bed around 10pm - read some stuff on DV
      Listened to audio book on dream yoga before sleep - drifted off thinking about good things todo in Lucid Dream like going through walls and testing out ridged views of our usual 'fixed' reality...⚡️

      Woke around 3/4am with some dream fragments and put them on my audio recorder. Main scene that stuck in my mind is me coming out to sit with a big group of people on the grass ...a festival like setting - very friendly. I wonder if they know me and might ask me to speak. I am relieved when I can sit down unnoticed - someone comes out with some food and the person next to me says its for me - I say thanks but I haven't ordered yet..they don't seem to care and want me to have the bowl with a Cardamon Pancake folded at the bottom. It looks delicious so I am happy to take it - just the smell warms me up - it's a lovely setting 🌈

      I get up for wbtb around 4.40 and lay back down around 5.10am.
      I am glad I managed to stay up and sit with a clear mind and set intentions nicely for lucid dreaming this day - great! I lay for a while relaxing - fan on for coolness and sound, earplugs in - I am in my world - I will lucid dream tonight💫

      Felt the onset of fantom limbs a few times but haven't managed to manoeuvre my way out or through this stage yet - so I fall a sleep and Dild later on.

      I am with G we are in a tunnel/underground caves - it's dimly lit. It feels dangerous - I spontaneously know I am dreaming. No RC but ongoing presence is clearly with me - the dream feels significant - I start to catch glimpses of shadows walking through tunnels that lead out or off directions we walk in... We seem tobe lost but not panicked - just moving with care and slight anticipation. The shadows I see start to become very clearly visible - they are huge prehistoric creatures! They walk as if stalking...us or anything that moves. ⚡️⚡️⚡️I know we cannot be caught by these creatures and that they are about 10 times our height and width etc. It seems they walk past tunnel exits I see and they never seem to look in our direction which I am very relieved about...but I know it could happen in a jot of a second so I feel we have been intensely lucky with our speed/direction and choice of movement etc

      We see an exit and move quickly towards it - it's in the form of escalator/stairs - we move quickly up them. I look back and catch the eye of one of these huge creatures ...it turns and charges us at full speed head seriously gunning for us! I know it could reach us before we get up and out of this place and being lucid in my dream I call out a spell ✨

      " ✨Invisible wall there now - nothing can pass it!" ✨I point my arm/hand at the area directly in the area between us and the predictor heading for us...

      It seems the spell didn't work as the next instant I see the beast flying throughout the sky towards us and about to land on us ...fine I call out to the Dream as my witness in this intense situation

      " This is a dream!" - 😜I call out - So then The dream body of this heavy creature passes through or I should say glides though my dream self and G's - it feels magical ✨

      I wake feeling relieved and happy after my lucid adventure! 😎

      I lay still and wait for the next dream opportunity - it comes🌅

      I am lucid again in the dream ( Deild/dild I think ) I am talking with a beautiful woman with lots of make up and thick blond hair - dressed colourfully and luxuriously. She ooses attractive warmness and I am drawn to converse with her. We have a nice connection and sit closely - I ask her some important questions about my life situations at his time - things I have been wanting to ask recently - about a house and area we may go to live. She says its a no brainier - it will be good for us and our name is on that house - I am happy. We talk more and play around in an open fun way🌹🌠🌹 I think I am waking quiet a few times while we sit speaking ~ each time I use her face to bring the dream back into focus and feel stronger in the lucidity of the dream. I home in on her intensely makeup' face and it looks so very very clear ...like I can see every pore - I love doing this and hope to remember to do this more and more as it helps stableize fading lucidity - I think

      Thanks whoever you are ( part of me right 😊 )wherever you are - I hope to meet you again soon🌺🌺

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    3. Totm's and blood red yogini 🌺

      by , 08-12-2016 at 09:57 PM
      Completed Totm Basic 1 and Advance 1✨🎆🎆✨

      Bed around 10 and fast to sleep as am enjoying full on exercise every weekday at the mo and it's making me sleep good

      Set intentions pretty strong before sleep ; repeating to myself that
      I will remember my dreams, I will record my dreams, I will have many dreams and I will be lucid tonight.
      Repeating - "Tonight I lucid dream "many times as I drift off✨

      I woke around 2 with some fragments then about 3am ...being chased again but this time I am not as anxious as I have been before - so I know I am clear headed tonight.

      I repeat - "Tonight I lucid dream" quite a few times and fall off to sleep as usual and almost jepedise a proper Wbtb - this time I know I need a good wbtb so I sit up for about 30 mins 😉 I sit up resting my self and allowing my body and mind to calm and be at peace - I bring my focus about - I will lucid dream tonight ...as I repeat this regularly and intermidedly see myself becoming lucid and accomplishing goals. I know tonight I have a good chance 🎆🌠🎆

      I remember totm tasks and personal tasks also make strong requests to my sub to help me learn and become/realise everything I possibly can -

      Earlier dreams include me speaking with my mum about meditation and how I know I haven't realised any big deal stuff but I am very happy I know how to relax and be one pointed and at peace - I know I want to take this further...and will.

      Woke at 5.54am with Lucid dream report -
      First time lucid was a dild but later had a Deild and a wild as I lay still back awake after waking up a few times.
      During the dreams - which are of rich sexual content - I am helping many during war time. It's similar to quite a few dreams I have had now where I play very confident " yogini" in the sense of the word that I would not dare to do in WL - I am a pretty wild DC and very comfortable with my role in the dreams as if I have always been this character ...I also seem tobe training others to be yogini 's this is a recurring theme I am becoming aware of - sometimes I am playing myself and other times it's watching her in 3rd person.
      Anyway at some point I decide to do totm basic 1

      I was with some DC's and remember to ask one if they have a secret form one of the folks on Dream Views - he shakes his head - so I continue asking " ok what about Dolphin...anything about him?" Nope he says ..." Ok I ask - how about RelaxAndDream...anything about him?" He stops to ponder and says he has a secret about RelaxAndDream

      I am intruiged but have a feeling the DC is messing with me

      " He's got 3 noses! " says the DC - I laugh and laugh and wake up laughing

      So I go back to sleep after recording the above dreams at around 6am - I know I am getting up n an hour and feel relaxed. I lay still and on my back and gently slip in to dreams which become lucid once again.

      I am looking at myself in a small mirror when I get lucid - my face looks funny so I start imagining my mouth opening and something coming out even though I know it's shut - the face in the mirror obliges showing a small long thing come out my mouth ... so I continue to watch and see my mouth morphing, disappear completely then reappearing etc for a bit ,this is fun but comes to an end as I go to explore the dream scape -
      - I become part of a story - it seems I am the main character and I have been kidnapped ( as its a lucid I go along with it thinking how curious of my sub to show me as such a victim ) soon though I end up as the yogini once again within this powerful group of rebels of the communist regime - it's dark times - I am the one looking after them in every way like food, Heath love and especially in matters of the heart - very dramatic etc ...where at one point I look down at my legs and they are covered in blood - the open, straightforwardness of her love seems to be symbolised by the bloodiness. Difficult dream to explain far less understand completely.

      This dream as was pretty long Lucid - going a long with the plot mostly but then doing some tasks every now and then - I met a girl later on and asked her if she would acompany me throught the dream and help accomplish tasks and she said ok - she acompany's me around after that.
    4. Thanks for the tip✨

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:16 AM
      Dild after wbtb wild attempt 🌺
      Went to bed around 9 pm and listened to WB audio book
      Had some dreams to record around 2am and lay saying mantras for a while feeling refreshed and awake ...till about 3 - then sat up saying mantras etc in proper wbtb till about 4am.

      Lay back down for wild with fan and earplugs and seriously supportive cushy bed I usually set up for wild attempts ✨

      Was in a dream where some wise ladies were helping me with an extremely painful lower abdomen...it was very painful and they were caring for me in a very comfortable place. They said they needed to perform an operation on me that had potentials to be dangerous and needed to be very exact with the surgery - They were going to have to knock very hard onto my abdomen at some point and then pull down that which did not need to be there any longer out through my vagina. I am terrified and ask for painkillers and rescue remedy. As far as I can remember I am getting ready for this operation ✨

      Later I find myself lucid in my dream - I am speaking with a girl who is encouraging me - ' I am lucid so I know I am dreaming!✨'
      ' Yes you are' she says
      ' How can I get better at lucid dreaming? Can you help me?' I ask her
      'You get better by having more Lucid dreams - it's the only way - through experience' she replies
      'Right - ' I say
      ' We heard you can fly right? So go and fly!' She encourages me kindly
      ' Yes I can - ok then I am going to go fly! 🌠' I am exited by her and the kind words she offers me...I feel she knows me well...
      ' OK bye then' I wave to her and gently put my hands then body very easily and fluidly through the walls that make up the room around us - it's an effortless move of my body throughout the wall, as if my body and the wall are made of the same pure light. I look at my body and at the wall for a few moments and see clearly we are made of the same ' partially invisible light ..,' - nice✨
      I move into the sky with a sweeping motion, gently flying not too high but up enough to get a feeling of the vast surrounding land. It's beautiful to fly again ...The light is bright and I feel very at home in the dream ... As I think this I have to be careful as my WL body becomes evident and the bright light comes in - ...I persevere and am steady again with my Lucidity ...

      I am suddenly beginning to fly back wards and feel I want to fly forwards towards the most beautiful sight that has just appeared in my view... I don't struggle too much but 'know' I will fly directly towards this magical looking place. And so soon I do - I have never seen anything like it but have heard of Lucid dreamers going to such like magical, heavenly beautiful lands! Wow - is this my opening to such a place 🌅 I can't help but think the girl who told me to fly knew I would see this amazing sight if I got myself up into the sky in fight, I feel very fortunate! The Heavenly Place looks like something from another world - nothing on earth like this - it's Amber and yelled hue's shine out showing a spectacular opening in the bright light that surrounds these twinkling gates. I so very much want to experience this place but as I fly towards it I feel my WL body ... I soon wake into the dream of my WL reality and lie in bed for a short time remembering the spacious feeling, sights I have just uncovered - it's time to get up

      🌺I am now determined to go to this place again ....soon 🌺
    5. What happened? Wild 🌠

      by , 03-17-2016 at 09:24 PM
      My first Wild with clasical mile stones recognised as they are clearly manifesting

      So here I am going back to sleep when i would usually be getting up✨After several short wbtb's and lots of dreams

      I chant my mantra " Now I lucid dream" and imagine myself writing these words in the space of my mind

      I slipped into a dream for a while set here in my home - then I wake up in my bed and can feel/observe myself rocking my body very evenly,with a gentle rhythmic energy of flow, from side to side, I feel exited about this as more and more I am realising it's not my physical body that's rocking ...around that time I start to hear the " noise" ( a loud high pitch sound mainly ) I am able to carry on focusing mainly on the rocking but then remember I need to put my mind into the dream world ... I need to imagine the scene ...NOW!... So I imagine my hand turning the cold handle of the large colourful door( I am very aware this is a switch in mind focus I have not done consciously before with such confidence). As I am turning the handle and feeling the presence of myself within this place/scene/dream I start also to become aware I am moving out of my physical body with ease✨

      I carry on with this and move away from my body and down the hatch of the attic room. I jump down the hatch and it is so very realistic I almost don't believe it's a dream for a moment - but I know with full confidence it is because I had just Wilded in

      After a year of doing wbtb's etc and knowing one day this day would come - thanks Sageouse and Gab and others but most of all thanks to me for carrying on with something I love ( ✨ ✨)
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    6. Tactile methods🌙

      by , 11-10-2015 at 07:19 PM
      🌷When the alarm goes off and Oobe after reading new methods

      Got lots of sleep this weekend so feel redy for a wbtb - Went to bed at around 10pm and Set my alarm for 3.30am - I got up and went to the loo then laid back down and allowed snooze control to go on. I thought I may try to train myself to sleep quicker after hitting the snoozes - something Sivason Mentioned trying to do in training for Deild's . After hitting a few snoozes - I start to notice I am just getting into mellow mood-sleepy when the music goes off and just the fact of moving my arm to find the snooze button changes the feeling towards awakeness... Hopefully this will get better - I am happy I noticed that any way. But I move my hand to sit directly on my iPad now so next snooze I hardly have to move - I am on my back.

      I keep going like that for a few snoozes ( 20 mins between each ). As I lay there I remember reading about the Wild methods last night ( paradigmeshift - tactile wild method) and snoops thread about using imagination with moving the Dream body in the period of time leading up to a Wild ( during the dive ). In the Paradymeshift he/she says as son as you are starting to feel sleepy start to imagine your body being pulled by your feet and have a tactile feeling of your body sliding along the sheets. So I start doing this and it works! Suddenly I am Lucid in my dream but waking in a dream bed in a dream senecio - I come out of my body OOB style and move through the walls - the surroundings are very clear but I don't recognise anything - my waking Memeory is very much with me as there is a prayer I have been wanting to say in my LD and I manage to say it. I sit down and meditate too which has been a goal for a long time... I expected it tobe out of this world but it was quite funny ... DC's start coming towards me with aggression ( never happened before in LD) I maintain meditation and they try to attack me - at first something REALY hurts and I feel quite threatened ...but then they disolve and are gone into thin air- I carry on sitting there and it feels quite ordinary - I am amazed at the LD feeling having lasted so long this time - I feel it could be my longest LD. I spend some time really honing into the feeling of just being in the LD.

      I wake up and feel my body clearly in my bed - I remember to feel my body being dragged across the bed again and then ....Yes I am in the dream again - a semi Lucid dream continues now ... I feel myself in bed again and then back in the dream a couple more times - just short but all due to this imaginary moving of my body while falling off to sleep 🌺

      I can't wait to try again tonight as this was a great experience!

      Thread I was reading ;


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    7. Skating adventure

      by , 11-06-2015 at 08:30 PM
      Sat up for a 5am Wbtb this morning inspired by recent threads about Deild's with great advice - I sat up and quietly in bed and inwardly said my mantra and reminding myself from time to time I am going to teleport

      " remember I am dreaming" over and over

      I could still feel the sleepiness as I laid back down and knew I would be asleep soon but felt some awarenes too -" knowing "I laid down for a possible Wild/ Dild

      Not sure how I got there so Dild ; skating along happy and fast " I know I am dreaming " skating is so much fun jumping up on benches with my skates grinding along like a young expert - exellent!

      - after some fun skating about ~ doing huge jumps across big bodies of water and grinds along benches ....wahoo

      I attempted a teleport - remembering my goal I closed my eyes to teleport and couldnt open them again... they felt all glued together... then as I squeezed them open and expected the beach scene I felt myself waking up Lucidity going astray .. It was a FA - it was such a memorable experience too though because I was being licked all over my face including my lips which I was trying to squeeze shut by a very happy to see me dog...which I immediately felt was my dog ... I felt pretty yucky with that episode but soon forgave him as one does ones own dog( lucidity was waining now as I don't have a dog in WL

      Turns NL where the bed is then covered in about 6 or 7 little dogs jumping around for my attention- how sweet!!! Next my brothers and sisters came in to join us( never met them in waking life tho We all chatted then made food together🌺

      Very Enjoyable
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    8. ' I am everything '

      by , 09-08-2015 at 10:24 AM
      Went to bed at around 9 pm after reading about Reverse Blinking. I would like to try give it a shot although I am not sure if I understand how to do it correctly but can see some folk get great results.

      So laying there after taking some time to relax and I start to blink ( I think this means open my eyes and close them again quickly but in one place I read you have to open your eyes long enough to focus on something ...) my eyes open every 5 seconds or so... it was hard to count for 5 secs at same time but I am hoping it gets more natural next time I went on for quite a while like this and my eyes ,more than anything , started to get very very dry almost painfully dry.

      So I decided to stop and relax - HI was strong and I tried to look past it instead of straight on - it goes on for a bit and calms down - I slip into a restful/sleep.

      I am suddenly awake within my relaxation in a calm space I recognise ,what I think is Nrem/Delta . I sense a strong profound presence and feel I have been communicating for some time in my sleep unconsciously...
      ' Who are you?' I ask
      ' How do you know I am here, most people don't notice me.' The voice says
      ' I can feel your presence.' I answer
      ' I am the Universe, I am everything.' The voice tells me
      ' ................................' I am in silence for a while with the presence - trying to make sense of what was just said to me - I have a wonderful wholeness feeling about me.
      I feel my waking life /consciousness coming back
      to my physical body in bed
      [/COLOR]. I look at the clock its 10 pm -it feels like I have been sleeping a long time....

      I try the RB for a while again and feel myself drift into a relaxed state once again - the presence is there again but not strong

      I may have to start my own religion now
      It could have been a bit of noise or I don't know what but I put in wrong tag at the bottom - it wasn't a LD I don't think...

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    9. City of beings

      by , 09-02-2015 at 04:10 PM
      I woke for wbtb at 3am
      Laid back down for wild at 3.30 just a short wbtb where I Listened to some Binaural beats and repeated some mantra -

      During wbtb - relaxed so much and felt the shift of consciousness very clearly - the rest I had was so peaceful - I felt I could stay there forever/eternity - I was able to notice the Yellow pulsating Hi after that and used my imagination to see it as the sun coming over a beautiful vast sea scape - I almost got in but think I tried to step into it a little too early - it hadn't formed around me completely yet...Next time
      (I think it was the closest i got to letting the HI form as I realised recently that I don't think i put enough focus into actually even noticing the HI at all in most other Wild dives...and that might be why I have been falling asleep a lot recently. ) I Felt the dream form around me and said" wow this is a dream, it must be a dream..." I woke up tho as I am quite exited ...

      I am semi- lucid in the following dreams I had - I was in a prayer service with K , a small group of us sat around him - I noticed I sat in a nice arm chair. K looked over at me regularly and we had a good connection as if we were friends. He then got up to walk over to another area to continue with other prayers, everyone followed - as I got up I realised my mother was with me but very old and frail. As i held her close I whispered to her that she was the most Wonderfull mum in the world, we hugged and I kissed her head.
      Then I was speaking with some seekers on the path - one of them who I had been helping
      came up to me and said " you guys have a lot of problems with your lineage you need to sort out "
      I said to him "oh good - you are understanding that there are problems with everything - there are always things to fix and work on - this is a great example of that - well done'"
      Then I went to the group next to me and started to speak about L-
      ' How amazing he is ; he jokes and keeps things light for the simple reason he doesn't get pulled into anything - nothing! He always wants to remind you to work with things as they are right now! That you have the ability to overcome everything - right now - What an amazing teacher he is!'
      One of the girls has a problem with something and feeling very confident and happy
      I say ' come on tell me - what is it ? let me help you - whats wrong?'

      Then there was a bit where I was looking at my iPad at photos I was taking and one looked distinctly wrong -
      I said' I dint shoot that - this must be a dream!'
      That bit keeps playing over and over and I know it was dream for sure /after i had done the 'nose pinch' and 'hand rub' - but cant stabilise properly and wake up...

      Then later came the Full LD -
      I was going to sleep saying ;

      'This must be a dream - this must be a dream. Look at the abnormalities!'

      Then when I noticed it was a dream I was actually in a dream within a dream!
      I am waking up in a room where my mother was and I imagined i went by her in an oobe sort of way - ha ha
      ' I AM DREAMING !' I say to her as I passed her, ( thinking she could not see me as I
      was in the dream )
      As the moments passed I realised I was actually in a LD for real, even tho at the start of it I had woken up within a dream...Anyway
      I feel my physical eyes closed with light coming in at that moment - maybe next time I will open them as I have a feeling this happens a lot and may be something interesting ...
      In the LD I bust out of the window in flight - I rub my hands together as I fligh to stabilise the dream - it worked as things became clearer around my immediate view of blue sky and clouds.
      I shout out ' Who am I? Take me to who I am!' ( ha ha this was spontaneous although I have been reading in books recently about calling out things to your Sub in your dream anyway my serious capricorn nature is ruling the way here !)

      I see before me in flight a long dark tunnel and I fly in it at top speed - I can see what looked like a beautiful sea scape at the other end of the dark tunnel and am curious to get there - Maybe I am flying through a worm hole, I think
      I keep flying forward but start noticing tiny scattered visions within the tunnel as if happening deep within the walls of the darkness - A few seem to be of people in different types of museums... From time to time I shouted out these sort of things loud and clear into the darkness as a fly

      ' Tell me who I am!'
      'Tell me what I have to do!'
      ' Tell me
      where I am from!'

      Again I brought my hands together and rub them and firmly together helping my lucidity to grow more - I few out the end of the tunnel the light was sharp;
      ...I had reached a vast open space - then it was clear - lots of sea around a large city scape in my immediate view ( like looking down flying over a NY City or a City like that ) As I slow down, taking in the scenery of this big city scape surrounded by an ocean of gentle waves in, I noticed the sky scrapers were actually statues of human beings ... kind of like statues, strange tho it wasn't as if they were just statues as they seemed as if they could have life in them...as I fly by the tops I could make out clearly the facial expressions etc...It was like they were human beings of the environment ( hard to explain but that's the conclusion I naturally drew in the dream that moment ) Not separate from the earth/city they grew
      yet distinct in each who they were - Woke up soon after
    10. False awakening realised after wild attempt

      by , 08-22-2015 at 08:50 PM
      First dream recorded NL - about being a LDer and getting very clear instructions from an expert tutor on how to go about it - very nice as I was being totally taken on as a good student who was top of the class having every ability to be a great LDer, I felt great -
      I did wbtb around 3-4am and listened to some binaural beats to sharpen my mind as I felt very tired - may have worked!

      Sat up for reluctant wbtb at 3 am and had a Late morning LD decided to lay on my left side (around 4.20 am)as I was now very awake and felt I needed to change my sleeping position and see what happens ( I usually attempt wild on my back) I knew I would fall asleep quite quickly on my side tho so I did my best to keep mind clear and repeat mantra

      "I am Lucid tonight " and " I know I am dreaming"

      At 5.54 am I woke to put this one in voice recorder
      - got a couple of short Lucids on my side! The first was a propper false awakening where it was the first time I have Actually realised I was dreaming as I lay there on my side in my bed - ha ha it felt great ! Having the awareness to bring my hands up to look at them ' great I am dreaming'! I sat up! And said 'I am Lucid ' - but Then I laid back down ... then I sat up again and went running into my mums room laughing ( my mum doesn't live here so I had quickly become non lucid ;( ...I then went back to bed and very soon realised again as I lay on my side "hay - I was actually dreaming again!"- I looked at my hands again - yes! " I am still dreaming " I said. This made me very happy and I got up easily from my bed and wandered out of the house - I tried to remember some tasks as I made my way out. The scenery was a bit grey so I feel it would have been good if I had taken time here to stabilise by rubbing my hands together or saying some mantras - so I think dream ability was pretty weak. A DC got in my way and un-nerved me a bit ; I didn't-want to get distracted so I managed to brush passed him - once outside I decided I wanted to climb to the top of a high rise building and jump off to test my Lucidity - ha ha - lucidity was low tho coz - as I tried to jump and climb up the side of a building I kept falling back down, no super power! Finally woke up knowing I have lots and lots to learn great experience!
    11. Sea Side fly over/black hole and beautiful dance

      by , 08-12-2015 at 12:05 PM
      Sunday Morning - just had 2 LD'S
      Lay back down after about 45 mins wbtb at about 6.20 - First of all after some time of relaxing and being aware - I probably should note I was changing my mantra from time to time from what ever suited to whatever suited next like ; " I deffinatelly am Lucid in a field" ..." I Lucid dream now I know I am dreaming " ..." I am an exellent Lucid dreamer and am having an epic LD tonight" - That sort of thing

      I think I managed to keep the thread of mantra better than I have for a while;

      Also I remember saying to myself as I was preparing for the Wild " be calm- ur Lucid dreaming"

      " Be calm - be lucid "

      ( Also During the wbtb I was very sleepy but mind was clear - although I had eyes closed I keep clearly imagining myself getting Lucid and " intending "

      again and again that in my next dream I will recognise , " I leave my body easily" " I lucid dream I lucid dream "

      I will deffo remember to recognise!
      I think this helped a lot! )

      Then I got some serious vibrations - very loud - like an aeroplane taking off so intense... I tried to sit up out of my body but wasn't sure what had happened as I felt heavy and wasn't sure if my physical had moved and my head banged ...as well so didn't open my eyes Incase I ruin the attempt... Was laying in bed but then suddenly in the dream soon after ,I think! I think I fell asleep into the dream after staying very very still. = Deild

      I realised I was Lucid and first started crawling trying to get to grips with my dream body - I felt myself going threw the wall and a window - heading for the outside but knowing I was going to simply " take everything in that was around me" as I had this a s a goal in my day work . It was a beautiful dark evening - as I flew gently over head there were so many ordinary but,to me, wonderful looking scenes to take in ; people going about there daily life here and there on a beach promenade- I was captivated by the clarity and beauty of everything I saw.

      I knew I wanted to do somethig tho and as I looked at the flat calm ocean stretching out I thought I might try walking on water
      Then I remember the totm -
      - The task I have had in mind I remembered - the black hole ! So I shot up into the night sky knowing I was coming head to head with a black hole! There it was zooming towards me and the closer it got the more I felt magnetised and pulled towards it- I was flying threw and it reminded me of the worm hole images on to - a long deep black tunnel - I woke up soon after

      I lay very very still again in bed for a while... Deild again
      I wa in a street watching children playing and was semi lucid watching children play in the busy car filled street on "tram lines ... So deep " I worried for them, Ian was there as a boy, happy.

      I got properly Lucid when I realised I was with someone- very close - " we are dreaming " I said to my partner - it was not a sexual feeling between us but a feeling of utter inseparability, very alive but comfortable with no particular issues ... As if we were blended but still 2 , hard to explain - very healing.
      " let's go threw this door together - I know what's on the other side as I come here a lot in my dreams it's my favourite place" We went threw the door into a continental looking cafe, a gentle music played in the back ground
      Some people sat quite far away at the end of a counter, I saw a girl behind the counter and I said " hello Sheila " she nodded back as if she knew me

      My friend and I danced together close - having fun and dancing as if our beings could be one - A healing experience.
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      lucid , memorable , task of the month
    12. This morning

      by , 06-23-2015 at 02:07 PM
      Micro awakening at 2.30 - recorded dream fell back to sleep quickly intending to wake up again soon for proper wbtb. Woke up at 3.25 didn't feel it was time yet , recorded dream. Woke up 3.55 Went to loo and sat up for 30 mins watching my mind waking up - at 4.30 felt sleepy enough but sluggishness was gone - layed down todo WILD.

      Earplugs ect, Relaxed and again + 61 points - felt things changing around while doing 61 points but just went with it knowing I only needed to be aware it didn't matter if I did the 61 points exactly correct at this point, mellowed, vibrations clearer than ever before - now I know what that feels like - noise came and as I was in the middle of it I did my best to just observe - not too exited etc. Dreamlets came in before all that - one where I had a small child I was looking after -

      ( I am glad I have this to report even if it's not the full )

      Mantra was ; I am dreaming - here and now -

      Then it all stopped dead and went very quiet... I wondered if I might be in a dream or possibly in the void...wanted to open my eyes but didn't want to wake myself up...my body was all floaty - I thought I might try to roll over to the side to activate dream body. Then I experimented with a little movement and found I was simply awake in bed...

      As well as RRC + RC - Trying to remember during daytime to look out for the shapes in corner of my vision etc - the ones you mention in the prep work - looking at Schema...
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    13. What happened? Post Your WILD Attempts, Good or Bad, Here

      by , 06-20-2015 at 03:54 PM
      Woke up for wbtb at 3,30am after about 5 hours sleep - tried to sit up to record dream - recorded it and fell asleep till 4.30 - went to loo and moved around a little, Sat quietly for awhile watching myself slowly loose the groggyness i was in before - this took about 20 mins.

      lay back down to Wild - put ear plugs in and face mask on - placed cushions and Relaxed and relaxed and some more - stuff came and went - thought it might be over at one point but then i was Surging towards a colourfull point in my vision slightly ahead ... The closer i got the clearer and the beautifull and huge Buddhist Temple looked ; all colourfull and bright - i recognised it - a Place i like to go - [I Wondered for a moment if i would make it all the way this time - How wonderfull to get inside this amazing Temple in my dreams - I woke up - Felt good and told myself i am getting there

      Used mantra " I am dreaming - here and now"

      There was an improvement on time laying still too as it happened after only an hour - i tried to lay still for a little while after in case i might do my first Deild with awareness but was too awake - but i am looking out for those "dream has ended Moments now"
    14. Working with schema - h.i?

      by , 06-19-2015 at 11:20 AM

      Not sure why but been in a slow period with LDing - Funny to say it tho as am a begginner anyway! Iam doing the RRC ( not with a reminder tho) + RC of looking at hands and then some visualisation of me getting Lucid - I got a bit down I think coz I coulnt get the tree totm and put alot of effort in - but maybe its just still too advanced for me and I probly need to keep it more simple just now. Flying was pretty easy and breathing under water so i am trying to think of another elemental one - maybe walk through a huge fire? any ideas for me at total beginning level?

      I had some first snipits - 2 tiny LD this morning - I am reading and keeping inmind the 3rd lesson of Sageous - "Practice nurturing Scemas" - tha tmeans i am watching the H.I and seeing how it develops into shapes etc, right?

      It has been interesting - this morning the H.I was looking like the fur of an animal at one point ... then later the LD Was about me looking at a fury little animals head laying on the ground, then i saw another just like it - then I saw the full animal next to it with its head on- I tried to reach out fo the fury head but my hands were not in sight and my body was maybe not fully in dream world - I woke up...
      Had other experience with watching h.i and after quite some time seeing a spark of light passing over a clear spot in a cloudy sky - [I] could see the clear sky and in an instant [I] knew that could have been a moment to say"i am there!" and be wisked off into the dream but the moment passed - interesting tho...
      lucid , memorable
    15. Almost wild

      by , 06-11-2015 at 08:50 PM
      Did lots of incubation tonight before my day off tomorrow!
      Lucid right now. I am dreaming mind now. Going tothe rainbow to taste the rainbow.
      I am dreaming right now I am dreaming right now.

      My mantra is I am lucid. I am in a dream I am lucid. I am in a dream.
      Then I go flying off to experience the taste of rainbow - I am happy and showing it and lucid.
      Then when I have seen myself accomplish this I see a tree in the distance and I decided to go and climb the tree that I can complete task number two and climb up a tree and see a wonderful view and marvel at the view. And I rejoice that I have been able to do my tasks have been aware my dream then at the end I do a reality check and then I do a reality check real life.
      My mantra ;

      Again I am lucid I am in a dream. I am lucid I am in a dream. To this throughout the day and before bed but definitely throughout the day with reality checks.

      Children playing around, making food, enjoying ourselves
      Approximately 7:30 AM Sunday 31st of May
      I did not meditate this morning but I stayed in bed to carry on dreams. I asked myself what am I doing wrong I have no lucid dreams? I asked myself is it my perception? Or maybe my self awareness? At this point I began to say my mantraI turned onto my side and experimented with the way that I said the mantra . Sometimes I said it as if I was saying to somebody. The next very quietly into myself ... the more I did this send the mantra quietly into myself the more I had experience which was out of this world.

      For some reason I decided to stick with the mantra
      I am in a dream
      I am in a dream.
      As I whispered this mantra to myself everything began to change.The H .I .was beginning to get strong so I decided to take notice of it. I remembered that one lady had said when you have a strong H.I then pick A particular point within it and say
      I am there.

      Then she said you should be drawn to that point. That is exactly what happened I picked to the point and then I began to be drawn to that point it was like a surge of electricity catapulting me towards that point. As I moved towards PowerPoint Indian music began to play very loudly and very clearly I almost reached that very point where I do believe the dream was beginning. However unfortunately I experimented with that surge of electricity and told myself gently back out hoping that I would be able to go back again - It was because this feeling was so unusual had never felt before the weekend to play with and file. Later I have been told by friends that I you could've almost experienced full blown wild.!

      The time is 7.09 AM Monday, 1 June.

      I did wake back to bed however I was a little emotional and so could not focus properly.
      I did have two experience is very similar to yesterday's wild attempt. There were two times I've reached place but did not quite - one time I did actually reach a place that was pitch black and I knew I was in the dream.
      I screamed out into the darkness

      to "George, mum - help me. You are the only ones that can help me! "

      I called out again very very loudly and to begin back into my senses in my bed. But I definitely was in the dream and very aware of it so it was a lucid dream.
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