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    by , 09-01-2014 at 04:18 AM (495 Views)
    I was at a mall getting all my gear from work. I knew I had to get my hair cut so I went to see if a hair place in the mall gave military discounts. I kept walking and suddenty was in a forest with a scoped rifle hunting some strange creatures near a lake. Cops showed up and started chasing me and suddenly, more people started chasing me also. I had a lot of guns and it reminded me of GTA. I shot at the people chasing me as I ran up a hill. There was a helicopter with Air Force insignias all over it and I knew it had been downed for a long time, so it became an attraction. When I got to the top of the hill, a little girl told me how, at the bottom of the a river, there was the 'Ultimate Gun'. The river she was talking about was dirty and with black oil. There was a way to enter and exit the river without dying and the girl showed me how. I grabbed the gun that was made of plastic tubing and killed people with it. The way the gun would kill people, is that it was open their mouths and the oil it shot would go into their stomachs and make them explode.
    The area changed to a factory and when there was only 2 people left, I almost got caught a few times. Eventually. I killed everyone. 2 girls, which I recognized from plenty of previous dreams, were sitting down and they said "Now you die" and the whole world exploded. I remember opening my arms, embracing the blast. Everything went black and I said "Now I wake up."

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      Wow... and this is memorable...